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Nanny nee-ded batch 2

👩👩NANNY nee-dED👩👩
Kyle fished his lighter out of his pocket and lit his thirteenth cigarette as he waited for his buddy,Sammie,to come back
The smell of cigarettes hung heavy in the room as the only window to the otherwise dark room was locked shut
Kyle doesn’t seem to be bothered about his ventilation
He is rarely bothered about anything this days except news of Claire
He turned to stare at a picture of his blonde beauty pinned to the wall with a knife
Kyle ru-bbe-d his tired eyes with perfectly manicured f!ngers
His hair,as always was cut short in a style that made the young woman go crazy every time they see him
With his platinum blonde hair,baby face,cute baby eyes and s-en-sual voice,nob©dy would know that this young man with the looks and b©dy of a model was a dre-aded drug lord who can anytime switch the role to that of a murderer
Unlike many of his [email protected], kyle doesnt take the deadly powder but he sure had a lot of people who took it for him
He got up from the only chair in the room and walked to the window finally opening it where he looked out into a wi-de courtyard where hundreds of people of different ages and races sat down sniffling, injecting and taking the harmful drug
Kyle smiled at the number
Business is doing well
He turned when someone entered the room
Sammie’s face was grim as the took the lone chair
“What?”Kyle asked,alre-ady dre-ading the news
“lost her again”Sammie said”had her cornered at that Brooklyn place but she moved again.damn she’s good”
“That’s all because you are slow”kyle fumed”you should have taken her out instead of tailing her for weeks to see if it’s really her”
“Oh,you want me to take her out?”I would with plea-sure, but I got news for you buddy”Sammie said sarcastically”The police’s all over our as-ses now and you don’t want to add a murder to your case right now”
“Like hell I won’t”kyle said throu-gh gritted teeth”got news for you too buddy.when the police gets a hold of what she has,they won’t come for our as-ses only but for the rest of us too”
Sammie sm-irked
“That was your own damn fault bro”he said getting up”I’m not the one who let my girl tail me till she discovers my secret hideout”
With that last sh0t,he left the room to attend to his numerous customers while Kyle’s beautiful face contorted with rage as he took his anger our on the chair in the room,kicking and ban-ging until it fell un-der the as-sault
He would find her and she would pay for causing him so much trouble
And of anyone tries to interfere,they would pay too
He didn’t care If he alre-ady had two murders on his hands,what’s there to add a few more?
After all,He’s got nothing to lose
“Its a big house, you can choose any room you want”her gorgeous employer had said minutes after they landed in front of a house that would have competed with the Buckingham palace
He lived here?
And he expected her to choose a room in it
That seemingly simple task turned oiy to be very ha-rd because ten minutes later she was back at the living room,afraid to even sit down
Every room was like a suite and she was even scared to t©uçh the furniture
What if she breaks something?
“So found what you like?”he materialized out of nowhere and Claire jumped
“Whoa relax,i don’t bite”he said,holding his palms up”just wanted to know if you like the room you chose”
“I haven’t picked one”Claire admitted”yet”
“Is that so?”Sebastian said puzzled”and why is that?”
Claire shook her head,unsure of what to say
“Alright maybe we can ask Beverly to choose one for you”
“Who’s Beverly?”
“The cook”Sebastian answered”she comes in afternoons and leave at night.she’s married and by the time she settles her own home and comes out here,its alre-ady late. I wouldn’t want her to be a nanny too,very difficult”
“I see”Claire said and Sebastian smiled at the way she was practically jumping up in nervousness
Whatever was she afraid of?
She jumped again at the sound of her voice
“Its OK,you can sit down”
Claire blu-shed bright red as she finally took her seat
She felt like a Child that had been caught with his hands in the cookie jar
She looked around the otherwise ba-re walls of the house
It was a big beautiful house, but it felt cold
It was a house not a home
“Where’s…uh…lily?”she asked Sebastian stood up and she followed after hesitating for a second
The room he led her to was pink and babyish and very spacious
This was the nursery?
Lily [email protected] asleep in a state of the art crib complete with beautiful toys dangling from the ceiling
Mr gorgeous appeared to be very well to do
“Beautiful isn’t she?”he asked with pride and she smiled at the fondness in his voice
She glanced at a door in the room and pointed at it
“What room is that?”
“Oh”Sebastian looked shocked”you might want to make that room.its for the last nanny.she chose it because it was closet to her ward,not that she took care of her ward very well”
Claire walked up to it and opened the door that led to a beautiful room that was still more or less,like the other rooms
A suite
She sighed
“Well I guess I will take it then”she said as she placed her bag on the be-d
They had made a quic-k st©p at her otherwise cramped quarters in the slums of the town to get her things
She was sure Sebastian must had been shocked at where she was living but he didn’t say a word
“So…what school do you attend?”Sebastian asked
“What?”Claire replied with a blank look
She was lost
“ said you were a student he asked”where exactly?”
Suddenly it cli-cked
Damn,she had lied about her schooling. Now she had to keep it up
“Ummm…UCLA.. That’s it”she stuttered
Suddenly she was tired
Tired of all the lies and all the running and the stress she was going to go throu-gh keeping all those lies going
“Cool”Sebastian nodded and went out of the room”make yourself comfortable OK?you are as jumpy as a cat”
Outside the room,Sebastian closed the door purposefully and leaned his head against it
She was lying
Now why was she doing that?
God knows he wouldn’t harm her so there’s really no nee-d to put up a pretense
If he didn’t know better, he would think she was running away from something and that thing is killing her
Dear lord,what had he gotten himself into?
Truth was,be didn’t want her to be a lie
Not now, not ever
The only problem now is of he doesn’t want these feelings he’s getting to be a lie or not
“So are you safe? “Sister Agnes asked again and Claire almost cried at the thought of the worry and pain she was putting the old nun throu-gh
If only….
“Yes sister”she swallowed then continued “I’m safe”
” a re you sure? ”
“Alright, dear, I believe you ”
Claire badly wanted to be with her beloved nun.
Sister Agnes had believed in her when she was just two, a scrawny orphan who surely wasn’t going to live until the next day but sister Agnes proved them all wrong including her because, even though she was just two years old, Claire had alre-ady learned to give up
Armed with the knowledge of care and motherly love, sister Agnes has taken it upon herself to care for Claire alone and raised her to be the wonderful young woman she was now
But even though, she had failed her
Now she was on the run with a secret that was threatening to eat her up
“Is it safe? “She asked with a whisper, glancing fearfully at the door
“Yes dear”sister Agnes voice held a note of resignation
The box which Claire had handed over to her 6months ago was locked safely in her room and she he kept her promise to care and never opened it but she was still scared for her little angel
“Alright, in a few days I will come get it”she continued “sister, y.. You are safe, aren’t you? ”
“Yes, he’s always watching over me”was response “and so will he watch over you”
Claire silently dropped the phone
He’s watching over me?
Then why did you let me meet Kyle?
She was about to climb onto be-d when she noticed a shadow just outside her door
Trembling with fear, Claire clamped a hand over her mouth
My God, he had found her!
Kyle had found her after all
She wasn’t safe
Sebastian stood outside Claire’s room, confused and still trying to ascertain what he just heard
He didn’t know why but he couldn’t sleep with lily so far from him
He knew he was lying to himself
He couldn’t sleep because thoughts of Claire consumed his mind
He couldn’t get the woman out of his head and now he was standing foolishly outside her door with his head blank
Supposing she [email protected]£ out, what was he going to say?
He was about to leave when he nee-d a voice
She seems to be talking
Sebastian pressed his ears to the door and very little of what was exchanged on the phone conversation drifted to him
He was still standing there when the door suddenly opened and a decanter flew towards him
Instinctively, he sidestepped and [email protected]£d the hand in mid air as it [email protected]£ down on his head , twisting it and rendering the person immobile
The startled cry of pain, coupled with her perfume brou-ght Sebastian to his s-en-ses before he properly broke her arm
“Oh my God, Claire, I am so sorry! “He cried rushing to help her
Damn his military training, he had nearly killed the girl
“You broke my arm! “Claire yelled up at him as he brou-ght her up to her feet
“No, I didn’t “he answered as calmly as GE could on order not to wake lily”but its going to be a little stiff”
“Why in the world were you outside my door? “Claire said fiercely, still angry and scared and shaken and most of all relieved
It wasn’t kyle
The realization hit her ha-rd as her eyes watered, her nose wo-bbled and she crumbled in his arms, throwing her arm around him
“Thank God “she whispered feverishly for some minutes then suddenly realized what she was doing and slowly re-moved her arms from his n£¢k*I thought you were an intruder”
“Intruder? ”
Sebastians voice held a note of suspicion that made her look up sharply
“Yes,”she stood up herself with dignity”an intruder”
“Why would you think that? ”
“Why we’re you standing outside my door? ”
“Well.. I.. I”
Claire sm-irked and walked out on him slamming her door in his face
Sebastian pas-sed a hand across his face
An intruder?
The next morning found Sebastian ti-ptoeing around Claire which was just silly because it was his house and there’s really no nee-d for him to be afraid of his own maid
She still hadn’t explained her extraordinary behavior the night before but it seems if he were going to get anything out of her, then he would have to explain his own extraordinary behavior too
Damn him
He had nearly broke the girl’s hand and all he could think about the night before was how good her b©dy felt against his when she hvgged him the night before
“Good morning “he greeted warmly as he [email protected]£ into the kitchen then st©pped short after only a few feet as he stared dumbfounded at her
Claire was standing at the stove, her back to him but she turned when he [email protected]£ in
She was wearing g a simple light green floral dress with a ti-ght bodice that emphasized her rather ample bosom and her hair was swept from her face and held ti-ghtly in a bun at the t©p of her head
Her face was void of makeup and simple gold studs decorated her ears ma-king the face even more beautiful
“Good morning”she answered after giving him the once over then handed him a cu-p of coffee”are you OK? ”
Sebastian couldn’t very well answer that so he turned his attention to lily who was lying on her crib which was designed and placed strategically in a specially place in the kitchen and had been gurgling foe his attention but uncle Sebastian was s preoccu-pied
“How’s our little angel this morning? “He asked as he picked her up and lily found the perfect sp©t in the niche of his arms, cooing happily at him
“Our little angel I hungry but she isn’t showing it but you might as well feed her now the you are here “Claire said handing him a h0t bottle for lily”or let me do it while you have your coffee ”
“No that’s OK”Sebastian said, taking the bottle from her and settling himself down to feed lily who immediately began devouring the contents of the bottle
Claire watched them and smiled
Sebastian had a look of awe in his face and lily was also looking at him as he fed her
“He really does put his niece first before any other thing”she thought as she settled down in her church with her own cu-p of coffee
Breakfast was toast and bacon and she would serve Sebastian immediately he was throu-gh with lily
“It really is a ha-rd world, isn’t it? “Sebastian asked and Claire looked up startled not only by the question but also the look on his face
He had a look of pain on his face then she un-derstood
“Wanna talk about it? “.
Sebastian was silent for a long time as was lily who had finished her meal and was slee-ping soundly then suddenly he shook his head, smiling sadly
“There’s nothing to talk about”
“Yes there is”
“There isn’t”Sebastian said throu-gh gritted teeth “I’d like my breakfast now”
“He wouldn’t like it, you know ”
” what? “Sebastian scowled “who? ”
“Your brother”
Sebastian’s face was immediately devoured by agony and Claire almost wished she hadn’t said anything but how could she not?
She really was in no position to meddle in someone’s problem considering how she was knee de-ep in hers but she couldn’t really keep quiet seeing him in this much pain
“He wouldn’t be happy seeing you suffer like this”she continued and Sebastian laughed bitterly
“You are right “he said”Luke Wendell certainly wouldn’t be happy seeing me like this. But we won’t know that now, will we? Especially not after what I did to him”
He stood up suddenly and walked towards the crib, then placed lily carefully in it
Then he was gone as abruptly as he [email protected]£
Claire sat completely still as she tried to ascertain what he had said but one word stood out
Luke Wendell
Where had she heard that name?
Surely it wasn’t….
Ohmigod, what had she gotten herself into?
The bells in the towers were tolling as sister Agnes finally stepped into her room.
She had been praying for her dear Claire.
Although Claire always told her not to worry about her,the old nun found herself worrying ceaselessly
She was always moved in the spirit to pray for Claire and today was not an exception
Sister Agnes slowly went to the locker where she kept the box.
It was given to her by Claire and although she had promised not to open it,she tried ha-rd not to do so
Only the knowledge that Claire would be very sad with her made her drop the box
With a sigh she stro-ked the brown surface of the wooden boz
Whatever was in it?
Whatever it was,Claire would not let her see it
With that last determined thought,she headed back for the locker and suddenly stubbe-d her foot on the expo-sed corner of the small re-ading table in her room
Sister Agnes tr!pp£dand the old box tumbled from her hands,opening in the process,the lock being very weak
The nun gro-an ed and tried to lift herself and succeeded with much difficulty
She turned and [email protected] when she saw the plan box and proceeded to place back the contents which had fallen out,with shaking hands but something caught her eyes
It was a yellow envelope whose cover was open and the contents was obvious for all to see
A ph0togra-ph and two newspaper cli-ppings
The ph0togra-ph was of two handsome young men who could have been mistaken for twins
Oh wait,they were twins
One of the young men was wearing an army uniform while the other was looking at him proudly
The newspaper cli-pping had the heading
The other cli-pping said
Oh my God,sister Agnes thought “who are these people?”
What are all these?
Claire paced in her room
She had clothed and fed lily who was as t the moment slee-ping peacefully
Sebastian had gone to work,s-en-sing a silent nod to her direction before sailing out the door but Claire was still unsettled
Luke Wendell
She had heard that name before but where and how has eluded her
There was something about the name that made a chill run up her spine
It could only be from….
Suddenly she remembered…
Ohmigod she had to get that box now!
quic-k as a flash,she [email protected]£d her jacket and phone
just as she sailed throu-gh the door,she crashed to a halt
What about lily?
“Oh what do i do?what do i do?”she mumbled,[email protected] her forehead “what do I d…..”
“Miss Claire”a voice rang out”are you in? ”
Claire smiled
“Come in Beverly! ”
“Found it”
Kyle looked up at Sammie as he strutted into the room
He was on his 30th stick of cigar and it was really affect his speech
“Found what?”
“The box”
“What?”Kyle stood up so fast the chair moved backwards
He strode over to Sammie and yanked the papers he was holding out of his hands
“What the hell’s this?”he growled as he fli-pped the do¢v-ments one by one,apparently not liking what he was seeing
“You look terrible man”Sammie said
“Go fv¢k yourself “Kyle snarled”I said what’s this?”
“That’s the orphanage Claire grew up in”Sammie said,taking the papers from him and pointing to an old picture of the old orphanage”lots of nuns there.Owned by the catholic priests”
“So Claire’s one and only guardian is a certain sister Agnes which I’m sure you’ve never heard of because you we’re never interested in her life….”
“Quit the lecture”Kyle growled “what are you saying?”
“I’m saying this old sister here has the box”
“Are you sure? ”
“I think so”
“You think?!”Kyle swore “that box could destroy us fleabag and you think”
” oh come it Kyle”Sammie sas-sed back “the girls scared,too scared to run to the cops and afraid of carrying the box around.where else would she keep it?”
Kyle thought about it
He was right and if luck was on their side the old bit-ch could lead them to Claire herself
“so what do we do now?”he asked
“Go Freshen up”Sammie sm-irked”we are going to church”
That’s it,guys
Tell me what you think

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