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My crazy house help Episode 53

👰🎻My Crazy
House Help🎻👰
🎤(She defiled me)🎤
Episode 53
Xavier’s POV..
“Boss, I don’t think its safe to pu-ll any stunt now, it would be almost impossible to leave here talk more of fighting them!” Stallion stated with fear on his face..
“You would never un-derstand, I can’t sit here and watch her sing freely, do you know what she would become if eventually he hears her voice??” I sighed recalling the past..
“Who??” He asked and I shut my eyes with a de-ep breath..
Rose voice is one of the best ever heard, no one actually knew why I did everything possible to retrain her from singing…
I can’t even tell anyone till she dies, her memory was erased so she can’t recall what her voice did to him, she sang for him on the sick be-d and got him healed in the soul, her voice had sunk into his heart and gave him total serenity..
Rose wasn’t aware of who he is or what her voice did, she just left after that day, he woke up and was well again…
From then, he did everything to look for her but I was quic-k to erase the [email protected]£ra records..
If he should meet her, then I’m gone, the governor won’t even be able to save me..
It has been some years ago but I knew that her voice can make him recognize her, that was why I vowed not to let her sing..
I wiped her memory and put her mother into threat..
It was killing two birds with one stone as I also doesn’t want her be with Bryan who I wanted for Sophia my foster daughter…
My plans had always been accurate, I had succeeded in hiding her away from him..
He is the president only son..
I am fully aware of my fate if he finds Rose the girl who sang and healed him from his mental problem…
He would kill me after finding out all I did to her..
Right now, after all these years, Rose sings again!!
She has sang and Stallion still advises me to sit here and watch…
If Kelvin hear her voice and recognize it to be the one that healed him, he would find her at all cost..
That would only mean that he would be fighting me, the president won’t spare me if he hears that I hurt Rose and made her nothing..
I just nee-d to find a way and kill that b**h before she gains extra power that would subject me un-der her…
“Xavier it would be risky! are injured and has less do you intend to fight now..?” He asked and I sighed.
“The governor would help me with some men..” I replied..
“And what made you think I would???” We heard the governor ch!pin as he walked into the room..
“What???..are you joking?” I raised my brow..
“Stallion is right!..we shouldn’t act rashly, right now, the ground is h0t for you…I won’t want anyone find out I save you so I won’t be doomed!!” He stated ma-king me feel like strangling him..
Why is he being an annoying sissy!!!
“Are you this fretful!” I growled ma-king him chuckle.
“You can risk yourself and everything you got just to kill her but…you won’t drag me with you!!..out there in the state and in everyone’s mind,you are a bloody killer, a terrorist, a devil!!!..they are searching for you?? on earth would you fight now??” He half yelled.
“I can’t loss, I can’t loss all I suffered for, I won’t drag you along, I just nee-d your men…” I snapped.
“With my men, I would be involved, anyone who attacks Rose at this moment would be linked to you, if my men are caught, every one would suspect me and must run a thorou-gh search on me, they would find you!!..then..I’m finished!!” He shrugged and left..
“Stallion, we nee-d to kill Rose or else, very soon, her voice would gain great power and authority which we can’t counter!” I growled clenching my fist in anger..
“Cut the cra-p!!” I hushed ma-king him flin-ch as he bowed a little..
“Are you still on my side?..or would you leave me now that I am quite weak??” I asked peering at him..
He shook his head vigorously and bowed again..
“Your wish is my command!!..I’m re-ady to do anything you order..I’m sorry for being impulsive!” He pleaded ma-king me nod..
“Bryan and the others doesn’t know I am here, they don’t even know you are alive, the cops aren’t looking for you, so…you would be the one to abduct Rose here while I do the killing myself.. I would give you an order tomorrow..get re-ady!” I bellowed and he bowed..
“Yes boss..” He replied sharply ma-king me smile..
I would make sure he never regret this decision of staying by me, after Rose is dead and I becomes the governor, he would surely enjoy life to the fullest…
I must take Rose life quic-kly once and for all, her mother would also be included so everything about her would be forgotten forever!!

Stallion would attack Rose and Bryan on their way to school with some thvgs, it would be unexpected because they aren’t aware of the attack from..
They won’t expect an attack now that I should be on run, that would be my advantage to take the life of Rose before the president son locates her…
After Rose is dead, I would then wipe up the rest with the help of the governor..
No one can ever st©p me!!!…not even Fred this time!
Rose’s POV..
It was evening, Bryan and i drove home after meeting his manager..
It is just some days later and I would be performing on stages, I would be made the female lead in Bryan’s almighty band..
I can’t believe he even named it R&B band
My face was all smiles as I saw it clearly how my dreams come true..
Just today, I had sang in public for the first time..
It was a great moment, I felt all alone in a planet with Bryan alone..
I was quite surprise at how the crowd reacted, they must have been too shock to hear such from a commoner..
I glanced at Bryan and li-cked myl-ips seeing his cute baby face which was just too handsome..
He was facing front as he drive giving me the chance to admire half of his face..
Like seriously, this man here is my b©yfri£nd??
Gosh!!.my cheeks is burning!!
“Have you checked how many views that song we sang had?” He asked with a cheesy smile without glancing at me..
“No, do I nee-d to do that?? was just a performance in school..” I muttered..
“Any song with your voice isn’t just a mere performance, check it out in the school website or YouTube channel..” He smiled and I picked my phone..
I quic-kly checked with no enthusiasm, what so I even expect, no one had known me, it’s my first song..
“What!!!!!!” I screamed with my phone falling off my grip..
Bryan quic-kly screeched the car to a halt as I made the scream..
“Are you alright??” He asked with care but I was too shock to make a sound..
He picked up the phone and smiled seeing what was there..
“7.6 million views in 15 hours????” I exclaimed staring at him..
“It would get to billion view in a day, that’s how great your voice is..” He muttered and I shut my eyes in happiness,
If all those people watched my performance, then I must have been popular..
“The school had paid you for the performance, have you checked your account balance?” He asked..
“I didn’t give them my account detail..” I shrugged..
“I did..they have paid..and, you should open up a new social handles, many company are wanting to reach out to you…” He said and I breathed before taking my phone..
I rechecked the view and it was alre-ady 7.9 million alre-ady.
Oh God!!.. I’m getting out of breath..
I checked my account balance and was confused with the figures I saw..
“Is there something wrong with my bank account??” I mused arching my brow..
“Can I see?” He beckoned and I handed it to him..
“I can see 1 million dollar here, what is wrong with it?” He asked with a lopsided smile..
“Who has that money?” I asked slowly..
“That’s the money paid by the school to you for that performance you made..” He stated leaving me more confused…
Why was I given such an amount??..
I thought it was just a common show..
“Bryan…” I breathed feeling overjoyed..
“Rose..don’t un-derestimate your self, you are more unique than that amount, when we form the band, you’d get more than that..” He smiled ma-king me hvg him ti-ghtly..
“Thank you so much for coming into my life…I would have been nothing without you…” I breathed feeling on t©p of the world..
“You deserved it the moment you stole my heart..” He sm-irked.
“Fine, let’s go home, I would do the cooking for you, I have a special meal for you!” I chirped..
“You are not going into the kitchen…my gold won’t t©uçh anything!” He said ma-king me laugh as we drove off..
I kept jumping and sit dancing to the music he put on..
“That dance made me remember when you rocked me!” Bryan tea-sed and I knocked his head pla-yfully..
“…silly boy!!..who rocked you?? was my spirit!” I laughed and he joined me..
We got home and he quic-kly stepped to open the door for me..
“Can’t I open the door??” I smiled..
“You can’ shouldn’t, no matter how little, I won’t allow you stress yourself!” He win-ked ma-king me blush..
“Fine, so I should start becoming lazy..okay, I can no longer walk legs are heavy!” I whined and he rolled his eyes pla-yfully walking away..
“Bryan!!!!” I screamed running after him..
“When did it [email protected]£ light??..” He chuckled.
“You are wicked, so you can’t carry me in your arm..” I said pouting myl-ips..
“I don’t want to have a fractured back, you aren’t aware of how heavy you had become this days..” He deadpanned ma-king me punch his shoulder…
“Are you saying I am……”
My words hitched as he suddenly turned and [email protected]£d my [email protected]!st drawing me closer to him, ourl-ips were just one inch [email protected]
His eyes peered into mine s£nding shrill throu-gh me, thosel-ips were even too inviting..
“Rose…” He called with a de-ep breath..
I could only blink my eyes as I felt my legs melt un-der me, his strong cologne saturated the air..
“Do you know how much I love you??” He asked ma-king smile f0rç£ itself out from my face..
“If you would ever be harmed plea-se let me bear the pains, let me take the hurt, any suffering should land on me and not you, plea-se take a great care of yourself..” He muttered un-der his breath, his eyes were fill with pas-sion…
“Don’t mention, you also should not allow yourself to be hurt or harmed by anyb©dy or I won’t forgive you…take care of yourself too..” I smiled and he held my chin..
“Let’s meet my father and your mother later, he may have something to say about the governor..” He said and pe-cked myl-ips ma-king me grin..
Kelvin’s POV..
“Dad, so she can never be found again?” I asked in exasperation slumping on the couch..
It has been many years, she hadn’t sang again, her voice has not been heard anywhere..
“She doesn’t exist, or she has died because I have done everything possible to find her…but I can’t..find it..” He replied sipping wine..
“Dad, I can never rest till I find her, I regret being in coma then, I couldn’t even open my eyes or move a muscle, all I could do was listen to her emotional song..” I mused with my eyes closed as I recalled the scene..
That day in the hospital, I had been in coma after my mother’s death added to my girlfriend jilting me..
It was done on the same day, the latter [email protected]£ first then the former..
I suffered great heartbreak and lose consciousness..
My heart was filled with rage and pain…
I couldn’t wake from the coma because of the burden in my heart, because I had great emotional pain…
According to the doctor, I would die in the fourth day if I don’t get rid of the rage and de-ep pain straining my heart causing very low blood flow…
It was on the last day, she appeared beside my be-d, I couldn’t see her but could feel her pres£nce..
The doctors and my father had did everything possible to re-lease the emotional pain and rage but couldn’t, it was like all hope was lost till she sneaked in…
In a low but sweet voice, she had sang for me, a song of love, a song of being special, a song that pacify the soul…
She was very good at it that I smiled inwardly….
After all these days of not being happy a bit, I felt a glimmer of happiness flow throu-gh me…
I had tried to talk, I had tried to open my eyes, I had tried to hold her back but none of these was possible, I just [email protected] while she sang and left.
Her voice was evergreen in my memory..
After I woke up, I vowed to find her throu-gh the voice but it turned from being ha-rd to impossible…
Could she be a spirit??
Hell no, because I felt her t©uçh, I felt her emotions, it was like she was also in heartbreak some how….
Oh gosh!!
I’m getting crazy now!!
“Kelvin, I also wish to find her, she really did a great thing in our life, when I finds her, I must treat her well..” He smiled.
“Dad, keep on searching for any girl with great voice, is it only Sophia you knew with sweet voice?” I asked with a frown..
“Yes, she is ranked first in Korea, I had even searched throu-gh other country, you also rejected their voice..” He shrugged..
“I can never be mistaken with what I heard, Sophia’s voice isn’t anyway than hers, I just wonder why on earth would she not come out in public and sing with those angelic voice!!
At times, I do guess she is strange..
The [email protected]£ras in the hospital had the record of her that day erased from the memory..
Who would do it??
Can it be her or someone else??
I won’t spare anyone who would have done it, she sounded weak and fragile, there is no way she would tamper with the [email protected]£ra system…
Could it be this same person that st©pped her from singing so I won’t locate her???
Oh, what a poor girl..
When can I see you and hear those voice again???
“Kelvin!” My father called abruptly..
I turned to him and he smiled walking closer…
“Celine is coming over” he announced..
“Jaden’s daughter??” I asked with my eyes wi-de-ned..
“Yes, her father invited her just for you..he want you two to meet and spend time again after so many years!” He said and myl-ips curved into smiles..
Celine is the daughter of Jaden the governor of Busan state..she is just so beautiful and charming that I couldn’t help falling for her…
We were quite a cat and dog when we were little, I won’t st©p pestering her at school.
It had been that way till she left for America, I grew lonely and gloomy suddenly wanting to see her badly but she was too busy to accept all the invite from me…
She doesn’t even seem to have anything for me..
I had moved on and found another girl I loved but she dumped me so painfully, my mother also died leaving me emotion shattered…
That was why I fell into coma…
“Dad, did she visited me at my coma state?” I asked and he shook his head negatively.
“Did she called??” I asked with my eyes glistening and he nodded..
“She called her father and asked of you just once..” He replied ma-king me sigh..
“She may not even like me that much..I just sees her like a sister but she forgets me easily…” I mused walking to my room..
“Do you love her?” My dad asked pausing my step..
“I don’t love her, I love the girl who sang for me, but..I just wants her to value me a bit by visiting to know my current state..” I muttered before climbing up the staircase..
A little smile escaped myl-ips remembering that I would be meeting her next week..
I wonder how beautiful and matured she would look now..
Fred’s POV..
I was about to take my bath when the alarm beeped from my system..
I rushed out immediately..
My eyes wi-de-ned as I saw someone sneak into Xavier’s base
He was good at hiding his face from the CCTV [email protected]£ras on the street…
If I hadn’t connect my system to the base server, I won’t have seen him now…
I watched as he gathered different guns and ammunition,
He turned and I saw his face, it was Stallion,
So my hypothesis was accurate, Xavier was attacking immediately out of the hatred, he won’t even wait because she sang…
He must have thought no one knew of Stallion..
I quic-kly put a call to the head of the NSA..
“Sir, one of Xavier’s men found around the town, I would s£nd his location and picture to you now, plea-se s£nd men to hunt him down…” I said immediately..
“Alright, it would done quic-kly…” He replied and hung the call..
I checked his location and he was still at the base gathering, the agent would wait for him outside a few metre away..
I s£nt the details immediately..
Stallion’s POV..
I was done alre-ady and was about leaving when a call from Xavier [email protected]£ in..
“Stallion why did you went to that base???” He blared with fright..
“Sir we nee-ded the guns and mask!” I replied confusedly..
“Don’t you remember Fred??..he is alive and working for Bryan .he knows of that place, do you think he would leave it free after I left??” He yelled ma-king my heart skip beat..
I had forgotten of Fred seriously, no one told me he was alive and working with Bryan,
“I thought you erase his memory??” I asked
“I was shocked too, everything is still intact!!..just leave there now if you are still safe!!” He growled..
“I don’t even think he did anything here, its still the way it is..” I said.
“Are you sure?” He asked.
“Yes, he doesn’t even know I’m alive and I hide off from the street [email protected]£ras..” I explained and he sighed in relief..
“Leave there quic-kly and safety, don’t risk yourself!” He muttered in a calm tone..
“Okay…” I hung the call and smiled seeing the guns I took, taking Rose won’t be anyway ha-rd ..
I ran out after slinging the bag on my back..
I got to the car and dropped the bag at the back seat before opening the front door to dash in….
Just then, three men on black walked to me out of nowhere..
“You are Stallion right??” One of them asked and I arched my brow..
“You met the wrong person!!” I gruffed and they checked a device before turning back to me..
“You are un-der arrest!” One of them said leaving me too confused.
“What did I….”
I couldn’t finish when a b!ow landed on my face,
I growled in anger and charged to him but couldn’t t©uçh him before a bullet went into my left arm..
I skrie-ked in pain and before I could see it, a heavy metal knocked me out…
To be continued..

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