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Ria Episode 12

♣ RIA [email protected]
AUTHOR’S POV ????????
Mrs Elise walked in using her own keys. Ria ears stood at alert when she heard the door cli-ck but she relaxedwhen she heard Mrs Elise humming a solemn gospel song.
“Welcome back Mrs Elise”
“Oh thanks Miss Ria”
She dropped her bag on the couch. “I will be right back..lemme put this ice cream and cake in the fridge”
She made her way to the kitchen and [email protected]£ back almost immediately and flopped down on the couch
“Miss Ria -” she called in a low tone and Ria st©pped the wheels
“What is it Mrs Elise?”
“Can we talk? I mean We nee-d to talk”
“Okay I’m listening”
“No you have to st©p the machine and listen to me”
“Mrs Elise you clearly know that the owner of this dress is coming in two days time”
“I know Miss Ria..but don’t worry we’ll finish up before that day. I just nee-d your full attention Miss Ria”
“Okay” she threw her hands up in a surrender
“I went to Mr Ian’s office”
“Yeah I now you’re just coming from his office”
Ria leaned closer to the machine and rest her chin on her raised elbow
“And guess what Miss Ria?”
“I can’t guess anything Mrs Elise..just go straight to the point”
“Okay! Well today, I found out Mr Ian is the son of Jack Bryant. And he is even the CEO of Lint Corp”
“Good for him” Ria replied and Mrs Elise smiled dropped
“You’re not surprised that the guy that retrieved your purse is the popular Ian Bryant?”
“I simply don’t care..and I won’t even be surprised if his father owns the world or if he owns the whole of USA”
“The world has no other owner than God and for now USA is [email protected] owned by the president” she paused
“And you also don’t care that he wants to make a dress for his niece?”
“Mrs Elise -”
“Ian Bryant offered to help you with the eyes surgery” she rushed out her words
“Mr Ian told me that he is re-ady to pay your surgery bills”
“Did he set a meeting just to talk about me?..”
“Oh so you discussed about me with that guy”
“No Miss Ria..I swear I didn’t tell him anything other than the fact that you were born blind and Phoebe and Phoenix are your adopted kids”
“Mrs Elise -”
“I’m sorry” She cuts in. “But I just had to tell him”
Ria sighed trying to control the fury within her
“Okay..tell Mr Ian that he doesn’t have to foot my bills. I don’t nee-d his help.. I’d rather get a loan from the bank to get my surgery done”
“A loan? No Miss Ria we don’t know what the bank will ask for them to loan us such amount of money..even if they do how do you intend to pay back coupled with bills and rent on ground”
Ria was silent
“Let’s just accept Mr Ian’s offer since he is willing to help without a refund”
“And that is exactly what I don’t want!” Ria screamed suddenly and Mrs Elise jumped
“There is no man in this world that will give you one thing without asking for another in return! And I’m not re-ady to give any man anything! I vowed never to put myself In a situation whereby I would feel obliged to do anything because I feel indebted to someone!”
“Yes I know…Miss Ria you ought to know that in a same token,when people give you things it does not necessarily mean they want something in return” she [email protected]£d a stool and sat in front of Ria. Mrs Elise noticed the tears at the corners of Ria’s eyes. She knew why Ria was overreacting to what she said but talking to Ria in a gentle manner is the only way to win over her
“I un-derstand why you’re rejecting this great help”
“Then plea-se…don’t convince me to accept it” Ria stood up and slowly made her way to her be-droom
“Listen to me Miss Ria”
Mrs Elsie followed closely behind
“From what I’ve seen Mr Ian is good person”
“And there is no good man” Ria said but Mrs Elise continued
“Remember your dreams..” She said slowly
“…your mother’s dying wish which is for you to fulfill those dreams of becoming a renowned clothe designer” those tears dropped down her cheeks. Mrs Elise swerved in her pathway and leaned closer holding Ria’s hands
“What will happen to that dream if you don’t get a surgery done soon?. You waited this long Miss Ria and here is it…waiting for you to [email protected] it. This is a miracle Miss Ria”
“ miracle shouldn’t be from a man..”
“But it is and you have to accept it..”
“You have to Miss Ria. And I know you want to but that de-ep hatred is taking the best of you. That fear, those memories is holding you back but don’t let that make too lose someone you can’t replace. Don’t be too quic-k to push Mr Ian away”
“No Mrs Elise you just don’t un-derstand”
“I do..and I know how you feel – I know what it feels to be abused and [email protected]£d by a man”
Mrs Elsie said shakily. Ria tried to make s-en-se of her s£ntence.
“I was abused my step dad when I was thirteen”
“Your step dad [email protected]£d you at 13?”
“Yes..but I couldn’t tell my mom about it because he threatened to kill me. And I was scared of what he would do to me”
“Why didn’t you tell all this while?”
“My step dad f0rç£d himself on me whenever my mom was away at work. She was quiet busy as a doctor. I don’t want to remember those horrible days Miss Ria. Cause I realized it would destroy me completely. When I couldn’t take it anymore I left 15 and survived on the street.. I begged,moved from cities to cities so my parents won’t find me. My suffering ended when I met this woman…i explained to her and she took me in and raised me”
“You never saw your mom?”
“Never.. I have no idea if she is still alive. Mrs hope succeeded in changing my perspectives about men and truly I found out all men are not the same. I learned to love”
“Mrs Elise..are you framing a story just to Make me accept Ian’s offer” Mrs Elise sniffed
“No..Miss Ria why would I make up something like this?..It my story..I can’t lie to you” She wiped Ria’s tears
“Let Mr Ian help us…so we can fulfill those wonderful dreams”
“But…Mrs Elise.. I’m scared”
“Don’t worry you’ll be fine” Mrs Elise hvgged her
“I’m here for you…No one will hurt you again I promise”
“Should I call him?”
Ria nodded slowly
“Thank You”
IAN POV ????
I cli-cked on the [email protected]©p to connect with Doctor Hawn throu-gh a video call. Doctor Hawn is our family doctor.
“Good day CEO” he greeted me cheerfully and I laughed at his charming smile that was enough to blind any woman
“How is work today?”
“I should be the one asking you CEO since you are the one doing the greatest work” I chuckled
“Anyways doc, work is fine”
“What about you?”
“I’m good now. Thanks to the drugs you recommended”
He arched his brow
“Well I thought you set up this meeting to complain”
“I am fine Doctor Hawn. I just want to ask if we can get eyes transplant done at your hospital?”
“I don’t un-derstand CEO”
“The thing is..I met this blind lady months ago so I offered to pay her medical Bills”
“So what her eyes conditions?”
“What do you mean Doctor?”
“We have different eye defects.. For that Lady her case might be Glaucoma, cataracts or damaged nerve cells and others”
“I don’t know Doctor Hawn. I didn’t ask about it but I was told that she was born blind” he nodded and I continued
“But whatever the case might be can she un-dergo an eye transplant?”
“CEO, there is no such thing as a whole eye transplant. The optic nerves ,which goes directly to the [email protected],cannot be translated and this nerve is damaged for many that are blind. The eye transplant would not work without also transplanting the optic nerve. In some cases the eyes is not the problem but transplanting the optic nerve”
“So eye transplant doesn’t exist?”
“So what’s the remedy for someone who was born blind?”
“Some thing must have caused that blindness and that is what I nee-d to know Sir Ian”
“So what do we do now?”
“Bring the lady to the hospital so we can run some tests. I will get a good optician”
“Okay I will get back to you doctor”
“Thank You” I cli-cked again and ended the call.
Now how do I bring Ria to the hospital if she says no?..well i just hope Mrs Elsie succeeded in persuading Ria to accept my help. My phone binged – caller ID Mrs Elise
“Hello Mrs Elise” I adjusted in my chair
“Hi Mr Ian. I just called to inform you that I talked to Miss Ria”
“So what did she say?”
“She said yes”
“Yes Mr Ian I was able to convince her against taking a loan at the bank but to accept your help”
“Thank You Mrs Elise”
“ I should be the one thanking you”
“I spoke with the doctor just he said I should bring Ria to the hospital. I don’t know if she will agree -”
“Of course she will go with you..I will tell her about it”
“Okay Mrs Elise”
“I will call you back”
“Okay” she hang up
RIA [email protected]
ELISE POV ????‍????
My heart limped for joy as I rushed to Miss Ria’s room
“Miss Ria -”
I walked in and saw her stepping out of the bathroom
“Yes Mrs Elise”
“Mr Ian said that the doctor requested that you come to the hospital for a check up”
“Did he call a doctor alre-ady?”
“ when does he want me to come?”
“I don’t know yet but I promised to call him back as soon as you give me a good response”
“Well since I alre-ady agreed to accept his help then I have no other choice”
“Okay..I will call him then”
“Give and take
Everyone is out there for themselves
Give and take
A couple of broken hearts as long as get everything they nee-ded from you
But you can ever let them feel like they are above you…”
Thanks for re-ading
I know this episode is short.. But accept it!
It wasn’t easy putting this small piece together… Most especially the medical aspect of the eyes. Researched for months…blah blah blah! I will post a longer episode soon!
Big hvgs and k!sses to those that commented on each episodes!
Esther udos£n and Tony thanks for the sweet comments on the previous episode!

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