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Natasha batch 1

(Trained as-sas-sin🔫🔫in love💔)
By Bukunmi
Natasha a once beautiful innocent girl,turn coldhearted overnight.
Natasha never get to witness any parental care ever since she was old enough to un-derstand thing,cause she never get to know her father and her mother never gave her any attention cause she married another man.
Natasha always notice this weird looks her stepfather gave her and she tried to tell her mother but she won’t listen to her.
Until one day when her stepfather tried to [email protected]£ her but her mother [email protected]£ on time to st©p him and her step father blamed it on her.
That night her mother s£nt her out of the house and she vowed never to return home and never trust any guy,this made her dispice guys and she vowed never to fall in love.
A incident lead her to meet her [email protected] in crime who introduced her to a as-sas-sin business.Natasha doesn’t waste time in killing guys who dare mess with her.
Until she met Jeffrey Blake,Jeffrey is a kind lawyer who is known for being sh0t tempered, Natasha fell in love with him at first sight.
Now she is s£nt on a mission to kill the love of her life or she lose her life.
What will Natasha do????
How will she overcome this mission without killing her love???
What will she do when she finds out who Jeffrey really is???
Find out in this breathtaking story.
(Trained as-sas-sin🔪in love)
💅by Bukunmi💅
A black Lamborghini speed across the road and suddenly st©pped as the driver noticed something.
Natasha whirled down her car glas-s and re-moved her sunglas-s from her face and looked sadly at a girl a woman throwed plates and stones at,it reminds her of her past when she was just at that age.
“Are all mothers this way??” she asked no one in [email protected]
Then her mind flashed back to when her mother throw her out of the house on a cold night.
“Get out you little husband ra-pist” her mother shouted
“mom pls it cold outside and I have no where to go pls mom” Natasha begged
“Don’t you dare call me your mom,I can never be the mother of a ra-pist so get out of my house” her mother shouted
“mom pls,I never did it he was the one that wanted to false me he is lying” Natasha pleaded
“Ehnn so when you can’t seems to convince me you decided to destroy my trust on my husband shey,why didn’t you say it when I caught you two???,why are you just telling me now???,you can’t talk you also want to spoil my image like your father did to me abi,but I swear I won’t give you the chance cause your Father alre-ady thought me a bitter lesson, oya out” her mother pushed her out of the house and locked the door.
Natasha has no other option than to find a place to rest her head for tonight.
“it would have been better if I had a friend I would have gone there by now” Natasha said to herself.
Natasha never had the opportunity to make friends although many people wants to become her friends because of her beauty but her mother scare them away,then everyb©dy warned their children to avoid her.
Natasha wandered around the Bush looking for a sheild or some dried leaves cause of the rain that fell earlier all the leaves are now we-t.
Natasha noticed some shadow behind her and she looked back in fear but was surprised to find nob©dy,she faced her front and started walking fast with fear she heard a footsteps running after her and wanted to look back but was blindfolded,she screamed in fear and struggled to free herself but those man was a way stronger than her.
After some moment of struggling she noticed she was put down and her blind fold was re-moved revea-ling two muscular guys smiling at her.
“Hey pretty baby we brou-ght you here to have fun,you look so sweet meen” the first guy said
“pls I have no money with me I was s£nt out of the house by my mother pls don’t harm me” Natasha pleaded
“Little beauty we don’t nee-d your money we nee-d your b©dy” the second guy said and wanted to t©uçh her b©©b s but she [email protected] his hands away he brou-ght his mouth close and Natasha bite hisl-ips and he screamed in pain
“hey seems we are being easy on you come on tear off her clothes” the first guys said angrily and they begin tearing off her clothes she struggled and struggled screaming for help but none [email protected]£ the first guys was about to in-sert his man-hood in her when she heard a gunsh0t and the second seeing his [email protected] dead ran for his dear life.
“Are you okay??” a lady asked her as she looked down her named b©dy
“pls don’t harm me am…..”
“sssssssh,I won’t harm you hope those worms didn’t in-sert their rotten man-hood in you??”
“No there were about to” Natasha answered in fear
“anyways stand up we nee-d to leave as soon as possible am on a run,I just completed a dangerous mission”
“A mission??” Natasha asked confused
“you can’t un-derstand let just go”
“no you look scary to me”Natasha said
” Hey I look scary???,okay fine my name is Daniella but you can call me Ella for short”
Natasha looked on shocked and speechless unable to know what to do.
“Come on babe let move it I nee-d to get fv¢k out of this vicinity before dawn” Ella said and dragged Natasha up before and took off her jacket to cover her.
“okay we gotta move” Ella said
“And to where??” my house
Natasha phone rings interrupted her thought she looks at it and pick it up.
📞Hey girls
📞tasha boss wants to see you now
📞Dont know just get you as-s here
📞Ok fine am on my way but you sound stressed
📞Yeah after two rounds of fv¢k
📞Yeah Charles gave it to me in a rou-gh way yesterday night and am still all so-re
📞Serioisly Ella st©p this trash
📞I can’t be a v!rg!nforever like you,well it save because he doesn’t ¢v-m in me
📞That not it Ella,you know what am on my way home.
📞Oh come and am goona give you the details babe
📞Get the fv¢k off
The line went off and Natasha drove away.
(Trained as-sas-sin🔫in love)
🌷By bukunmi🌷
I got down from my car and head straight into the boss office ignoring the bit-ch giving me a scorn look.
I knock on the door and heard a “come in” ,I opened the door and went in.
“Boss you called for me” I said before sitting
“yeah the client paid the money early this morning and brou-ght a job” boss said
“And what the offer for the job” I said with a straight face
“2.5million” he said
“Deal,what the job all about???” I asked him
“just to kill this man” he said and handed me a ph0togra-phs containing a white man,dressed in a soldier costume
“He is a very smart guy as you can see he is a solider, so you have to make sure to do a background research before embarking on this mission” boss said and I looked at him angrily
“What the fv¢k,he is a foreigner??” I said and looked at boss with disgust
“Yeah,but right now he is in Nigerian” boss said
“But why do you wanna kill him??” I asked
“You wanna do the Job or question me??” boss said angrily
“Yeah am goona do it only if I know his offence but if I find out he isn’t guilty am goona drop the job” I replied camly
“I am your boss bit-ch” he roared angrily
“yeah to hell with boss cause I alre-ady told you I don’t kill innocent soul and is not like is a must I must execute the job so find one if your dogs” I slammed the ph0togra-ph on his desk and walked out angrily
“Who the hell does he think he is??” I said angrily as I drove hone to meet Ella.
I was getting re-ady for club when I got a signal telling me a car drove in.
“That must be Tasha” I said to myself and the door bur-st open and Tasha walked in angry.
“Hey babes,why the angry face??” I asked but she slumped down on the couch without replying me.
“Did a guy crossed your path today??” I asked cause that was one of the things that made her pissed I just pray she say no cause the moment she says yes that means she either kill the guy or torture him.
“No it your fv¢king boss that got me pissed” she said angrily and I arched my brow at her
“Boss??” I asked to be more sure
“yeah boss,he is a pain in the as-s” she replied quite pissed off and she only behaves that way if she is asked to kill a innocent soul
“Did he……..” I didn’t finish my words before she ban-ged her hand on the couch
“Yeah he did ask me to ”
“Chill babe chill” I stood up and went to pacify her
“How dare he, can’t he tell one of his dogs to do the job”
“boss don’t trust them with important jobs like this you know”
“Just chill am gonna get a bottle of whisky so your mood can brighten up you know”I said and win-ked at her earning a smile
” That all I want “I said before walking away.
After some minute I was back with the whisky and I hand it over to her and she mouthed a ” thank you”
“So am gonna go clubbing any moment from now” I said and she spat out some whisky before looking at me wi-de eyed.
“And that loo???” I asked
“Were you not out clubbing yesterday??” she asked
“And you even fv¢ked” she said again
“yeah and what about that??” i asked
“The hell you suppose to rest for today Ella” she [email protected] and I gro-an ed
“But I promised Charles” I whinned
“I know you goona break up with him tommorow ,so why involve you pvzzy” she began even dow she is now a as-sas-sin that does not st©p her from lecturing me about vir-ginity.
“You know sometimes am hor-ny” I whinned and she stood up to lock the door
“No way you aren’t stepping out of this house” she said before sipping her whisky
“Come on baby you know it today am gonna announce the break up to him” I whinned and looked at her with a puppy eyes.
“Okay but no ban-ging” she said in stern voice.
“Yeah” I said and stand up re-ady to go.
“wait am gonna go with you,so I can keep my eye on you” she said
“What!!!!!!” I exclaimed
“Yeah so let go” she said and stood up as I watch her in awe.
we were now at the club and Natasha and I [email protected] ways but she promised to keep watching me in case I break my promise.
“damn she is just a wonder bestest💋💋” I said to myself
we were now at the club and I went my own way in other not to indulge I. their privacy but am still goona keepa close watch on Ella cause she is quite smart.
I sat down and immediately felt thirsty I wanted to stand up and go order some whisky but immediately I stood up I bu-mped into a ha-rd che-st.
I was about to curse when I looked up to see his face.
(Trained as-sas-sin in love💔)
OH my God what a beauty,she looks so dashing that I can’t help but stare into her beautiful innocent eyes, she kept starring at me,I think I made her speechless seems she regain her posture and yanked away from me.
“Excuse me weren’t you thought to always watch where you going” she said with a glare
“My name is Jeffrey blakes and yours??” I asked stretching my hands for a shake.
“Am asking you a question and your bringing your fv¢king hands forward” she said angrily
“Mrs am only trying to introduce myself” I said calmly
“And when did I ask you to do that??” she pushed me out of the way and walk away.
“What a lady,she looks innocent but she is a steaming fire” I said to myself as I watched her until she was out of my sight.
Actually am here for some investigation,dressed like a bad boy and I nee-d to find who out who the fv¢k Charles is and get out of here.
But before going I nee-d to find that”Beautiful phyco” once again.
Oh God my heart was about to explode just now,I feel like my breathing siezed the moment I saw him.
How can God create such a h0t arrogant guy,he look so h0t yet arrogant.
But why do I feel this way??,I have to get out of here quic-kly before I…….,oh my God Ella, that bit-ch of a girl I lost sight of her cause of the h0t guy.
OH Gawd he is a bad luck, I have to find Ella she must have been [email protected]
Thank Goddness the cute guy dicstract tasha for me.
Yes I literally saw the way she bu-mped into the cute guy che-st and got lost in his eyes and I used the opportunity to take Charles with me to the h0tel room he booked.
We were now inside the room and my mind went back to tasha and I smiled to myself.
But wait the way she stare at him holds a different language, tasha never allow a guy near her talk less of holding her,but the cute guy holded her and her [email protected]!st for that matter.
And the way she got lost in his eyes that is a sign she is falling in love and to crown it all she isn’t angry.
Yes I watched from afar how the little drama unfolded,I saw how the cute h0t guy flashed a smile at her and her cheeks got red.
Is tasha falling in love???,I hope she do not cause it kills this profession and it’s prohibited,if boss finds out she is dommed.
” I have to do something”i said to myself
(Trained as-sas-sin🔪in love)
Gosh damn it, I can’t find Ella and she isn’t picking her call….that arrogant fool made me lose control and I hate him now and if I set my eyes on him even his cute h0t looks won’t save him.
I felt someone behind me and I turned around re-ady to attack only for me to find out it’s the handsome Mr arrogant.
“Where you eavesdropping on me” I asked and he raised his hand like he surrendered
“No beautiful,I wasn’t I only want to find out something” he said
“And what is that??” I asked as I arched my brow at him.
“Are you perhaps looking for someone??” he asked
“Nope”I replied stuttering
” Come on beautiful,tell me”
“I said am not looking for anyb©dy” I shouted about to leave but he hold me back and I tried to wiggle off.
“Let me go” she said as she tried to f0rç£ herself out of my grip
I just stare at her like she is the only one that exist right now.
“Leave me” she said and finally I let her off
“You arrogant fool” she said which got me angry
“Hey beautiful,don’t you dare call me a fool ever again” I said angrily at her and she stare at me wi-de eyed
“If you aren’t a fool why hold me like am some kinda criminal??”
“Watch your ton-gue beautiful or am goona…..” she interrupted
“Gonna do what???”
Don’t she get tried of talking, I just look at her as she rant on and on threatening me, I just Chuckled.
if it was someone else I would have gotten angry but here I am enjoying her ranting and I felt like k!ss!ngher cutel-ips ha-rd I can’t help but think about how herl-ips is goona taste.
“Hey are you even listening to me,are you cra……” before she could finish her word I slammed myl-ips on hers she struggled at first to free herself but then she reciprocate.
God herl-ips taste sweet……Am I falling for a phyco alre-ady?????
(Trained as-sas-sin🔪in love)
Oh my God he is k!ss!ngme,I struggled at first but when he didn’t let go I finally let my self get lost in his k!ss,I deppened the k!ssand hisl-ips taste so sweet,he is such a great k!ss£r that I don’t want the k!ssto end.
“Hey if you know you are in the mood go find a room or go home” a guy said ma-king me come back to my s-en-ses and I pushed him back furiously.
“You arrogant fool,how dare you try to k!ssme”
“It not a try k!ssbeautiful,its a done k!ss” he said sm-irking at me
“You arrogant fo…..”
“Come on beautiful you were enjoying it”he said tea-singly
” Gosh you are the most annoying creature have ever met “I said in anger as I walk away
” And you are the most beautiful girl have ever met babe”he shouted enough for me to hear as I walk away.
“Gosh what a crazy guy,my night has been bad cause I met that annoying j£rk,but he is also a great k!ss£r” I said as I t©uçh myl-ips and reminisce on the k!ssfew minutes ago abs£ntmindly.
“fv¢k what wrong with me??” I said hitting my self.
“Yeah you re-ady” I asked the guy on phone
“Everything is re-ady”
“Okay make sure she doesn’t notice you you know she is quite smart” I said to the receiver
“Yeah sure, we alre-ady found a good sp©t”
“Okay monitor her movements and when its the perfect time to strike shoot immediately” I said
“Make sure no one notice the location you shooted from”
“Yeah done”
“Execute it properly”
“Yeah done”
The call ended and I sm-irked
Am goona make sure she pays for being stubborn “I said and sm-irked to myself.
I was about to go looking for that damn Charles after the little k!ssme and my beautiful phyco shared when I noticed some strange movement around me,I st©pped and noticed the movement st©pped,I walked fas-ter and it also walked fast until I was in the bar,I stooped and take in the area and I saw beautiful phyco tapping her cell phone angrily, she walk out frustratedly and I followed her to know what was wrong forgetting the strange movement.
I was about to walk up to her when I saw a pointer right on her left arm,I look toward the direction and saw nothing cause it was dark
Phyco watch out,I ran to her but it was too late cause the shooter alre-ady fired her back.
She dropped down right on my arms bleeding.

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