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My mother in law Episode 18 to 21

My mother in-law ❤️
Episode 18
When I
opened the gate, i saw a man as he stood at our gate and I asked him who he was looking for.
MAN: plea-se I’m looking for Mr Igwe.
ME: ** I looked at him…. Who knows if he’s been s£nt by someone to waste me.
I was so scare to tell him, am the one ** Is there any problem?
MAN: No, there is no problem.
ME: I’m the one, so how may I help you?
MAN: **He brou-ght one package and gave to me.
** I looked at him in amazement **
ME: plea-se whats this?
MAN: plea-se sir, The s£nder told us not to tell you the name.
When you open it, you gat to know who the person is.
ME: Alright.
** He gave me some paper to sign and I signed.
He left ,
I moved in with the package.
When I got inside the house, I opened it and it was Jummy.
I bre-adth down and re-ad the letter she dropped inside.
The letter says,
” when I closes my eyes,
I only see your shadow
But when I opens I see nob©dy.
I set a test for you and you pas-sed it
Which 90% of guys will fail woefully.
Love you”
After re-ading the letter, I smiled to myself.
I unsealed the package wella and it was phone(infinix note 6) ,
A [email protected] new one with alre-ady registered sim card.
I was like,
What is the hell am I seeing?
I found out that,
Every misfortune in a man’s life is a system of upgrading.
She wrote her number in that pieces of paper.
I in-sert the sim and ON the phone.
I decided not to call her till when am throu-gh with what am doing.
I took my bath and prepared my dinner.
I went outside and bought recharge card,
I called her and thanked her for the gift.
That was when I installed whatsapp and telegram.
The next day, I went to work, Val was alre-ady in the office.
I was surprised because he [email protected]£ before me.
Ever since I started working in that company,
He haven’t come to work before me.
He was seated on his seat, looking like someone who is thinking.
He didn’t even notice my pres£nt when
I [email protected]£ in.
I called him twice before he answered me.
I started asking him what the problem is and he refused to tell me.
I looked into his eyes and asked him again.
VAL: igwe, there was a girl I met the other time on the road,
I gave her a lift.
Along the line,
I got her number.
One day, I invited her to my house.
ME: and what happened?
VAL: I sle-pt with her unprotected.
She called me this morning and told me she’s pregnant.
ME: Val why now, why did you had raw S-x with her.
VAL: it wasn’t my fault.
ME: then who’s fault?
VAL: That day when I want to sleep with her,
I look for CD where I normally kept it but found none.
I wanted to go and buy it but she declined and told me to S-x her raw.
ME: Then why didn’t you use withdrawal method?
VAL: I haven’t try that before. Igwe plea-se advice me on what to do,
I don’t want to loose Yvonne.
ME: but Val you fv¢kup oooo! You know all this street girls are looking for whom to get them pregnant and marry them.
Anyway the did has been done,
There is only three options in this case Is either you open up to Yvonne or she terminate the baby or you marry her.
** our madam called Val and told him to submit the delivery note to her office.
We pursed our discussion and concentrated on our work.
One week later,
Jummy called and told me she want to pay me a visit.
One Friday evening, I bought so many cooking items and kept in the cu-pboard.
She arrived to my house by 8pm.
I ushered her in immediately. As we entered the parlor, I moved closer to her and held her head and started k!ss!ngher.
She wanted to resist me but I knew some girls weak point when it comes to that.
I calmed her down and she got relaxed on the sofa as we cu-mddled each other.
Episode 19 🥰
We cu-mddled each other for some minutes,
I tackled her shi-t and re-moved it.
In a twi-nkle of an eyes, I got her n-ked .
I told her to str!p me too
She re-moved my singlet and threw it away.
She was removing my down wears gradually till I was fully n-ked.
I prefer ma-king love n-ked than putting on cloth.
I la-id on the ground and she la-id ont©p me.
We started with a k!ss,
Gradually my hands started moving down to her down chamber.
I started robbing her k–ttycat so ha-rd .
I pu-ll-ed down my mouth to her n!ppl!s and started manipulating it.
She was [email protected] ing with a low soft tone.
We made love till our bodies were high and
re-ady to receive each other.
As I was about to dig inside her,
She st©pped me.
“This is not the best place for a responsible man
To do this.
Take me inside the be-droom” she said.
Without hesitating, I carried her to my inner chamber and dropped her on the be-d.
Jummy was naturally beautiful,
I must confess.
I [email protected] her legs for full pene-tration.
I pushed the head of my d–k inside her,
She shook her [email protected]!st in plea-sure.
I started doing addition and subtraction of d–k.
For some minutes,
She started screaming lowly for me to st©p but it seems that
Time was my most plea-surable hour during that S-x.
Her k–ttycat was still ti-ght and that’s why I was enjoying it.
Her screaming started becoming loud and I st©pped.
During S-x,
Don’t bent on only your satisfaction but
Consider your [email protected],
That is if you want to
Have a good S-x with
Your [email protected]
She told me that she want to rest,
That I should give her a minute.
She ran inside the bathroom and [email protected]£ out immediately.
We started from where we st©pped.
She c-m first before I c-m inside her.
After the S-x, we la-id down n-ked.
“Igwe I really enjoyed this,
Hope you did?” She asked.
I smiled,
“Why not,
I enjoyed it too”
I replied.
After 5mins of resting,
We marched inside the bathroom and took our bath together.
She told me, she’s hungry and I rushed outside and bought noodles.
She prepared it and we ate together.
That night, I decided not to t©uçh her bcos too much of S-x,
Makes your [email protected] to look common.
The next day,
She mopped every where and kept my house in other.
I decided not to t©uçh her that Saturday and the next day,
We went to church.
In the evening of that same day,
She prepared to go. I thanked her for the visit.
ME: so sweetie, when next should I been expecting you?
JUMMY: I’ll go back to where am doing my NYSC.
So any time, I’ll be back
I’ll visit you.
ME: Thank you so much.
JUMMY: you’re welcome dearie.
plea-se I don’t want any girl to come close to you
Bcos if they do, one of us will go to heaven that day!
** She was smiling as she’s saying this and I laughed and as-sured her that my b©dy
Is all for her.
I moved closer to her and started k!ss!ngher.
I k!$$£d her to a point that her b©dy melt down and I carried her to the be-droom and we
Had a quic-kie.
Thereafter, I followed her out and Helped her to open the gate.
We k!$$£d before she drove off.
In the night, I called her and she told
Me she’s lying down.
We discussed a little before I hung up.
Next day, I went to work,
On getting to the office,
Val was alre-ady there in the office,
rumpled his face.
We greeted before I asked him what
The problem is. He told me it’s about the girl he got pregnant.
I told him that we’ll visit the girl if he
Knows her house so that to settle this amicably.
VAL: igwe you’re my best friend and I can’t lie to you.
To tell you the truth, the girl I got pregnant is
Our office cleaner, Clara.
ME: what!!!
Episode 20
ME: val what did you mean?
VAL: yes igwe, I got her pregnant.
ME: How did it happened?
VAL: There was one special day,
I was driving home from
I saw her standing at the road side waiting for taxi.
I st©pped and asked her to come in,
She agreed.
Along the line,
I started communicating with her, I asked her for her number and she gave me without any question.
We started chatting on phone. One Sunday afternoon,
I asked her for a [email protected]£, she agreed.
ME: where was Yvonne that Sunday,
Because I know she always visit you every Sunday?
VAL: She travelled to her village.
ME: alright,,,,,,,go ahead.
VAL: we went on a [email protected]£ that Sunday. That was where I got to know her background.
I pitied her when she told me that she lost her family in a ghastly motor accident.
After much merriment that day,
I took her
home and as usual sle-pt with her.
I had an unprotected s-x with her. After that day,
The next day, she called and told me that she’s looking for a job.
That I should help her to look for any job. That time was when our madam was still looking for a cleaner.
I asked her if she can work as a cleaner and she said yes with all pressure.
I contacted my madam and she employed her without application letter.
She’s a new worker in this our company.
She started not less than two months ago.
ME: hmm,,,,,,, but why are both of you not doing as if you know each other.
Mehn! You dey strict for where she dey.
VAL: hvge man, you wouldn’t
un-derstand. After that day,
I told her not to call me again that I has a girlfriend which am not re-ady to lose yet.
That we can be talking in the office but she refused and continued calling me on phone both in the midnight.
Anytime she called me,
She’ll be telling me that she loved me, that I can’t break her heart and go away.
I was shunning her whenever she call me and says that.
I started hating her
The time she wanted to trating me.
Igwe am totally confused.
I don’t know what to do.
ME: My guy, it’s well. Calm down, I’ll talk to her.
Lemme s£nd for her now. ** I placed a call to our receptionist to call Clara to our office.
She asked if everything is OK and
I told her nothing is wrong just that our office
Is filthy and nee-ded to be tidy up,
Hung up.
Some minute later,
Clara entered with her sweeping items.
She greeted us. **
ME: Clara plea-se, I call you here for one thing.
**i points at val** Do you know him?
CLARA: ** she looked at val and smiled** yes I knew him.
ME: who is he to you?
CLARA: sir I don’t un-derstand all this your question.
VAL: Clara just answer him.
ME: Clara tell me the truth, are you pregnant for him?
CLARA: val what’s the meaning of all this?
Igwe I so much respect you in this company.
VAL: say the truth
CLARA:Yes, am pregnant for him.
** I told them that,
Our office is not the right place for this discussion.
As we were still discussing, our office phone rang and I picked it.
” igwe come to my office right now” our madam said.
I s£nt Clara away sharp sharp.
Val and I started wondering
Why she called me.
E be like say she over heard us.
we’re in for it.
Episode 21 ❤️
When I entered,
I greeted her and she told me to sit down.
MA’AM: Igwe how’re you doing?
ME: I’m ok ma’am and you?
MA’AM: not fully ok. I really miss you more especially your t©uçh.
** I looked at her and smiled.** will you be less busy this weekend?
ME: yes ma’am.
MA’AM: I want you to come over to that same h0tel and meet me tomorrow morning.
ME: yes ma’am.
MA’AM: I hope you’ve bought another phone?
ME: yes ma’am
MA’AM: Here is my phone,,,, add your number ** she gave me her phone.
I added my number to her phone and used it to flash my phone
So that I’ll install her number too.** you can go back to your office.
** as I was about to go, she called me back** igwe you want to go without giving me a k!ss.
** I walked back to her chair where she was seated and held her head.
I placed my mouth on hers and we started k!ssing.
She was [email protected] ing inside the office.
I decided not to go further because someone
Might come to visit her.
I deviate my mouth from hers.
She called me “bad boy!”
I smiled and went back to the office.
After the day’s work,
I went home.
I was so worried that Jummy might call me
When I’ll visit
Lady Pat in the h0tel.
I think of what to do.
Some minutes later,
An idea entered my head.
I called Jummy and told her that I’ll
Be going on a business seminar tomorrow,
That she shouldn’t call because we don’t pick calls.
She concord.
We started with our normal talking.
The next day,
I tidied my room and prepared breakfast.
I decided to
call Lady Pat to confirm the time.
She told me that It’ll be in the evening time.
I la-id down to rest.
As I was resting, a voice was telling me,
“Where are you preparing to go?
When will you repent and turn to God?
Why are you relaying on a human being for help?
Do you know if this place you’re about to go will ruin your life?”
As I was about to get the question clearly well,
My eyes opened.
I started thinking about what that questions I heard mean.
I started having double mind about ,
The place am preparing to go.
After like 30mins time,
Madam called and told me to be coming that she’s there alre-ady.
I looked at the time and it’s 5pm.
” so this woman want me to spend the
Night with her right.
I started thinking again,
Whether to go or not.
I was still in my house and her call [email protected]£ in again.
I refused to pick her call.
She called again and I still refused to pick up.
“Is either I go to meet her or consider myself sacked from her company.
I [email protected]£ confused and didn’t know what to do.
To be continued

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