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Nanny nee-ded batch 5

👩👩NANNY nee-dED 👩👩
The dark haired man strode casually around the parlour as Claire watched him with mixed feelings
Any one watching him would notice he was extremely relaxed in the house
As he had as-sured her
“A family friend”he had said when she had opened the door for him earlier”and you must be the nanny Phyllis mentioned.I’m sure Sebastian must appreciate your help”
Claire had smiled but that didn’t calm the chill that raced up her spine as he raised her f!ngerti-ps to his mouth
“Claire Matthews ”
“Colonel Andrews ”
Colonel Andrews still hadn’t revealed his reason for visiting them
He had told her all about being the godfather of the twins and how sad he was about Luke’s death and how glad he was that Sebastian was getting over it
But Claire was still uncomfortable around him
Beverly was not
She as-sured Claire that the colonel was just a family friend of the Wendell’s and a most trusted one
“It seems Sebastian hadn’t told you much about me”the colonel continued, handling lily,whom he had carried and admired to her and finally taking his seat”But Seb hasn’t been one to talk much,and Luke’s death must have been a hvge b!ow to him,not especially since he holds a [email protected] in it”
Claire did a double take
The colonel looked up,surprised
“Sebastian had a [email protected] in what?”
“Oh, I see he hasn’t told you much”the colonel chuckled “well,mist employers are not known to reveal their darkest secret to their workers ”
Claire could not believe her ears but then she didn’t even know what to believe
“He’s guilt ridden,the poor boy”the colonel,continued shaking his head sadly”I heard he is thinking Luke’s death was not an accident after all”
Claire slowly nodded and the colonel shook his head again
“Dies he have any proof of this? “He directed the question as forlornly as he could and Claire’s heart went out to him
She didn’t see the wild gleam in his eyes,as he watched her for any reaction
She,was about to answer,to voice out that yes,Luke’s death wasn’t an accident after all and maybe we can help Sebastian not be so emotionally wrecked,when the door opened and Sebastian stepped In
“Thought I saw a jag with military plates outside”he said as he walked over to the colonel and the colonel caught him in a bear hvg
“Sebastian, my boy “he said patting him as the younger man grinned at him.
It was plain they were very fond of each other and
“I see you have met Claire”Sebastian said as he took lily who had been slee-ping all along from her
“Yes,I was just telling her what Marcus told me this afternoon “the colonel said and brou-ght his sad look to Sebastian “you really should forget now,Seb.I’m sure wherever Luke is,he holds no qualms”
Sebastian still had his smile on
“There’s no nee-d to worry about that”Sebastian continued”Dads just going on about nothing.”
He continued stro-king lily’s hair and Claire noticed to her amazement that his hands was shaking
What was wrong with him?
The colonel apparently didn’t notice and made a big show of looking at his watch and whistled his disapproval at how fast time flies
“Well,see you around Seb”the colonel stood up and Sebastian saw him out
Claire was watching him when he returned
His face was so pale she feared he might fall.
She started to call him but he brushed past her and a moment later she heard the sound of the door closed
Claire was distraught
She had no idea what Sebastian was feeling now,but if it didn’t have anything to do with the colonel,then she was a fool
And Claire was no fool
Cigarette after cigarette was lit as the colonel drove down the deserted road that led to Sebastian’s house
He puffed and thought as he drove silently,oblivious to the trees or cars waving by
It was obvious Sebastian had the box but the fool was pla-ying ha-rd to get
Just what he hoped to achieved,the colonel could not fathom but he would use every bit of his power to wreck his plans
He smiled
He had taught the boys well
For years he had been with the boys,taking them on outings,teaching them things their busy father didn’t bother to or even their preoccu-pied mom
The colonel had aimed at using the boys to bring the downfall of their family and almost succeeded but fate had a better plan
He picked up the phone the moment it began ringing and Kyle’s familiar voice [email protected]£ on
The boy was becoming a pain
It was time to get rid of him but first,he would wring every drop of usefulness from his b©dy before dumping him
“Any luck?”he asked,as he continued driving
There was an hesitation before he answered but the colonel had no time to dwell on that
[email protected]”he said”I’ll come in from here on”
“What?”Kyle said, dumbfounded
“Just stay low and use your [email protected],Kyle”he spat into the phone “I’ll notify you when you are nee-ded,not that you are much useful”
He hung up before Kyle even had the time to guess what was going on but the colonel meant every word he said
He smiled to himself again
Sebastian might prove too tough or guarded but he just happens to have to cute, little blonde,living with him
Get the little fish first and then lure the bigger one
Claire was beside herself with worry all night.
Soon after Sebastian had gone into his room, she had followed him and found the door locked.
He must be beating himself up,she thought as she cleaned and put lily to be-d
“Do you think uncle Sebastian will be OK?”she asked the little baby who stared at her with wi-de blue green eyes,then smiled
She k!$$£d the little girl’s forehead then went out of the room
On her third trip to his room, Claire finally found the door open and she entered without hesitation
The room was dark except for a single lamp in the be-dside table which illuminated the face of Sebastian who was writing and concentrating fully on whatever it was he was doing
He didn’t even hear her come in and she slowly walked towards him
“Sebastian? “She called,tou-ching his arm softly and he jumped
“Oh..hey…hi”he mumbled and for a fleeting moment he tried to hide what he was doing but then thought better of it
It was no use.
She,was alre-ady a big [email protected] of his life,there was no nee-d to hide anything from her
“What are all these?”she asked,looking at the piles of paper on his table”These looks like….”
“Yes they are from the box”Sebastian said,wearily,ru-bbing the back of his n£¢k”Luke had been quite suspicious all along and I was a fool not to have believed him”
“You are not a fool Seb”she said”we all have reasons for what we do.I’m sure whatever happened that night was not intentional ”
“How can you be so sure?”
Claire smiled and cu-mpped his face between her hands
“Its actually glaring “she said and k!$$£d him de-eply,letting her ton-gue dance with his for a few moments before pu-lling out
“How about you at©p bating yourself now?”she continued,looking ay him breathlessly”There are a lot of people who are depending on you,Seb. We are all waiting for you to do the right thing”
The right thing.
Was it right to keep his brother’s death hidden or was it right to bring more grief by revea-ling to his family about their most trusted friend’s betrayal
Sebastian didn’t think he’d have the heart to reveal to his family that colonel Andrews wasn’t the man they all thought he was
“This is gonna be awesome,but i really don’t see why we don’t sell them that way”Sammie said,picking his nails
“Its what the colonel wants”kyle answered,giving Sammie a dirty look”and if you are trying to go against him,remember who it was that saved us from jail last year”
“So we put them in the cookies?”Sammie said again annoying kyle”then sell them to everyone,even the kids?”
“Yes,and that’s it”Kyle smiled”the colonels got a plan and if everything goes well,we’ll be swimming in riches when this is over.what do you think,jay?”
Luke started and looked at kyle then smiled ruefully,then asked
“You know,i haven’t met the colonel yet but you two have”he said,choosing his words carefully”perhaps because I’m new and all….”
“You don’t have to meet him jay”kyle retorted”just stay low and everything’s gonna work out”
Luke grinned
“Fine with me”he said,smiling”when do we leave?”
“A month from now”Kyle said,lighting his cigarette”the colonel himself will recommend us.You know he’s a family friend”
“Yea,but its a bit strange”Sammie piped up again”if he wants is to attack them,then we can easily take them out,but drug the candies….”
“The colonels got history with them”Kyle explained”and when this happens,the government is gonna get involved and the Wendell’s will take the fall for us”
Sammie chuckled
“They won’t know what hit them”
‘Not on my watch’luke thought as he watched the two men plan to take his family down.
He had disguised himself as a drug dealer and it had taken him mere two months to be [email protected] of the gang
The men were impressed with his knowledge of drug ports,which,thankfully he knew die to his line of work
He discovered that the gang was not on their own
They had a hitman
The boss
The one giving them the leverage to be in a small town like this and from all indications a powerful one at that and the gang was ma-king millions for him
Luke didn’t realise how many people take drugs until he stepped into this world
There was serious power involved here and he was,going to expo-se it
Their mission this time around was to infiltrate the factories of WENDELL CORPORATION and contaminate the confectioneries being made there
When this is done,of courses,people would be affected and the towns biggest employer would be shut down due to production of harmful products
Luke didn’t want to think about what would happen to his father after that
He was sweating but he really shouldn’t.He had done this a million times and the thought of his family being betrayed made his blood boil
A colonel
They had a close family friend who was a colonel but surely it wasn’t him
But if it wasn’t,then who??…
Kyle watched as Claire drove into the house and a moment later [email protected]£ out carrying a little baby and walking into the house
Soon after she [email protected]£ out and proceeded to take each and everyone of her shopping into the house
She looked absolutely content and happy and her happiness was a knife twist to his guts
Speaking of which,he t©uçhed his hand to the sp©t where he had been sh0t the other day and flin-ch when he felt the familiar pain
That bit-ch did this to him and here,she was smiling away,living in a big house,a good guy and security
She belonged with him and the kind of life he portrayed but dear Claire doesn’t know it yet
He would drag her away from all the comfort
He winced as he stepped away from the house then reminded himself to st©p being a sissy
He had been soft for too long
It was a good thing the colonel was hell bent on destroying them
Everything is still gonna happen as planned
But this time,its gonna be worse.
Because he’s gonna unleash his own terror too and there’d be no st©pping him
Sebastian drove into the house,which was located in a pri-vate residential area,reserved only for the exclusively rich
The house was much bigger than his own and Claire remember them coming here that night when age was to confront Kyle
They got down and she proceeded to unstra-p the baby seat in the back and brou-ght out lily who was extremely glad to get out in the sun and out of the baby seat
They turned to look at a man standing at the entrance of his house.His brown hair and dark eyes did nothing to hide the resemblance between him and the blonde haired Sebastian
His gaze skimmed over Claire before resting on lily
His face broke into a beautiful smile that softened the lines around his face and room the grief from his eyes
Claire slowly placed the squirming baby in his outstretched hands and watched as he pla-yed with a tiny plump f!nger
“Dad,this is Claire”Sebastian said,doing a quic-k introduction again
“I know”Marcus answered”your mother mentioned her.Nice to meet you ,miss Claire”
“The plea-sure is mine”Claire answered as they were directed inside the house
Once ensconced inside the house,they were divided into pairs
Phyllis was extremely glad to see Claire and immediately took her off for some pri-vate women discussion
Sebastian thought that was great and invited his father into his study for some more pri-vate discussion,leaving the women discussing about who did what and when this happened
Claire seemed relaxed and Sebastian was glad.His family was a closed knit one but when the children we’re young, they we’re sort of neglected
Marcus was intent on his business and ma-king profits and Phyllis was intent on spending it.
The boys we’re left alone to the maids who we’re not much help on creating a good male character for the boys and that was where, colonel Andrews stepped him
The boys loved him while heartedly and we’re thri-lled with his tales of exploits in the battle field,and the going boys dreamed of having a career like his and subsequently did,although Sebastian was the one who went into the army,Luke settled for simply working for the CIA
“Alright Sebastian spill it”Marcus said as soon as they were settled in the comfortable study
Sebastian looked at his father once more then began to speak
From the moment, Sebastian called him,12hrs ago,he definitely knew something was amiss
Something was very,very wrong
But Marcus in all his wildest imaginations,didn’t expect this.His hand shook and his b©dy crumbled as he listened to Sebastian who was eventually f0rç£d to st©p
For a few minutes he watched his father struggle with his emotions and failed.The old man broke down in tears and cried for a long time
Cried for his son
Cried for his betrayal
And cried because he had being f0rç£d to become something he didn’t want
“He nee-ds,to be punished dad”Sebastian said throu-gh gritted teeth”Luke and Stephanie won’t doe for nothing ”
Marcus was still for a long moment then said
“If I don’t do anything,it would make no difference because that’s all I’ve done from the start.Nothing”he continued “and now my family is being destroyed right before my eyes”
Sebastian nodded
‘Now you know ‘he thought
“I failed my sos once,and I won’t fail them a second time”Marcus said,clenching his fists “Andrews will pay dearly for this ”

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