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My mother in law Episode 6 to 9

My mother in-law 18+ ❤️
Episode 6
“plea-se Jane,
I’m not in the mood for this now, am really tired and I nee-d to rest”
I said.
JANE: is that what you mean, that I should leave you?
ME : something like that.
** I pushed her aside and moved inside the room.
I re-moved my cloth accept my
I tied my towel and entered inside the bathroom.
I untied the towel and pu-ll-ed my bo-xer off,
Jane entered with only [email protected] and [email protected]
Immediately I saw her,
I used the towel and covered my n-kedness**
ME : Jane what are you looking for here?
JANE : igwe st©p pretending as if you don’t know what am looking for?
ME: plea-se, just go we’ll talk about it when I finish bathing.
**As I was still waiting for her to go away,
she moved in a little and hung her hand on one str!p of her [email protected] and re-moved it.
she also re-moved the other one and now un-hooked her [email protected] and threw it on the ground.
She also tackled her [email protected] and pu-ll-ed it off.
As she was doing this,
she was smiling and looking at me. **
JANE : igwe look at me and tell me you don’t like what you’re seeing.
Tell me,
if a real man can resist me after seeing this.
ME: plea-se, Jane st©p this, I………
JANE: **she moved more closer to me, and used her one f!nger and block my mouth ** shhhhhhhh!!! Have your way in me
** only a n-kedness of a woman can melt the heart of a warrior.
My d–k was fully £r£¢ted and was re-ady for action.
I drew her head closer to mind and started k!ss!ngherl-ips r0ûghly.
After some minutes, I pu-ll-ed my mouth down to her b–bs and start s–king it so bad.
She was [email protected] ing as this was going on,
at a point,
I couldn’t hold myself anymore.
I turned her back and she placed her hand on the bathroom wall.
I pushed in from the back and started pushing in and out of her.
I fired her for some minutes and ¢v-mmed inside her.
we got ourselves relaxed on the bathroom floor.
we took our shower together and left the bathroom.
I wore my bo-xer and climbe-d the be-d because I was so ashamed for going against my will by slee-ping with her.
She entered the be-d too and gave me a k!ssbut I didn’t respond. **
JANE: igwe what’s the problem? you look so worried and unhappy for some hours now ,
tell me baby, what is behind this your unhappy mood?
**I was muted.
she shook me ** sweetheart tell me now.
ME: Jane can you plea-se, allow me be,i’m so tired and nee-ded to rest.
JANE:I see,,,,,,,it seems am the one behind your unhappy mood.
I’m going to leave your house and never again come back .
**she j£rked up and moved to where her cloth was and started wearing them.
i looked at the time and it was alre-ady late.
I stood up and moved to the door and locked it. ** suit yourself igwe *she held the handle door. **
come and open this door.
ME: where are you going to by this time of the night? look at the time.
JANE: Igwe open this door.
ME: you can’t go now bcos if anything happens to you,
God will never forgive me.
JANE: I don’t d–n care. open this door before I scream and [email protected] on you.
** I started pleading with her, not to go but she insisted.
I started calling her sweet names that got her heart melt. **
I’ll not go. but there’s a condition ……..
ME: what’s it?
JANE: we’ll have another round of S-x bcos am not satisfied yet.
ME: what!!!
Episode 7 🙃
i took a glanced look at her.
JANE: igwe why are amazed?
ME: Jane are you out of your mind? To have S-x with. you again?
JANE: why not, is it wrong for me to request that from you?
ME: you must be a dog.
JANE: what did you called me?
**I was muted,
I la-id well on the be-d and threw my face aside. ** open this door right now or I’ll do that myself. **I kept the key on the table beside the be-d and she rushed and picked it up. As she was trying to unlock the door,
I called her,
she turned.**
ME: Jane if you open this door and go away, it’ll be the last you’ll ever come here.
JANE: who cares……… i hate you igwe
ME: thank you for that.
JANE: you keep on punishing me each time we’ve S-x,
what you care about is only your satisfaction not minding your [email protected]
I’m going and never to come back again.
ME: look at the time.
JANE: who cares?
ME: if anything happens to you ,then my hands are clean.
suit yourself .
** she opened the door and walked away.
” what sort of human being is this???
she love S-x like a dog and i don’t know why”
I couldn’t think much about her before i sle-pt of.
The next day,i told val what transpired between Jane and i.
He then told me to reconcile with her and forget about the whole thing that happened between us.
“igwe you don’t know who will help you tomorrow,
she might be in the better position to help you in future” Val added.
On Wednesday,
I called the woman to remind her that about our appointment and she gave me her company address.
I couldn’t eat that morning because I was over joyed.
I got prepared and let the house to where I’ll enter taxi.
Immediately I entered taxi,
call [email protected]£ in ,I checked it and it was Jane. I picked up to know what she want to say.
JANE:igwe do you know you’re very wicked…. After the love we shared together and everything and you wanted us to separate in this way.
you’re so heartless and worthless too. And for your information,
you can’t use and dump me just like that. ** I was muted** I’m coming back for you?
ME: Are you throu-gh with what you’re saying?
JANE: is that a question or what?
ME: let this be the last time you’ll ever call me on phone, let just pretend as if we didn’t know each other.
Have a great day!
** I aborted the call. They was a lady beside me inside the taxi,
it seems she overheard what we were discussing because of the manner she was looking at me. When I got to the bus st©p,
I paid and [email protected]£ down and the lady also [email protected]£ down too.
I entered a chartered keke to the company since I didn’t know the place,
at least the keke man will help me to locate it.
The keke man dropped me in that company and I called to inform her that,
I’m in the company now.
shetold me to meet the security man so that he’ll take me to her office.
I met the security man and he told me that she have alre-ady called him to bring me in.
He took me to her office and left immediately.
ME: good. morning ma’am…
MA’AM :good morning my dear, you’re welcome to my office. You’re here because of what we discussed earlier right?
ME: yes ma’am.
MA’AM : consider it done but one thing is involve.
ME: ok?
MA’AM : promise me, you’ll be all mine and nob©dy else.
ME: I promise.
MA’AM : come and give me a k!ss. ** “k!sskwa? in her office? I asked myself.
I’ve no option than to k!ssher.
After k!ss!ngher,
I went back to my sit and she started explaining the nature of her company. ** actually,
We specialized in importation and exportation of all kinds of animal feed.
We export our goods in many African countries and within in Nigeria.
I’ve 52 workers in this company.
we also buy and sell shares.
ME: wow…. I must confess that am lucky to be here.
MA’AM : you can say that again. if you work with us for a month,
we’ll buy a car for you and we’ll be deducting 10% of your salary till the money will be complete but
I’ll give it to you free.
ME :** I stood up and gave her a hvg. ** thank you ma
MA’AM : you’re welcome my dear. you can call me Lady Pat,
that’s my name.
ME: thank you Lady Pat.
LADY PAT: now you come. Excuse me…
** she. dialled a number on her office phone** come to my office now.
** As we’re still discussing, a knock [email protected]£ to her door and she told the person to come in.
Someone entered,
when I turned to see who entered and it was Val.
We looked at each other in amazement and he frowned his face. **
Episode 8
We pretended as if we didn’t know each other. He moved to the table of Lady Pat.
VAL: good morning ma’am. you called me?
MRS PAT: yes, I did. Have you prepared the delivery note I told you last week that it should be re-ady today?
VAL: yes ma’am. Should I bring it now?
MRS PAT: yes you can but before then, ** she pointed at me** here is Mr Igwe and Igwe here is Valentine,
my secretary. ** I looked at him and he also looked at me. we shook hands **
ME: nice meeting you….
VAL: nice meeting you too.
MRS PAT : igwe will be working with you to as-sist you because I know your position in this company is not easy.
I hope you got what I said?
VAL: yes ma’am.
MRS PAT: He’ll start work tomorrow but before then,
take him to your office and show him one or two things before he will go.
VAL: OK ma’am. ** Val. turns to me ** let’s go to my office.
ME: ok. ** turns to Mrs pat ** thank you ma’am
MRS PAT: you’re welcome my dear. Val tell the receptionist to see me now
VAL: ok ma’am.
** We left her office to Val office. He sat down and I sat down also without waiting for him to tell me that.
He called the receptionist on phone and told her that their Madam want to see her.
He dropped the call and was looking at me**
ME: val why you dey look at me like this now?
VAL: Igwe we-tin carry you come here?
ME: na hunger now…… you should be happy that I secured a job in the same place you’re working and also in the same office.
VAL: I’m happy for you just that am amazed when I saw you in the madam office.
Igwe is she the one you told me about that gave you an appointment in the h0tel?
ME: yes.
VAL: Tell me what happened when you got there?
ME: This is time for work not for gossip, I’ll tell you later.
so tell me about this company and madam too.
dealers on all kinds of animal feed and others like buying of shares.
ME: she have alre-ady explained what this company specialised on.
** After some minutes with Val in his office, i left his office to Mrs Pat’s office.
She said i should go and come to work the next day.
she gave me #2000 and I left her office but gave her a hvg as she demanded before I left.
I decided not to go back to Val office to avoid suspect.
I left the company with over joy pumping in my heart that day.
When I got to my house, I saw Jane waiting for me outside.
I moved to my doorstep without talking to her,
I unlocked my door and she tried to enter and I pushed her away. **
ME: This should be the last time I’ll ever see you around my house,
I’ve nothing to do with you.
** I couldn’t even allow her to say anything and I entered inside my room and shoot the door.
I prepared food that afternoon,
after eating,
I la-id down and sle-pt off.
I woke up by 8:pm and rain were falling.
I went outside to check if there is anything I left outside.
when I opened the door, I saw Jane where rain have drenched on her b©dy,
I pitied her,
I took her inside
Episode 9 🥰
when we got inside,
i gave her my Polo and bo-xer to change her cloth because she was alre-ady we-t.
She entered inside the bathroom while i seated in my parlour.
I was wondering, the reason why she refused to go.
some minutes later,
she [email protected]£ to the parlour and sat opposite me.
ME: i know you must be hungry, go to the kitchen,
there’s some food I left in the pot,
you can eat it.
**she left to the kitchen and entered with the food and added it two spoons.
She dropped the food on the table beside me**
JANE: let’s eat together.
ME: I’m not hungry.
JANE: You’re not hungry or you didn’t want to eat this food?
ME: yes I don’t want to eat rice again today.
JANE: what did you want to eat?
ME: Don’t worry, eat your food and I’ll take care of myself.
Jane what happened,
why are you outside when rain started?
JANE : igwe you hurt my feelings this afternoon.
ME: why wouldn’t I after you spitted those words you spit to me on phone.
JANE: I’m so sorry for that, I didn’t just know what [email protected]£ over me that day.
plea-se forgive me, am so sorry for that.
ME: I’ve forgiven you alre-ady.
JANE: Are you sure?
ME: if I didn’t forgive you, I wouldn’t have usher you in when you were outside.
**She makes to k!ssme and I withdrew my face from hers. ** plea-se,
Jane I’ll appreciate If you’ll just forget this.
JANE: so you haven’t forgive me yet?
ME: I do but ………
JANE: ** interrupted ** but what? you don’t love me again?
ME: jane try and un-derstand me. Eat your food.
**she continue with her food.
I went to the kitchen and prepared tea and drank.
As we were seated in the parlor,
I decided not to talk to her and she also.
When I want to sleep,
I went inside the be-droom and carried one pillow .**
ME: if you want to sleep,
you can make use of the be-d, I’ll sleep here.
JANE: I’ll also sleep here too.
** She went inside the be-droom and [email protected]£ out with the one pillow also.
she la-id beside me.
Throu-ghout the night,
Jane was busy trying to s£dûç£me but glory be to God
that I didn’t fall for her.
I couldn’t believe that I’ll resist her that night.
In the morning, I woke up very early and got prepared to work.
Jane also got prepared and we ate together, she asked me where am I going to and
I told her that am going to work.
I entered taxi and went to work.
When I got there,
I saw the security and the company cleaners as they were busy
tiding up everywhere.
I called Val to know if he’s alre-ady on the road or still at home.
He told me that he is on the way coming.
Soon he arrived and we marched in to the office..
By 10am,
we received a call from our madam,
that I should come to her office immediately.
Val looked at me with a jealous eyes.
“why is she calling you?” Val said.
“I don’t know” I replied.
I left to her office,
on getting there..
To be continued

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