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My crazy house help Episode 41

🎻My Crazy
House Help🎻👰
🎤(She defiled me)🎤
Episode 41
Sophia’s POV..
More tears fell off as I [email protected] the be-d with different thought running throu-gh my mind..
I felt nothing but regret, if I had knew Xavier wasn’t my father earlier, I wouldn’t have let him use me..
I would never allow him ruin me and make me his toy..
It is just too late now, he had become someone great and powerful..
It won’t be ha-rd for him to kill me now that he has got the power and wealth..
Having George in his palm made him get a larger share in their music record label which was one of the greatest..
He also got connection all around the country, if he could easily manipulation George and the school proprietor, it won’t be anyway ha-rd to waste me..
I can’t fight him…
Maybe it’s my fate to be his slave forever,
Now, Rose and her mother may had been s£nt far away…
Just then, my phone beeped..
I picked it up and cli-cked on the notification only to see the greatest shock of my life..
“Nooooooo!!” I screamed so loudly after re-ading what was s£nt…
My whole b©dy shook furiously, my eyes fluttered and I got my heart beating so fast…
📰Anne and her mother was among the citizen killed in the fire disaster!!
I couldn’t just believe,
My eyes was stuck to my phone as I re-ad it again and again…
Xavier killed Rose and her mother???
Can it happen??
Can he do it?..oh!..why on earth would he kill them????
I didn’t care to open the news, with the speed of a lightening, i sprang up and made to dress up when someone walked in at that moment..
I turned my gaze to the door and was stunned to see Xavier walking in with an evil grin..
“You beast!!!!..why did you kill her!!!!!!” I screamed and rushed to him in fury..
I couldn’t even t©uçh him before his [email protected] pushed me back..
“Are you still seeing me as your father??..change that notion and start seeing me as your boss or master, you are one of my tools now so don’t act rashly!” He snorted and slumped on the couch smiling again…
“Xavier you killed them??? set the fire and burn them up???” I asked with a raised brow..
“Pick up your phone and re-ad the content of the news, I killed no one, I am even as surprised as you..” He shrugged and sipped from the wine on the table..
I rushed to my phone which was on the ground..
I cli-cked open the news..
📰A fire outbreak had occurred in an estate named Hill view estate taking five lives, many were injured but the fire couldn’t kill much because the fire extinguishers were nearby..
In the five people dead, two were Rose and Lisa her mother which were locked up in a room by an unknown man…
I paused and looked up to Xavier who was all smiles..
“You are the unknown man, you locked them up!!!” I bawled and he shrugged..
“Keep re-ading and st©p talking trash..” He sneered..
I sighed and continued..
📰Rose had been rumoured to be Bryan’s new love, he fell for her after Sophia left him..
She was found dead and a letter was found in the same room with her hand writing..
The letter was said to be written to Bryan before her death..
Below is the letter…
📜Hi Bryan…I must be dead before you sees this letter because the fire was set to kill me in here..
📜The person that killed me isn’t Xavier but an unknown enemy, I’m sorry if you sees me dead..
📜But, I pray you finds me quic-kly before the fire kills me and my mother…
📜if you don’t, then I’ll die but just know, I died for our love, my mother also died for the love for George, you can go on with Sophia, I guess we aren’t fated to be together..
My mouth went agape in shock, my whole b©dy shook in horror.
“Xavier!!!!..what is this???” I asked in anger and he chuckled..
“So I wonder who this unknown enemy is??” He mused with a teasing smile..
“Xavier are you a human?? killed them after forcing her to write this..with this letter no one would suspect you..!!” I fumed and he laughed before standing up..
“That letter is for the mas-s and not for Bryan and his crew, they would still believe I am the one but who cares?? one would believe if they tries blurting the truth…” He laughed and frowned almost immediately..
“You got the chance to be with Bryan now right?? don’t waste time, go and console him for the loss and get closer, Bryan is yours alone..” He said and win-ked..
“Is Rose really dead??” I asked staring into his eyes, it is too unbelievable..
“The news said it all, like I said to you then…Rose is a forgotten chapter..enjoy your days with Bryan, he would surely love you again when he finds out that he can never be with Rose..” He croaked and turned to leave.
“You shouldn’t have killed Rose..!!” I blurted in anger ma-king him pause his step..
“What??” He asked turning to me..
“Now that Rose is dead, I don’t think I can work for you again, i cant continue!!!!” I growled breathing ha-rd ly…
The face of Rose kept flashing, her beautiful smiles and innocent laughter, those pair of glistening eyes is just so charming…
de-ep in my heart, I had felt an attra-ction towards her, I couldn’t bear her pained, she was someone that should be my enemy but strangely…I found myself liking her although I didn’t show it..
Now that she has been killed by this devil, what is my reason of being alive and being with Bryan??…I’m not stupid!!
Bryan would blame me for her death, he would be in much pain,
I feels like dying, guilt filled me..
I felt i was the one who killed Rose and her mother..
Oh no!!
When did I turn to a monster??..I killed two innocent soul…
“Sophia what did you just said??” Xavier’s voice sounded and I raised my gaze to him with a wi-de-ned eyes fill with rage..
“You had always threatened me with death because that was my weakness, you knew how much I treasured my life so you used it against me..but..I think it’s time to kill me now?? never told me you would kill her, we planned on taking her to a country far away from Bryan, that was why i reported her to you, how would i know your plan was to eliminate her!!!!….” I bawled feeling de-ep sadness..
I killed Rose by handing her to this devil..
“Xavier, I can’t live anymore knowing that she is dead because of life would be fill with guilt, kill me or I may kill myself, Rose is so innocent to die, my heart would always be in pain if I keep working for you, because of me, she died!!! can I overcome this trauma!!!..kill me now because I would never work for you!!!” I screamed at the t©p of my voice as tears flooded down my cheeks..
I regret everything I did, Rose and her mother might be a commoner but didn’t deserve to die, Rose is too beautiful to die, I like her, I wants her alive…
Kill me just as you killed that innocent girl!! want me to live normally after she dies??!.. I would be taunted forever!!” I breathed and slumped on the ground…
“Is Rose an enemy or friend to you?” He asked with am arched brow and I scoffed..
“Cut the cra-p!..I helped you because I thought you are my father, now you are not, just kill me!” I cried in de-ep hurt..
“I killed Rose so you can succeed in getting Bryan easily, why are you so sad for her death??” He asked and I wag my head..
“As much as I want to live, as much as I want to protect my life, I also want her to live too, I can’t explain this..I just feels someway, I’m re-ady to do all you want just to save me from being killed but..I can’t do it anymore with this painful guilt of being the reason for her death…!” I breathed wiped the tears in my eyes..
“I’m surprised at this, never knew you would befriend an enemy, well..I didn’t kill her, she and her mother had been s£nt far away, I want Bryan to forget about her that is why i did all this..I didn’t kill her because she isn’t the girl I want to see, I had always looked for that girl with a great voice, she had refused to sing so as to hide her identity, if Rose was the girl, I would have personally burn her to ashes..” He snorted and rose up..
A loud sigh of relief escaped myl-ips hearing this..
“But how can I know you aren’t lying??” I asked and he flared up..
Before I could know it, he gra-ppled my n£¢k and pinned me to the wall…
“Don’t ever think it is ha-rd for me to kill you!!!..” He growled and brou-ght out a short knife from his pocket..
“Show me am evidence that she is alive or..stab me with that knife right away!!” I blurted and closed my eyes waiting..
“Once in your life, you are re-ady to die just because of Rose??..who did she turn out to be in your mind??..have you forgotten she [email protected] you, a commoner???” He grunted.
“If Rose is dead, I would never live in peace, just kill me now and here!!” I snapped and he grunted before pushing me to the ground…
He brou-ght a device and cli-cked on a bu-tton..
A video began to go on in the screen..
“Take and watch how it all happened you b****h!!” He howled and I watched how he escaped with them disguised..
I saw someone who looked like Bryan in stature following..
He must have felt something about them..
“Thank God she is not dead!” I breathed and handed the device to him..
“She is alive now doesn’t mean she won’t still be killed, the moment I sees her near to Bryan, I’ll kill her and kill you too if you tells anyone that she is alive, I swear!! one would try shattering my plans and go free!” He bellowed before stomping away…
I let out a smile…
Xavier’s POV..
I walked out with a mixed feeling, anger and surprise..
Sophia had been my foster daughter, one thing she preserve with everything was her life, just now, she was re-ady to die because of Rose…
I’m really surprise, what connection do they have??
Well, she should just don’t try standing against me, I would surely take her life…
A little smile crossed myl-ips as I thought of how I escaped from that estate..
It wasn’t so easy but was fun, the only plan I couldn’t accomplish was to inject them with a memory erasing drug, I couldn’t wipe their memory because of the rush..
George and his crew was really guarding the exit but they won’t want anyone sick one left untreated, yes..they allowed me to leave after seeing my fake wife and daughter in a poor health..
George who also covered his face with a cop’s helmet would always glance at Lisa who he can’t recognize because of the different face..
Wow!!..I’m too great to be pu-ll down!
Very soon, it would all end, George and Bryan would be my puppet, I would take over their label everything they had, I can’t wait for Bryan to marry Sophia, I would finally get access to that thing i long for..
After getting it from them, I would then take revenge finally, George and his son would be forgotten, I would become more richer and great,
No one would be able to win the presidential seat than me,
What George did to me long ago still lingers, he may have forgotten, but I can never forget..
He nee-ds to suffer!!
George’s POV..
My heart was r!pp£doff as I re-ad the news that was trending..
The news of the death of Rose and her mother..
I couldn’t believe it when I heard they were among those burnt up..
I thought my son would save them not until I saw him being taken to the hospital because he [email protected] in shock of their death..
I was masked and had been so keen in watching for Xavier, everyone scampered for safety, the crowd was much, I couldn’t even get a glimpse of him..
It just seem like he wasn’t in that building, at last, we lost him..
He succeeded in killing them and fleeing away, the letter was to cover his crime and it is really working out for him…
Nob©dy seemed to suspect him a bit..
I couldn’t even believe it when he made a broadcast on the fire outbreak expressing condolence to those that died and got injury..
I slumped on the couch feeling empty and pained, Lisa is finally dead, Rose is gone..
All my struggle to fight for my love is over, what else is remaining??
I’m totally useless…
My son would never be the same again, he would return to the gloom and lonely man he was,
Would he even sing again??
I don’t think so, the loss of Rose would cost his music career and probably his life…
I caused all this, if I hadn’t met Xavier and befriend him, all this won’t happen…
I decided to do all that Xavier asked thinking it would bring peace to my family, how would I know it would cost my happiness and that of my only son…
what else can give me joy,
Poor Lisa!!!
I caused your death!!!
Just then, he walked in, Xavier stepped in with two guards..
I looked up to him and felt so furious seeing how he smiled to me..
“Finally, all the obstacle is off, time for our deal to work out..Bryan would start loving my daughter again!!” He squeaked and sat in front of me still smiling..
“Why did you kill her??” I asked.
“No time for question, your son was falling head over heel in love with that commoner so i wiped them off, it was surprising that Lisa was her mother..” He said and I grunted sadly..
“You killed Lisa knowing i loved her” I mumbled and he laughed scornly..
“I hated her for loving you instead of me, I killed her for that, her daughter was also killed for standing as a barrier for the marriage..” He snapped..
“But the deal required she should be s£nt far away!” I grunted..
“She is a commoner so..I don’t think its necessary wasting money s£nding her away, she has no connection, her death worth nothing so chill..” He laughed ma-king me growl..
“Do you think my son would ever agreed to marry your daughter?” I asked with a sneer..
“He has no choice, after signing that contract out of love, he is tangled to it..” His voice made me feel so bad..
There was one thing certain in my mind now, I would not allow my son experience that same pain I went throu-gh for not being with Lisa..
I would do all I can do to make him never marry Sophia, if I ever find out that Rose is alive..
I would fight with all I got to make him end with her…
For now, I would pretend to [email protected]
After destroying my life, Xavier would never destroy my son for anything!!!
“We would start with keeping them in a house all alone, they would sit together in school, sing together..I’m sure very soon..he would forget about Rose and marry her..then, our wealth would rise with the merged company..” He said and I f0rç£d out a smile..
“ can do what you deem right, I nee-d to be alone and sob for her death, you can’t tell what you did to me by killing Lisa, but I got no choice, just know I’m so sad and hurt now…you shouldn’t have killed her!” I swallowed ha-rd before walking away to my room.
He would surely pay for this one day, I knows of what he treasured so much which is his good reputation..
He had always make sure no one finds out of his evil deed, that was why he killed his wife when she found out..
I would use it against him one day, I would ruin his name and make him regret all he had did..
He would suffer terribly but how on earth can I achieve this, I should just wait for the right time to strike…
Lisa death won’t be in vain..!!
Bryan’s POV..
I opened my eyes and saw I was on the hospital be-d again..
I sighed and sat up..
“ are awake!” I heard Jace voice..
He rushed and held my palm softly..
“Take me home..” I muttered..
“Are you feeling all well?” He asked and I let out a little smile..
I was never sick right??..I only pas-sed out from shock.. ” I said and he nodded..
“Let’s go home, even if Rose is dead, Xavier can’t be alive free out there enjoying life, he killed Rose and her mother, he made the letter to cover it up..but we both know the truth, let’s go home for now..” I said with a very mean voice..
I had been weak and it made me lose Rose, I shouldn’t be more weak, I’m sure she would be happy in the dead when I fights Xavier to the death…
“You look strong now..” Jace said and I smiled..
“Rose wants me to be happy so she stayed beside me even when she knew the implications, she knew her life would be endangered, yet she took the risk..I’ll kill Xavier with my palm..!” I growled and stood up..
“Do you think Rose is really dead?” Jace suddenly asked ma-king me smile again..
Thus was what I had been pondering, de-ep down in me, I felt she isn’t dead even if she really died..
There is someone my heart wants to meet right now..
That girl with her family, I find her attrac-tive on first sight, I’m sure if I can get her heart, the death of Rose won’t shatter me and…I won’t be lonely…
“Did you see that girl I ran after at the estate?” I asked Jace who arched his brow and shook his head sideways..
“At the estate, a girl captured my heart at first sight, it sounds so strange but maybe there is something I don’t know about..we would be checking the surveillance [email protected]£ra soon, I want to meet her!” I said with a de-ep sigh..
“Is she the reason why you don’t feel so much hurt for Rose now..?” He asked and I turned sharply to him..
“My heart is in de-ep pain now but I have to be strong, it hurts so much that Rose is dead but there is much more pain in the fact that the killer is out there enjoying his life.. Let’s go!” I said strongly and walked out..
Tears fell off as the image of her burnt b©dy flashed throu-gh, every joy in my heart was gone, all I want now is to kill Xavier even if I would die along…
As for Sophia, I would make sure she regret her life..
“what about the school proprietor and Lisa’s husband who took Lisa to Xavier??” I asked and he sighed..
“Their memory was erased, nothing could be gotten from them..” He breathed and my anger soared..
I gritted my teeth with a clenched fist..
Sophia’s POV..
I was about dozing off when two people walked into my room..
I scru-bbe-d my eyes and looked up only to see Bryan gazing at me in surprise..
His faces was very far from smile, it looked pale and and sad..
One thing I am sure of is that Bryan would never be the same again..
“So you still got the courage to come here?” He asked slowly with a low de-ep tone..
“Yeah, I’m here because I should be here, I’m sorry for the loss..” I purred and stood up..
“Don’t ever come closer to me, you and your father had succeeded right??..she is dead now, I hope you are very happy??” He swallowed ha-rd and sniffed..
“Bryan, this shouldn’t affect your health, whether she dies or not, you both can’t be together, the love between you both doesn’t matter, what matters is the fact that…..”
“Cut the cra-p and get your a**s out of this place, I won’t kill you now because you are being used by that devil, just don’t interfere with me, I won’t mind hurting you so badly!” I growled..
“You hate me so much now?..I never knew my dad would kill her, let’s fate our fate, bring back your love for me..” I mumbled..
“Do you love me too??..why are we even talking to each other??..get out of here, I hate you to the core and may kill you if you t©uçh me!” I gritted and tuned to leave..
Just then, she hvgged me from behind ma-king my heart grow very heavy in pain..
Just a day after Rose died, she is here to take over, they killed her to make me love her…
I shut my eyes and pushed her off me…
“Do you think…I..would ever love you??..even if she dies, I would die a single man!” He howled.
“Bryan I don’t also love you but I feel for you, I can feel your pain, just st©p hurting yourself more by thinking of her…let’s…” I paused and held his hand..
He wriggled it out and gave me a h0t [email protected] that pushed me back,
Before I could regain balance he pinned me to the wall with a grip on my n£¢k..
I could see his face exuding of rage..
“I’m being all calm to you because…because…I don’t..want to..believe dead, my Rose, my joy, the girl that makes me smile.. I..don’t want to believe you report her to your father to die, even if I hate you, I can’t take your life, why on earth would you…do this??” He stuttered with de-ep breath..
Pain was all I could see in his heart, I could s-en-se it, Bryan was dying slowly, the love and pas-sion was so much that my heart shivered..
My whole b©dy felt shudders, I could see pure love and guilt filled me..
“Bryan…I’ve something to tell you..” I said with a de-ep breath..
“What is that?? want to tell me about the deal?..about your father?..about what??!!!” He grunted and re-leased his hand to cover the tears falling off his eyes…
‘Rose Is dead???” He growled de-eply and slumped on the floor..
“You and your father killed her!!!!!” He screamed breathing very fast…
I looked at him and decided to tell him the truth, yes!!
I would tell him the truth..
“Bryan..let me tell you something about Rose…” I muttered and he looked up quic-kly..
” Rose is still alive…. ” I finally said it..
To be continued….
She said it??????

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