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Replacement girl Episode 27 & 28

The Zaki family wanted everyone in the family to marry just one wife. A decree against Allah, His mess£nger, and all the believers in general. Well, it was time I change everything. I would definitely marry Humairah but it had to be un-dercover, then after having a baby with her I would make everything known to everyone. My father wanted grandchildren, I am sure he would un-derstand this when it happened. And if incase he didn’t, then I wouldn’t mind if he s£nd me away from his company. After all, I had gathered a lot of cash in my bank account alre-ady.
Last week, I had proposed to Humairah with a diamond ring. She was very happy and since then, she hadn’t been aloof to me. In fact, she introduced me to her uncle, Habib and his wife, Aminah. Her cousins were also cute, Farid and Faridah. I was warmly welcomed with a dinner and since then, I had been eating dinner in the house whenever I drove Humairah back home. Sounds exciting, right?
Today being Saturday, there was less work at the factory – no production, no as-sembling of goods, no inspecting, just going throu-gh our expenses. I left the factory around 10am as soon as we were done. Rania had long been disturbing me to create time for her. According to her, I was changing gradually.
I horned at the gate and just then, Mubarak opened it for me. I drove in, alighted from the car and walked into the house. I was so surprised to see Ka7 in the sitting room. I mean, he had never been to my house without notice. Rania was there keeping him company.
“Honey,” She said as she gently stood from the armchair she was sitting in with her bu-mp and walked over to me. “Welcome back, my husband”
“Thank you, my love” I said as I warmly [email protected] her. “How’s the baby?” I t©uçhed the bu-mp.
“Fine” She said in the S-xiest tone ever.
“I love you, Rania” I pe-cked her on her forehead.
“I love you too, Ahmad” She smiled. “Let me help you with this” She took my suitcase and gently went upstairs to our room with it.
“Hey man, welcome back” Ka7 said smiling.
“Hi” I said as I walked and sat close to him on the couch. “I… I wasn’t expecting you today”
“Yeah” He said as we shook hands. “I was kinda bored so I decided to come over, you know…”
“And why wouldn’t you be bored?” I snapped at him. “When you refused to get married!”
“Hmm” He heaved a sigh and continued. “Handover Humairah to me and I will marry her even today, I swear” He said ma-king me to glare at him. If he didn’t mind himself now I could just punch him so ha-rd that he would bleed to his early grave.
“Humairah deserve a good man” I said.
“And you are the perfect match, right?” He said.
“Kai (hey), decrease your fv¢king voice” I gave him a light punch on his shoulder. “Do you want my wife to suspect something?”
“Hahahaha, you are too much man! Two beautiful women for you alone? Why can’t you just give me Humairah, plea-se?” He said.
“Because…” I hesitated as I drew more closer to him and continued. “Because I truly love her”
“That’s good!” He huffed as he withdrew from the couch to his feet. “Anyways I should be going, I have important things to do at home”
“Oh really?” I stood to my feet as well, acknowledging the fact that he was angry. “You should have take care of those things before coming”
“I… I forgot, that’s why” He said as we shook hands. “Goodbye” He crooked a smile on his face and left.
I only watched him as he walked out of my house. He must be very stupid to think I would ever give him Humairah. I loved her and I also loved my wife. There are many beautiful women out there, he should go get one for himself.
I huffed as I walked upstairs to the room I shared with Rania, thus I found her applying make-up on her face. “Wow!” I uttered bringing her attention to me.
“I look h0t, right?” She said staring at me.
“Of course yes, my queen!” I walked over to the stool she was sitting on and knelt in front of her. “Rania, you are really beautiful” I said and continued. “And I believe the baby in here is also adorable” I k!$$£d her belly.
“And you are handsome, my king” She said placing her hands on my head. “I love you”
“I love you more, my love” I k!$$£d her belly again and just then, she stood from the stool and walked straight to the door. I thought she was going downstairs but then she locked the door and gently returned back to where I was with a smile.
“Let’s have a sweet moment together, and also make the baby I am carrying more healthy!” She said as she held my hand and began walking me to the be-d.
“Alright, my queen” I uttered with a broad smile on my face.
And the rest is history…
Ahmad told me more about his family’s decree of one wife only and I wasn’t surprised at all. Most affluents are like that, I just hoped that our un-dercover marriage should workout. But the big question here is, what if I ended up not being able to conceive before everything b!ow up?
“Just like he said, everything should be done secretly. We are not going to invite anyone. The Imam will tie the knot tomorrow by 2pm. I hope the boxes and everything are complete?” I heard my uncle said with his husky voice.
“Yes, everything is complete. But one thing is not clear to me, Baban Faridah” Aunty Aminah said.
“What is that?” My uncle queried.
“It is about the…” Aunty Aminah was saying when my phone began ringing. They never knew I was by their door eavesdropping on their conversation until now, thus I ran to the parlor.
The caller was, just like you might be thinking right now, Ahmad. “as-salama Alaykum (peace be upon you)” I calmly said like a baby as soon as I picked the call.
“Wa’alaykumu Salam (peace be upon you too), my wife to be . Can you plea-se come outside?” He said.
“Okay, give me a second” I said terminating the call. Hence I walked to the room I was sharing with Faridah, applied a little powder on my face, put on a pinkl-ipstick and took my veil from the be-d.

Immediately I stepped out of the house, Ahmad gestured to me to come into his car. I wore a smile as I gently walked into the front seat.
“You really look h0t, Humairah” He said smiling.
“Thank you” I coyly turned my face away.
“I bought a house for you” He apprised me as he started the car. “It’s a four be-droom flat, few kilometres away from the factory” He added.
“Wow” I covered my mouth with my hands in bewilderment.
“Yes, my wife to be” He said as he began driving the car. “Also, the compound of the house is very big”
“You are amazing!” I uttered not even knowing what else to say, my happiness knew no bound.
Ahmad had done a lot for me and to say I was happy is an un-derstatement. The boxes he bought for me were complete and everything was certainly dozen. When uncle Habib told my parents about everything, they expressed how happy they were for me and promised to come see me after the marriage. I just couldn’t wait for tomorrow. I would finally be my boss’ wife.
“And here we are!” Ahmad announced as he pu-ll-ed over by the gate of the house.
“Wow, this… this is amazing!” I said storming out of the car. The gate of the house alone surprised me. We went inside and indeed, the compound was big. There was a parking lot and a black G-wagon parked inside it. I smiled wondering whose car it was. Perhaps Ahmad’s new car. He loved changing cars, you know!
We went inside the house and Ahmad gave me a brief orientation. The house was fully equipped with practically everything. There were be-ds, Android TVs, Air-conditioniners, couches, armchairs, kitchen equipments, name the rest.
“Here is the do¢v-ment of the house with your name allover it. All you nee-d to do now is to sign the papers and keep them with you” Ahmad said as he handed everything to me.
“Oh my God!” I did not even know when tears began rolling down my cheeks, tears of joy. I promptly gave him a hvg and held him ti-ght. Hi omeano on+233544142683 to be added to story headquarters room for more intriguing stories .
“It’s okay, baby. I will surely do more as long as you keep believing in me” He said with his hands on my [email protected]!st. “I love you and will always love you, Humairah”
“I love you too!” I abs£ntmindedly uttered.
The house was really amazing. I signed the do¢v-ments, and after that we took some pictures, rearranged some things before walking out to the compound.
“The G-wagon over there is…” He was saying when I cut in.
“Ahmad plea-se don’t say it’s mine, this is too much for a poor girl like me” I said in tears.
“Well, it’s yours” He said smiling.
That moment, I felt like I was the happiest woman on earth. I was so happy that tears kept rolling down my fragile / soft cheeks.
Ahmad drove me home and I bade him goodbye. I ran inside my uncle’s house and I told him and his wife everything. They were so happy for me. I showed them the do¢v-ments and they congratulated me. Wow, Allah was good to me!
The knot was finally tied in a small mosque close to Humairah’s uncle’s house. They said 2pm after Zhur but guess the time it happened? 8pm after isha prayer , to avoid suspicion. I shook hands with the Imam and his companions before leaving the mosque.
“When do you want us to convey her to you?” Humairah’s uncle said on our way to his house.
“I am taking her now with me” I said smiling. “I hope that won’t be a problem, sir?” I asked.
“No Ahmad, not at all” He said and continued. “It is an un-dercover marriage after all”
“Yes” I said as we walked into his house.
Humairah was alre-ady waiting for me with her head covered while sitting on the couch. All her belongings had, since in the morning, been conveyed to the house I purchased for her. So now, it was only going to be the two of us driving to the house. Hmm, it felt really good!
“Muje koh (we should go right)?” I asked her.
“Yes” She sniffed.
“Okay” I smiled as I gently held her hand and stood her up.
I knew she had been lectured thor0ûghly about the kind of life she was about to step in, and I knew she had wept a lot. We were esc-rted to my car and I drove her and myself away.

It was a silent drive to the house. Humairah alighted gently from the car as soon as I parked it in the parking lot close to the G-wagon I imported for her. I held her hand and walked us into the house. There was no light so I told her to wait for me in the room to go and ‘turn on’ the generator in the backyard.
Immediately I started the generator, I pressed the supply bu-tton and light [email protected]£ up. I huffed as I walked back to Humairah. She was still there with her head covered. I smiled and gently took the veil off. That moment, I knew I didn’t waste my money on her make up.
“My best cook is now my wife” I said and that made her to smile and turn her face away. “I love you, Humairah” I took one of her hands into a warm clasp before k!ss!ngit. She was kindof insecure. I knew she had heard a lot about first nights and I knew she was definitely scared so I decided not to t©uçh her for now. “We nee-d to pray” I announced as I stood and headed to the bathroom to perform ablution.

After performing my own ablution, I waited for her on the big prayer mat to go and perform hers. She timidly stood up, went to the bathroom and [email protected]£ back minutes later. Hence we prayed two rak’ahs together before she returned back to the be-d. She sat there quietly and began fidgeting her f!ngerswhile I took off my cloths and got myself changed into a shorts and singlet.
“Seems like you are tired” I said sitting close to her. “I thought you would change your cloths too” I gulped with my eyes steady on her.
“Ehm…” She cleared her throat and gulped. “I am not tired. I am… I am just shy” She said.
“Hmm!” I smiled as I moved more closer to her. “Humairah, feel free plea-se, okay?” I said.
“Okay” She said as she gently stood to her feet. I thought she was going to change her cloth but guess what she did? She sat on my [email protected]
“Wow” I blurted out and that was it, we had our first night together. I enjoyed it, the night really went well and in the morning Humairah cooked breakfast for me. I ate and drove back to my house to check on Rania, my first wife. I had lied to Rania that I would be flying to Abuja for business deals these days.
“Good morning, my love” I said to Rania as soon as I walked to her in the dining area. She was eating breakfast while going throu-gh her [email protected]©p. “I hope you sle-pt well?” I pe-cked her.
“I was lonely” She said not looking at me.
“I am so sorry, my love” I held her hand as I sat in the opposite chair facing her, she looked sad.
“It’s not just about me, it’s about our baby too” She complained. “Our baby nee-ds our care, both of us!”
“I know, Rania but…” I hesitated and continued. “I… I really nee-d to do this. The business trips won’t last forever, right? So plea-se bear with me”
“Okay… okay” She said as she shut the [email protected]©p off. “Have you eaten? Do you want some Irish potato?” She said as she began serving me.
“Since you’ve started serving me alre-ady, the answer is yes” I said, thus we both laughed and then ate together.
Few months back, my husband (Ahmad) told me he would start going on business trips which may last longer than he might expect but not forever. Well, I was yet to see the end of his business trips.
He would spend 3 days with me and then the following 3 days in Abuja like he said. It was very annoying, I was used to spending every night with him plus the fact that I was heavily pregnant for him. This was the perfect time for him to always be around me.
My pregnancy was practically 9 months now, which means our baby would soon bounce into this world. Being pregnant means carrying another life inside you which only women are inclined to do that.
Women, we are the mothers of this world. If any man try haras-sing or bullying us, we should tell the idiot that only maniacs will hurt their mothers for every woman is one way or another the mother of every man!
Buzzz… Buzzz…. Over the horizon…
My smartphone suddenly began ringing and [email protected] at the same time. It was a call from Ahmad, so I rinsed my hands in the sink and dried them with a towel. “Hey” I said as soon as I picked up the call, I was actually in the kitchen about preparing breakfast.
“Rania, plea-se come to Baba’s mansion. It’s urgent!” He said and quic-kly ended the call without even waiting for me to ask him what was wrong.
His voice was shaky and I could hear people mourning around him. What then could be wrong? I really had zero idea. Maybe I should just contact him and ask about it. Yes, I should!
I tried his number but he refused to pick hence, I left what I was doing and got myself prepared. My bu-mp wouldn’t let me drive comfortably so I asked our driver, Faisal to drive me which he humbly did.
As soon as I arrived at the mansion, I was welcomed by teary faces. What was going on was still a mystery to me, everyone was just crying.
Just as I was looking around searching for Ahmad, a familiar face [email protected]£ to me. It was a young woman with a slight inflated belly. I guess she was 3 or 4 months pregnant.
“Come, let’s go” She said to me as she turned leading the way.
“Okay” I gulped and gently began trailing her. She led me upstairs to Baba’s room and just then, I felt a very sharp pain de-ep inside my heart.
The old man was laying motionless in his be-d with five doctors, mama, Ahmad and few others around him in tears. It was obvious that Uncle Jaafar had pas-sed away!
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