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My fiance episode 5 to 8

My fiance 💞💞
Episode 5 ❤
Immediately I saw Clara,I [email protected]£ dumbstruck and I didn’t know what to do.If I started begging Clara,I would lose my chance of [email protected]!ngRita but on the other hand,if I didn’t say anything,my relationsh!pwith Clara is definitely over;so I quic-kly chose the former.
Me:Clara I can……..
Clara:Vince what are you doing here?
Immediately she finished talking,I got the message; Clara was drun!k.She was laughing awkwardly and her mouth smelt of alcohol.I was very sure she did not know what was going on around her anymore so I crossed the idea of begging her in the pres£nce of Rita but I still had to leave there to avoid suspicion from Rita.
Me:Hey I think we should leave.
But it was as if Clara has had everything set up because the moment I [email protected]£d Rita’s hand and turned to go,she slumped down and immediately I threw Rita’s hand down and caught Clara before she hit the ground.
Rita:Hey Vince do you know her?
Me:No but I think her face looks familiar
Rita:So what are you going to do with her?
‘I am going to throw her away;stupid question’ I thought in my mind.
Me:We could possibly look for maybe her cellphone or something we could use in identifying her.
Rita:But why do seem to be so concerned? I mean take a look at everyone,they are all having fun but here we are stressing ourselves over one ………….
Just then Rita’s phone rang and she picked it.After talking for about 5 minutes, she faced me
Rita:Vince pls I really have to go now,it is really urgent.
Me:You can take my car since you didn’t bring yours.
Rita:Then how do you get home?
Me:Don’t worry I will handle my self.
I gave her my keys then followed her outside to ensure that she has really left before coming back to attend to Clara.
* * * *
The next morning
I sat on the sofa I had sle-pt on the other night, I kept on looking at Clara waiting for her to wake up but I think due to the fact that she wasn’t the type who take alcohol, the alcohol she had taken yesterday was having its full effect on her.
I switched on my phone and the first message of the day [email protected]£ in from Rita
“Thank you for yesternight,it was nice spending my time with you.Hope to do it again soon”
I scrolled down and I saw another message from Rita
“So Vince what did you do to that drun!kwoman yesterday?”
Thank God I alre-ady thought of something like this, I quic-kly replied;
“I happened to find her driver’s number on her phone and luckily he was the one who brou-ght her to the club so the both of us just took her to the car and that was the end “.
But the truth was that I actually brou-ght her home myself.
I don’t know how long she has been awake but the moment I looked up,I saw Clara looking at me
Me:Hey you are awake
Clara:What are you doing here?
She tried to stand up but instead she just sat down back.I knew if I am unable to let her forgive me today then I don’t think I will ever get any other chance.
Me:Darling actually you happened to get drun!kat the club so I guess because of the drink,you slumped then some people called my number with your phone and I [email protected]£ to pick you up.
Clara:Why did you come to pick me up when you truly don’t care about me?
This was my chance to let her accept me into her life once more and I had to really use it.
Episode 6 ❤
“Clara pls just give me a chance to explain myself” I said as I tried to hold her hands but immediately she shrugged me off.
Clara:So what do you have to explain?
Me:Clara there is nothing between me and this girl. I simply don’t know why she is trying to be close to me
Clara:Vince enough of your lies, plea-se……….
Me:Clara I can’t believe that after all these years you can still doubt my love for you to the extent that you are now thinking that am cheating on you.Clara am…….I don’t know what to say but since you don’t want me in your life anymore, I don’t think I can f0rç£ you to love me. So Miss, I will be leaving but always remember I will have you in my heart.
I picked my wallet and phone and then turned to go.
Clara:Vince wait
I stood at the doorway waiting for her to say what she wants to say but instead she just [email protected]£, stood in front of me and hvgged me.If it was a goodbye hvg or a welcome back hvg I didn’t know,but I was still to find out.
Clara:Vince am sorry for not trusting you,I dont know what [email protected]£ over me;I guess I was just being too jealous and over-protective but plea-se don’t leave me alone.
Am I dreaming? I blinked my eyes to make sure I was not daydreaming or hearing things but I saw that it was real.My plan worked after all. I was not planning on going anywhere,I just decided to use a new trick because I knew she could not do without me .
Me:Clara are you serious?You have forgiven me?
“Yes dear am serious” She said and k!$$£d me.
Finally I got this girl back.
Clara:You are going to spend the whole weekend with me and no objection
“Yes Madam” I said and laughed at the way she had said it;boss lady.
Clara:I will s£nd someone to get you your clothes and other stuffs you will be nee-ding because you will be here with me until Monday morning.
I was going to spend the whole weekend with Clara and I won’t be able to talk to Rita during the whole period because Clara won’t accept it.
Clara:Hey Vince it’s been a long time since you went shopping with me,so what about we go shopping today?
Me:No problem but am definitely not going out in this clothes
Clara: I alre-ady s£nt my driver to get your clothes so you don’t nee-d to.
We went to the supermarket and although I normally find shopping boring,it was always fun with her.We finished shopping a little too fast so we decided to walk around before going home and after walking around a little bit, we went back to our car and as I was about to open the door, I heard someone calling my name.I turned back only to see Rita standing some feet’s from me looking stunningly beautiful.
Rita:Hey Vince what are you doing here?
Me:Actually I just [email protected]£ shopping
Clara stood there looking at us without saying anything then after about 2 minutes,the two ladies finally noticed each other or pretended to just notice each other.
Clara&Rita (At the same time):Hi
After the short greeting,the two ladies sh0t me a look which I immediately interpretated as ‘who is she?’
I knew I could not keep mute but introducing my fiance would only mean that I would loose my chance of having anything to do with Rita but I had to do it.
Me: Clara this is Rita and Rita,this is Clara my……
Episode 7 ❤
Me:Clara this is Rita and Rita this is Clara my………
I looked at Clara but instead she took her eyes off me and faced Rita.What is this girl saying?Is she still drun!k?
Clara:So Miss,I hope you are taking care of my brother
Rita: (Laughs) Your brother is the one taking care of himself, I don’t have anything to do with it.
After talking for about 30 minutes,we finally told each other goodbye before we all left for our various destinations.As we drove home,I decided to question Clara about what she did.
Me:Darling why did you introduce yourself as my sister?
Clara:Because I just felt like it.
What is wrong with this girl? Was the alcohol still worrying her? I felt like Clara had wanted to get something from introducing herself as my sister but I could not point out what it was.
The weekend was really exciting and on Monday morning,I felt like not going to work but staying here with her the whole day.During the weekend, we acted like a couple although we did not do the….the…..the hmm hmm.
Even though I did not feel like going to work at first,on getting to work,I changed my mind because I had planned to run away from work to go and meet Clara at her own workplace. I could not just walk away from this pretty damsel without flir-ting with her.Rita was clad up in a ti-ght fitting go-wn which really brou-ght out her curves, her as-s were OMG;I never knew she had something like that before, they were so tempting.Then it was as if she was also trying to make me see all this because next she turned her face to me and I could not believe it,her b©©b s were……….. I don’t know what to say;I felt like pu-lling them out of that clothes and su-cking the hell out of them.
Rita:Hey wake up
Me:Oh sorry I was just thinking of something.
But actually,I was lost in fantasy not really thinking of anything.
Rita: Vince the reason why I am here this early morning is to invite you to my birthday [email protected]
Me: Birthday [email protected]?When?
Rita:Saturday and I don’t want any excuses from you.
You can even invite your sister too.
Not only your sister,I’ll invite your mum.
Me: Okay
* * * * *
Clara sat in her office talking with her best friend Angelina, talking about everything that happened during the weekend.
Clara:By the way,I alre-ady met Rita
Angelina: Who is that?
Clara:The girl I told you about,Vince [email protected]
Angelina:Really?Where did you guys meet?
Clara:We met at the supermarket on saturday.
Angelina:And did Vince introduce you to her as his fiance?
Clara: Hmmmm actually he wanted to but before he could talk I alre-ady introduced myself to her as his sister.
Angelina:Tell me you are joking?
Clara:Am not joking
Angelina:Why would you do something like that?You should have introduced yourself as Vince’s fiance so that she can know that Vince is engaged because am 100% sure that Vince won’t have told her.
Clara: Seriously,I had something else in mind
Angelina:And what is that?
Clara:Actually I thought if I did that,she might want to flir-t with him or just do or say something to confirm my suspicions.
Angelina:So did you get anything?
Clara:No.Everything looked perfect because there was no too much of eye contact or anything
Angelina:So I guess with that you no longer doubt Vince,right?
Angelina: Whatever. Let us change the t©pic.
* * * * *
Throu-ghout the workdays,me and Rita were always around each other and even after closing, we would just walk around talking or sightseeing for about 3 hours.We [email protected]£ closer than before.
Saturday soon [email protected]£ and immediately I woke up, I took my phone,typed a ro-mantic birthday message I had copied from one app the other day and s£nt it to her.Although the [email protected] was a night [email protected],I felt it wasn’t bad if I went there in the afternoon, I knew she would be happy to see me.After doing some little stuffs at home,I sat down to eat the food I had prepared that morning when Clara’s call [email protected]£ in.OMG!!!!!
Was this girl going to st©p me from going to this [email protected]? I dropped my phone refusing to pick the call but then on a second thought,I decided to pick it because I knew if she tried my number and it was not available,she would come to my house immediately.
I picked the call and waited to hear what she had to say.
Episode 8 ❤
Clara:Hello darling,what’s up?How are you doing?
Me:Am fine and you?
Let’s hear what she has to say.
Clara:Actually Vince I just wanted to tell you that I will be travelling out of the country for some business and I will be back maybe in a week time but my flight is scheduled for 3p.m,so why don’t you [email protected]£ over to my place and keep my company or should I come over to your own place then I will leave from there?
Me: Hmm I will come over to your place.Just give me an hour.
Clara:Okay I will be expecting you.Bye.Love you
Me:Bye.Love you too.
We ended the call and as I placed my phone down on the table so as to able to continue my food,another call [email protected]£ in and it was from Rita.Immediately,I picked it up.
Rita:Hello handsome
Me:(Laughs) Hello pretty how are you doing?
Rita:Am fine and you.
Me: Same
Rita:I saw your message and the message was wow,don’t tell me you composed that by yourself?
Me: I did
Rita:Liar, I know you can’t compose something that ro-mantic.
Me:Who told you am not ro-mantic?
Rita: My instincts
Me:Well,then I think you’ve got it all wrong
Rita:Okay oh,I will accept what you say but you have to prove it to me
Me: How
Rita:You must show me how ro-mantic you can be today and anyway, thanks for the birthday wish.
Me: uwc
After talking for a little while more,we finally ended the call with her telling me to be in her house before 4pm.I rushed my food as fast as possible then went to my room to dress before proceeding to Clara’s house.
On getting to Clara’s house,she was fully dressed alre-ady and I must confess she looked stunningly beautiful.
“Hey baby thank God you [email protected]£”She said as she hvgged me ti-ghtly
Me:I actually had something to do that was why I didn’t come on time.
Clara:Okay since the time now is 1:30pm,i guess we should start going to the airport. I know you don’t want me to miss this.
We carried her bags(3 bags; just because of a week,I don’t what is wrong with girls) to my car before I drove her to the airport,we got there around 2:40 because of the heavy traffic. Then it was as if the devil was working alongside with the airlines because immediately we got there,they started telling us that due to the weather, the flight has to be delayed until the weather was good enough for the plane.I looked at my time,3:00pm,there was no way I was going to get there by 4pm and I could not even call her to lie to her.
* * * *
Rita was going to have her [email protected] in her sitting room and the sitting room was alre-ady decorated beautifully by her friend Joyce who happened to be an event manager.
Joyce:Hey girl what’s up?You seem too happy.
Rita: Am I that obvious?
Joyce:Of course.So….(wi-nks)
Rita:It’s nothing
Joyce:Hey when did you start hiding something from me?
Rita:Am not hiding anything?
Joyce:Really?Don’t worry I will catch you red-handed.
Rita looked at her watch;4:30pm,he should have been here or maybe he was busy with something but he should have called.
Rita kept on looking at her watch every minute,she tried his number but he didn’t pick up.What happened? She waited for him but still he didn’t show up and the [email protected] started without him.
* * * *
I stood in the airport waving to Clara as the aeroplane was now re-ady to take off.I looked at my wristwatch;8:30 pm. The [email protected] must have started about 30 minutes ago and Rita will be totally angry with me. God punish all these airlines.
On getting to the [email protected],I checked my time and behold the time was 11:00pm. Traffic ehn,may God help us.I looked around the room in search of Rita but she was nowhere to be found.After about 50 minutes,the [email protected] finally [email protected]£ to an end, then I saw Rita standing at a corner with a girl whose name I don’t know.
“Hello”I said waving to her and on getting to where they were, the other girl left immediately.
Me:Hey Rita am……….
Rita:Hey young man just don’t tell me anything, am not re-ady to hear anything from you.
Me:Rita pls let me explain
Rita:Okay say what you have to say and leave my pres£nce immediately you are throu-gh.
Me:Rita actually I was asked to attend a family meeting by my dad and I could not turn his request down but the truth is that I had actually left there since 3pm but due to the distance and the traffic, I could not get here on time.plea-se Rita am sorry
Rita:plea-se since you are throu-gh,you can now leave.
Me:Okay since you don’t want to see me anymore,I can’t just go back home with your birthday gift.
“Keep it for yourself” She said as she pushed it back towards me and as she was about to walk away,I [email protected]£d her hand and pu-ll-ed her towards me.
“plea-se am sorry” I said as I looked into her eyes with one of my most mesmerizing looks.I knew she was falling for it.
Rita:Don’t disappoint me again
Me:Yes madam
She collected the box and opened it only to see her favorite type of cake ‘chocolate cake’
Rita:Hmm you really know what I like but for coming late,you have to spend the whole night with me.
Rita:Do you have anything to say to that?

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