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Ria Episode 49 & 50

°°°°°° NEXT DAY °°°°°°
♦ RIA [email protected]
RIA POV ????‍
“You should eat something before leaving”
Mrs Elise said
She was holding a tray filled with Bacon and egg.
“I’m not hungry”
I lost appetite ever since Ian left my office. Mrs Elise sle-pt at my place last night because she didn’t want me to be alone. She cooked my favourite dish but nothing tasted good. I had trouble slee-ping too.
“Take little”
I shook my head
Elise dropped the tray on the table. I was concerned about Ian. And I’m re-ady to meet him and tell him everything.
“I called Mr Griffin and he said Ian didn’t come home last night”
“So you will check him at the office”
I nodded
“I’ll go ahead now”
I hvgged her before walking out of the house.
It only fair to talk to Ian. And i know what his overdeveloped s-en-se would be thinking of right now. And I couldn’t bear the thought of Ian not giving me a chance to explain when I get to his office.
I should probably prepare myself for Ian’s decision.
But at the same time I hope he listens.
I pray he gives me another chance to make things right between us.
“Good Morning Miss Ria”
Grace greeted me cheerfully as soon as I stepped into her office. Ramsey wasn’t around.
“Morning Grace. How is work?”
“Oh fine. Thanks” she replied
“You are here to see Mr Ian right?”
“Yes” I nodded
“He’s in a meeting right now. But I’ll just call him and let him know you are out here”
“No you don’t have to do that..I’ll just wait for him”
“No..Mr Ian said I should always call him anytime you’re here to see him even if he was meeting with the president” she smiled
I flashed her a half smile.
Things are different now. I don’t think Ian will leave that meeting and attend to me.
Grace was alre-ady on phone before I could say anything.
“Miss Ria is waiting -”
She st©pped and looked at me. The smile on her face disappeared almost immediately.
She dropped the phone
“Uhmm Miss Ria I don’t think Mr Ian will be done with his meeting anytime soon”
“I’ll wait -”
“Mr Ian said that you shouldn’t wait for him” she said in a low tone
“Okay” I nodded
I replied after few seconds of silence.
I glanced at the door to Ian’s office and felt the urge to go in and talk to him.. But I couldn’t. He’s in a meeting so I should respect his decision.
Mrs Elise was right..I should give him some time.
“Are you okay Miss Ria?”
I heard Grace soft voice
“You’re crying”
“No -”
She pointed to my face and then I placed my hand on my cheek. It was we-t. I didn’t know that a tear alre-ady sli-pped down my cheek. I turned away from her and wiped it quic-kly.
“I’ll take my leave” I whispered
I spun on my heel before Grace could say anything. I stiffed back a sob as I walked out of the building.
What’s wrong with me?!
I’m not a crier?
But why couldn’t st©p my tears?!
I’d no idea how to get Ian to listen to me.
How long would it take him to realized that I never meant to hurt him and that I was sorry for everything.
I wiped my face clean and started walking slowly.
I could ha-rd ly blame him!
It was all my fault!
Who on earth s£nt that recording to him?!
I have no idea and I’ve been cracking my [email protected] Trying to figure out who could have s£nt that recording to Ian.
I couldn’t recognize the voice. I haven’t heard it before.
Who could it be?
Who else knew that I was with Lucas six years ago aside me,Mrs Elise and Ethan?
I thought de-eply
And it struck Immediately!
It couldn’t be!
°°°°°° IDAHO °°°°°°
••••• In The Study •••••
“Come in” I said at the sound of a knock on the study door.
Biggy my b©dyguard walked in.
I studied his expression. It was ti-ght.
“What is it?”
“Speedy is dead”
A smile formed automatically on myl-ips
Now he is out of the picture. I don’t care to know how they killed him. finally he is gone!
“And the other one?”
“I s£nt the file to Lint Corp and I alre-ady paid the man”
“And are you sure he won’t tell anyone about it?”
“He won’t -”
“How sure are you Biggy?”
“His family – I threatened to kill them if he expo-ses the secret”
“Anything else Sir?” He asked
“No.. I will call you when I have a plan”
“Okay Sir” he bowed before leaving.
I pla-yed the recording Biggy had s£nt to Ian.
I changed Everything. And it was enough to make Ian stay away from Ria Robert without thinking if it was possible for a blind girl to do such a thing.
He’d be more concerned about her being a S-x machine to a Criminal.
Speedy was dead!
Ian Bryant will leave her!
And she will be alone!
I grinned wickedly at the images of Ria on my old desk. I should end this drama soon but this time I won’t hire anyone for the job.
I will be the one to end Ria Robert.
I laughed wickedly.
My laughter echoed in my head.

°°°°° CHICAGO °°°°°
IAN POV ????
I shook hands with the two new Business as-sociates from India.
“It nice doing business with you Mr Ian”
One of them said
I replied before accompanying them out of the office.
Ria wasn’t in Grace office.
“My as-sistant will walk you back to your car”
I nee-ded to talk to Grace.
“This way plea-se” Ramsey led them out.
She left without waiting.
I told her not to wait anyways!
“Mr Ian -”
Grace called when I was about walking back into my office.
She looked concerned.
“Earlier – Miss Ria had cried before leaving -”
She st©pped
“Actually she wanted to wait but I told her..she shouldn’t wait” I nodded slowly
“Tell Ramsey to see me as soon as he gets back”
She stared at me
I frowned at her
“Okay..yes..I will tell him” she nodded repeatedly
I walked back to my office
She had cried? Why?
Because I didn’t want to see her?
No it couldn’t be!
It hurts me to be [email protected] from Ria but It was best to stay away from her.
I’m not distancing myself because of the recording.. I just want Ria to realize what I am to her.
And she should build her trust in me just like how she did to Ethan. She only met Days ago but she told him everything.
The door opened and Ramsey walked in.
“Ramsey that file you received yesterday plea-se try to find out the source and whoever s£nt it. The location…just find anything and get back to me”
Ramsey is a computer genius. I’m sure he will find something that will lead me to whoever s£nt that file.
“Okay Sir”

RIA POV ????‍
“Did you talk to him?” Ethan asked
“No he was in a meeting”
I replied
“Ria -” he covered the inch between us
I blinked back tears
He was close,his warm hand on my cheek.
“It tears me [email protected] to see you hurting like this”
I looked up at him,his image blurred slightly by the tears.
“What do i do Ethan? It hurts -” my voice trailed
He hvgged me.
“Ian will come around”
He whispered in my hair
“Well I hope so” I muttered
Ethan stood back when I calmed.
He t©uçhed my face and wiped my tears with his f!ngerti-ps.
“Thank You” i sniffle
He stepped backward and pushed his hands into his pocket.
“I talked to Chad this morning and I told him about the recording. And he Said that it was possible that Frederick s£nt it to Ian”
I nodded in agreement
I figured that out earlier..if Frederick was aware that I’m alive then he could be the one.
But it ha-rd to figure how he found out I was the same Ria he tried to kill and why he s£nt that recording to Ian.
“Did he find anything?”
I asked Ethan . I was referring to Chad. He travelled to Idaho last night.
“Nothing much..He’s still trying to find Detective Derrick”
“Ethan if it was Frederick who s£nt that recording to Ian then how did he find out I was with Lucas? Because He wasn’t aware I was still alive back then cause Lucas hid me from him”
“I asked Chad the same question and he said that it’s possible that one of the MML gang told him the truth”
If that’s the case then who told Frederick the truth?
Who among the MML gang is still alive?
“Chad wants you to be careful and he suggested that you don’t keep last nights and always lock your door and windows before going to be-d”
That terrified me!
My heartbeat accelerated at the realization that Frederick was after my life again.
“What about the Attorney?”
“I’m still yet to find an Attorney”
“I have an Attorney.. The one who helped me get my kids adoption papers”
“Ria we can’t just take on any Attorney”
“He is good”
He placed his hand on my shoulders
“I want the best Attorney for this case. And I will find the best in the state who will help us”
“Ethan we don’t have much time. Frederick will find me and -”
I said fearfully
“No he won’t find you. And even if he finds you I’m not going to let him hurt you again. I promise”
He hvgged me again and I clung to him.
And I suddenly wished it was Ian holding me.
I closed my eyes and listened to Ethan’s heartbeat. But I was glad that he was here to comfort me.
I hope you all enjoyed re-ading this episode?????
••••• Three Days Later •••••
IAN POV ????
“Sir you can’t go in -”
I heard Grace voice
The door opened and Ethan was there.
“I’m sorry Sir – I tried to st©p him from coming in” she rushed out her words.
Ethan sniffed and ran his hands into his hair. Anger surged throu-gh me at the sight of him In My office.
Why was he here?
Oh! To boast of the fact that he was Ria’s old friend and she trusted him even though she only met him about a week ago.
“It okay Grace.. You can go”
She looked at Ethan before walking out.
“You have the gut to barge into my office -” I gritted
“Who do you think you are? huh?..Fine you own the largest industry In The state..Number 3 in USA.. So what? Does that give you the right to treat Ria like she isn’t worth anything?!” He yelled
“Get out” I said almost standing up from my chair.
“You sit you bu-tt in that chair! I’m not going out of this place until you listen to everything I wanna say!” He snarled
Like he had compelled me..I sat back in my chair. He meant business but I was re-ady to face him.
He relaxed a bit when I sat in my chair.
“You have no idea how hurts Ria is right now – she hasn’t been feeling good,she couldn’t eat properly,she’s finding it ha-rd to sleep – Why? Because she’s still finding ha-rd to accept that you left her” he pointed at me
“And you left because you found out she was Lucas’s S-x machine.. coward! You never gave her the chance to explain why she didn’t tell you Everything. You don’t know what she went throu-gh six years ago! And have you ever asked yourself after listening to that false recording, if it was possible for a 16 years old blind girl to go around slee-ping with men?! And does Ria look like a who-re to you?! And didn’t she tell you she [email protected]£ to Chicago with her female friend?!… Well I’m sure she told you but even at that you still believed it when that man said she left Idaho with a man!”
He [email protected]£ closer to my desk. I saw anger and pain in his expression.
“He claimed that she was slee-ping around as if she could see. And you -” his voice trailed
I noticed the tear that slid down his left cheek as he wiped it quic-kly.
“You have no idea what she went throu-gh…and you really don’t know what it feels to lose ones parents” he paused
“Ria told you but you never cared to ask how they died. You’re sitting there grieving that Ria didn’t tell you anything whereas you never cared to were only concerned on how to fulfill her dreams so you could rule her world..and be the main man!”
“That’s not true!” I yelled
“Then what?! Huh? Tell me?”
I clenched my fist
“I wanted to know about her past but she wasn’t re-ady to tell me about and I don’t want to pressure her!”
“What about now?..if you wanted to know about her past then you would have given Ria the chance to explain everything the day you listened to that recording!”
He paused and continued
“Six years ago Ria lost her patents”
His voice was calm.
“The MML gang killed her parents and the leader Lucas took Ria away”
My heart sank.
I listened to Ethan without interruption as he told me Ria’s story.
What have I done?!
Why didn’t I remember that fear I had seen in Ria’s eyes – fear of being t©uçhed by a male. Why didn’t I reason that someone who sleeps around with men won’t have such fear!
Ria’s fears [email protected]£ from what Lucas did to her!
And I never imagined that fear to come from something terrible like what Lucas did to Ria!
I placed my palm on my face
How come I believed that recording easily without thinking clearly?!
It was a lie!
A blind girl couldn’t have done it!
I didn’t think about it!
“She went throu-gh all that as a blind girl.. And the most painful aspect of it is finding out that your uncle killed your parents because of a mere inheritance”
I looked up at him trying to makes me s-en-se of his words.
“Her uncle ordered MML gang to kill them”
Anger crashed over me and i clenched my fist
“Frederick Robert murdered her parents”
What? Frederick Robert?
I sh0t him a confused look.
“Yes the same Frederick.. Drake’s Father” he blurted
I could ha-rd ly believe his words.
Drake and Ria are cousins!
She met him at the [email protected] but she didn’t say anything!
No, oh my God!
That was why she had cried that night!
Yes..she asked Drake if he was related to Frederick and he said yes..saying yes changed her. Finding out that Drake was the son of the man who murdered her parents!
Fury and anger crashed over me..h0t and teeth ground together – I would crave that bastard in pieces for what he had done to her.
“I can forgive everything but I will never forgive anyone that hurts Ria. Ian if you truly love Ria,then you will go to her and do all you can to put Frederick in Jail”
He spun on his heel and left my office.
My world was upside down. My heart went out to Ria.
I got out of the chair and [email protected]£d my car keys as I rushed out of the office.
My whole focus was on reaching Ria. I felt i had added more to her pain by leaving her. I never meant to hurt her.
I’ve made such mistake by believing that damn tape, by getting mad at her for not opening up to me just because I was jealous she told Ethan and staying away from her.
Will Ria forgive me?
I took an unsteady breathe. I realized that it wasn’t pain I felt now but fear…fear that I’d never be in Ria world again.
“Don’t let it be like that..”
I’d never been the type to pray frequently, but all the way down to RRC I said the prayer over and over again.
•°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°• °••••••••••••°
°•••••••••••••••••° •°°°°°°°°°°°•
^^^^^ IDAHO ^^^^^
AUTHOR POV ????????
He sat in his room thinking back to why he was jobless,why he had moved in to the slum,why his love had left him since he couldn’t get a well paid job. He had wanted Justice for that Family and he turned in enough evidence to summon the culprit and they accepted it but he got fired the very next day. And ever since then his life had been miserable…for six years now.
Derrick wiped his tears as he gathered the paper works to burn them in a small fire place. It was pointless keeping evidences he put together six years ago. The real prove which they fabricated.
He knew the truth but he couldn’t do anything about it. And The case was closed.
He was about dropping the papers in the small fire place in his home when he heard a knock on his door.
Who could it be?
He wondered
He closed his eyes as he thought of his landlord standing outside his door with thvgs re-ady to throw out his load.
The knock [email protected]£ again.
He st©pped to think of what to do but then he realized that the knock was soft.
The landlord doesn’t knock gently. He dropped the papers back in the box,wiped his face before going to the door.
He peered throu-gh the small hole on the door. It wasn’t the landlord. He saw a figure on hood.
He stepped backward and [email protected]£d a mop and went back to the door. He peered again,the figure was still there.
“Detective Derrick.. I know you are in there” the voice whispered
“Open up i don’t have much time..we nee-d to talk”
He knocked again.
Derrick relaxed a bit when he didn’t s-en-se danger.
He [email protected]£d the knob and waited for few seconds before opening the door.
No one walked in.
Derrick looked out and saw a guy there with his hands up in the air. He meant no harm.
“Can I come in?” He asked
Derrick studied him and nodded slowly.
Derrick closed the door and locked it when he walked in.
“Who are you?” Derrick asked the guy who was scanning the room. He turned to Derrick.
“An ex convict” he replied removing his hood in the process
“No name?” Derrick asked
He stared at Derrick
“Matthew Alley”
He answered
Then Derrick settled on the old couch.
“Why are you here?” He asked
“To give you something”
Derrick raised his eyebrow
Matthew tucked his hands in the hood pocket and waited for Derrick to offer him a seat.
Derrick gestured for him to sit down feeling a bit embarras-sed at the condition of the couches in his small [email protected]
Matthew brou-ght out a devise from his pocket and explained things to Derrick.
He waited for a response after he finished .
“I’m sorry I can’t help you. I’m not a detective anymore”
“I made a promised to my late that i would find you and deliver it to you -” he stood up and dropped the device and a note on the table.
“You can throw it out” Matthew said before walking out of Derrick’s house.
He was lost in thought
Another evidence. The real evidence from the horse mouth enough to reveal the truth. But there was nothing he could do about it. The case has been closed for six years now.
He pressed the bu-tton on the devise and it pla-yed. He listened to it.
She was alive?!
He whispered
And everything he heard echoed in his head. He almost threw it in the fire but held back.
“This is the only chance to make him pay for his crimes”
A voice whispered at the back of his mind.
He can’t give it anyone.. They will kill him if he turned it in to the police. So he would wait for her to find him.
He stood up and dropped the stuffs in the box.
Derrick [email protected]£d his jacket and made his way out of the house.
He would find out if that girl is truly alive.

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