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My crazy house help Episode 56

👰🎻My Crazy
House Help🎻👰
🎤(She defiled me)🎤
Written by Humble Smith..
Episode 56..
Xavier’s POV..
A wi-de grin covered my face as I walked into the room where Jace was, he had his eyes closed and looked more like a dead man, his face made me remember the past, that time when he was totally loyal and put all his effort in a mission, he works so ha-rd owing me his life..
How would I know it would all end up like this, why should he even take that step of betrayal, it was the worst I can bear, I hate people who break their trust for anything..
Now, he would die for this, the mystery of him still getting his memory even after I wiped it had taught me a lesson…
Ending his life and that of his parent would close up the chapter of Fred and ease my mind…
Because of him, I had continuously lose, all my men were killed, all I had acquired turned to trash…
You can’t tell how I felt when I found out it was the same Fred I saved that turned back and fought me..
He really tried in bringing me down but how can you catch the wind??
He would die for love, Sophia won’t still be his own, this is how useless love is, after the sacrifice, you won’t still live happily ever after…
I sm-irked again and walked closer…there was grimace in his face, it was out of pain…
The poison I injected causes intense pain to the organs, it causes the white blood cell to fight each other thereby causing great pain to the host..
Jace couldn’t even move a f!nger, sweat covered his whole b©dy, just for some hours, he would die…
A message had reached me that Rose complied, she really [email protected]£ alone..
How would she know that I won’t even spare Fred after that, I just used him as a bait to also end her own life…
I never thought she would really come, wow!!..this is going smooth..
The end of Fred and Rose would be a great relief for me, Bryan and the rest would be more easier to eliminate..
“Hey Fred, how are you feeling??.. Its so sweet right??…the pain is just so good huh??..” I giggled and he grunt de-eply..
“This is the pain I felt when I found out you betrayed me, my mistake made you have the chance to retaliate, you aren’t afraid anymore instead you fought like the hero…no one can save you this time…” I laughed and raised up my gaze with a full smile..
The door creaked open and Rose was dragged in unconsciously, I bur-st into laughter staring at her, she was tied to a chair like Fred…
What a win!
Bryan would be mad now, he would be shattered but what would the poor boy do??
This is his fate…
Rose can never end with him.
The earlier he accepts it, the better..
Even if never agrees, Rose dead b©dy would end it all, this second time, I won’t make any mistake, I won’t take it easy…
“Sir!!..Stallion is waiting to meet you..” One of the men said I flin-ched and glanced at Fred..
“How is he?? you find anything suspicious?” I asked and he shook his head sideways..
“He said he managed to escape and had been hiding from the mas-s, he had been able to sneak in here but is afraid to meet you because of his failure to carry out his mission” The guard explained and I breathed..
“Did he think I was angry, no!..I was concerned about him, so he is fine??..bring him to meet me after he had eaten and rest..I knew Stallion can’t be easily held down!” I smiled and they left..
“Fred…can you see how much loser you are??..even Stallion is out of your custody, enjoy the rest of the hours..when Rose wakes, she would be welcomed with the dead b©dy of who lured her here…” I sm-irked and [email protected]ñk his head before swaggering away..
I can never be a loser!!
Stallion’s POV…
I sat calmly with my heart beating fast and loud as I waited to meet Xavier..
One of the guard had went to call him to meet me, I had to be very careful, Xavier must never know I am now against him..
He mustn’t find out my intention of fighting for Bryan and his crew which we saw as our enemy back then…
I was really gonna betray him, something I never thought I would ever do in my life, since I met Xavier, I had been ever faithful, I was so loyal that he trusted me with everything..
He made me the head of his men and I had been leading them well ma-king him win all his mission except the last one that wiped them off..
All throu-gh my years with him, I had experienced the end of many of his men who rebelled or betrayed him, he had given them a painful death…
I was among those who fishes them out back them, how on earth would I know that a day like this would come…
A day when I would go against him..
A de-ep breathe escaped as I shut my eyes waiting patiently..
I had been able to help Jace get into the government house, I am sure he must have get in t©uçh with the president son…
Just as expected, the door sprang open and Xavier walked in with two guards
My heart skipped beat as I saw his face, he was all smiles and seemed to be really happy I was alive….
I took a de-ep breath saying a silent prayer, I has to act smart or my life would be taken..
Xavier isn’t someone to [email protected]
“Stallion, you really escaped!” He exclaimed happily and I fell to my knee with my head bowed..
“I deserve all the punishment for failing you, I was too careless and caused this failure!!” I breathed heavily..
He smiled and held me up,
“It isn’t your fault, I didn’t inform you of Fred at the beginnings, so…how did you escape?? was clear that you were caught by the NSA…” He asked peering into my eyes..
It was true he trusted me but he was also careful not to make mistakes again..
He can tell when I lie looking into my eyes…
A de-ep sigh escaped myl-ips as I slumped down to the couch..
“Fred took me from the agent and bound me in his [email protected] so he would threaten you!” I replied and he sm-irked..
“He must have forgot how much I was trained, he must have forgotten who I am, can the wind be caught??..I used the method you thought me to unlock the shackle around my wrist..” I explained closing my eyes like I was exhausted..
“Yeah, I had to find my day back here because I knew how important I am to you, I had to always fight alongside you till all our enemy are brou-ght down!” I said strongly ma-king him grin..
“I trust you, well…I am sorry for not coming to save you, I was being careful, nevertheless, Fred and Rose is alre-ady in my captive..” He said and I cringed with my eyes bulging out in total shock..
His word hit me like a ban-g, was he joking or what???
I stared at him and saw he wasn’t pu-lling prank,
“But…how??..I thought…” I stuttered and he laughed.
“No one can outsmart me, I trained him so I knows him well, I used his parent as bait and got him, I also used him as bait to get Rose…” He explained and laughed again…
I f0rç£d out a smile but my heart was shaking, how possible is it that Fred is caught…
This only means that he would die, Xavier had never spare a traitor..
Oh gosh!..this is bad!
“His penalty is death right?” I asked slowly and he nodded picking up the remote, he turned on the TV feeling all smiles..
“Do you think we should really kill him so fast?” I asked trying to spare him..
“No, I’m being meticulous this time, I would leave no stone unturned, I’ve alrwad injected the poison into him, he would die very soon, I nee-d to end him finally so I’d get nothing to fear!” He spoke out leaving me shuddering..
There was certainty in his voice, would I be able to convince him without suspecting me??..
Fred mustn’t die!!
What thefu-ck is this!!
“It seem you badly wants him to live..its ma-king me suspect you of some interior motive!” He growled and I breathed shutting my eyes..
“I know you’d suspect me after I had been in contact with the enemy, that’s why I don’t know how to tell you to spare his life if really you want to also kill Bryan and the others remaining..” I muttered and he sneered at me..
“What do you mean?” He asked anxiously..
“Fred wanted to sacrifice his life for them all, he knew you would kill him when you get the chance, that’s why he showed himself, killing him won’t only give George the power to be the governor, it would also b!ow off your cover!” I said slowly with a strong tone that left him confused..
“You are talking in parables!!..what do you mean!!” He asked in a loud tone..
“Fred created a device that records all his movement and stores it in his base system, even right now, his current location is saved in his system…” I lied..
“What???..where is it hidden in his b©dy??” He asked jo-lting up..
“I overheard it was hidden inside his b©dy, the device doesn’t only track him but also record voices and take capture of faces throu-gh his eyes, immediately Fred is killed, it would s£nd the data to the NSA base system, your face, your location and voice would all be s£nt…” I pressed more ha-rd ly wishing there was really something like that…
“How is that possible??” He asked thoughtfully..
“I also couldn’t believe till I heard him say his last word to Sophia throu-gh the ch!pI planted in his room the night I escaped…” I breathed..
“What did he say?”
“He had promised Sophia to protect her with even his life, he said that Xavier would be off from her life, he promised to end you with even his life..he then explained to Bryan about the device saying it would be his only option when he us finally caught by Xavier…” I explained and his face went berserk..
He must have believed, oh god, I can’t be happy more..
“He was re-ady to end me with his life just for Sophia??” He growled and i nodded..
“$h!t!!!..then, I would have to find the device in him and re-move it!” He bawled..
“Before you can get it, he would die and the information would be s£nt!” I stated and he glared at me..
“What a bad information you got!! what should I then do now!!..” He grunted angrily..
“The data would be s£nt to the server connected in Bryan’s house, he had told Bryan to s£nd it to the NSA immediately, I think we should first get Bryan and Jace first, after that, we would wipe them all off at once!” I suggested..
He grunted and turned to me..
“Do you have any suggestion on how to get thatfu-cking Bryan and Jace??” He asked furiously..
“You have to calm down or we would make a hvge mistake that would cost our lives, it is easy to get them now that we got Rose, do you think Bryan would watch and see her die without doing anything??” I asked and chuckled..
“Use her to get him!” I stated ma-king him smile..
“Oh yeah!!..that’s it!” He squeaked..
“So you have to give Fred the antidote before it’s too late!” I coaxed, he frowned and hissed..
I am sure it was too ha-rd for him but my lie got him…
“He may eacape death but pain would be in companion till I’m done with Bryan and the other!!” He gruffed and walked out while I followed..
It’s just a matter of time and he would know I lied, my life Is at risk and the only hope gotten is Kelvin, we would all perish in Xavier’s hand if he doesn’t help…
Jace’s POV..
“Are you coming with me?” He asked smiling so wi-dely like he won a great lottery..
His face was really brightened after the call and the song he listened to..
“Where are we going to?” I asked with an arched brow ma-king his smile grow wi-der..
“Finally, after many years of searching, she is found, her voice is heard again, I’m going to meet my buddy who found the voice so it can be traced, I badly nee-ds to meet her!!” He squealed standing up…
“Who actually is this person?” I asked and he handed his phone to me..
“Cli-ck on that cl!pand listen to the greatest voice in this world, she is the one I had been looking for for a long time, her voice healed my heart!” He explained in glee ma-king me chuckle..
I really wonder what voice would really be more than that of Rose, can there be someone who got voice more than Sophia and Rose??..
I fixed the ear piece and cli-cked on the cli-p..
Bryan’s voice [email protected]£ on as sonorous as always, he finished his [email protected] and the voice of Rose filled my ear and soul…
My eyes wi-de-ned, my mouth went agape, I stared at the president and he also stared at me..
A hvge smile escaped myl-ips…
“Do you know the girl who has that voice?’ He asked ma-king my smiles go dee-per..
“Sir…she sang with Bryan, how won’t I know her?? said you are looking for her??” I asked and he nodded..
“I know where you can find her!!..sir, she is the one who s£nt me here!” I squeaked happily ma-king him flin-ch..
“Really??” He exclaimed..
“She really nee-ds your help more than anything else, her life is at stake, she may die no sooner if you don’t help!” I spoke out ma-king him cringe..
“What are you saying????!!’ He shouted holding my shoulder strongly..
“Her name is Rose the best singer, you haven’t hear her voice all this while because someone threatened to kill her if she sings again, that person had made her life miserable!!!” I shouted back leaving him shaken as he re-leased his grip arching his brow..
“That person must be the same person who wiped off the video record that day…” He mused and gazed at me..
“Take me to her!!..take me to Rose, I want to see and t©uçh her, she should sing for me again!!..plea-se take me to her!” He half yelled gr-abbing my hand…
“She once sang for you??..when??..she never mentioned it for once!” I questioned as we walked throu-gh the hallway..
He paused and turned to me sharply..
“Could it be that she can’t remember me??..can it be that she has forgotten about that day she sang beside my be-d??” He asked slowly and I arched my brow..
“She can’t recall that, her memory was erased by that same person…” I said and he raised his brow.
“Huh???..this is crazy!!..who is this person???!!!” He howled and I sighed..
“I would tell you about him after you meet Rose, she would be glad to meet you..” I smiled and he breathed..
“I won’t spare this man who had reduced her life to nothing, how would he cause all this harm on a poor girl who had done a great favour to me!!” He mused clenching his fist…
I smiled inwardly, this means he would fight for us!!
“He would pay dearly for it!!” He grunted as he entered the car, his guards and driver tried esc-rting him but he dismissed them with a wave..
Kelvin’s POV..
“You said her name is Rose??” I asked with a smile as we drove to where he said I can find her…
He smiled back and nodded..
You can’t tell how my heart beat in joy right now, I feel like I was floating…
“Do you have her picture with you?” I asked anxiously leaving him giggling..
“Yeah…she is Bryan’s new girlfriend so her pics is everywhere” He replied and I glanced at him sharply at the mention of girlfriend..
“You had been Bryan’s close friend for long, how won’t you know that he loves only Sophia and no other girl, Rose can’t be his girlfriend” I defended and he sighed and shrugged without saying any other word.
Bryan shouldn’t really love her because I also has de-ep feelings for her, she had captured my heart with those voice and now we would see…
I would see how she looks, those tender palm that held me would hold me again, I can’t wait to express my feelings to her, I won’t hesitate to make her know what her voice did for me..
Oh, I can’t just st©p smiling..
“Check her pics while I take over the driving…” He said and handed his phone to me..
I screeched the car to halt and took the phone before moving to the other seat..
He took over the steering and I cli-cked on the galleries..
“Woah!!!” I [email protected] seeing her face for the first time..
She looked perfect, her smiles getting over my head, there are pics of her on stage with Bryan and I swear she looked like a star, herl-ips were damn gloss and inviting..
I couldn’t help but drool over her, her Innocent face made it all great…
I shut my eyes in de-ep happiness, I would surely marry her!!
Slowly, I kept swiping till it got to a [email protected] that left me vexed..
She was being held on the [email protected]!st by Bryan..
I swiped again and they were hvgging,
I grunted and swiped again, this time they were in a h0t k!sswith their eyes closed..
I made a de-ep sigh and dropped the phone, could it be true that she is Bryan new girlfriend..
Oh no!! shouldn’t!
Finally, we reached and he swerved into the large mansion owned by Bryan.
Is she living here??
He parked the car and we stepped out only to see Bryan sitting there on the floor in tears…
He was stiffed and was clearly shattered emotionally..
We both stared in shock, he didn’t even notice our pres£nce as he was undoubtedly lost in thought and grief..
“Bryan!!” He called and Bryan raised his head slowly staring at Jace with those eyes filled with pain..
He moved his gaze to me and quic-kly stood up..
“Kelvin you are here!” he mumbled drying his eyes which was we-t and bloodsh0t…
“What happened Bryan??..where is Rose?” Jace asked and he sniffed.
“It has been some hours since she was taken by Xavier, I don’t know if she is still alive!!..Fred has also been taken away, if they are alive, I can’t you think Xavier would still keep them till now??” He whimpered and my heart skipped beat…
“Do you mean that Xavier the terrorist took Rose away???” I ch!pped in with my eyes wi-de-ned and they both turned to me and knelt down with their head bowed..
“Xavier could have been killed by us but he managed to survive because the governor helped him, I don’t know why??..we are helpless now, we can’t fight him, plea-se help us sir!!!” Bryan was the one begging now..
“He took Rose for what reason?” I asked..
“I told you of a man who threatened to kill her if she sings, I told you of the man who erased her memory…that man is Xavier sir, now that she has sang and he has abduct her, if we waste time, she would be killed.”..” Jace explained and I cringed with my brow raised…
I clenched my fist in anger,
“The governor is working with him too?” I asked with a de-ep breath..
“Yes sir, we can’t fight the governor, only you can, plea-se save Rose for me…” Bryan begged with tears rolling down his cheeks…
I stated at him intently and saw how shattered he is…
Could it be that Rose is his girlfriend??
Let it not be!!
“I’ll save Rose because I want to do it, if one of her hair is t©uçhed, I won’t forgive myself and as for Xavier??…his dead b©dy would be fed to the birds!!!” I growled and picked up my phone..
Only one thing would save the governor…if it isn’t true that he us working for the terrorist…
I won’t spare him if he is alongside Xavier..
How didn’t I knew that the devil all this while was Xavier, who knows what Rose had pas-sed throu-gh from him??
I quic-kly called the SWAT team…
They quic-kly replied with attention…
“Gather all your best agent, you heard that Xavier had been most wanted right??..I’ve found his location and wants to hand the case to you because he abducted my girlfriend, no matter what, he must be suffer for tou-ching her!!” I growled…
“Where is he??” They asked..
“He is currently at the governor’s house, it is surprising how evil hide in disguise, get the governor and Xavier arrested if they work in pair!!..I would also be there now!” I concluded and hung the call before staring back to Bryan…
“You got to [email protected] your self up, we are going to end it once and for all, Xavier had chew more than he can swallow….” I gruffed and he stood up quic-kly…
“Are we going to re-lease her now??” He asked anxiously re-ady to rush to the car…
“Hey, go back and take your bath, calm your nerves, she would never be hurt, I still nee-d her in my life, those voice still lingers…” I smiled and walked few metres away…
“You have net her before?” Bryan asked, I nodded and walked in with them.
“If you save her, I would be forever grateful!” He chirped in glee with his eyes glistening..
“Is she your girlfriend??” I asked and he smiled wi-dely..
“She is more than a girlfriend to me, I love her with my life, if she dies, I would also die because life would be blank without her!” He mumbled with a slow but strong tone..
I arched my brow and shrugged,
I don’t know what to think now, all I know and want is to meet Rose, I may be the one she really loves, that must be why she sang for me beside the sickbe-d..
Just then, my phone rang, I glanced at it and it was my dad..
“Hello!” I muttered slumping on the couch..
“Where are you??!!..the guard said you left alone with only one security man, where are you!!!” He yelled..
“Calm down man, I’ve found her!!” I chirped..
“Who???..the great voice??” He asked..
“Yes!” I replied and he squealed..
“Wow!!!..bring her here at once, I nee-d to see your savour and lover!!” He squeaked..
“There is a little problem!” I sighed..
“Really, what is it??” He asked anxiously..
“That deadly terrorist Xavier abducted her, he wants to kill her for singing, he was the same man who erased her memory and wiped off the video record of that day so I won’t meet her again..” I explained he [email protected] In shock…
“What thefu-ck!!!!” He gruffed angrily..
“Do you know where he is???” He added..
“You won’t believe it was the governor who aided his escape from the NSA, he is living secretly with him now!” I explained and his growl went dee-per..
“Oh gosh!! Jaden is this evil??..I’m s£nding the SWAT there now!”
“I have alre-ady done that!!..” I said and he sighed..
He hung the call and I turned around to see Bryan alre-ady dressed, Sophia was also there now..
“When did you [email protected]£?” I asked her and she smiled..
“Immediately Jace told me that our saviour is here..” She replied with a little bow..
“Is Fred your b©yfri£nd?” I asked and she nodded vigorously..
“fine..” I mumbled and stepped out whole they followed…
Xavier’s POV…
I sm-irked seeing both Fred and Rose cry and [email protected] pain as my men lashed them ha-rd ly….
“Rose the great singer, I warned you but you thought you would escape this, I will surely kill you slowly…” I croak and brou-ght out the h0t iron from the h0t furnace…
She screamed and struggled to escape but how would she, her whole b©dy is bound and the room is soundproofed…
Nob©dy can save her from me..
She begged and cried but it was all a mere fun for me…
“ba-re her back!” I ordered and they did it..
I placed the iron on her back leading to a very loud and intense shrill from her…
She shook and quivered in excruciating pain, her skin melted off ma-king blood drip..
She won’t st©p crying in the pain,
I turned to Fred and did the same to him in both his back and [email protected]
He grunted and even cried too, the pain bur-sted him up..
I kept laughing at them,
Just then, a nice thought flashed throu-gh my mind…
Rose should be [email protected]£d, it will be recorded and posted all throu-gh the internet, this would reduce her to nothing…
I would also use this method to test Stallion loyalty which I slightly doubt..
He would be the one to [email protected]£ her, if he disagree then I’ll know he [email protected]£ to rebel…if he does it, then I won’t have any reason to doubt him…
“You may be a v!rg!nnow right?” I sm-irked and li-cked myl-ips staring between her [email protected] and sumptuous b00bs..
She whimpered and sobbe-d more bitterly..
“Stallion!!!” I called and he rushed in, I could see the shock in his face when he saw Rose and Fred condition..
“You know I has a little doubt of you, do this one thing and I would believe your loyalty…” I sm-irked.
“What is it??” He breathed.
[email protected]£ Rose right here in front of me!” I ordered and he cringed in total shock moving back..
“You can’t??” I asked and he blinked his eyes shivering as he stared from Jace to Rose..
“Wow!! all your words had been lies!!!!!” I howled in anger..
He was still dumb and couldn’t say anything…
“Fine, I will then kill them with you right here and now!!” I huffed and brou-ght my pistol…
I pointed it to Rose first and fired a bullet but it couldn’t get to her…
Stallion had shielded it with his b©dy swiftly…
“You are even re-ady to die for her??.. Its worthless because you would still die with her!!!” I growled and fired again..
He raised himself and took the bullet which went into his skull…
Rose kept screaming in horror as his b©dy fell with a loud thud..
“Tell Jenny that I love her so well, I paid for my sins with my life!!!” He said with his last breath and died…
I turned to Rose and sm-irked..
“You keep getting a saviour, but now, they are all gone..die in peace!!” I muttered and c0cked the gun…
Just then, the door sprang open and the governor ran in [email protected] so heavily…
“Clear everything here!!!!!!!” He shouted leaving me confused..
“What do you mean??” I asked..
“Get the hell outta here, take this dead b©dy and these people out of here in a minute, the almighty SWAT is coming here!!!!” He announced and my heart skipped beat..
“What are you saying, its only the president that can…!!!” I huffed..
‘The president is coming with them to save her!!” He screamed and I felt like fainting..
What I dressed so much has finally happened..
“Can’t your men hold them?” I asked and he [email protected] me ha-rd ly..
“Leave here!!!” He yelled and I [email protected]£ confused..
“How can I leave??”
“The whole building had been surrounded, gently come out and surrender, Xavier!!!” I heard a voice from a mega phone which reverberated throu-gh the whole building…
I shut my eyes and saw the real end at hand..
This is my end for real…I can never escape the SWAT team, even the governor is finished..
I turned to Rose and pointed the gun to her…
“We would end together!!” I gruffed and fired a quic-k sh0t to her but to my dismay someone dashed into the room and jumped in between saving her from the bullet..
My eyes wi-de-ned as I saw who did that…
It was Sophia…
To be continued…..

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