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My black knight Episode 5

🎴Happen 5 (L)
As Produced By Sheriff Squinty
Theme: Mate Of The Cruel Alpha
Hearing that de-ep, husky voice speak my name s£nt shivers down my spine and made me tremble in a way I never would have anticipated before. My Wolf purred de-ep within me and I had to bite my l!pto keep myself from ma-king a similar sound. The moonlight made Gabriel look ethereal, bringing definition to the strong bone structure on his face and his sculpted muscles. Once again, I simply couldn’t believe that fate had given me such a physically perfect other half.
Although I felt lvst stir within me my ra-pid heartbeat could be [email protected] attributed to nervousness. I could not forget my dislike for him and I was unsure how to act or respond.
Gabriel had made no move to further approach me and was simply standing several yards away, studying me. His de-ep black eyes and facial expression were unfathomable as he examined me. I felt heat rise on my skin as our eyes met again. Was I pas-sing his inspection? Was I good enough? The petty [email protected] of me wondered if he was disappointed that I wasn’t a stunning beauty. Perhaps someone like Anne would be better for him in that regard. My Wolf snarled at the notion and I winced inwardly.
Unsure what else to say, I merely echoed his statement.
“Gabriel.” The name felt delightful on my ton-gue and I noticed Gabriel tense, a fli-cker of surprise crossing his features. My Wolf’s purring grew louder; she much enjoyed saying her Mate’s name aloud. I had no doubt that he wasn’t used to people calling him by his name. To everyone else, he was just Alpha. To me, even with the mere handful of words that had pas-sed between us, I felt the inevitable s-en-se of familiarity that [email protected]£ with discovering one’s Mate.
A few more seconds pas-sed with Gabriel remaining unusually still. The normal sounds of the forest seemed to have dimmed in comparison to my racing heartbeat.
Gabriel slowly took a step forward, then another, before st©pping again. He stared at me, his dark eyes reflecting the unusual emotion I had seen in them earlier. It was disbelief and relief, almost awe, as if he had found something that had once been lost. I couldn’t help but feel perplexed at his reaction.
My nervousness increa-sed again and I shifted position. The silence was becoming oppressive and my lvst was unfurling once more as my b©dy recognized our closer distance. I knew I had to say something to break the heavy quiet between us. Without thinking, I blurted out the first thing I thought of.
“I’m sorry I ran.”
It was a simple apology but I meant every word. Despite my dislike and distrust for the power-hungry leader in front of me, the logical side of me knew it would have pained me to see him run away if our roles were reversed. Mates were not supposed to run in opposite directions upon meeting. I was surprised at the lack of anger on his face; I had abandoned him in front of both packs, after all.
Gabriel’s stare intensified as he took a couple steps closer. We now stood less than ten feet [email protected] I could see every detail from his high cheekbones to the contours of muscle beneath his clothing. I swallowed, ha-rd . My Wolf was pushing to get out as I felt the crackling tension between us.
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“Why did you?” He finally said, voice low. There was no anger or hurt in his voice, and despite the question, he did not look confused. A small [email protected] of me suspected that he knew my motivation for running.
I broke eye contact then, staring at the ground. I wanted to make up a feeble excuse but doubted I could lie to such a powerful Alpha, even if he wasn’t my Mate.
“I didn’t know how to react. I had to clear my head.” My cheeks reddened as I thought of how he must have reacted after I took off. He likely thought I was a coward. “I wasn’t expecting to…to discover something like that tonight.”
“I don’t think that fully explains your reaction to finding your own Mate.” Gabriel’s voice had ha-rd ened considerably.
I still could not look up at him. The word ‘Mate’ in as-sociation with him plea-sed my Wolf and made a warm feeling unfurl de-ep within me despite my misgivings. His tone, however, had me on edge.
“I was conflicted. My Wolf and I were in disagreement and I didn’t trust myself around you.” I replied back, trying ha-rd to keep my voice even.
“Why?” He asked, although, once again, I had a suspicion he alre-ady knew and wanted me to say it aloud.
I paused, taking a de-ep breath. “Because you’re the Alpha of the pack that is taking our land.” I wanted to add that I had disliked him for years but was afraid of his reaction. Slowly, I raised my gaze to look into Gabriel’s mesmerizing but haunting eyes. His expression had ha-rd ened yet again and I saw steely anger hovering on his face.
“So you’re predisposed to despise me, as my pack is the enemy.” He replied coolly, attempting to mask his irritation. I gritted my teeth and looked away, staring into the trees. I was unable to deny his claim. The silence stretched between us for a moment.
“So I take it you’re rejecting me then.” His voice was icy now, and my eyes snapped back to him in surprise as I felt my Wolf’s horror within me.
“W-what?” I stuttered in shock, my heart racing. His furious gaze was fixated on me but I thought I could detect another emotion shimmering un-derneath. Was it…hurt? Pain? Or a mixture of both?
Don’t you dare reject him! My Wolf hissed, her anger permeating my entire being. I knew that if I told Gabriel I didn’t want him she would never forgive me. Could I do that to her? [email protected] of me was screaming at me not to, and despite my distrust and dislike, I wasn’t sure I could do that to myself. I knew the pain would be unbearable.
Plus, I tried to reason, what would happen if I rejected Gabriel? He would be furious and hurt; rejection was a rare thing but rejected wolves almost never recovered. There was a chance he would take it out on my family and pack. Even if I didn’t want him at all, (which I knew wasn’t true), I knew I couldn’t risk that chance. Even though my human side disliked and distrusted him, my Wolf was still half of me, and she desperately wanted her Mate. I should’ve known from the beginning that rejecting him wasn’t an option for her.
Realizing he was still staring at me with his b©dy tense and fists clenched, I quic-kly shook my head. “No….no I am not rejecting you. If anything, I thought you wouldn’t want me because of my pack affiliation.” I blinked ra-pidly as that last s£ntence sli-pped out. I hadn’t really thought about it until I said it and I now felt oddly vulnerable expressing such s£ntiment with this powerful wolf in front of me.
His expression changed then as shock and disbelief marred his features. “You thought I would reject you?” The thought seemed repulsive to him. Once again I was struck with surprise at his reaction.
“You’re one of the most powerful Alphas in the country. I’m a completely ordinary she-wolf, from an enemy pack. It doesn’t make s-en-se that Fate put us together.” I couldn’t help the bitterness from leaking into my tone. It was surprisingly easy to express the truth in front of Gabriel even though I found him [email protected]!ngand ba-rely knew him. Perhaps [email protected] of my subconscious realized the mating bond even more than I did.
As Produced By Sheriff Squinty
In the blink of an eye Gabriel was standing in front of me. My heart jo-lted in my che-st; even for a werewolf he had moved unusually fast. I felt goosebu-mps rise on my arms due to his proximity. We were only a foot [email protected] and I had to crane my n£¢k to peer into his eyes. This close, I could see the swirling depths of his dark gaze and every long, dark eyelash. I wanted to reach up and stro-ke his face. My Wolf wanted to do a lot more than that, and she was ma-king it quite apparent.
Worried I would begin to furiously blush, I quic-kly looked away as I attem-pted to slow my racing heart. I furiously reprimanded myself, reminding my subconscious that I was supposed to dislike him. Unfortunately it was near impossible with him standing so close. I could feel electricity between us and I clasped my hands behind my back so I wouldn’t do anything rash.
“You aren’t completely ordinary. You can’t be.” He said softly, confusion evident in his voice. I felt his gaze burning into the side of my face as I avoided looking at him.
“I am.” I replied coolly, inwardly fearing his disappointment and ultimate rejection when he realized I was nothing special. Then I reminded myself that I didn’t care; everything would be much easier for my pack and I if he just left me alone. My Wolf whimpered at the thought of her Mate not wanting her.
“You’re not supposed to exist, because it’s supposed to be impossible for me to have a Mate.” Gabriel continued. My gaze snapped to his face as my brows furrowed in confusion. Every wolf was supposed to have a Mate, what was he talking about?
Slowly, Gabriel lowered his head to the side until his face was a few inches from my n£¢k. My awareness of his proximity spiked and I felt heat rush throu-gh my b©dy. My Wolf wanted me to gr-ab him and f0rç£ him against the nearest tree. Such thoughts were causing warmth to blo-ssom in the lowest regions of my b©dy and I gritted my teeth to resist my more basic instincts.
Gabriel inhaled, slowly, taking in my scent. I heard a soft, low sound of approval de-ep in his che-st as he did so. The husky noise only made my bodily s-en-sations worse and I quic-kly took a couple of steps back. He raised his head to meet my gaze then, his eyes darker than usual.
He opened his mouth to speak but then froze, listening. I perked my ears as well. Was someone nearby? After hearing nothing, I determined that someone in Gabriel’s pack must have been trying to get his attention. Judging by his facial expression, which shifted from mild irritation to furious anger, it was something important.
I waited, shifting from foot to foot and trying to get ahold of myself as Gabriel continued his telepathic conversation. I should be grateful for the distraction, I thought. Gabriel’s proximity had been driving me crazy, causing me to temporarily forget my strong feelings of dislike. What the hell was wrong with me?
You are designed, we are designed to want him. Don’t fight it, my Wolf cautioned.
And I have been led to despise him because of what he is doing to our pack.
How can you despise what Fate has demanded you to love? She replied softly.
I was saved from responding by Gabriel, who swiveled his head back to face me. “There is a pack emergency. I’m going back.”
I blinked in surprise and felt a mild surge of frustration. I still had no idea what I was supposed to do next. In a traditional relationsh!pthe female would join the male’s pack and live with him after they Mated, but I was nowhere close to re-ady for such a thing. In fact, the thought of living in the Black Mountains Pack territory was horrifying. I nee-ded some more time to figure things out. To make matters worse, our conversation had only served to muddle my emotions even more.
Truthfully, a large [email protected] of me didn’t want him to go. There was still so much left to discuss, and on t©p of that my Wolf would pine after him the second he left, I knew. But if Gabriel thought the emergency was important enough to return to his pack I was going to make no attempt to dissuade him.
“I can’t wait here. Alpha Brett and my father expect me home.” I replied, infusing my tone with finality. He wouldn’t order me to return with him, would he? I would have no idea how to handle such a situation.
I saw a glimmer of irritation in Gabriel’s eyes but then it was gone. He slowly took a step forward. With his hulking height and muscled physique, the action almost looked menacing, especially with the light of the moon throwing his face into a sharp contrast of light and shadow.
For a moment I thought he was going to f0rç£ me to come with him. From what I had been told he was merciless and demanding; it wouldn’t be out of character. The moment stretched on until the tension was nearly unbearable as he stared me down, deliberating.
“Very well, I won’t make you return with me.” He finally said, his tone devoid of emotion. I blinked in surprise. [email protected] of me hadn’t expected such consideration.
“I just….nee-d to think,” I muttered as he stared at me. The excuse sounded feeble even to me but I had no clue what else to say.
“Then think. But in the meantime, Skylar, don’t forget that Fate has determined you to be my Mate. I expect your pack to respect that.” The last [email protected] [email protected]£ out nearly in a growl, his eyes flashing. Some [email protected] of me idly wondered if he meant that generally, or if he was referring to anything in [email protected]…for instance, if he’d noticed Will comforting me in the clearing. The whole Meeting was a blur now – I couldn’t remember if Will had maintained the contact in Gabriel’s pres£nce.
My Wolf yipped in excitement and I felt a strange mix of fear and plea-sure as he verbally determined me as his. Although my logical side recoiled from such a cruel wolf claiming me, the rest of my being could not help but feel elated at the proclamation. It was a confusing mix of feelings.
Before I could retort, Gabriel had moved to the edge of the clearing in the blink of an eye. He made to enter the woods but then turned back over his shoulder. His gaze fixated on me and held me in place as I was mesmerized once more by the black pools of his eyes. We stood there, motionless, for a few seconds. I couldn’t help but feel as if the world had st©pped around us and was holding its breath, watching.
He had a strange look on his face as he stared at me, his eyes roving over my figure then rising again to my face. If I didn’t know any better I would have thought his expression was one of ba-rely concealed longing. The logical side of my [email protected] tried to convince me that was impossible.
“I know you dislike me, but I will not apologize for my pack’s actions against yours.” His tone was cli-pped, without remorse. I opened my mouth without thinking, feeling a surge of anger at his brusque and unfeeling comments but he cut me off. “I will be seeing you very soon, Skylar.” And with my name hanging from hisl-ips, he vanished into the trees.
I stood there for several minutes, staring after him. My mind was a complete mess, muddled with so many thoughts and emotions that I did not even know where to begin. Gabriel was as infuriating, cold, and demanding as I had thought, but I had seen real emotion in a few brief instances, like when he asked if I was going to reject him, when he took in my scent, and even that look on his face before he left. I couldn’t help but feel that there was a lot more depth to him than anyone in my pack had ever realized.
But I shouldn’t be thinking such things, should I? He had caused death and destruction in our pack. He was my Mate, and that sure as hell confused things, but it didn’t erase the past. I was supposed to feel only hatred for him, and here I was transfixed by his power and beauty.
I’m pathetic, I thought miserably. My Wolf attem-pted to soothe me, liking these newfound ideas about her Mate, but it did little to help because I alre-ady knew her thoughts on the matter.
I had to get back home. Perhaps getting away from here would help my mind be free of the thoughts of Gabriel. My parents and Alpha Brett could help talk some s-en-se into me, or at least distract me.
I nee-ded to contact them and inform them that I was coming home. I opened my mind once more, expecting Alpha Brett’s and my father’s pres£nces to once more enter in a rush. To my surprise, they were there, but my father seemed much more restrained and in control of his emotions than last time.
Dad, Alpha Brett, I’m coming home, I’ll leave now. I just talked to him and he said-
Skylar, I think home would be a better place to talk about this. My father replied calmly. I could s-en-se Alpha Brett’s agreement. There is a lot to discuss. Your mother still has to hear about this and it would be better to go over it in person.
I did not want my mother to know about this but there was obviously no way around it. I sighed in resignation. I’ll be there as soon as I can. I glanced up; it was a while until sunrise and our pack village was hours away at a wolf’s speed. It’ll likely be morning or afternoon.
Hunt along the way, my father replied. Focusing on him more, I could tell that his mental state of calm was more f0rç£d than I previously thought. It wouldn’t be good to push him now.
Keep your eyes and ears open, Skylar. Let us know if you run into anything. That was Alpha Brett, and with one last mental goodbye, they were gone.

After shifting into wolf form, heading west for a bit and catching a quic-k meal of rabbit, I decided I was in r0ûghly the right position to head directly north, which would take me to our home on the far side of the valley. I was still relatively close to the meeting place and it was best to just put all of that behind me, for now. No s-en-se in wasting any more time.
I began to run in full wolf speed, forcing all of my doubts and confused emotions into fuel to increase my pace even further. The un-dergrowth rushed by in a blur beside my powerful figure as I leapt over rocks and logs in a single bound, thri-lling in the joy of running completely free. It was true that running really was the best thera-py, and with the haunting promise of Gabriel seeing me again soon, my Wolf at least was letting me be.
I ran like that for a long while before deciding to take a break. For all I knew the Meeting wasn’t even over yet; they could often last hours because of negotiations. It seemed more likely that the ‘pack emergency’ Gabriel had was enough to cause an end to the Meeting but I couldn’t be sure, and I definitely did not want to beat my father home and encounter my mother alone.
I had just lowered my head to a nearby creek in order to quench my thirst when I felt it.
Someb©dy or something was watching me.
The fur on the back up my n£¢k stood up with awareness and I quic-kly swiveled my head from side to side, trying to catch a glimpse of whoever was nearby. I saw nothing except the trees swaying with the breeze, leaves rustling. Pricking my ears, I listened intently.
That was unusual in itself. Usually, if I listened ha-rd enough, I could hear the faint cries of small animals, the chirping of birds, or even the noises of various insects. However, the forest around me was oddly still. It wasn’t the same feeling I’d had in the clearing with Gabriel. This time it was as if the forest was hiding from something.
A de-ep growl emanated from my che-st as I raised my head, sniffing the air. If anyone was close by, I would be able to smell them with my overly keen s-en-ses. For half of a second, I caught a whiff of something unfamiliar. It didn’t smell like anything I recognized, animal or human, and it definitely didn’t smell like a werewolf. Even with such a brief whiff I could tell it was dangerous, and I growled louder.
Lowering myself into a crouch, I sniffed once more, fur standing on end. Again, I detected nothing. A growl continued to emanate from my throat as my claws dug into the ground.
I remained in that position for a few more moments but I could not catch the scent again. Whatever had been nearby was gone.
My fur slowly [email protected] again as my s-en-se of awareness disappeared. Whatever the hell it was had left me alone but I was paranoid now. I nee-ded to get home before it [email protected]£ back. I had no idea what had been watching me but I knew instinctively that it was highly dangerous.
I took off running for home again, my Wolf and I both on high alert.

I tried to put the thoughts of the unknown creature and Gabriel’s dark eyes out of my mind as hours pas-sed and the sun finally rose. Tendrils of color stretched across the sky, turning it brilliant hues of orange, yellow, and pink. The forest around me was thrown into sharp relief, every leaf and twig defined by the bright light of the sun. I was trekking downhill now into the gigantic valley we called home. I could see the entire [email protected] the land thanks to the beautiful sunrise. I was struck by a pang of possessiveness as I gazed at our territory…the territory my Mate was trying to take away.
What would Gabriel do now? I still felt my dislike and distrust for him, but I was unsure if my original idea of his character was accurate. After all, if he was as cruel as they said, he would have Claimed me without my permission or f0rç£d me to come along with him. Yet he didn’t. That meant he had a selfless bone somewhere in his b©dy, right?
After st©pping once more to rest for a while and dine on another rabbit I found nestled in a burrow, I started on the final leg of my trip. I kept a slower pace now to as-sure that I wouldn’t beat everyone home. The slow trot had my Wolf pacing in anticipation; she didn’t like moving at what felt like a snail’s speed. However, it did allow me to appreciate the full beauty of the morning as I watched the sun rise in the sky and morning turn to early afternoon.
Fortunately, a couple hours later I caught my father’s scent on the wind and knew they had beaten me home. I picked up my speed again then st©pped at the fringe of the trees before shifting back into human form. I had tied my clothes ti-ghtly around my ankle before shifting and I retrieved them now, swiftly donning them and exiting the shelter of the forest.
I smelled them before I saw them. As I turned the corner, I [email protected]£ face-to-face with Alpha Brett. He and all of the others from the group that attended the Meeting were standing around nervously, talking amongst themselves and waiting for my arrival. As soon as I entered their peripheral all heads turned to face me. I detected a wi-de range of expressions from nervousness to outright disapproval.
“Skylar, we’ve got to talk about this.” That was my father, stepping forward and speaking softly.
It was time to face my pack, but instead of looking at me as Skylar, they were looking at me as their worst enemy’s new Mate.

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