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My crazy house help Episode 33 & 34

👰🎻My Crazy
House Help🎻👰
🎤(She defiled me)🎤
Episode 33
Sophia’s POV..
Drop of tears fell off as I thought of the death of my mother, it was a bad one, I had tried to forget it but my dad had just succeeded in bringing it up now..
She died of poisoning, I was still very young then, my mother was someone who took great care of me at all time, she was always re-ady to take the beatings from my father at all time..
She would always stand by me, my dad was h0t temper and would always hit me at slightest thing, she would always plead on my behalf, I loved her from the dept of my heart..
But, everything ended on my 14 years old birthday, she died after the birthday, the doctors said if was poisoning but no one knew who poisoned her..
Just today, my dad had called out the killer as Bryan’s father, why did he kept quiet all this while??
Was he trying to take the law into his hand by fighting him by himself??
If that is what he want, I’m very re-ady to help him fight, my mom can’t die while the killer enjoys his life in full…
Hell no!!..George who would have known you are evil?? dad may have kept quiet for a reason, who knew what you did that made him kept quiet, you even erawes Bryan’s memory for a reason of covering your act…
Just wait and watch how I and my dad destroys your life!!
I clenched my fist as I paced to and fro the room thinking of what to do next..
After some minute, I head out to Bryan’s room, its true that I had approved their relationsh!pthen but not anymore, Rose has to leave so I can marry him, who cares if he love or hate me? who cares!!
I walked throu-gh the hallway with anger, Bryan and his father don’t deserve be happy, not after they took my happiness..
Finally, i got to the room and pushed the door open f0rç£fully..
They both sat up and stared at me in shock wandering what brou-ght me there…
“Rose..calmly take tour a**s to the guest room now..” I ordered leaving them stunned…
“I don’t have to repeat myself, leave my fiance room and st©p being a cheap wh**e!!” I bawled this time ma-king them cringed as their confusion de-epened..
“What are you saying??” They both asked in unison ma-king me sneer at Bryan..
“Bryan and I is getting married soon, if you don’t know let me inform you..” I said to Rose who glanced at Bryan with a de-ep grim..
“Sophia can you st©p all this fuss??..his about what I told you??..I am confused at all this act from you..” Bryan sighed
“all you said was a total trash, nons-en-se filled with lies, do you even sees me as a fool?? did you expect me to belief all that??..gosh!” I scoffed waging my head..
“Sophia something is wrong..this isn’t the Sophia I knew” he said ma-king me laugh..
“Yes, I’m no longer the ignorant Sophia, I now know the truth, just don’t let me make thing ha-rd for us, we are betrothed to each other, it has been docvmented, we both signed the docvment, isn’t it clear that we would get married?..why stressing her life??” I asked pointing at Rose who was dumb all this while..
“What truth did you find out??..Sophia can we at least wait for the day to break, let’s wait for tomorrow so we can talk..” He pleaded ma-king me shrug..
“I’m not against that, I [email protected]£ here to take my rightful position which is beside you, Rose should get her trashy self to the guest room, that’s where a visitor like her should stay..” I scorned ma-king Bryan growl in anger as he glare at me..
Who cares??
Rose slowly stood up to leave but Bryan held her hand to st©p her but she quic-kly wriggled her hand off his grip…
“plea-se…don’t hold me, I can’t stay here for a second or I would..cry..” She sniffed and scurried out ma-king me scoff..
“Sophia what…..”
“Don’t say any word to me, we got to do the right thing and st©p deceiving each other, we once love each other, that was why we agreed to get married, I’m sure that love would return after we marries, forget about her…” I muttered dryly laying on the be-d..
“What made you think I would stay here with you??..yuck!!” He spited and sat up to meet Rose..
“If you leave this room, I swear to report her to my father, you know what would happen to any lady who tries to break the marriage, she would be taken far away from you, have you even forgotten she is a poor girl who doesn’t even have a good voice…what a waste of love..” I shrugged..
He paused his pace..
“I know you are joking, you won’t report her” he said and made to open the door.
I guess he doesn’t know the new me now..
“Don’t blame me for being rash..” I stated and brou-ght out my phone and dialed my dad’s number..
I would surely report Rose, I swear..
Bryan’s POV..
I turned and stare at her as she dialed her father’s number..
I quic-kly ran to her and snatched the phone before cutting the call..
“You are really serious??” I asked in great surprise..
“Don’t [email protected] me..” She mumbled and [email protected] the be-d covering her b©dy with the duvet..
I sat there on the be-d too stunned to say any word,
What had suddenly [email protected]£ over Sophia, I had thought she was just pu-lling a silly prank but right now, I can see she was damn serious to marry me..
But, what about Austin?? could she suddenly want to marry me when she knew there was nothing like love between us..
I’m getting afraid of the new Sophia who is bent on marrying me, you can’t tell how happy I had been when she cared less of my relationsh!pwith Rose, I was re-ady to make her end up with Austin while I marry Rose, how would I had knew that she would all of a sudden turn to something else…
“Sophia why do you want to marry me??..even when we had signed that file, we can still make it void, we can still cancel it..why…”
“I don’t want to cancel anything, we are fated to marry and sing together, st©p ma-king noise..” She rolled her eyes with a hiss..
“Did you talk with your father recently?” I asked and she cringed turning her gaze to me..
“Why are you asking??..oh, you want to know if he had told me the secret you and your dad is hiding right, you want to know if he had made me know that past evil your father did??!” She laughed shortly before frowning..
“Oh, now I see, okay then, why would you marry the son of a man who did evil??” I asked
“Its nothing, I’m just following what we agreed..I can’t even believe you accepted the fact that your dad is evil…” She waged her head.
“If there is any evil my dad did, it was headed by your father, your father is the main evil here, my dad is just being controlled by him..” I stated and she scorned..
“I’m tired of talking, sleep ti-ght..” She yawned and closed her eyes before turning to the other side..
I let out a de-ep sigh as I got to know what must have happened,
Her dad had called her on phone telling her lies which made her act this way, I don’t know what he told her but I’m sure it is a de-ep and serious thing to make her bent on marrying me…
I just wonder what her father wants to achieve by getting us married..
Oh God!!
What would be in Rose’s mind now??
I nee-d to meet her now, she can’t stay there alone..
I quic-kly stood and made to head to the door when Sophia who I thought was slee-ping took her phone resting on the stool and dialed her father’s number again..
I rushed back and she hung the call, this made me so angry that i felt like [email protected] her, I’m hating her so much now but it seem she isn’t even concerned..
I [email protected] the be-d waiting for dawn..
The alarm blared loudly waking me up, I opened my eyes angry that I couldn’t wake up in the middle of the night to meet Rose..
She also woke up and yawned, without even saying anything to me, she head to the bathroom to clean up..
I used that opportunity to rush to the guest room..
She was alre-ady dressed for school..
“Rose…” I called and she raised her gaze to me with a smile..
“How was your night?” We both asked at the same time and laughed..
“Mine was terrible..” She sighed
“It was a hell night for me, she won’t even allow me to meet you, I wish such a night would never come again” I grunt..
“I think you should get used to it, this new Sophia is re-ady for anything, I don’t think we are fated to be together” she mumbled with a weak tone..
“Something is wrong with Sophia, I would find out soon, just know that if I would ever get married, it would be you, if I would ever have a girlfriend, it would be you, if I would ever sing with any lady in the national competition, I would be with you…” I stated ma-king her smile sweetly..
Her smile seemed to make my heart feel at ease, I just love this girl so much..
“Can I hvg my girlfriend?” I asked with a teasing smile ma-king her laugh.
I drew her closer and k!$$£d her instead ma-king her surprised..
“You are a trickster, I just wish things shouldn’t go wrong, can I even bear seeing you with Sophia??..can I even live here when I can’t stay with you?” She sobbe-d..
Sophia’s POV
I stood at the door watching them not able to say or do anything to st©p them..
I had been done cleaning up and couldn’t find Bryan so I [email protected]£ here,
I [email protected]£ in when he was k!ss!ngher, what surprised me was that I couldn’t bring myself to st©p them,
I could see pure pas-sion in Rose’s eyes, Bryan must be her first love, she just looked so Innocent..
They were talking and pla-ying happily while I watched, I couldn’t st©p them to avoid hurting Rose, why I don’t want to hurt Rose was something I can’t explain..
I found myself feeling happy as I saw the happiness in her eyes..
What is really wrong with me??
Rose is nothing but a poor girl who is trying to snatch Bryan from me, she should be my enemy!
I should treat her very bad so she would leave here for me and Bryan..
“Rose!!!” I called out ma-king them st©p their chat and turn to me..
“Sophia..good morning, his was your night?” She asked smiling even when I’m glaring at her..
What kind of girl is this??
“Bryan’s mother employed you as a what in this house??” I asked and Bryan tried yelling at me but she hushed him..
“I was employed as a house help” she replied and I nodded.
“Have you cleaned the house and wash the plate as a maid which you are??” I asked with a sneer..
“The maids had promised to do it for me, so can I go to school in peace?” She mumbled in a low sad tone which surprisedly t©uçhed me..
“Does a maid go to school?” I asked
“Sophia don’t just be a pain on her n£¢k, it doesn’t suit you!” Bryan ch!pped in angrily..
“I want her out of this place, she is ma-king you lose interest in me so much, we should be singing and ma-king music now so everyone would know we are back together, but none of that is happening, you just keep spending any single time with her!” I snorted..
“So you don’t mind marrying Bryan even when it is obvious he doesn’t love you a bit??” Rose asked placing her gaze on me..
I could see her eyes shimmering with tears..
“We have no choice, it’s just a matter of time, our love would spark back, so back off!” I said to her with my gaze off her eyes..
“Bryan I’m leaving for school..” She mumbled and scurried out with tears falling off..
Bryan tried going after her but I drew him back ma-king him try [email protected] me..
“Do you think I mind [email protected] you?” He growled..
“Then, don’t think I mind shattering her life, I’m just being all calm with her, don’t let me show my true colour, she is nothing, I can turn her into a trash can in a second” I said rolling my eyes..
“You and your dad has the same gene of evil, you are both heartless!!!” He yelled in exasperation..
“Its right time you start learning to love me like before because you have no future with her, we would go to the music industry after school, we would make a cool music of love…” I said ma-king him glare at me..
“In school today, we would make everyone know we are back together, don’t try anything silly when you know you got no other choice, you would end up hurting Rose…” I seethed.
“Why can’t you even help me?? are ma-king it more hurtful, what did you father told you?!!” He bawled and I scoffed before heading out..
I reached the door and turned back to him..
“I swear, I’ll report her to my father if I sees her beside you from now, stay away from her, s£nd her away from you or else she and her mother would have to taken far away from you, you will not see her again..” I stated bluntly.
“I just feel like killing you!” He grunted and slumped on the couch..
“Be wise, you won’t want her to lose this school and stay in a different place where she would never see you..make things fast, let’s get married and forget about her!” I gruffed before heading out..
Rose’s POV
I walker into the clas-s and everyone stared at me surprised that I walked in alone, they had been used to me being with Bryan at all time..
I sat calmly on the seat waiting for the worst to happen when they Bryan and Sophia comes to school..
Something is clear, things would be the same again, Sophia would surely take Bryan’s back, I can’t fight her…
If her dad could control Bryan’s father, I don’t think I would be safe being with Bryan..
Jace had been watching me waiting for Bryan to also walk in but when he couldn’t see him, he walked up to me..
“Rose what is happening?” He asked and I sighed de-eply.
“Sophia is back for Bryan, they are gonna be together soon” I mumbled ma-king him shocked.
“Bryan left you for her???” He asked blinking his eyes..
“He has no choice, they had signed a betrothal deal when they were in love..” I explained
“But…they can still cancel it if they both agree??” He breathed.
“That’s it, Sophia is bent on getting married to him, I’m afraid I may end up being dumped…” I cried burying my face into my palm..
My heart was pierced that moment, it was clear that I would not be able to stay without Bryan, this is getting me sick.
“I would talk to Sophia, she no longer love Bryan why won’t she cancel the damn deal??…” He snorted in anger..
“She even hates me now, you can’t believe she wants me out of Bryan’s life..” I sobbe-d and he rested my head on his shoulder patting my back..
I could now hear noise from outside, I knew it must be because of Sophia and Bryan..
Just then, right in front my eye, Bryan walked into the clas-s with Sophia holding his hand with a sweet smile..
There was a loud uproar, everyone screamed as they saw them.
Different question was roaming in their mind,
Could it be that he has broke up with Rose???
That was the question I kept hearing as they walked in..
Everyone kept glancing at me, my heart won’t st©p growing heavy.
“Hey little girl, get off that seat now!” Sophia seethed to me ma-king all the student turn to us..
Jace looked up to her and Bryan confused..
“Sophia, I’m glad that you back but..what about Austin? shouldn’t be with Bryan when you know there is no love between you two anymore!!!” He growled
“Take her out of that seat or I would drag her out myself!!” Sophia bellowed ma-king me and Jace turn our gaze to Bryan waiting for him to shun her..
I was waiting for him to st©p her from saying hurtful words to me,
Bryan I know would surely take her to another seat, Bryan loves me so he would surely shun Sophia for hurting me with words..
“Bryan…s£nd her away, I guess she is waiting for you to say it to her..” Sophia said to him and he let out a de-ep sigh..
“Rose leave that seat and go elsewhere, I can’t seat with you.” He said and everyone roared in shock..
👥He has really dumped her!!!
👥Gosh, I can’t believe!!
The student kept murmuring s£nding more shame to me..
“You are joking right?? don’t actually meant it..this seat can contain the three of us, why are you s£nding me away??” I asked with a cracked voice as tears fell off..
“I’m sorry but I can’t sit with you, so plea-se leave..” He muttered and my world shattered.
“Bryan!!” Jace yelled ma-king Sophia laugh the more..
Bryan’s POV..
Immediately I said those words, it was like my head was pound with a very heavy metal…
The memories of I and Rose [email protected]£ rushing in, I got to recall that day she stayed with jace..
A rush of shiver ran throu-gh me as I thought of her returning to him truly this time..
Fear ran throu-gh me, I looked at her eyes and there was tears, I could see she was shocked at me word..
I was being afraid of Sophia telling her dad of her, it may cause trouble but now I don’t think I should deny her in front of these curious student..
I’m becoming confused, Sophia was still laughing and pouring scorn on her…
“Should I push you away or what??” She scoffed seeing that Rose wasn’t standing ..
“Bryan…” She called but I couldn’t even answer..
“I’ll leave and never come back..” She whimpered leaving my heart torn to pieces..
“What would he use you to do??…st©p being too cheap like a wh**re!” Sophia scorned and some of the student especially females laughed in sarcasm..
She stood up and turned to leave but I quic-kly held her hand..
I don’t mind if Sophia reports to her dad,
I don’t mind anymore!!!
I can’t lose Rose!!!
Immediately I held her, everywhere went calm, Sophia’s laughter seized, everyone watched waiting to know what I would do..
“Why are you holding my hand, you just dumped…..”
“No!!!…I can never dump you!!” I said aloud ma-king everyone [email protected] in surprise..
“You asked whether I was
joking right??..yes I was joking, you are still my girlfriend, let’s seat together okay??” I purred ma-king a very bright smile appear on her face..
The smile made me shudder in glee, how can I leave her???
“Bryan!!” Sophia screamed with anger..
“This seat can contain the three of us but if you can’t seat with her, then get your a**s elsewhere, we both know you are not my girlfriend!!” I growled leaving her shocked…
Episode 34
Sophia’s POV..
My mouth went agape, I was just too shocked to even say a word, my legs melt un-der me as I stared at them..
Did Bryan just did this?
How could he??
Oh God!!..
Could he love Rose this much that he couldn’t hurt her a bit?
My plan was to make him leave him by hurting her feelings, in had thought he was very concerned about my father knowledge of Rose, I thought he agreed to comply not until he did what he just did,
I wasn’t only shocked, shame too filled me, the student saw and heard it all,
I had known Bryan for so long, I know he finds it so ha-rd to jilt or hurt a lady he loves, he can’t make her cry for any reason..
He is that type that loves much more in a relationsh!p, no matter how the lady he loves treat him bad, he would still love her so much..
When he was in love with me, I broke his heart regularly but yet he still loves me…
It just surprises me that he had fallen so de-eply for Rose at this short period of time,
Well,I won’t let them together, my dad want me to marry him so he could avenge my mom’s death, I can’t disrupt his plan..
Its clear that I’d divorce him later on, I just have to help my father who is the only one I got now..
I looked around and saw the shocking student staring at us they wondered what was happening, it made me feel more same, i felt like I was [email protected]
What Bryan did now made me look like a desperate girlfriend, the student were yet to ascertain whether we are truly back together, how would Bryan do what he just did now?..
What does he take me for??
A joker??
I’m sorry for him because he is yet to un-derstand who I am..
I just feel sorry for Rose who would have to pas-s throu-gh oppression because of Bryan, she would surely suffer in the hand of my dad considering the fact that she is poor and has no power..
“Why are you still staring at us, you can find a seat plea-se, I don’t feel comfortable with you standing in front of me that way!” Bryan seethed with a de-ep frown ma-king me sm-irk..
“And you think I would let all this slide?” I asked glancing at Rose who was all gloomy as she stared at the ground..
“St©p all this and let’s talk later, we both know each other, do you really expect me to hurt her? wanted me to shatter her heart, aren’t you aware how much I love her??” He said with emotions..
“It’s all useless, st©p trying to change fate! can’t!!..we both know this relationsh!pof yours won’t work!..well, I can still forget all that you just did if only you would s£nd her away now!” I snorted and that made Rose raise her head and stared at me.
“Sophia!!” She called out with a strong time which I didn’t expect from her,
She really looked different..
“Why are you calling my name??” I asked with a sneer..
“Try to ask of Anne, ask the student how she ended when trying to break us! don’t look like a bad girl to me..I just wonder why you are acting this way..I may look weak to you but I am not, st©p hurting me!” She said sternly..
“Hmm, you are suddenly being too confident, can you try thinking of your poor life, who are you truly??..nothing!..define yourself…” I sneered
“St©p those hurtful words or I would be f0rç£d to [email protected] you!!” Bryan gritted fuming ha-rd ly..
👥Is she a poor girl??..
👥I thought she said she is a politician daughter?”
👥Was Anne right??”
The student murmured..
“Huh?? told them that you are a politician daughter??!” I laughed and she bend her head over the desk..
“Just look at the once s-en-sible Sophia, the girl I loved because she was matured and had self respect, just look at how she is acting now..Gosh!..why hurting an innocent girl for nothing, you don’t love me yet you want to shatter my life just as your dad wanted..I just wonder how our marriage life would be??..don’t be so surprise if I still [email protected]£ Rose even after marrying you!” Bryan spited and wra-pped his arm round Rose..
“I’m sorry for putting you into this??…I wish I can find a way©p her, I wish I can hit her so she would st©p, why would I watch you cry without doing anything??..I’m cruel, I hate myself for this..I..”
“St©p!!” Rose spoke out immediately pushing back his words..
“Who said you are cruel??..Bryan, is there any man like you in this world??..can’t you see that you are the best, I am the most lucky woman to have you..I don’t mind what is happening now, I just believe that you would always love me and that alone makes me so happy, thanks for being with me..” She purred and held his chin..
“This may be my last k!sswith you, just let me k!ssyou now that my heart is heavy..” She added and smiled out tears before k!ss!ngBryan right in front of everyone..
Her hand was over his n£¢k while he held her [email protected]!st, they were really k!ss!nglike lovers with their eyes closed..
A de-ep sigh escaped myl-ips, that moment I felt like a cruel human, I felt bad about myself, it was too obvious that they are in love, why on earth does my dad want me and Bryan to be together??
Is that the only way to take revenge??
I nee-d to tell him about Bryan’s new lover but I’m afraid he would surely separate them..
One thing I don’t actually un-derstand is why I feels this tingling feeling of hurt and guilt seeing Rose seeing Rose cry..
I shouldn’t have pity on her, she is an obstacle who wants to shatter my dad’s plan..
They finally broke the k!ssand Rose turned to me..
“Should I leave the seat for you??..I can leave if you say it to me now!..” She said with a de-ep breath and I walked away without giving her a reply..
“I couldn’t tell her to leave or stay anymore, I was even a little afraid to look at her eyes to avoid that tingling feeling which I don’t un-derstand…
I went to a seat with two boys seating on it..
They both stood up in shock as I sat with them..
” what is it?” I asked staring at them as they shivered a little..
“There is a free seat over there, we aren’t worthy to sit with you..” One of them said and I rolled my eyes..
“Suit your self!” I muttered bringing out my phone,
I nee-d to message Austin, I’m really missing him..
The boys stood for some minute before sitting back giving spaces between me and them..
Bryan’s POV..
“She allowed me to sit with you, I think something is wrong, someone or something must be having influence on her” Rose mumbled..
“I also thought so, its her dad, he said something to her and that changed her attitude, I think we nee-d to convince her..” I said glancing at Sophia as she smiled at her phone..
“Why did you wanted to s£nd me away then??..what did she say to you that caused that?” She asked and I breathed heavily..
“Xavier her dad is yet to know about us, we won’t be safe if he knows, she threatened to tell him..” I replied and she sighed..
“Let him know and let’s do this once and for all, we can all fight him than to be enslaved by him..” She muttered ma-king me smile.
“Oh yes, Rose I just want you to know one thing before anything happens, just know that my love for you would never have any breach, no matter what??..I would be with you, if he would kill you, then, I would die with you I swear!!” I purred bringing out a sweet smile from her..
“Let’s meet my mother, she has to also st©p being controlled by Sophia dad, we can all bring that devil down, how on earth would he be this manipulative?..let’s not allow him control our lives!” She said and I hvgged her without even knowing when..
I’m just too happy that I bless the day I met her, I don’t know much about fate but I know well that we can’t do without each other, that must be fate..
Nothing can break us!!.
“I would also reset my father’s [email protected], he must st©p being timid, let’s do this together..” I smiled and she nodded holding my palm..
I made to talk before Jace started [email protected]
“What is it??” We asked in unison..
“You guys had succeeded in ma-king me almost cry in emotion, now I see love, pure love!!..I’m also in, as Bryan’s buddy and rose friend, let’s fight together!” He said and a smile escaped myl-ips..
Just then, a teacher stepped in..
Jace walked back to his seat as we settled for lesson which I wasn’t even listening to..
My mind wandered in thoughts,
I’m sure there is much I don’t know about Xavier..
Well, he would have to fight me, I would fight with all I have, all I know is that..i would not and never marry Sophia..
His plan won’t work!! dad doesn’t know Xavier has an interior motive for wanting me to marry Sophia, I am not that timid,
I’m sure he would pu-ll a shocking stunt after the marriage, who knows if he wants to destroy my father’s life??..who knows what he really wants to do..
Well, I won’t let it happen!!..
After several lessons, the school bell rang for break..
Without even wasting a second, Sophia walked up to me with a de-ep frown.
“Bryan!..” Sophia called ma-king me look up to her..
“What is it?” I asked
“The school press are out there waiting for us, they has few questions to ask about our relationsh!p!!..its time to make the world know we are back together..” She said with a little smile ma-king me cringe at her words..
I sneered at her before glancing at Rose..
“We are not back together and can never be..what are you even saying?!” He snorted and she let out a short laughter..
“Fine…I just hope you are re-ady for this, she would now have to suffer for you..a poor girl would have to pas-s throu-gh pain because of your selfishness!!..fv¢k!!” She growled and brou-ght out her phone..
“What do you want to do??” I asked but got no reply..
“Well, I don’t think its necessary calling my dad, I can handle you by myself, its just better you stay away from him or I would destroy your life!” She gritted to Rose before stomping away..
Jace’s POV..
Bryan and Rose left for break while I stayed back, I just couldn’t go with the someone kept filling my memories,
She would be starting school here after the weekend but it just seemed like eternity to me, I can’t just wait, I wish she would come now, I nee-d to see her once again,
My face was buried into my palm as I thought of her,
Just at that moment, someone tapped me..
I looked up and was shocked to see Clara standing in front of me, a wi-de smile escaped myl-ips as I quic-kly held her hand..
“Where is Bryan and Rose?” She asked..
“They are out for break, I just feel lonely without you, thank God, you [email protected]£ now, let’s go out together then” I smiled..
“I’m here to see Rose, I have something to tell her..” She said and I nodded
“Okay, then, let’s go and meet them!” I grinned and fondled her soft palm..
We both walked out attra-cted the stares of the student especially females, Angela who had been crushing on me couldn’t even say a word as she saw us, she just stared dumbly..
My face was just covered with smiles, the feeling was so exciting, I can’t wait to make her mine,
Well, just like Bryan, she would love with me layer, I can’t bear not seeing her for a long time..I pray she agrees😁
We reached the cafeteria where Rose and bear was eating and really found it ha-rd to pas-s throu-gh the crowd that surrounded them..
They kept taking sh0t and asking about Sophia, the press couldn’t even get any answer as Bryan choose to snub them..
As I got there, they faced me immediately..
🎙is Bryan [email protected]!ngRose or Sophia?
🎙I thought they were seen together this morning??
What happened??..pls as his pal, you should know, tell us!..
“You all should leave..he will tell you everything soon!” I said and they turned their gaze to Clara..
“Who is she??”
“Is he his girlfriend??”
“Are they [email protected]!ng?”
They kept murmuring…
“St©p all this and leave!!!..she is my girlfriend and her name is Clara, do well to post it on the school board” I smiled ma-king Clara cover her face in shy..
“Rose..I have something to tell you” she said the student [email protected]
“We all stared at her in anticipation..”
“What is it dear?”
“I don’t know if your mother is safe anymore, a car took her away today, she told me she was going to meet a man called George, I just don’t think all is well..” She said and we all glanced at each other..
“Why do you think all isn’t well?” Bryan asked..
“Before she was taken away, I happened to be heading to her house, I saw one of the men who would pick, he was on a call, I heard what he said, although it wasn’t so clear but he mentions luring her into the hand of a man he called Xavier!” She said and Bryan jo-lted up in shock, Rose shivered…
Bryan quic-kly called his father…
“Dad!!!..where is Lisa!!” He yelled.
“Lisa?? would I know??” We heard his voice..
“You don’t know??..but you s£nt men to bring her, she said she is going to meet you..”Bryan shouted again..
” I’m surprise at your word, I never s£nt anyone to bring her..” He replied leaving us shocked..
“Oh no!!!” Rose screamed and dashed out with Bryan following..
“Let’s go!” I said..
Lisa’s POV..
I was happy that George finally decided to meet me, I cant just st©p smiling,
“Hey, are you Lisa?” One of the men asked and I nodded..
“Yeah, I am…” I replied and they glanced at themselves with a little sm-irk..
“Why did you allow Rose your daughter to be with Bryan again?..” He asked and pu-ll-ed off his dark glas-s
My eyes popped out as I shivered seeing who he was, this was the same man who injected my daughter with the substance that caused her memory loss that night with Xavier..
How didn’t I recognize him???
“I hope you would be glad to meet Xavier again, you shouldn’t have went to meet George, you shouldn’t have allowed Rose meet Bryan again, you should have stayed low and hidden, now Xavier would get to meet you again, I just pray you get out alive..” He said leaving me terrified..
My head was pounding ha-rd ly..
“He ordered us to bring the mother of the girl Rose who had been an obstacle to his daughter only for her mother to be you Lisa, I just wonder what would be your fate when he finds out…” He said and my whole b©dy freeze..
I felt like I would faint, my worst nightmare was really coming to reality, Xavier is that man I won’t want to have anything to do with again..
I can’t believe I’m going to meet him again…
Oh God!
To be continued.

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