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My crazy house help Episode 43

👰🎻My Crazy
House Help🎻👰
🎤(She defiled me)🎤
Episode 43
Rose’s POV
My eyes popped out as I stared with my mouth agape, his words went sank into my heart and left my legs shivering in joy that suddenly eloped me…
I blinked my eyes continuously as a bright smile covered my face, the thought of seeing bryan again made my breath grow fas-ter…
“Wow, so you could smile the sweetly?” He sm-irked..
“Did you mean those words you said??” I asked still breathing fast..
“Calm down your nerves, its so obvious you madly love this aren’t far from his thousand of crush!” He shrugged and I sneered at him..
“Is that what you think??..just take me to him and I’d show you if I’m just one of his female crush..” I muffled with a lopsided smile..
“This is my little secret, my parent isn’t aware that I still travel to see Sophia..I knew it was useless but my obse-ssion made me act stupidly…imagine spending hvge sum of money to see a lady who doesn’t know I exist!” He breathed and moved aside, his face was sad..
“You love Sophia so much even when you knew there isn’t any hope for you?” I asked and he turned to me abruptly..
“Do you also think there is no hope?? you also think I can never have her love??..I’m I that incompetent??..oh God!!” He growled and shook his head before looking away…
I could notice his eyes shimmering with emotions, it was filled with pas-sion..
“Fred…no one is incompetent till they admit it, other people notion doesn’t matter, have you heard of Bryan’s new girlfriend??” I asked and he arched his brow for some moment before turning his gaze to me in a rush…
His eyes was wi-de-ned as he peered into my face,
“What did you say your name was??” He asked slowly..
“Rose…” I replied and he cringed..
“Rose was the girl who was rumoured to capture Bryan’s heart after the heartbreak, although many didn’t believe but the school press over there made it clear with videos and pictures!!..I re-ad it all and had kept wondering how this girl could get his heart without a voice, it was also stated that she is a commoner!!” He said still surprised as he kept scrutinizing my whole b©dy..
“That Rose is the one standing here with you, my being a commoner made people think I’m incompetent to get his heart but…I knew what I love and de-sired so I went for it, I made myself believe we were fated to be together even when it seemed impossible at the beginning..” I smiled and shut my eyes…
The memories all began to flow throu-gh, it started from the first day in that school, that moment when I barged into bryan pri-vate room, when he called the guards on me…that moment when I made him smile, every single moment [email protected]£ throu-gh and I couldn’t help the hvge smiles..
Finally, he fell in love with me, we both fell de-eply for each other, my greatest dream was to sing with him…
“Rose, how did you….does it means I can get Sophia??” He stuttered facing the floor..
“Help me to meet Bryan, I can’t do without him, he would also be in distress thinking I had died in that fire..” I sulked..
“I st©pped going to see Sophia when I felt it was useless, I lose all hope of ever getting her attention, maybe I would be going to see her again because of you…” He sighed..
“When are we going??..Fred, if you are able to make me meet Bryan again, I would be forever grateful and would help you in any way I can help you…” I squealed in glee.
“Rose aren’t you even thinking about the implications, what if Xavier finds you, what if Sophia sees you!” He said and I shrugged..
“How do you go to see Sophia without being seen by Xavier?” I asked and he sighed.
“I wears a skin mask, another person’s face..I would keep screaming among the crowd when She sings with Bryan, all that was to get her attention to me but she didn’t even notice..I always find my way to any of her singing show, but she doesn’t know I exist!” He hissed and walked back to the house while I followed .
“I’m re-ady to wear any mask, at least I would see Bryan again..” I whined.
“We can’t go now, Xavier is still on close guard, it isn’t long he s£nt you here, he would be very alert now, we would have to wait, tomorrow is school so get all this off your mind and prepare for school..” He breathed.
“Have you ever thought of telling Sophia how you feel for her?” I spoke out leaving him taken aback..
“Sophia doesn’t love Bryan anymore, Xavier is forcing them together, I think we should stand by the person we love and fight for them!” I stated with a de-ep breath..
“Bryan love you but Sophia doesn’t love me, it’s useless or stupid fighting for anything!” He hissed again in frustration..
“Anyone who can re-lease Sophia from her dad would earn her love, no lady would want to end her life with the man she got no feelings for, show her true love and she would put you into consideration..” I explained..
“I’ll think of all this, Xavier is too dangerous, even if I have something to use against him, it would be totally useless because I’m nothing, no one would even believe it..and I would end up dying by his bullet!” He sighed and stood up..
“Fred, I rely on you now, plea-se help me!” I begged..
“Rose, do you even know I have feelings for you..I wanted to start a new life with you, as I couldn’t get Sophia, I decided to get along with you immediately I saw you!” He breathed.
“You would surely get Sophia your true love, as you alre-ady know, I’m Bryan’s girlfriend!” I replied with a smile..
“Alright..we would [email protected] next week, I would also be telling you what you should do to escape death from Xavier, if he finds out you went against his order, its death you know??” He stated and walked away…
My heart beat increa-sed as I visioned the scene of walking into Bryan’s room and uncovered my face..
Ohhhhh!!!..what a moment!
Bryan would bur-st in joy, he would go gaga seeing me, that very moment would be like going to heaven..
Well, the truth is that…I’ll never come back here if I gets to meet Bryan.
I would stand by him and fight Xavier the devil..
I also got many plans for my mother then, she would not suffer because of me again…
I would keep her protected to the core, it just depends on Fred, it depends on meeting Bryan again..
Fred’s POV..
With a slow heavy step, I walked away to my house or should I say my room in my parent’s house..
My heart was really heavy as I pondered de-eply on all that Rose said…
Her words seemed to spark somewhere in my heart..
“If I can fight for Sophia, she would give me the attention i long for..”
Could it be true??
Xavier had always kept this evil deed secretly, he was careful in hiding all tracks, but he had did a great mistake years ago…
I couldn’t tell Rose every truth about me out of fear of the unknown..
I was one of Xavier’s close guard, I had worked with him and carried out all sort of evil act for him…
I had the intelligence of computer and was very good in hacking, Xavier took me in because of a bug device I created, it could be hidden at the t©p layer of the skin without the person know or feeling any pain…
My intelligence made him took me in and change the poor life of my family, I had all this knowledge when I was abducted by a secret as-sas-sin group..
They kidnapped me on my trip to China and decided to train me for their team..
After some years, I was caught by the cops on one of their mission, to hid their truth, they attacked the station and sh0t me four time on my belly…
I was taken to the hospital and could have died if Xavier hadn’t [email protected]£ in…
He connive with the doctor to announce my death before s£nding me to India for an intensive operation, I also un-derwent a plastic surgery that changed my face…
After all that, I [email protected]£ Xavier’s subject..
Although, he helped to save my life but I prefer being dead that day..
Xavier used me to kill innocent souls, in the as-sas-sin sect, innocent people aren’t killed, only evil politician and business tycoons, lives were respected…
Joining Xavier’s team made me in sorrow, little kids were butchered, married women were [email protected]£d, companies system were hacked and brou-ght down to dust..
It was too many to count,
At these moment was when I find out about Sophia his daughter,
I fell so de-eply in love with her and wished to have her, I wished to make her love me but…
It was totally impossible, Xavier would always torture me for just talking to her,
I would only crush from afar..
The last deed Xavier made me commit shattered me into piece, he ordered me to poison Sophia’s mother which was his wife..
I had no choice but after doing it, I couldn’t tolerate all the heinous acts again,
I have prefer dying back in that hospital then than all this….
Everything finally ended when I threatened to expo-se Xavier if he doesn’t let me off….
I thought it would be easy for me, hell no!!..I was destroyed by him, the threat made him torture my life de-eply..
He would always hurt my parent in front of me, he had even pierced me with a h0t iron too..
I began to regret ever wanting to go, I shouldn’t have threatened him at first…
I thought he would kill me but he didn’t, instead, he decided to wipe the memory of my parent and I…
One thing is still a mystery to me till today…
Someone had changed the ampoule which should be injected into my vein to erase my past memory..
It was de-ep in the night, my sight was blurry as I tried to absorb the intense pain all over me,
The room was dark except for the illumination from the moon throu-gh the window…
That night was when my great memory and intelligence would be wiped off, I couldn’t cry less..
Just then, someone had secretly walked throu-gh the shadow, I was sure I saw it…the person changed the ampoule with another similar one…
I thought it was poison till it was injected into me..
Xavier wasn’t aware of the change,
We were all taken away after the injection…
I woke up and found my parent all dumb and void of memory, they couldn’t remember anything about Xavier, all they knew about their own life was few…
I also forgot everything about Xavier not until years later, my memory started coming back…
I got to know that the ampoule changed was the same as the one injected into my parent only that its effect expires after some years…
Recently these months, I began to recall everything, now I can remember all that happened..
I could remember Sophia again, I got back my intelligence, it all [email protected]£ back but…fear won’t let me show it off..
I dre-ad Xavier so much…
I had lied to Rose that Xavier brou-ght me here because I love Sophia, I wouldn’t want to tell her I was an as-sas-sin and [email protected] of Xavier ex team..
The mystery I couldn’t solve is who actually changed the ampoule and saved my memories…
With Rose words, I felt the urge to really fight Xavier for Sophia, I had got to see how cruel he treated her back then, I wonder how her life would be now…
Even though, she doesn’t notice me, I would fight for her, who knows I may get a chance…
Xavier treasure his reputation, I can actually destroy it with the videos of Xavier’s killing and [email protected]£ which I had saved in a storage drive…
The mistake Xavier did was to s£nd me off without cutting my connection to his system server..
He deemed it unnecessary because he still uses my devices, he also believe my memory is far gone..
I had been able to connect to the server in his base and get different videos of his killings and [email protected]£…
I had got it months ago but had no courage to use it against him,
I’m alone and can be called a commoner, who would believe the video from me?..I would end up risking my life!!
Only if I can have people like Bryan and other celebrity with me..
Maybe this was the reason why fate brou-ght me to Rose, with her, I can access Bryan and help him get rid of Xavier..
In that way, I’ll help help Sophia..
I pray she loves me…
Bryan’s POV..
I pace to and fro in my room thinking de-eply on how to fight Xavier,
My dad wasn’t re-ady to show himself, he had stayed low to avoid Xavier from relating him to the recent attack…
Just then, my phone rang and I saw it was Jace..
“Hello dude, have you find anything about her?” I asked anxiously..
“No…not at all, I even went ahead to check on the man and woman you said was her parent but got no result…it kept showing that they were dead…” He replied and I arched my brow in shock..
“Did you check the tenant list to known their [email protected] in that estate?” I asked..
“Yeah…the result stated that they aren’t living there, their face isn’t known in that estate!” He answered leaving me more confused…
“What does this mean??” I mused.
“It can only mean one thing….those faces were skin mask worn to cover the real face!” He said moving me aback…
His word sounded true…
Just then, something struck my mind…
The eyes can’t change no matter the disguise…
That girl is Rose in mask!!!!
To be continued..
Fred may be the last hope..
Bryan so you are just knowing??😂😂😂
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