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Nanny nee-ded batch 4

👩👩NANNY nee-dED 👩👩
“I don’t see why we can’t go to a hospital”Claire grumbled as she dabbe-d at the [email protected] on his arm with a clean cloth and antiseptic”I really don’t”
Sebastian sipped his scotch and smiled as he watched her clean up his wound
Never in his lifetime,would he go to a hospital for an in jury such as this
He had suffered throu-gh worse but there was really no nee-d to tell her that
It would only scare her more
And she had been throu-gh enough tonight
Claire’s lavender t©p was smeared with blood and her hair had tumbled loose from their setting.Her glowing bronze flesh had grown pale and there we’re dark rims around her eyes while Sebastian was still wearing his dark blue shi-t and clean jeans
The only thing out of place was his bandaged arm
Otherwise he just looked like someone enjoying a quiet drink
“Ow!”Sebastian yelled “You trying to kill me woman?what did you do that for?”
“Hello”Claire said”I nee-d to clean the wound and I nee-d to use antiseptic ”
“There’s no nee-d for that”Sebastian said coolly “I just nee-d some bandages”
“Bandages?”Claire said,bewildered”This nee-d stitches ”
Sebastian shrugged like he thought the injury was not worth it
“I’m fine, Claire, OK?”he said”you nee-d to rest.You look like a wreck”
Claire sighed and sat down on the chair next to him
“I guess “she said,then mumbled”I’m so sorry Sebastian.”
“For what? ”
“For all this “she continued to speak quietly “perhaps it would have been better if we hadn’t met ”
“I don’t think so”Sebastian retorted “if it hadn’t been for you,I wouldn’t have discovered that box….and perhaps loose my chance for atonement ”
“Atonement? “Claire asked in a puzzled voice “atonement for what?”
“For my sins”
Surprisingly claire laughed but there was no mirth in it.Only bitterness
“We all have those,don’t we? “She asked sadly and Sebastian turned to look at her
She looked very small,with her hair covering her face and her tired hands gripping her knees which we’re raised to her chin
Sebastian reached out,startling her and [email protected]£d the hair over her ear
For a second they froze,staring at each others eyes,s£nding silent messages and each trying to hold back his own de-sires
Her skin was so soft and his f!ngerswe’re warm against her cold skin
Claire didn’t hesitate when Sebastian closed the distance between them and claimed her mouth in a h0t,fervent k!ss
His f!ngersleft her face and buried themselves in her hair,re-leasing them completely from their hold as he continued to devour her mouth
Claire was holding on to him for dear life as he continued to k!ssthe s-en-ses out of her.she had never felt pas-sion this h0t, overwhelming and so…..big
Suddenly it all [email protected]£ to a crashing halt as abruptly as it had started.
They [email protected] for air for a few seconds and Sebastian reluctantly re-moved his f!ngersfrom her hair
Like someone suddenly re-leased,Claire stood up immediately and nearly [email protected]
God,her legs we’re shaking badly,she could no longer trust them to hold her
“W..well.. umm..goodnight”
And she was gone racing away from him like he was the devil himself
Sebastian sighed and adjusted his jeans
It was going to be a long night
Kyle stumbled into his [email protected] holding his side which was burning up from the bullet wound Sebastian inflicted on him
$h!t,that bastard ruined everything
Where had he come from?
He stumbled into his bathroom and [email protected] himself for what he was about to do.With a rag between his teeth,he pried the bullet out of his side and dropped it in the sink
He stared at his formerly beautiful ruined flesh and rage welled up in him
His b©dy was perfectly made and this was going to be his first scar, thanks to that bastard
Kyle wiped the sweat from his face to prevent them from getting into his eye and tried to remember where he had seen that face before
Sammie’s words drifted to him
“Y…you… way.but you are dead.I torched your car,bit-ch!”
Kyle froze in shock as he remembered
The man who sh0t him looked exactly like the man he killed
un-dercover Narcotics agent,Luke wendell!
Sebastian sat at his desk in his well furnished office
He had set up this office as soon as he got back from the army not that it was specifically for was just a way to get out of his family’s grasp and prove that he was fit for something and unfit for the family business
He had tried his hand at different things, insurance, real estate, marketing even selling of used cars but he had no interest in them.
No interest in anything but soldiering
But now fate had handed him something to do.
His f!ngersdrummed on the table where a number of tapes la-id
These we’re the same tapes they had swindled out of Kyle
And as Sebastian listened to them with increasing anger,shock, disgust and incredulity,he un-derstood why kyle wanted them so badly
He would also do anything he could to keep such secrets buried if he has one but fortunately he wasn’t that evil
Sebastian suspected he was really after the tapes and nothing else because there was really nothing else of value in the box
His thoughts we’re interrupted by the ringing of his phone and Sebastian recognized the familiar voice of officer mills giving the reports of that day and sister Agnes’s movement
After that fateful day, Claire had persistently asked sister Agnes to move to a nursing home but the old lady was adamant to work for the lord but that didn’t prevent him from ma-king the cops watch her day in and day out
For a moment,as he listened to officer mill Sebastian, thought of involving the police in this but he decided against it
This was his fight and his alone.
He had failed his brother once and he wasn’t going to do it again
Even if he had a secret that was better not revealed
Kyle grunted and rolled out of be-d hitting the floor ha-rd
The role,which was located in one of the dirtiest [email protected] of Brooklyn was filled with murky smells and blood stained bandages
Kyle coughed dryly,his side aching.
He was sweating and the place was h0t.He carefully re-moved the bandage placed on his stitched bullet hole
A quack had done the job,almost perfectly but it still hurt like hell
An announcement on the blaring TV to his right caught his attention
It was about the shoot out at [email protected] sawmills and blah blah blah
The police had gotten Sammie and would soon be swarming all over his as-s for him too.But they can’t find him here
This was a good hideout,Sammie himself didn’t even know about.He wouldn’t be caught here
He stood up groggily and headed for the bathroom and proceeded to Dunk water on his head weakly
The phone must have been ringing for a while before he heard it.He held his aching side and walked to it
He just knew who was on the line and hesitated for a minute before picking it
“How could you be so stupid?”The voice that at delivered the words with such calmness always had the ability to s£nd a chill down his spine but today Kyle was feeling the chill all over his b©dy
“It wasn’t my fault”he managed to say
“Of course it wasn’t “the voice answered again with anger simmering in the depths”And to have allowed the girl and….”the voice seem to take a few de-ep breaths before continuing “Do you have it?”
Kyle swallowed ha-rd and a single drop of sweat trickled down his back
“No”he answered his voice scratchy
“You don’t have it, right?”the voice continued “why then,how would you feel if you don’t have your life too? ”
“J.just..I nee-d some more time…”
“I don’t have time, Kyle…”
“I will get the tapes”Kyle said that throu-gh gritted teeth”No one will ever know it ever existed”
“And the girl?”
“Same goes for her”
The line went dead and he heaved a sigh of relief as he heard the familiar tone
He stood for a long while,side aching,b©dy sweaty,and hand gripping the phone for all it was worth
No one will ever know it existed
Claire puttered round the house in a perfectly happy state.
She was no longer on the run,secrets were revealed and kyle was now the fugitive
She hoped they catch him soon.He perfectly deserved to spend the west of his life in misery as he had placed others
She shuddered as she remembered how infatuated she was with him when they first met.
And kyle had been the perfect angel.Claire had been a volunteer nurse when they met.His blond beauty coupled with the way he spoke and pres£nted himself made her fall for him
Their [email protected]ç£was long on pas-sion and short on planning.
Kyle had always said he was a budding business man and Claire had never gotten a definite answer to his kind of work
All she knew was that he was well to do and whenever he returned from his usual long str!ps,he brou-ght extravagant gifts for her which she never hesitated to take
But curiosity still got the better if her when,one day she she saw a text from him to a supposed lover who in fact was Sammie and she secretly decided to follow him out of jealousy only to discover to her horror,his secret hideout and where those extravagant gifts [email protected]£ from
Her disgust and shock was quic-kly overridden when she learnt about agent Wendell and his wife
A few more digging and she decided she wanted no more and fled but not before taking the box with her
But her plan to escape as quietly as possible and bring Kyle to justice proved futile as Kyle got wind of her plans and swore to kill her
He didn’t love her after all
“Sebastian,I’m telling you,this is hvge”Luke said “you are going to have to help me”
He was standing in a corner of, the haven as Kyle liked to call their secret meeting place.
It was past the usual time for their meeting but none of the other gang was here yet but right now like preferred it that way
He nee-ded to make this call and get his brother here as soon as possible
When Stephanie was confirmed to be 3months pregnant he had insisted on her staying back while e did this a on his own
The agency had agreed too and Stephanie had let her husband take full rein of the operation especially after she gave birth to lily and that was why Luke was standing in the midst of a dirty room dresses as one of the worst looking cut throat in the town
He had pla-yed his [email protected] well,infiltrated the circle and gotten precious information which he had pas-sed along yo the agency but now he wished he hadn’t done it
He wished he hadn’t discovered this
“Sebastian are you there?”
“I still don’t believe it Luke”Sebastian answered lazily”I think you are wrong this time”
Sebastian was supposed to be with his men right now but here he was in a heated conversation with his younger brother who for whatever reason sounded anxious
“You’ve got to believe me seb “Luke said heatedly”I got proof!”
Sebastian perked up
“Yep”Luke was back to whispering “I have Proof and you are not going to believe it ”
“Then what do you nee-d me for? ”
“To keep something for me”Luke said”I can’t do this myself.You know how he was to us..”
“I’ll tell you when you get here…”
“For God’s sake like,I got men here”Sebastian said throu-gh gritted teeth”my unit are out there waiting for me and I got no time for chitchat”
“Call me when you get here”Luke said,about yo hang up”and Seb,remember it’s now or never”
“What the hell does that mean…?”Sebastian started to ask but luke was alre-ady gone
He sighed and headed to his bunk,re-ady to throw Luke to the back of his mind but on second thoughts he hesitated
Luke had sounded really agitated
What in the world h as he discovered that at made him so shaken and..Sebastian remembered,he hadn’t been home for along time
And he didn’t want to be there
But now he didn’t know which one to do.He thought for an hour then decided yo go the next morning
All throu-gh the ride to town the next day he waited for Luke’s wasn’t forthcoming
And when he got home, he discovered they had been waiting for him too
To see Luke one last time
He was too late
“Remember, seb, it’s now or never”
Colonel Andrews stepped into the Wendell’s courtyard and looked around him with mixed feelings
This was once his favourite place in the world and still is
Fate just had a way of pla-ying with him
He looked now towards the couple coming towards him,one of which was the woman who had once been the love of his life until that fleabag stole her from him
Phyllis Wendell formerly known as Phyllis Sampson’s had been his lover for three years until he introduced her to his friend,Marcus Wendell and Phyllis all but forgot he even existed
Being the wife of the wealthiest man in town appealed to her and as such left him.
Andrews took it all in good feelings and remained a very good friend to the family
At least that’s what they thought
Andrews had never forgiven Marcus for what he did
“Andrew”Marcus said as he [email protected]£ towards the other man,extending his hand “This is a plea-sant surprise ”
The colonel smiled warmly and took the outstretched hand
“Marcus,my man”he said as he shook and glanced towards Phyllis who was smiling at him”How’s your pretty self doing,Phyllis? ”
“Charming as Always!”Phyllis gushed “well I’m fine, dear,why don’t we all go inside?”
“How are my boys?”Andrews spoke again as soon as he was well ensconced in the exquisite chair in their tastefully furnished living room
There was a moment of silence as husband and wife looked at each other then at their old friend
“Sebastian is fine,dear”Phyllis said when it was apparent Marcus wasn’t going to
“And Luke?..”
“L.l..Luke “Phyllis stuttered”well,Luke is…”
“Luke is dead,my dear friend”Marcus finally answered “he died,not since six months”
The colonel looked like he had taken a b!ow in his guts.He was so pale
“What? ”
“Yes”Marcus continued as Phyllis fought back tears”He and my daughter-in-law both”
“Marcus,I’m so sorry….”
“No nee-d,my friend…”
“I can’t imagine how Sebastian feels”the colonel muttered”he must be so distraught”
“Sebastian is holding up well.He was telling me the other day about Luke’s death not being an…. “Marcus said,then st©pped.
If what Sebastian said was true,then there was no nee-d to say it,for Phyllis sake.
It might be like reopening fresh wounds
She really would not want to know that her son’s death was not an accident after all
“Yes Marcus…? “The colonel prodded”you we’re saying something ”
“Oh nothing”Marcus answered”nothing at all.Just hopes Sebastian gets over this quic-kly ”
“If what you say is true Sebastian,then why not involve the cops?”Claire said as they both had dinner that night
Sebastian sighed and wished he hadn’t broached the subject with Claire.
He didn’t want to involve the cops yet until he was sure about his findings and he didn’t want Claire to have unnecessary headache
She had only recovered from her fear and it doesn’t seem right to instill more fear in her
For now he wanted her to be happy and to stay by him for a long time
Kyle was Still out there and might come back stronger,especially now that he knew who was behind him
“I will but it might just be my as-sumption “Sebastian said choosing his words carefully”i don’t think there’s any reason to dwell on it”
“Really?”Claire was visibly relieved”are you sure?”
“Yes Claire”Sebastian continued,taking her hand and k!ss!ngthe f!ngerti-ps one after the other” let’s just forget about it”
“OK,let’s do that”
Sebastian smiled
Mission accomplished

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