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My girlfriend is a ghost episode 5 & 6

👻👫[ LOVE IS REAL] ❤😘
~ NIKKI .~
“What? why are you all staring at me like that?” I asked they turn their eyes.
“I didn’t hear anything. I’m off you be-d” Roberto said and walk away.
“I don’t really think your wish is possible. can’t you think of any other wish you nee-d me to fulfill” he asked and I nodded.
“I don’t have any other wish than this one Charles, since I turned nineteen I’ve always wanted to know how it feels like having se-x” I said and they both chuckled.
“I un-derstand you Nikki but what you’re asking for is something very difficult for me to do” he said and I nodded.
“I know what I’m wishing for is something that’s ha-rd for you to do but plea-se you got to help me” I said alre-ady snubbing.
“How about I look for you other guys” he suggested.
“Can’t it be you. I mean no other person can see me except for you guys I just recently meet” I said and he nodded.
“I’ll look for a way to help you Nikki just give me time to think it throu-gh” he said and I smiled.
“Thank you” I said and hvgged him.
“Wait I didn’t say I’ll do it alre-ady” he said re-leasing me away from his b©dy.
“it’s okay, at least you said you’ll think about it” I said and he nodded forcing a smile.
” What’s your own wish Carmen? ” he asked and she sm-irked.
“I just want to get my revenge, that all I want” she said and he nodded.
Revenge? who offended you? I asked and she sm-irked.
I’ll tell you all about it so other day right now I just don’t want to think about it she said and I nodded.
“Okay then everything is settled, I’m going to be-d” he said and walk to the bathroom.
I looked at her and found her feeling sad and I decided to talk to her so she could feel a little bit better.
“Carmen it’s nice meeting you” I greeted and she smiled at me.
“For how long have you been a ghost” I asked and she nodded.
“It has just been for hours” she said and I nodded.
“So can you use your powers? “I asked and she nodded looking at her b©dy.
“What powers?” she asked.
“Don’t you know you have some special powers?” I asked and she shoke her head.
“I don’t think I do have special powers because the only thing that happen to me is that I can’t t©uçh anything” she stated.
“Well take a look at this” I said and pick up a glas-s and she looked surprise.
“Why don’t you try? ” I said and she nodded.
She tried picking up the same glas-s after I dropped it down but her hand seems to slice throu-gh the glas-s.
She looked sad after not being able to pick up the glas-s.
“It’s okay there is no nee-d to be sad. I’ll teach you everything I know about being a ghost” I said and she smiled.
“Really?” she asked and I nodded.
“Of course dear, there is no nee-d for you to thank me. I’ll start teaching you tomorrow” I said and she sm-irked.
Although she is bigger that me in age but it seems like she got a lot to learn from me. I’ve always looked forward in teaching someone my skills. Although I died even before accomplishing my goals in life.
“How come you know all about this ghost stuff?” she asked and I smiled.
“I just learn them just as you are going to learn them from me” I said and she nodded.
“Then what about Roberto?, doesn’t he also nee-d to learn them or you alre-ady taught him? “she asked and I sm-irked.
“I don’t know how he knows all the things on his own but it actually setting that not all ghost learn it.  Some can alre-ady use their powers when they become ghost” I said and she nodded.
“Thank you for telling me all this” she said and I nodded smiling.
“No problem, see you tomorrow” I said and stood up.
“Where are you going to sleep?” she asked and I chuckled.
“I’m not gonna sleep, I’ll be going out to have a look around the city, Take my time to look at the h0ttest and most Se-xy boys” I said and she nodded.
“Do you want to come with me” I asked and she nodded.
“No thank you, I’ll better stay here” she said and I sm-irked.
“Okay, you stay there, I’m leaving” I said and made my way out of the room.
If I can’t have se-x with any man then I’ll better just keep looking at their h0t and S-xy b©dy.
“Off to my favorite bar” I said and disappear.
~~Charles Brown~~
“Hmm what’s that smell?” I asked waking up from be-d.
“Nikki why must you wake him up” I heard Roberto mumbling.
“What’s going on?, who’s cooking? it’s smells so delicious” I asked finally opening my eyes clearly.
“Actually it me” Roberto said and Nikki chuckled.
“Didn’t you eat a lot last night how come you’re frying this early morning” I asked and he sm-irked.
“Where is Carmen? ” I asked after not seeing her around.
“Just go wash up yourself, she will soon be here” he said and I nodded.
“What do you mean she will soon be here?” I asked and he sm-irked.
“I gave her some work to do, you nee-d not to worry about her” Nikki said and I nodded.
“Hey man why are you so worried about her?, Let me tell you something more important” he said and I nodded.
“What is it? Tell me” I said and he smiled.
“I saw Nancy today this morning. Why didn’t you tell me she is a very good tennis pla-yer? “he asked and I nodded.
“What do you mean you saw her today, what’s the time? ” I asked and he sm-irked.
“who is this Nancy you guys are talking about? “Nikki asked and Roberto chuckled.
“It’s known of your busy” he said and she snuggled.
” it’s almost mid-day” he said and I placed my hand on my mouth.
“Oh no I’m last. why didn’t you wake me up a long time ago?” I asked and rushed into the bathroom to take my bath.
I took my bath and quic-k ran out, water sli-pping down my b©dy as I tired a towel around my [email protected]!st.
Roberto was done with what he was frying and had alre-ady started eating.
I searched into my colthcet for what to wear and I was quite in a hurry in searching for a dress.
Finally I got to pick out one of my best out fit for the day.
“Hey man check out how Nikki is staring at you” Roberto said and I turned facing Nikki.
I had even forgotten Nikki was inside the room but why is she staring at me with such a ward look.
~ Roberto .~
“Why are you staring at me?” he asked and she quic-kly turn her face.
“Nothing” she said facing the wall and Charles dressed up.
He ate a little of my breakfast and went out.
“He’s gone” I said and she turned back looking at me.
“Nikki what were you looking at? Don’t get yourself too attached to men” I said and she chuckled.
“It’s none of your business” she said and that reminded me of how I spoke to her.
“Where do you think he is going?” she asked trying to s£nd her hand into my food.
“I don’t know. I’ll follow him up and find out, let me finish having my breakfast first” I said and she nodded eating from my plate.
“I’m sorry for coming back last” Carmen apologize as she walked into the room.
“where is Charles?” she asked after not seeing him on the be-d.
“He went out” Nikki said and I looked at both of them.
“Where did he go? ‘ she asked and I sm-irked finishing my breakfast.
xl”He went out to who knows?” I said and went into the kitchen and drop the plate.
I can back into the room and they both stare at me. I adjusted my b©dy and stare at them with a terrifying look.
“Your done eating would you hurry up and go look for him” Nikki said and I chuckled.
“Go look for him?” it’s not like he went missing. you two worry a lot” I said they both moved closer to me.
“What are you doing?” I asked feeling scared as they both kept moving closer.
the next thing that happen to me was I finding myself out the house after closing my eyes at them.
“Don’t come back without Charles” Nikki yelled abd I sigh walking away.
What can she do if I don’t come back with him. beat me I asked myself.
Noo she can’t possibly try that, I’ll bring her down just with on arm.
“Where was he even hurrying to?”I asked looking around the street.
I listen quitely to the sound coming from the streets and I finally sp©tted his location.
I immediately disappear and reappear, finding myself in a tinnis field. I looked around at how the place was grouded.
I finally sp©tted him sitting and watching the game coming on.
“So this is where you were rushing to? “I asked sitting beside him and he nodded.
“What are you doing here? ” he asked with a very low turned.
“I’m here to meet you. I thought you were even late for a business appointment not knowing you [email protected]£ here to watch Nancy’s game” I said and he nodded.
“I mostly come here to cheer up for her as a fanz and also watch her every win” he said showing so much affection which made me feel like crying.
“Should I tell you something?” I asked and he nodded.
“What is it? ” he asked and I Shoke my head and place my hand on his shoulder.
“This is a one side love and I don’t like seeing you like this, don’t you think it’s time to tell her how you feel? “I asked and he nodded.
“You just say that like it’s something easy to do” he said and I sm-irked.
“Your hurting by doing this to yourself. just take a look at her, see how happy she is” I said and he smiled watching the game.
“Look she just won the game let’s go down there and congratulate her” I said and he refused but looked very happy.
“Common it’s not like I’m asking you to confuse your true feelings to her” I said and he nodded.
“Let’s go, you are just going to tell her congratulations and we will leave” I said and he nodded.
We both went there to the back of the stadium and we meet her talking with someone.
“Common man let’s go, don’t back out on me” I said and he nodded moving a little bit closer.
“No I can’t do this” he said and turn to leave.
“Charles is that you?” she asked after noticing him.
“yeah.. Hi Nancy, I just want to congratulate you on your match out there today. it’s a nice win” he said spamming on words.
“Thank you Charles. Why does it seem to me like you don’t look OK? “she asked and I notice he was shalving.
“I’m fine, there is no thing for you to worry about” he said and I looked at the both of them quietly.
“Charles tell her, you got time now just tell her” I kept saying and he nodded.
“I have something to tell you” he said and I smiled waiting to hear him say it.
“What’s it? ” she asked looking furious.
“I….. I…… I…. “he kept samping and I hit my hand with on head.
“Nancy the manager is looking for you” a lady said walking up to them.
“I’m sorry Charles. I have to leave now, when next we meet we’ll talk about what you want to tell me” she said and he nodded.
She left with the other lady and I stared at him disappointed.
“Let’s go” he said and I just looked at him like he was crazy.
“I’m not leaving with you, go on your own” I said and he moved away.
Couldn’t you at least tell her. you just kept stamping on words like a crazy dude” I said catching up with him.
“Didn’t you say you won’t follow me?” he asked and I chuckled.
“Common, can’t you i joke with you” I said and he sm-irked.
Let me tell you something, if you want to ware her down just ask for my help and I’ll help you I said and he chuckled.
“Can you st©p talking, I’m hungry” he said and I nodded.
I’m just trying to help him. Ordinary girl he can not speak too but he’s here yelling at me.
#To be continued.

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