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My crazy house help Episode 52

👰🎻My Crazy
House Help🎻👰
🎤(She defiled me)🎤
Episode 52..
Rose’s POV..
After some minute of walk, we got to the backstage, there were group of women waiting for me…
Jace was also there..
We got in and the women bowed to us..
“What are they waiting for?” I asked Bryan who smiled and re-leased my hand..
“They are here to primp you, you wouldn’t be wearing your school uniform to perform on stage, give them the permission to make you up…” He said and o arched my brow staring at him..
“Isn’t this just a school show??..why the dress up?” I asked timidly ma-king him chuckle.
“No singer sings with those school go-wn..can you go follow them now??..the student would be waiting now..” He coaxed and I nodded with a smile..
He pe-cked my forehead and whispered a ‘I love you’ before leaving to another room…
Not long after, the girls were done and I finally looked up to the mirror…
“What???..” I [email protected] as I saw my reflection..
I saw my face and the gold chain around my n£¢k, the diamond hair pin on my hair…
I swear, I found it ha-rd to recognize I was Rose…
My face looked exceedingly beautiful and charming..
The ladies did well in applying all the makeup lightly, they even painted my nails….
I stood up admiring myself..
“Ma’ are wearing this..” One of them said and handed a white crop t©p and jacket to me..
I wore it with the black baggy trou-ser ma-king me look so h0t..
“Its time, Bryan is waiting for you…” Another added ma-king smile escape myl-ips as I walked out after wearing the light boots..
I was all white looking more like and angel, the golds on my f!ngersand n£¢k are surely worth billion as it sparkle…
Bryan must have planned this all throu-gh..
I got out of the room and got transfixed with who I saw…
Bryan was standing right in from of me looking so charming and h0t with his white attire like mine, he was wearing a white tan t©p, a jacket and a baggy trou-ser too, his white canvas was pure without a stain…
I looked up to his face and found my mouth agape, words can’t explain how cute and S-xy he looked…
Just now, I can see his real cuteness, I may not have seen it all this while, I didn’t even know when spittle fell out of myl-ips as I drool..
Bryan is really a Greek god, so perfect!!!
“Rose is this you??” He mumbled staring at me in dazzle just like me..
“Bryan, do I really worth coming closer to you?? are too cute!!” I squeaked as his unique eyes fell de-eply into mine…
He smiled and my heart skipped beat, slowly he walked closer ma-king my heart beat increase…
I could see the stone gold ring on his f!nger, I could see the sect tattoo of a Rose flower on his n£¢k, it made him look more S-xy….
He took my palm and I swallowed ha-rd fluttering my eyes..
“Would you still go with me?” He asked slowly..
“All the girls out there would sure faint in emotion, years past, I was one of them, gushing over you, drooling and fainting whenever I saw your image and face on TV, isn’t this like a dream that I am now going to the stage with you, the most cutest man created!” I [email protected] with my eyes closed…
” you are worth it…and, have I told you how you look??..I swear, even till now, I feels like I’m with an angel, Rose the men would gush and faint too!” He squealed and I giggled,
He drew me closer by the [email protected]!st and blew a k!ssto my n£¢k up to my ear s£nding shrill over me..
“They are waiting, let’s show them what you got..Sophia can’t wait too!” He whispered and I quic-kly hvgged him ti-ghtly..
“Thanks for ma-king my dreams come true!!..I would keep loving you till death!!!” I screamed and he laughed ma-king me laugh too..
He [email protected]£d my hand and we both headed to the stage..
Getting nearer, I could alre-ady hear the sound of musical instrument pla-ying on the background..
“We are singing ‘breathless’ today..” He said with a cool smile..
I grinned and presses his palm softly, words isn’t enough to explain how I feel right now at this moment..
I couldn’t help glancing at Bryan continuously so I would be sure he is truly the one beside me…
Flashes of the past when I drool and crush over his picture [email protected]£ flowing..
Who knows I would get him at last..
Finally, we got nearer and the background music went low..
I couldn’t watch the stage and crowd of people from a TV set hung on the wall, it was all the student really…
“Bryan is here with his new love!!!!!!” The organizer announced into a mic leading to a loud uproar…
The whole place went dark with dazzling lights rolling over…
Different cloud rays filled the stage brightening it up as we stepped in…
The lights went on and everyone got crazy seeing us, the noise was so loud, I could see from the crowd women who were gushing and waving their hand as they screamed to the t©p of their voices…
They all kept snapping and screaming our names..
I couldn’t help my grin, I couldn’t help my joy, I looked up to the crowd again and saw the men staring emotionally at me, they would keep wi-nking and screaming my name…
I glanced at Bryan and he also glanced at me leading to a wi-de smile..
He walked to the mic stand while I headed to mine…
Everywhere went calm…
I could see the looks on their face…
It was the ‘can she really sing’ type..
There was anxiousness on their expression especially Sophia who couldn’t believe there was anyone as good as her…
Slowly, the musical instrument began, it filled my ear and s£nt emotions down to my whole b©dy..
Bryan began with those voice that struck the heart de-eply, his eyes were closed as he sang s£nding everyone into a dazzled moment…
🎶 If our love was a fairy tale
I would charge in and rescue you..
🎶On a yacht, baby, we would sail
To an island where we’d say I do…
🎶And if we had babies they would look like you
It’d be so beautiful if that [email protected]£ true.
🎶You don’t even know how very special you are..
We both sang the chorus and everyone kept moping at me, they could hear my voice in the chorus but wouldn’t believe I was the one who got that..
🎶You leave me breathless
You’re everything good in my life.
🎶You leave me breathless
I still can’t believe that you’re mine..
We finished the chorus and it was my turn to sing the next verse…
Everyone was waiting, they were so re-ady to hear my voice alone…
I closed my eyes slowly and the thoughts of the past with Bryan [email protected]£ flowing, those moment made me emotional..
I held the mic and began slowly..
🎶You just walked out of one of my dreams
So beautiful, you’re leaving me breathless….
“What was that?????” The organizer screamed unconsciously..
Everyone stood up immediately..
🎶And if our love was a story book..
We would meet on the very first page..
🎶The last chapter would be about
How I’m thankful for the life we’ve made…
🎶And if……
I couldn’t go on as everywhere went crazy instantly…
“Is that a voice of a human or an angel???!!” The instructor exclaimed in shock throu-gh the mic..
Everyone screamed and skrie-ked [email protected] and ma-king a loud WOW!..
Sophia’s POV..
My eyes fluttered as my phone fell off my grip..
My ear couldn’t believe what it heard, I myself couldn’t believe it wasn’t an illusion..
Bryan had just finished singing the first [email protected] and Rose joined in the chorus…
Right now, she sang the second verse and I still can’t believe she was the one who sang it even when I was watching carefully….
Her voice was the best thing I had ever heard and I wasn’t surprise to see the spark from the crowd..
Who wouldn’t get mad at what I just heard, this was her voice and no one ever knew..
She was singing it without stress just her eyes closed..
I couldn’t help myself again, I jumped with a scream [email protected] with the crowd, Fred had alre-ady went giddy too…
Rose looked so great as she sang, her voice filled the hall ma-king it look like a heaven..
It shouldn’t be compared with mine, she just shouldn’t!!!
I admit defeat, I admit that I am a learner, the way her voice sinks into the heart could make you cry, it could make you fall in love, it could make you go crazy!!!
🎶And if we had babies they would have your eyes..
🎶I would fall dee-per watching you give life
You don’t even know how very special you are…
She concluded and they sang the chorus…
This was the best song ever made, it was too sweet that I found myself drowning into it…
Fred held my palm softly as he also got the melody de-ep within..
Bryan left the mic stand and walked over to Rose who also turned to him…
The wireless mic were alre-ady fix to their mouth..
Everyone watched including me..
I wonder what they want to do…
Bryan had his eyes de-ep into her eyes, the musical instrument was ma-king the place so ro-mantic…
He held her cheeks softly and sang..
🎶You just walked out of one of my dreams
So beautiful, you’re leaving me
🎶You must have been s£nt from heaven to earth to change me
You’re like an angel..
🎶The thing that I feel is stronger than love believe me
You’re something special,
🎶I only hope that I’ll one day deserve what you’ve given me
But all I can do is try every day of my life…
Bryan’s voice flowed like a stream..
He was saying all that to Rose..
Oh Gosh!!!
Everywhere went intense, the hall [email protected]£ something else as every man held his girlfriend’s hand…
Fred [email protected]£d my [email protected]!st too following the chorus..
I couldn’t help smiling wi-dely as I placed my head on his shoulder enjoying the moment…
🎶You just walked out of one of my dreams
So beautiful, you’re leaving me breathless
🎶You leave me breathless
You’re everything good in my life
You leave me breathless
I still can’t believe that you’re mine
🎶You just walked out of one of my dreams
So beautiful, you’re leaving me breathless,
They rounded it up and got everyone in a daze moment…
I stared at Rose and couldn’t help my smiles…
[email protected] and scream went on as the bowed to the crowd..
Bryan held her hand softly with a smile leading her back to the stage..
Rose’s POV..
I couldn’t believe the reaction that my voice brou-ght, it seemed to be so surprising to them..
Walking with Bryan back to the stage, I couldn’t st©p smiling wi-dely as the music we performed was repla-yed ma-king the crowd go gaga again..
“Rose you are simply the best!” Bryan complimented squee-zing my palm softly..
I could only smile as I glanced at the Angel beside holding me, you can’t call him a human because he is just too perfect for that..
Finally, we got to the dress room and met with set of ph0togra-pher and the school press, all I could hear was shutters of [email protected]£ras and the flashes of light…
Bryan held my [email protected]!st and drew me closer to his b©dy allowing the [email protected]£ra take good sh0t..
He even k!$$£d me..
Oh God!!
These pictures would go far and wi-de, there is no doubt I would be known as Bryan’s girlfriend and would surely take Sophia’s place very soon…
🎙Bryan, we would love to talk with you..” The leader of the press implored and he nodded…
I stood aside as they positioned the [email protected]£ras to him..
🎙It was known that you were shattered after Sophia left you, how do you feel about the new love??
🎙Is she far more better than Sophia??
If Sophia should return, would you accept her back??
They asked leaving him f0rç£d to sneer at them..
He glanced at him and couldn’t help chuckling..
“That question is some way annoying, Rose here is that woman that made me feel love in it really ess£nce…I don’t think I ever loved Sophia..” He replied leaving my cheeks flu-shed in blush..
“I thought I knew what love is when I was with Sophia, but after she left and I met Rose, I got to find out that I had never loved her, I bless her for leaving me so I would get the chance to meet that angel over there..” He sm-irked and I covered my face in shy..
I looked up to him and saw pure pas-sion in his eyes, was that eyes for me??..
So Bryan is this much in love with a commoner..
“So you would never love Sophia even if she gives you her heart?..we heard she was a commoner who got in throu-gh scholarsh! was she able to get your heart at the mist of your heartbreak??” The leader asked again ma-king him smile..
“I guess it was fate at work, I once hated her but…she taught me what love is by showing it to me…I..can recall our past clearly, she is just too unique…..”
I smiled and walked out of the room, as I got to hallway, it was like the students were waiting…
They all stormed to me especially the boys..
👥You are great!!!
👥I’m one of your fan!!!.plea-se let’s take some pics!!
👥You are not only beautiful but has an angelic voice…can’t wait for your songs with Bryan!!
👥We love you!!!!
They kept screaming and waving at me..
I bend my head low finding it ha-rd to believe it was happening for real…
These are the same student who ran after me with raw egg and sachet water the first day I walked to this school…
These are the student who jeered at me and saw me as a trash..
I looked up and [email protected] as I saw Anne among the group..
She walked over to me and hvgged me..
“I was stupid!!!..plea-se forgive my pathetic self!” She muffled ma-king me smile again.
“I had nothing against you, it isn’t bad to be in love and fight for it, just that you went too far and was blinded…” I muttered ma-king her sob the more…
“How had you been?” I asked because I hadn’t been noticing her all this while…
“I’m cool dear, just enjoy your eternal love with Bryan, it can never be broken!” She said and broke the hvg before taking a quic-k snap with me…
I snapped with some fans before Bryan [email protected]£ out and took me away..
I got back to the dressing room and found my friends there..
Sophia, Fred, Jace, Clara..
These are the people who had made my dream come true, friends who had loved me with everything…
“So Rose why did you hide it??” Sophia asked first..
“I was afraid of Xavier, he was after this voice and wanted to kill the person with it..” I mumbled..
“Really??..why?!” Fred and Sophia asked in unison..
I explained it all with excluding anything, both the past I had with Bryan before the memory loss….
They were really amazed to hear the story..
“Then this would be a nice tra-p to get Xavier into action!” Fred sm-irked..
“Huh?? may go sour now, when Xavier gets to know that I Rose was that lady he had been looking for to life would be at stake!” I whined
“We would use his hatred and repulsion against him, his detest and evil intention would get him caught, I was afraid that we won’t know who he would strike at..but, it is clear now..he would be coming for Rose, getting him isn’t impossible!” Fred stated with a sm-irk.
“How???” We all chorused.
“Have you known who saved him that day?” Bryan asked..
“You must have noticed I was tensed, it was because I found out that the governor was the mastermind behind his escape..” I said leaving them shocked..
“What??” Clara exclaimed..
“I thought he is a good man, how can he do such??..saving a terrorist…” Bryan growled..
“The same way everyone thought Xavier is was a good man, Stallion was the only survivor, I tracked his call that day and found out he directly called the governor for help after finding out that Xavier was stuck..” He explained..
” Oh gosh!!” Sophia sighed and buried her face into her palm..
“This would get more ha-rder this time!” I stated..
“I did research and found out that George is an enemy to him, i guess this is connected to the reason why he saved Xavier..” He breathed..
“Does it means he wants to join hand with him?” Jace asked thoughtfully..
“They has the same enemy, secondly, he won’t want George to win the election, maybe he wants Xavier into power…” Fred stated and sat down on the couch..
“Would the governor fight us?” I asked..
“Xavier can be brou-ght down but it nee-ds an evidence to bring down the governor, when a chance arises, I would get close to the governor and extract information..I would get evidence to show that Xavier was staying with him..that alone would destroy his reputation and drag him out of power…” He concluded leaving us amazed at his intelligence..
“Fred, you should just be a detective, so smart!” Sophia commended ma-king me blush..
“It’s all for you…” She tea-sed ma-king us laugh gladly..
“So Rose, after school..we are going to sign up the music band, it’s the moment of your glory…no one can st©p us!” Bryan said to me with a wi-nk..
“You got a bank account right?” He added and I arched my brow in thought..
I had slightly forgot if I had one, I opened it when I started different of jobs back then..
“Yeah, I have but…it must be empty..” I smiled..
“Can I have your account details?” He requested and I gave it to him…
“Let’s go back to the clas-s..” He said and we all walked back..
Xavier’s POV..
My eyes fluttered open and my sight was blurred, I can’t believe I was still alive…
I thought I died.
My head was pounding so ha-rd and I felt excruciating pain all over my b©dy..
Flash of all that happened [email protected]£ in, I could recall this moment when Rose sh0t a bullet to my shoulder, Fred also sh0t my back, Bryan also gave me his own bullet…
They really wanted me dead, I closed my eyes and opened it again, my vision was clear now but the pain wasn’t reducing…
I gro-an ed and sat up with my last strength.
“Finally you are awake..” I heard a voice..
Turning to the direction, I saw the governor right beside me with two guards..
“You are the one who saved me right?” I asked slowly..
“Yes..I did it because you have to be alive to take my seat…” He said ma-king me shudder..
“What?? isn’t possible again, I just want to avenge them and die, they destroyed everything I had!!” I grunted clenching my fist as the pains lashed throu-gh me..
“You would not only avenge them but also be the governor with a different face, I would never want George seat here or my life would be at his hand, we won’t be safe if he wins the next election!” He stated with a de-ep breath..
“Yes!!..George was to be the governor at this tenure but I did something very evil to overthrow him, here at the office, I had done countless of evil to gain much wealth, the state is in debt, if George comes here, he would find out what I did and would also know of the debts and evil committed by me..I can’t allow that!” He growled..
“Fine…let’s work together and bring down our enemy!” I sm-irked and he nodded with a smile..
“No one must know you are living with me or.. I would be doomed, you are declared wanted and everyone is looking for you, I’ve been s£nding doctors to treat you in disguise..” He explained..
“Oh, yes..I’m really grateful!” I muttered..
“Rest well for the battle ahead..” He smiled and walked away..
I can’t believe I still got the chance..
Wow!!..I must not fail again!!!
Stallion walked in immediately..
“Hey are you feeling?” He asked and I smiled staring at him..
“Thanks for beckoning on him, you are the only one remaining are lucky to be able to experience their death..we would s£nd then to their grave together!..they would pay for all they did!!” I growled..
“Boss, we have finally found the lady behind the great voice…” He said and I raised my gaze sharply..
“She sang???” I asked and he nodded..
“The girl is Rose…” He stated s£nding rush of fury throu-gh my vein…
Now I must kill her in a rush!!!..I can’t wait!!!
To be continued…
Kill who???😂😂
Go and die!!😏😏


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