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My mother in law Episode 22 to 25

My mother in-law 18+ ❤️
Episode 22
Without hesitating,
I got dressed and dashed out.
I ignored my cons£nt and went to the h0tel as planned with Lady Pat.
When I
got to the h0tel
I called her to confirm the number of the h0tel room and she directed me.
When I got to the room
I knocked and she told me to come in.
She was sitting on the be-d,
She tied a towel.
I pe-cked her and
sat beside her.
She started asking me,,,,
how was my day and everything.
MA’AM: igwe you’re the only person that knows how to
Lose and ti-ght my b©dy. ** I giggled ** The day I met you is just a blessing to me
and to you too.
Give it to me,
I really nee-d it.
I’ve missed you so much.
** I pu-ll-ed my shi-t and singlet. I pounce on her.
First of all,
started scrolling my hand on her [email protected] She was j£rking as
Am doing that.
I pushed her and she la-id on the be-d. I untied the towel
She was wearing. I couldn’t believe she didn’t wear
un-derwears, she was fully n-ked.
I started f!ngering her b©dy till she was melt down and re-ady to receive me.
I unbelt my
My d–k was fully £r£¢ted, I pu-ll-ed my bo-xer
to free my D–k.
I [email protected] her legs,
Her eyes was closed when I was R0m-ncing her.
I slides my D–k inside her,,,,, she j£rked and left a soft [email protected] .
I started with missionary style.
I fired her for some minutes before,
We turned to spooning method.
The pressure of the S-x [email protected]£ too much on her that she
Started calling me different pet names.
We swamp to doggy method,
And it
Seems heaven is about to fall on the earth.
I really handle her wella in that style and I re-leased inside her.
I fell on the floor as heat was all over my b©dy.
I was tired and she too. She la-id beside me.
MA’AM: igwe why did you pour inside me?
ME: I’m sorry,i was carried away by the pressure.
Are you afraid?
MA’AM: yes, am scare. If you got me pregnant,
What will I tell outsiders more especially my daughter. She will be ashamed of me.
ME: How can you get pregnant while you’ve reached
A menopause stage?
MA’AM: my dear, it doesn’t mean anything.
I’m only 48 years so a woman at my age can still get pregnant if care is not taking.
ME: ** I moved closer to her and held her,
I gave her a k!ss** you wouldn’t get pregnant, trust me.
MA’AM: ** she laughed** Are you the creator that gives child?
ME: No just believe with faith.
** I stood up and went inside the bath room n-ked and took my bath.
Before I could come out from the bathroom,
She was alre-ady slee-ping n-ked.
I wore my cloth and wake her up.
She rushed inside the bathroom and flushen up.
I told her that I’ll be going.
She said am going to spend the night with her in the h0tel.
I disagreed with her and she started petting me,
And I have no option than to do her wish,
Because she is my boss. I may refuse and it’ll result to another thing.
I told her that am hungry and she called the h0tel room service and made an order.
30mins later,
We heard a knock at the door. I entered the toilet to
As I opened the door to come out,
Lo and behold,
The lady that brou-ght the food for us is jane,
I shut the toilet door.
“what am I seeing? Jane! ” I started thanking God for not letting her to see me with that woman.
I opened the door a bit to know if she is still there, but
She have left the room. I [email protected]£ out and went to the room door and lock it by myself
Before she [email protected]£ back without knocking.
We ate together like mother and son.
That night we had three rounds of h0t S-x before morning.
I took my bath and told her that I’ll be going.
She gave me some money for my upkeep.
As I was about to open the door,
She called me back.
She di-pped her hand inside her handbag and brou-ght out a car key and one do¢v-mentary file and handed over to me ** I was looking at her to know her motive.
MA’AM: There is one red Toyota corolla parked outside,
It’s all yours. Here is the do¢v-ments and the key.
ME: you said!!!!!—
Episode 23 🥳
My mouth was wi-dely opened as I was looking at her.
MA’AM: it belongs to you. That is my first gift.
More are yet to come.
ME: actually I don’t know how to thank you.
You’ve done more than enough,,,,,,,, am so so grateful for your kindness towards me right from the
First day you saw me on the road.
MA’AM: you can say that again and again and again. You deserve more that this,
You’ve done alot for me to,,,,,,,,,
** I hvgged her and equally perk her too.
I moved out immediately without minding if,,
I may meet Jane or not. I got to where the car was parked,
I opened the door and start it. I h0t the engine and went up again.
I continued thanking her,
I left the h0tel and drove home.
I didn’t have a driving license so I didn’t flex the car that Sunday.
An Igbo adage says,
” when a child learn how to use chewing stick,
He’ll Broke all the tree stem around the compound”
Happiness didn’t allow me to do anything that Sunday,
Even to eat.
I didn’t go to church that day,,,,,! I was like someone who
Win a lottery.
The next day,
I went to work without the car because of FRSC.
I went to work, very early in the morning,
When I got there,
Clara was mopping our office.
I entered and she greeted me.
ME: Clara,,,
It’s about my friend Val.
I know what he did was wrong by putting you in this condition.
What do you suggest, he should do?
He told me that you refused to abort the baby.
CLARA: igwe I don’t know.
ME: Hmmmm,,,,,, you’re
Matured and knows what’s right and wrong.
You should suggest something,
Bcos as I am now,,,
I don’t know what to say or do about this case.
I’ll give you feedback soon.
** she continued with what she was doing,
While I login to my whatsapp to reply some messages.
After she was
Throu-gh with the cleaning, I sat down.
I opened our system and start work immediately.
An hour later,
Val [email protected]£ to work. He was looking so devastated.
I asked him,,,,
What’s the problem and he told me that he’s just
Ashamed of himself for what he did.
ME: Val, I just want to ask you this question.
VAL: ok
ME: Do you love Clara??
VAL: what’s the meaning of this question?
ME: Answer me first……
VAL: [email protected]
ME: Tell me the truth.
VAL: yes I do but…
ME: but what? Look,
Forget about Yvonne and marry her.
VAL: No, hvge man…… I can’t marry her.
ME: you can’t marry her?
The pregnancy she is carrying is your flesh and blood, your first child for that matter. Val how can you abandon that poor innocent girl to suffer
For the sin
Both of you committed?
She is an orphan, no brother no sister. Why can’t you consider her situation and
Give her a chance in your heart. Make her the mother of your children.
OK,,,,, lemme ask you,
Will you let your first blood to go like that?
VAL: no.
ME: Think well.
And for Yvonne, explain everything to her.
VAL: And you think she wouldn’t do anything stupid?
ME: she can’t do anything. Let’s continue our work,
Just think about what I told you and give me feedback thereafter.
Episode 24
We continued with our work.
In the evening of that same day,
I broke the news to Val that our madam has finally given me a car.
He rejoiced with me and told me that we’ll [email protected] it next Sunday.
We dismissed from work to our various homes.
One week later,
Jummy visited me unexpectedly. I was amazed when
I saw her in my house.
She was looking devastated. I [email protected]£ worried because I haven’t seen her in that mood before.
I started asking her,
What the problem is.
At first,,,,, she refused to tell me. I manipulated her and
She gave me a kaki envelope.
I brou-ght out the paper that was inside the envelope and fl!pit.
It was a pregnancy result. She is pregnant.
I looked at her,
She frowned her face and was about to shed tears
I held her.
ME: sweetie,,,, why are you unhappy?
JUMMY: Didn’t you see what is written on that paper you’re holding and you’re still asking me question.
ME: c’mon,,,, is not new in our society and whereas it’s not a taboo.
They are many single mothers out there.
This shouldn’t be the reason why you should keep your face like this.
JUMMY:igwe st©p saying that, I hate it. You should be saying ,
what are we going to do about this before my mother hears it.
ME: you said we!
JUMMY: igwe who else if not you. Or do you want to deny the pregnancy?
ME: Are you sure you’re pregnant?
JUMMY: why not…
** I moved closer to her and carried her up with happiness.
I took her to my room and dropped her on the be-d,
I also la-id beside Her in the be-d. I started k!ss!ngher with joy that was flowing inside me.
ME: sweetie,,, today is one of my happiest day in life,
I must confess.
I’m so glad for this,,,I can now be a father.
Jummy thank you for ma-king me to be a father.
I love you!
Jummy, will you marry me?
JUMMY: yes I’ll.
** we stood up and hvgged each other and
Started k!ssing, before we could know what was going on, we got ourselves on the be-d n-ked.
Without hesitating , I pushed in and started my work as a father.
As I was busy going in and out of her, she held me ti-ght
And was screaming my name.
Some minutes later, she dug her f!ngerson my back and began to convulse as she want to c-m.
I ¢v-med also inside her. I wanted to withdraw my d–k from her but I remembered that she is no more single so I poured in for full germination of seed.
Thereafter, we went to the bathroom together and bath.
I’ll go and see your mother when I [email protected]£ back from work tomorrow.
She was very happy for hearing that.
JUMMY: but igwe, this issue of pregnancy should be hidden from her for now.
I don’t want her to know yet.
ME: No problem sweetie.
Give me a pet name.
JUMMY: I call you “My hvgE LOvE”
ME: Hahaha! Funny. I call you “My JuMMiLoVe”
JUMMY: funny too.
ME: Ever since I met you, you’re indeed a blessing to my life.
There is one red corolla car parked outside,
It was given to me by my boss in the office.
JUMMY: woah! Congratulation my dear.
*In the morning,
She prepared my breakfast and I ate before going to work.
When I got to the office,
Val was inside our office discussing with Clara when I [email protected]£ in.
I greeted them and excused them for a while.
Thereafter, I went inside to ask Val, what their discussion is all about.
He told me that he’ll let me know later.
In the evening of that same day,
When I got home, Jummy had alre-ady finished
Preparing our night meal.
I took my bath and told her to get prepared,
That we’ll go and see her mother that evening.
“I’ve alre-ady called my mum and told her that we’re coming”
She said.
We used my car,she was the one that drove me to their compound.
Their compound was so beautiful and well decorated too.
She took me inside their house and told me to sit in the sitting room.
She went upstairs and [email protected]£ down with
A glas-s of wine.
She said,
I should be drinking and be waiting for her mother to come down
That she’s busy.
I was in the sitting room,
When her mother was just coming down.
I didn’t look at her then but I was hearing her footsteps.
As I turned to look at her,
Behold it was Lady Pat…….
My boss in the office.
Episode 25 🥳
My legs started shaking, I was amazed and also Lady Pat.
Our eyes are still at each other, as she was coming down from upstairs.
When she got to where Jummy and I stood,,,
“good evening ma!”
I said to her.
She responded.
JUMMY: mum, here is my fiance,,
His name is igwe
And igwe this is my mum.
MA’AM: igwe you’re welcome once again to my house.
ME: Thank you ma!
** She asked me some certain questions which I answered but she didn’t ask me about
My occu-pation.
Some minutes later, Jummy excused us and went upstairs.
Immediately she left,
I moved closer to Lady Pat.
ME: plea-se ma,,,, forget me. I don’t mean to hurt your feelings.
I know you warned me about cheating on you,
Yes I agreed but it’ll be a time in a life of every man that you’ve to get a family.
I can’t remain bachelor for all my life.
plea-se just grant me this wish.
MA’AM: What did you [email protected]£ here to do?
ME: plea-se ma,,, Am here for your daughter Jummy.
MA’AM: you’re here for her,,,, For what?
ME: I love her and I want to marry her. plea-se ma,,, grant me this request.
MA’AM: Anyway,
I love that. I think it’s a very good idea for you to marry my daughter.
There is no problem my dear.
She’s all yours but don’t hurt her feelings.
She had tried love in the past but it failed her so she decided not
To give love a second chance.
I was amazed when she called me and told me that she’s coming with her fiance.
** As we were still discussing, Jummy entered with three plates of fried meat.
MA’AM: eeemh! Jummy,
igwe told me the reason why he [email protected]£ here.
I think what he [email protected]£ to do is what a responsible man of his own age should be thinking of.
Jummy you get my full support as a mother.
** she hvgged her mum and perked her**
JUMMY: thank you mum!!! I love you so much.
You’re more than a mother to me, in fact,
You’re like a sister to me.
MA’AM: you can say that again sweedy.
I love you too.
That night, we popped champagne and had merriment.
I went back to my house but Jummy didn’t follow me to come back.
One month later,
Val called me and said that he had thought about what I
Told him and come to a conclusion that he’ll marry Clara.
I asked him if he had let the cat out of the bag
By telling Yvonne what’s about to happen.
He said,
ME: hmm….. So what’s her reaction when you told her about that?
VAL: she didn’t say anything and left. Even up till now she hasn’t talk to me. I’ve tried to calm her down but she snubbe-d me.
I’ve tried all I could for her to talk to me but she refused.
Igwe you’ve To Help me out and talk to her and know if she can tell you what’s on her mind.
Sincerely speaking,
Am scared she might come up with something evil against me.
ME: Don’t worry about that, I’ll still handle it.
I told him to give me Yvonne number and he gave me.
VAL: plea-se I want to settle this thing with her fast so that I’ll arrange my marriage [email protected]£.
I want to marry Clara fast before her pregnancy comes out fully.
ME: OK. Val, I ,
Got Jummy pregnant ooo!
VAL: Na waoh! We be sharp shooter!
ME:Am equally preparing for my own marriage.
I went to see her mum,
Behold her mum is our boss.
VAL: serious!
ME: my brother,,,,,,I’m still surprise even up till now.
VAL: This world is full of wonders. Anyway,
It’s good shaa!
We continued our work.
One week later, one Sunday afternoon, I called Yvonne to come to my house.
She asked me,
What for!
I told her that she should come first and she
An hour later,
I had a knock at my door.
When I opened, it was Yvonne.
Her dressing that afternoon was super h0t.
She just dressed like someone who is going out for a [email protected]£.
I ushered her in
To be Continued

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