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My fiance episode 13 to 16

My fiance 💕💕
Episode 13 ❤
Clara had refused to listen to any explanation I had to give;although I knew I didn’t have a reasonable explanation to give,she called the two sides.. Our parents to a meeting.
I had wanted to leave after the failed attempts to appease her but she had instructed her security guards not to allow me out; I knew she wanted our parents to meet me here.
30 minutes later the two couples arrived and we got talking.
Clara:Our mum and dad we have something to tell you.
I could see the anxiousness on their faces;maybe they thought we wanted to tell them that we are re-ady to get married.
Clara:Vincent and I are breaking up.
The two couples sat on the chair looking like statues; am sure they were still trying to process what we meant.
Mr Michaels (Clara’s dad):You guys are joking right?
Clara:No we are not
All eyes turned to me___they wanted me to talk.
Mr Tommy(My dad):Vincent what is happening?
My mouth felt like it was sealed up but I managed to talk.
Me:She………… she………….she said she want to cancel our engagement.
Mrs Michaels: Clara is that true?
Clara:Yes but you know I won’t do something like that without a reason.
Mrs Tommy:So can you tell us what the reason is?
Clara:Vince is…………is………….just ask him to say it by himself.
Mr Tommy:Vincent can you let us know why you two are taking this decision?
I looked at my dad,I wanted to talk but how was I going to say it?
Clara:I know he wouldn’t want to say what he did because it is totally……………I don’t even know what to say.
Our parents were alre-ady impatient now and I could see it on their faces.
Mr Tommy:Why don’t you guys go straight to the point and st©p beating around the bush?
Clara:Vincent is cheating on me.
Mrs Michaels: What?
Mrs Tommy:That’s not possible.
Mr Michaels: Clara what proof do you have to support what you are saying?
Clara:Are you all doubting me?I was there when his new girlfriend called him and told him to come over that she was……………..Just forget am done.
Clara stood up and ran to her room locking the door behind her.
* * * *
24 hours later
Clara’s parents had taken it more easily than I originally thought they would because I pla-yed with their only daughter’s heart. The deal which was the main reason why we got engaged in the first place was not canceled;I guess they were alre-ady used to each other.
*1 week later*
I was in Rita’s house slee-ping on the be-d on which I had fv¢ked her few minutes ago.
Rita:Baby I want to rush down to somewhere to collect something from my friend.
Me:No problem,I will be waiting.
She k!$$£d me and left. I was left all alone at home,I didn’t feel like watching TV so I decided to rummage throu-gh the stuffs in the room.I opened her drawer which was full mainly of girls stuffs,I got tired of it and as I was about to close the drawer, my eyes caught a glimpse of something. I wanted to leave it but my mind told me to check it.I stretched my hand forward and picked it up;it was a ph0to albu-m.
Why was this one here?Rita had shown me all the albu-m in her house except this one.I opened the first page and on it was the picture of Rita and a guy in what seems like an engagement [email protected]
Could it be that……………….no way,that is not possible.I continued opening it and it was full of Rita and the guy’s picture.Maybe she had a younger brother she didn’t tell about or maybe he was her cousin or a relative of hers.
I was about to close it when I saw some pictures that really got me; it was Rita and the guy k!ss!ngand some they were in awkward positions for relatives.The last one was stunning; Rita and the guy nûd£ pics fv¢king each other.
Episode 14 ❤
This has to be a joke.This picture can’t be real;it has to be edited or could it be that she was engaged before then something happened between she and the guy.But Rita never told me she was once engaged. I looked at the picture again;the picture was a selfie and Rita had taken it herself. I picked my phone,dialed Rita’s number but she wasn’t picking up.No problem,she is coming back to explain this picture.
* * * *
Angelina:So Clara what do think about our yesterday’s discussion?
Clara:Am really not re-ady for that now
Angelina:Oh [email protected]£ on.I thought you said you have gotten over Vince,so………
Clara:St©p bringing up Vince in everything,okay?
Angelina:Hey girl,take it slowly. Nob©dy is talking about Vince here.By the way,I alre-ady told mum and dad about Sam and……………
Clara:You did what? Did I ask you to do that?I haven’t even answered him and you have alre-ady gone to tell my parents about him.
Angelina:No nee-d for you to worry,everything will be fine.
* * *
I sat down in the sitting room fuming with the picture in my hands.This bit-ch should get here on time and talk of the devil, immediately she opened the door and walked in.
“Hey baby what’s up”She said as she headed towards me but on seeing the albu-m on the table, she froze.
Am sure she knew she was in trouble if my suspicions were right.
Me:Who is the guy in the pictire?
She was silent
Me:I said who is the guy in the picture?
Rita:My fiance
Me:What are you saying?
Rita:That is my fiance
Me:You mean ur ex
Rita:No my fiance
I felt my [email protected] busting [email protected],what was she saying?How could she have a fiance and still be [email protected]!ngme?
Me:Rita what type of avsilly joke is this?.
Rita:It is not
Me:If you really have a fiance then why did you agree to [email protected]£ me?
I could not un-derstand everything happening again.
Rita:Am sorry it had to be you.
Me:What do you mean?
Rita:My fiance does not really stay in the country so I am always lonely most of the time with no one to make me feel loved [email protected] from my parents or to make me feel like a woman.I nee-ded someone who was going to make me feel loved then you [email protected]£ into my life.I have wanted to tell you long ago but I was afraid of breaking your heart.I alre-ady promised to tell you very soon but I didn’t expect you to find out this way.
This girl was drun!k;she didn’t know what she was saying.I was sure of that.But there is s-en-se in the nons-en-se she is saying.
Me: Tell me you are kidding
Rita:I wish I could .Am sorry
Me:This engagement of yours is still intact,right?
I could not believe it. Rita was merely pla-ying with me so that she could feel loved or however she put it now.
Me:Rita if you claim to really love me then break up with this fiance.
Rita: Am sorry I can’t
Me:And why is that?
Rita:Because I really love this guy.Although I love you too but the obse-ssion I have for this guy is just too much for me to control;that is why I can’t leave him.
Me:But I canceled my engagement because of you.
Rita:What?You were engaged and you didn’t tell me
Me:But at least now am no longer engaged.If what you said you feel for me is really sincere,then leave this guy and let us be together forever.
Rita:Vince am sorry I can’t.And infact we are done
Me:What do you mean?
Rita:My fiance will be coming back this week and our wedding preparation will begin and I don’t want any sort of disturbance.
This girl has really gone mad.I don’t know where the anger surged up from but the anger was really useful because
Episode 15 ❤
I didn’t even know what I was doing anymore,this past two weeks has been too dramatic for me. First it was Clara breaking up with me then thinking I still had Rita,Rita had told me she was just pla-ying with me.I was told she left coma two days ago which means she spent 5 days there; none of my business anyway.Nob©dy really knew what happened because what I kept on telling anyone who cared to was that she sli-pped and hit her head on the floor.I had personally taken her to Frank’s hospital,although he refused to accept her at first but seeing that I was the cause he had no other choice since he didn’t want to drag my name into the mud.
Frank:Vince what did you do to this girl?
Me:Erm…………. I
Frank:You beat her up,isn’t it?
Frank: Vince am a doctor and I can see that you beat her up because………..don’t worry,at least thank God you decided to bring her here, if not am sure the news would have alre-ady been out by now.
Vincent: Thank you.By the way,what of Clara?
Frank:She is doing fine and by the way,she is getting married in two weeks time.
I looked at Frank,could he be serious?Just 1 month after our breakup and she is getting married, was this guy she was about getting married to in her life before or why were they rushing the wedding?
That was about one week ago,i sat thinking about everything one after the other.But the truth is what I felt or had for Rita was that love or lvst? It was different from what I felt for Clara;anytime I saw her, I felt like having S-x with her unlike Clara.That was definitely lvst. I guess I let my b©dy win over my heart.
* * *
Fast forward
2 weeks later
Two weddings were going to take today,one was Clara’s and two was Rita and her fiance.I had even forgotten about all the wedding not until I called Frank to join me for a drink and he told he wouldn’t because he had to attend Clara’s wedding.Clara had always said she wanted a low key wedding;a church wedding and I guess that was what she got because no invitation card were printed,a lot of people were not invited maybe only family and friends.
Rita was getting married today,that bit-ch was getting married today,I must destroy this wedding.I brou-ght out my [email protected]©p,opened the file folder I had kept all the picture .Rita was in and videos and smiled wickedly.I was going to s£nd this to her fiance.We still had 5 hours before they start the wedding.It was a pity the large cake they might have baked may go to waste but none of my business.
* * *
Angelina:Hey girl dress up on time or are you not hapy?
Clara:Why won’t I be happy?
Angelina:Then dress up on time
Clara:Am doing my best. plea-se help me with the Zi-p.
Just then,Clara’s phone rang
Clara:Who is it?
Clara:Oh let me have it.Hello Frank
Frank:Hello how are you?
Clara:Am fine and you?
Frank:Same.What is taking you so long?
Clara:Taking me so long?
Frank:Yes of course. Am at your place
Clara:Thank you
Frank:What is that for?
Clara:I thought you were not going to show up.
Frank:I have no reason not to.
Clara:Okay I will down in some minutes.
15 minutes later,Angelina [email protected]£ down looking fully dressed
Mr Michaels: (pla-yfully)So miss where is the bride?
Angelina: (Smiles)She is coming.
After waiting for about 10 minutes,everyb©dy started getting impatient;they were wasting time.
Mr Michaels:Someb©dy should check what this girl is still doing
Angelina rushed upstairs, Clara was throu-gh by the time she [email protected]£ down;she had said she wanted to pray so how long was she praying for.
Angelina got upstairs but on getting there,she did not see Clara,she checked everywhere but still nothing.
Then it dawned in her,Clara was missing.
Episode 16 ❤
Clara walked as briskly as she could,she was holding the ring which Vincent had given her for their engagement.She had to give it to him…………..her phone rang;she looked at the caller__her dad,she was not picking that.The calls started coming in every second ;her parents,Frank,Angelina and other numbers but she was bent on not picking any.
* * * *
I packed the last of my clothes into my bag,Zi-pped it up and knelt down to pray;something I had just started doing of recent.I was leaving this country for real,I wanted to leave my past behind and start afresh,i have left Rita alone__i wasn’t s£nding the pictures again,I guess it was my bad luck.At least I had learnt my lesson;I was never going to [email protected] with girls anymore.I locked my door;I had left it in care of Frank to take care of it till am back.I decided to take the public bus because I felt there would be one thing or the other to watch which will keep me from thinking.I got to the bus st©p and waited for the bus that was going to take me to the airport.I waited for about 1 hour 30 minutes before one finally [email protected]£.As I was about to enter,I heard someone call my name,the voice was familiar but there was no way she could be here so I decided not to turn around.I moved forward and I heard my name again and as I turned around I saw Clara standing few meters away from me in her wedding go-wn.
“Mister man are you going or not?”The driver shouted out to me but I didn’t answer so he left.
She started walking towards me then I saw something which looked like our engagement ring with her;I guess she had come back to return it.
* * * *
Joyce: Hey baby st©p wasting time now
Rita:Let me waste it because today I must look my best.
Joyce:Okay .But let me ask you something
Rita:What is that?
Joyce:How did you manage to get rid of that guy that was………………you know
Rita:It was very simple.I told him am no longer interested that am about getting married
Joyce:And he took it calmly?
Rita:Of course, what else could he do.
Rita had hidden the fact that I beat her to coma from everyone,she also said the same thing with me;that she fell down and hit her head on something.
* * * *
Clara:Vince are you going somewhere?
She was nervous and I could see it
Me:Am traveling out of the country
Me: I just feel like I should just do so, maybe i will be able to forget the past.
Clara:And you were going to leave me behind?.
Aww 😉😉
True love ❤

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