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Ria episode 15 & 16

♠ RIA [email protected]
IAN POV ????
I got out of the car and [email protected]£ up to Ria’s front door. We both agreed that I would come and pick her up to the airport instead of her taking a taxi together with the kids. With my family connections I was able to get our Visas re-ady and prepare the necessary things we nee-ded for the trip. I felt Ria won’t be comfortable with men around if we took a commercial plane that was why I opted in for my pri-vate Jet. It will just be few of us on board. I pressed the doorbell and the door opened. Mrs Elise met me with a bright Smile.
“Good afternoon Mrs Elise”
“Afternoon Mr Ian…” She paused and grinned
“You look good”
I smiled in return
I was dressed in a simple blue jeans and a fitting black t©p that showed off my muscular che-st and strong arms. Though they are not as big as that of a weight lifter.
“Is Ria re-ady?”I asked
But Mrs Elise thoughts was somewhere else. I followed her gaze which was on the Limousine that brou-ght me to Ria’s place
” Mrs Elise -”
“Oh yes Miss Ria is re-ady”
“Mr Ian!” The door opened wi-de. Phoenix threw his arms around my [email protected]!st and I carried him up in my arms giving him a high five
“How are you doing?”
“Fine Mr Ian”
“Mrs Elise I can’t find my purse!” I heard Ria’s voice from inside
“I’m coming Miss Ria” Mrs Elise left leaving me with Phoenix. I didn’t know what to do at first..should I go in? No! It not right! No one invited me in
“Mom said that she’s going to China”
“Yes man”
“I’m gonna miss her” He said soberly “six weeks seems like six years” he counted his little f!ngers. Then I dropped him and crouched down to his size
“Do you know the reason why your mom is leaving for China?”
“Yes..she is leaving for a surgery”
“What surgery?”
“Her eye surgery.. So she can be able to see the world like us”
“Good boy” I pinched his cheeks “so don’t be sad that your mom will be gone for weeks..just start thinking of how beautiful your mom will look if she could see the world like us”
“Yeah You’re right Mr Ian!” He gave him a cute smile
“Can you pray Phoenix?”
“Yes Sir”
“So pray for the success of the surgery okay?”
“I will do just that Mr Ian! And thanks for helping mom!”
“My plea-sure” I rou-ghen his hair. Such a smart and cute kid. I stood up only to find Ria at the entrance. Well I didn’t notice anyone was there.
“Hi” I greeted
“Good morning” She said perfunctorily. “I didn’t want to disturb your moment with him” she said
My eyes did a slow crawl from her face to her feet then back to her face. Ria looked wonderful in a pair of fitting blue jeans and a black t©p. Is this some kind of coincidence? I’m putting on a blue jeans and a black t©p..and Ria was wearing the same.
Mrs Elise slid the box out of the house while Phoebe carried another smaller one
“Good day Mr Ian”
“Hello Phoebe”
She smiled broadly
“Now Mr Ian, Miss Ria is re-ady to leave for China”
“Okay” I collected the box from Mrs Elise and pu-ll-ed it down the small stairs. The Limousine driver took the boxes to the Limo truck. Mrs Elise led Ria down from the porch to the car. Phoenix held on to her other hand. Soon she st©pped and crouched down to his size.
“Phoebe -” she called and Phoebe stood beside her brother
“I’m leaving now.. Remember what I told you last night”
“Yes mom”
“Six weeks isn’t a lifetime okay?”
They nodded
“And I will be back before you know it”
“Take care mom” they hvgged her respectively as she planted k!sses on their forehead. She straightened and Mrs Elise stepped right in front of her. She smoothed some strands of hair from Ria’s face
“I know you will be fine. You are coming back to see us with those beautiful eyes” Ria nodded slowly
Mrs Elise k!$$£d her cheeks then I noticed the stray of tears in her eyes
“plea-se take care of the kids”
“Sure I will Miss Ria”
The rear door had been left open so I helped Ria sit inside one of the two tows of seats facing each other. And then I used the seatbelt to secure Ria before doing mine in the expensive Limo
“All set?” Ben the limo driver asked
“All set” I replied
“Bye mom..” The children waved and she did the same
“Take care miss Ria and have a safe trip”
Ben closed the door
I pushed a bu-tton and out [email protected]£ a fully equipped bar
“Would you like something to drink?tea? Coffee? Soda”
“I’m fine thanks”
Another push of the bu-tton and the bar disappeared,just as the engine purred to life and the limo moved away from the curb. The car seemed to glide into motion, it was like we were floating.
I was wondering what to talk about,when Ria said
“How far is the drive to the airport?”
“It won’t take a while..we’ll get there in 25 minutes”
“Okay” we [email protected] into silence
Too long..25 minutes alone with Ian was a while. I thought as I realized I was going to spend that entire time one on one with Ian Bryant and those eyes of his that I s-en-sed to be studying me. I was wondering what to talk about to distract him,when he said
“The drive will give us a chance to get to know a little about each other”
I wasn’t happy about any reference to the intim-acy we share now. I don’t want to be close to Ian but at the same time I tried not to show it so he won’t feel like I don’t appreciate the fact that he is helping me.
“Can you hear me Ria?”
“Oh yes..Mr Ian..sorry I was just thinking about Mrs Elise and the kids”
“They will be fine”
“Yeah I know”
“I said we should get to know each other” I nodded shortly
“So I will start by telling you about myself”
I fiddled with my f!ngerson my [email protected]
“Ian Bryant. 24 years old. Fourth child out of four and also the only son” he st©pped and waited for me to talk but I didn’t say a word. Why? I don’t know!..I feel I shouldn’t be doing this with Him. I shouldn’t get to know him other than the fact that he offered to help and I want to payback.
“I don’t like the fact that I’m the last child and only so annoying” he said childishly
“Because they still think I’m a kid..especially Piper”
He spat
“Piper?” I repeated
I didn’t know when that [email protected]£ out
“Yes Piper is my sister..just a year older. We fight all the time..always” he paused
“What about you Ria?..any sibling?”
Well I wish I had one
“Ria Robert. 22 years old. The only child to my -”
I st©pped
What if Ian insist on knowing more about my family then that will lead me to tell him about my parents and everything that has happened in my life
“To what?” He asked
“My deceased parents”
“Sorry about that -” I nodded it better i just cut him off by changing the t©pic
“Mr Ian are we leaving as soon as we get to the airport?”
“Hmm yes..the jet is waiting”
“I spoke with Doctor Lui this morning. We are meeting him by 9:00am tomorrow”
“Well can’t we meet him as soon as we arrive in China”
“ have to rest when we get to China cause of the stress on board”
“So how long is the flight from US to China?”
“13 hours 15 minutes.. Since we won’t be having any st©p over. But 16 hours fastest one st©p flight between US to China. And some could take as long as 32 hours based on the st©pover destination and waiting duration for planes mostly”
“That’s long..32 hours”
“Yes it is..” Then the pri-vate jet is better
A phone beeped and I heard Ian’s voice
“Hello Mom”
His mom is calling? Wait is she aware of my pres£nce in his life?
“How are you son?” She asked and I could hear their conversation cause his phone was on speaker
“I’m fine…”
“Is Ria there with you?”
Me?! Actually his mom knows me??
“Yes mom we are on our way to the airport. We’ll be there soon”
“Yes everything is re-ady. I booked a suite for you guys in China. It comfortable and you can also work from there”
“thanks mom”
What’s about the Suite?
“Perhaps can I say hi to Ria?”
What she want to talk to me?!
Ian was silent probably he was thinking of what to say to me
“Ian are you there?”
“Will you say hi to my mom?”
He whispered and I nodded slowly. Ian placed the phone on my ear and I held it in place
“Hello Ma’am”
“Is that You Ria?”
“Yes Ma’am”
“I am Perla Bryant..Ian’s mom”
“Nice to meet you Ma’am”
“My son said a lot of things about you” Ian cleared his throat
What does that mean?
What did he tell his mom about me?
“Ria I want to wish you a safe trip and successful surgery”
“Thank You Ma’am” I handed the phone back to him
“Mom I will call you as soon as we arrive in China”
“Okay Son..take care” he hang up
“I’m sorry about my mom…she just wanted to be sure if I was going to China”
“It okay… I un-derstand”
“Thank you”
I should be the one saying “thank You”. And the rest of the drive to the airport was silent.
“we are at the airport Ria”
He announced when the car pu-ll-ed to a st©p
“Let me get some things done”
I don’t know what he meant by that but I couldn’t feel his pres£nce in the car
“Good afternoon Mr Ian”
Someone greeted and they exchanged plea-santries. Ian asked if it was time to leave and the man replied
“We’ve done the necessary things Sir. You can leave now”
“Thank You”
“Ria we can leave now” I heard his voice in the car
“Let me help you out” he held my hand and helped me out of the car
“Careful..” He cautioned
“This way Sir…” Another person said
“Thanks Hakeem”
“Ria the jet is over there”
Trying to push away the thoughts on my mind. About Ian..he had a way of holding me. A way no had ever held me before. I shouldn’t be thinking like this but those thoughts won’t go away. What has he done to me?…
“Are you alright?”
“Just a little more” we walked and st©pped. I wanted to ask him if we were close
“Just lift your leg Ria” I did and placed it on a metal..the stairs to the jet I guess
“Gently” I followed his instruction with his hand on my [email protected]!st. I will take that as if he didn’t have any other choice. Something was strange! I didn’t tremble at his t©uçh. It was as if I could feel the power in his arms…his t©uçh was leashed into a gentleness that made me feel safe. What?! I’m starting to feel safe in a man’s arms now?! No it can’t be!
Soon we settled in the jet. Ian sat close to me as the pilot gave out safety instructions
“Are you okay?”
The pilot announced again. Then the jet moved and soon we were flying in air.

IAN POV ????
we arrived at Beijing airport around two in the midnight. Ria was fast asleep beside me. I managed to Carry her out of the jet Into the car that was alre-ady waiting to take us to the suite. Her eyes flare opened once she was in the car
“We are in China” I said
She looked around and relaxed back in the seat. I brush strands of hair from her face before settling down beside her.
“We are heading to the suite” I said again
She muttered
“Okay” and I rested her head on my che-st. Ria drifted into sleep
We reached the suite after 40 minutes drive from the airport. The car pu-ll-ed and moved towards the lobby of the parking lot. A man dressed in suit opened the car while the another man went to the booth to bring out our loads. I [email protected]£ out of the car and went round the car to Ria’s side
“Are we there?” She asked sleepily
She slowly made her way out of the car but soon staggered. I sli-pped my arms beneath her kneels and carried her in a bridal style. She relaxed and stared at me. Sleep still evident in her eyes.
“You can sleep.. I will put you to be-d”
I let out a hvge sigh of relief when she didn’t argue. She then fall back asleep as we made our way to the elevator. The man who introduced himself as Tom opened the suite and handed me a card. I thanked him and went straight to Ria’s room. I placed her in be-d and covered her b©dy. I stood straight and head out of her room to mine. Took a quic-k shower and settled to call mom first before doing some work on my system.
RIA POV ????‍
“Ria?” A voice called me.
I quic-kly stood up to search for the voice
“Ria!” I heard the voice again ha-rd and rou-gh on my right
“Who are you?!” I yelled
“It me?” The voice snarled. I recognized the masculine voice that just snarled in my head. Fear gr!pp£dme immediately.
Lucas! Lucas was here! I couldn’t see him but I heard his voice
“Why did you do it?” He yelled and I s-en-sed the hurt in his voice. I s-en-sed his shadow close. Fear began to control me. The palm of my hands sweat and my forehead. My heartbeat beating ra-pidly
“Ria!answer me!” He [email protected]£d my shoulder and pushed me to the ha-rd floor.
Then it st©pped.. I didn’t hear his voice for a while
“I’m here for you my little angel”
He said again
I back away afraid that he might hurt me again. He laughed wickedly as he [email protected]£d my wrist and threw me on the be-d. I had no escape route from his grip
“plea-se don’t do this to me again Lucas!” I pleaded as tears fell from my eyes. He [email protected] me and ordered me to stay quiet. I heard laughter in the air like people were watching us.
A sob escaped my mouth.
His hands now trying to pu-ll at my Sk-irt but I [email protected] his hands away. Then I felt a ha-rd b!ow on my face.
“After all I did for you! Now you wanna repay me by running away from me!” He hit me again. I tasted blood in my mouth
“No..I didn’t do it Lucas.. I swear..he tried to -”
I cried like a baby but then he had torn my Sk-irt off.
No not again!
I began to panic as the voices in my head pleaded with Lucas to listen to me
“No! No plea-se don’t..”
“I will teach you a great lesson today..which is that only me..just me Lucas that can satisfy you!”
The b!ow hit me again..this time ha-rd with f0rç£ that I went limp immediately. Losing my last strength to fight him
“plea-se..” I said weakly but Lucas got what he wanted. He had his way again.
“Ria?” I felt someone shaking me up
“Ria?Ria can you hear me?..Ria?”
I jo-lt up and saw nothing. Of cause I’m blind so I can’t see!
“Ria” a soft voice spoke beside me ma-king me jump and I screamed..curling up to one side of the be-d. Trying to st©p whoever it was from hurting me
“ don’t do this to me. I swear i didn’t do it”
I repeated the same words I said to Lucas
“Hey…hey its me Ian..calm down it me Ian Bryant”
“Ian?” My voice broke
Wait where was I? And why is Ian in my room?
“You’re having a nightmare”
He said sounding like he was asking me. A nightmare about Lucas had taken the best [email protected] of me. That was what happened the day Speedy accused me of s£dûç!ng him just to defend himself. Lucas found out that his right hand man tried to [email protected]£ me but speedy managed to frame things up in his favour. I pleaded with Lucas to listen to me but he never listened. He [email protected]£d me that day with some of his men around to watch us. He did that to show them that only he could satisfy me..that was the last day he t©uçhed me but not the last a man t©uçhed me. Two of his men [email protected]£ the next day and did the same. He said he was the only one that could satisfy me but he still shared me with his men. Those men never cared to ask if I really tried to s£dûç£Speedy but all they wanted was to have their way. And they did.
I took it all..the [email protected],beatings,tortures that had destroyed every good [email protected] of me just because I couldn’t do anything to st©p it.
And that was the last day any man t©uçhed me.
“Ria you were screaming just now..” He said softly
I feel my skin make contact with something warm and soft. Ian was now holding my hands.
“It was.. I was just.” I trailed
My voice broke
The nightmare shredding the last piece of my heart which I had managed to put together all these years. Tears dropping down my cheeks. Those horrible moments in Lucas’s den [email protected]£ as a nightmare to haunts me like I did something wrong!
This is too much for me!
“Ria..” Ian [email protected]£ closer to me
“It just a nightmare..nothing more than that”
I wish they were just nightmare that never happened. Always wished that my life wasn’t like this.
But it is anyways and I alre-ady learned to accept that fact which destroyed every of my being. Now bringing back memories I want to forget!
I want to forget everything!
“You will be fine” he shushed me,rocking me back and forth. He rested my head on his che-st and I sobbe-d.
God Just st©p this torture and make me forget everything!
“Sh sh that’s okay..I’m here Ria”
I felt his head resting on the t©p of my head but I didn’t care.
I was in his [email protected] and my b©dy didn’t tremble again. The thought hit me. I felt safe and protected in his arms.
I sniffed when the realization hit me that my b©dy seems to agree with Ian’s and I feel like I want him to be with me till..I fall asleep

IAN POV ????
I was on my way to get water in the kitchen when I st©pped at Ria’s entrance. Is she still asleep? I wanted to know but at the same time I didn’t want to just go in and check on her. So I knocked at first but got no response. Second and third still no one responded. Maybe she was asleep. I was about leaving when something st©pped me and I was tem-pted to just go in and check. I opened the door slowly and popped my head in to check. Ria shook her head from side to side muttering words I couldn’t make s-en-se of. I realized she was having a nightmare and nee-ded someone to get her out of it.
I called at her and she jo-lted up with a scream. Though i didn’t un-derstand what she said but I was alre-ady here to comfort her. That’s sound good comforting Ria without her pushing me away.
Ria now asleep in my arms. Whatever nightmare she’s having, it must be worst to her. But I must admit that she looks so beautiful while slee-ping.
IAN POV ????
The beeping sound of the alarm next to my be-d woke me up. I gro-an ed and rolled over the be-d. I felt like I only sle-pt for one hour. I blink ra-pidly ru-bbing my eyes. Of course I stayed up comforting Ria from a bad dream. Yet another [email protected] my throat as I made my way to the bathroom for a shower.
After putting on my clothes, i head out of my room but st©pped at Ria’s be-droom door. I wanted to go in but I decided against it. She should get enough rest before we leave for the eye center.
As I walk into the kitchen I saw Ria sitting at the table doing nothing. I looked at her with weird expression,thinking how on earth did she find her way to the kitchen since we only [email protected]£ in last night. And I haven’t even showed her around.
“Mr Ian is that you?” She asked
“Yes..good morning”
“Good morning”
“What are you doing?” I asked her
“Nothing..” She cleared her throat
“I wanted coffee.. And I didn’t want to disturb you so -”
“So have you had coffee?”
“No I didn’t see anything around here”
“Okay..I’ll place an order for it”
“ it fine. I don’t nee-d it anymore”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes..I drank water instead”
She said as she stood up and walk towards me, with her hand on the countert©p to help her know where she should walk. Ria st©pped right in front of me.
“Thanks for last night”
She placed her hand on t©p of mine
Is she really doing this now?
“How do you look like?” She asked unexpectedly and I stayed quiet and shocked.
“You want to know?”
She nodded
“But you can’t see”
“Yes..but I can t©uçh things”
I studied her expression
“Will you let me?” She said, asking me whether I should let her or not
“Sure” I replied but then..
I jumped a little when her hand [email protected]£ down on my face.. She began to travel her hand all round my face from my right cheek to my forehead then to my left cheeks and finally my nose.
“You have a nice nose Mr Ian” she said before pu-lling her hand down
“Thanks” I chuckled a bit
“I have the same nose as my Mom”
That made me sound like an idiot. She held my arms and then continued
“Sorry..I just wanna know how you look like before the surgery”
“This is how blind people learn how to figure how people look like?”
She t©uçhed my che-st then withdrew quic-kly
“ much more easier than using the eyes”
“And will you be able I recognize me after the surgery..” She nodded
“You really don’t act like you are blind”
Ria stood there without saying anything but I saw the change of expression
“Sorry I shouldn’t have said that”
“It fine Mr Ian”
“Just call me Ian”
“Okay” she replied with a faint smile
“We are meeting doctor Lui”
“Yeah I know..”
“The driver will be here soon”
“Okay..I’ll just change my clothes into a better one”
“Lemme help you to your room”
“ you don’t have to do that -”
She walked away but soon stumbled at the door. I followed her quic-kly and sli-pped my arms beneath her kneels and carried her.
“It easier this way Ria. Always give me the chance to help anytime I want to..plea-se”
RIA POV ????‍
I don’t know if I should have done what I did in the kitchen. But what is happening to me? I’m not getting this drama that’s unfolding! Ian was in my room last night. He helped and comforted me. I felt safe and protected in his arms. Even now that he was carrying me to my room. Everything he did and has ever done actually prompted me to want to know what he looks..just for me to be able to recognize him after the surgery. I wasn’t mad when he said I don’t act like a blind Lady but..I wasn’t happy with the tone he said it. I never wanted to be like this..getting sympathy and pity from people because I am disabled.
Ian placed my feet gently on the floor when we get to my room.
“I will be waiting outside to take you to the last floor..just call me when you’re done”
“Okay.. And..thank you”
“You’re welcome”
I didn’t move fro
m my sp©t until I heard the door cli-cked.
“But with you near
All of the noises disappeared
Sometimes i just nee-d you near..
I hate when i feel so down
I can’t get myself up
Whenever I think about everything all at once..
So can you stay right here with me tonight?”
Theme song by Tatiana Manaois “Can you stay

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