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My black knight Episode 14 & 15

🎴Happen 14 & 15 (VL)
As Produced By Sheriff Squinty
Theme: Decision
Although some [email protected] of me dimly registered the various aches and pains as-saulting my b©dy, for some reason I felt secure. Safe. Warm. It was as if in the darkness of sleep I was holding onto something that was protecting and healing me. I didn’t want to let go of this source of protec-tion and warmth so I drew closer, holding it to me dearly. In this moment I thought that everything was right in the world. Tethered to my source of security and holding onto it ti-ghtly, I quic-kly fell dee-per into the confines of a dreamless sleep.
Some time pas-sed before I felt the coldness begin to seep into my bones. I was no longer clinging to the heat source and I felt oddly empty and alone without it, although I did not know what had been the source of my security in the first place. Without it my b©dy felt isolated and weak and the dull ache from my injuries began to return. As my mind awakened, I began to pu-ll away from the impene-trable blackness in which I had sle-pt. [email protected] of my [email protected] wanted to stay asleep and not have to face the world yet but I fought against this notion. I could now hear my Wolf in the back of my mind and she was urging me to wake up.
My eyes snapped open and I blinked, disoriented. As I adjusted to the lighting in the room I glanced around, determining my location. I felt a small trickle of shock as I realized I was back in my be-droom. The blinds were open and I could see that the sun had just gone down and the moon was beginning to rise. My room was quite warm but oddly enough I still felt cold. Everything in my room was as I left it, but how had I gotten here?
I frowned in puzzlement, the seconds pas-sing by as I tried to work out the mystery of how I had gotten back to my house when the last thing I remembered was….
Vampires! It all rushed back to me in an instant and I tried to sit up, wincing as my b©dy protested. Everything [email protected]£ back in a flood of images as I arranged myself in a sitting position. Although I was so-re, it did not hurt nearly as bad as it should’ve and I realized my father must have worked on me. Werewolves healed fast naturally but there was no way it should be this painless. I as-sumed I hadn’t been asleep more than a day, fervently hoping my as-sumption was correct.
My mind quic-kly wandered to the last thing I had seen before I dozed off. My father, Will, Maria, and Gabriel had come to my rescue and I remembered hearing violent fighting behind me as my father crouched before me. The thought of Gabriel fighting the vampires that had hurt me made my Wolf growl in satisfaction. I felt a rush of emotion at the thought of my Mate and I had to f0rç£ it down; I was still supposed to dislike him, and I was beginning to fail miserably, especially since he’d just shown an entirely different side by coming to rescue me. I nee-ded to thank him for that, despite my misgivings about everything.
Just then I realized that I could detect a faint sound coming from downstairs. Utilizing my werewolf hearing, I honed in on the noises. Voices emanated upstairs towards my be-droom, and as I listened they began to grow louder until I did not have to strain to hear them. Clearly there was an argument breaking out downstairs. I detected my father’s voice first, then Alpha Brett’s, then Gabriel’s.
My Mate’s husky baritone set me on edge and made my stomach clench in a way that was not at all unplea-sant.
“You don’t have a choice,” Gabriel was saying, an un-dertone of anger in his voice.
“She’s our daughter, we damn well have a choice!” My father snapped back. I [email protected] quietly in surprise that he would have the gall to talk to Gabriel like that. Then again, they were clearly talking about me, and my father was extremely overprotective.
I slowly swung my legs towards the edge of the be-d, only wincing slightly this time. I knew the so-reness would abate soon. Right now I had more pressing matters to worry about.
“Lower your voice!” My mom said, her voice quieter than the others. “You’ll wake her up!”
“Shouldn’t she be waking up soon? She’s been out for hours.” That was Alpha Brett speaking.
The conversation resumed but their voices were lower and I decided I should just go downstairs. My skin prickled at the thought of seeing my Mate again and I didn’t try to rationalize it this time. I was attra-cted to him and drawn to him and I couldn’t do anything about it. My Wolf agreed smugly.
That doesn’t mean I like him, I said wryly. She ignored me.
I stood up, unsteadily at first, but regaining my balance after a few seconds. I glanced down somewhat warily at my attire; I was in a loose T-shi-t and pajama shorts that might be a bit small for pres£nt company.
“You will do NO such thing!” My father suddenly yelled and my sleepwear was forgotten as I hurried stiffly towards the door.
“Are you saying you can st©p me?” Replied Gabriel coldly. The threat behind his words made me uneasy.
“Are you threatening us while in our territory?” Alpha Brett bit out. I had opened the door and started down the stairs. My eyes fell upon the scene occurring in our living room and my agitation only increa-sed. Gabriel had his back towards me but judging by the stiff way he stood and the tautness of his muscles, he was re-ady for a fight. Alpha Brett was glaring at him furiously and I was nervous, but for some reason I was more nervous for Alpha Brett than I was for Gabriel. While my Alpha was a strong wolf, I instinctively knew somehow that Gabriel would win in a fight. Surely Alpha Brett would not be foolish enough to take him on one on one. That was the lawful setting for an Alpha fight to occur, but I hoped he wasn’t considering it.
Abs£ntmindedly I wondered, as I had before I’d pas-sed out, how Gabriel had found out I was in trouble. I resolved to ask later; we had not completed the Mating process so I wasn’t sure how he could’ve known. Was my pain so intense when the vampire bit me that Gabriel felt an echo of it from that far away? I suspected that was the case. For now though, I had to figure out how to diffuse the situation.
My parents were off to the side, my mom nervously b!tt!g one of her nails as she sat on the couch, my father standing behind her as he gr!pp£dthe back of the couch. His knuckles were turning white. My father’s eyes snapped to my face as Gabriel spoke.
“You do know I can just Command you to make her go with me, right?” I froze with dismay as I remembered Gabriel’s uncanny ability to Command other Alphas, an ability that had yet to be explained. Judging by the dark look on Alpha Brett’s face he remembered quite well.
And what did he mean, go with him?
“What is going on?” I cut in before I could st©p myself, horrified at the thought that he would Command my family or Alpha like that.
Gabriel spun around in an instant and all eyes focused on me. I blu-shed, not liking the sudden attention. Gabriel’s dark eyes [email protected]£ unfathomable before slowly roving up and down my expo-sed legs. My blush de-epened and I felt my heart rate skyrocket because of his close scrutiny.
“You’re awake!” My mother’s voice broke the tension and she bounded over to me before pu-lling me into a tender hvg, minding my injuries. Still feeling embarras-sed I tried to smile at her as she pu-ll-ed back, blue eyes meeting mine. “Oh Skylar I was so worried….we never should have let you go…” She began, features contorting with sadness.
“Rene, we have more important things to worry about right now,” My father said tiredly, indicating Gabriel with a j£rk of his head. “Although we will talk about her decision to go…later.” His look [email protected]£ stern but I detected relief as he gazed at me.
“What’s going on?” I asked cautiously. I could still feel Gabriel’s pene-trating gaze trained on me. I shifted uncomfortably.
Alpha Brett began to speak but Gabriel cut him off. “You’re coming to live with me,” he said tonelessly.
I couldn’t resist looking at him then, and I was sure my surprise and uncertainty were evident on my face as my mouth fell open slightly with shock. His eyes caught and held mine and my Wolf began to pace restlessly as my b©dy heated up yet again. How could he look so S-xy just standing there? His dark hair was tousled and his shi-t did nothing to hide his physique. I definitely wanted to….
Damn it Skylar, st©p! I scolded my b©dy’s reactions. I had to get myself un-der control.
“No you aren’t,” My father bit out, distracting me from my traitorous lvst.
Gabriel’s inscrutable expression [email protected]£ angry and he wrenched his gaze from mine. “Yes she is. I don’t care if you’re her father I WILL Command you. Do not forget who you are talking to. I am being courteous by telling you instead of Commanding you but I won’t hesitate to make this an order.”
My father shook with anger but did not move. I could tell he was weighing the options in his head. As for me, I wasn’t quite sure what to think. Of course my Wolf was howling at me to go and a large [email protected] of me did not want to leave his side, but the logical side of me was afraid. Live with him, with the Black Mountains Pack that I hated. I would be away from my family when I ba-rely knew him. How could I do that? Did I even have a choice? I knew realistically, if I wanted to get to know him better, I nee-ded to live with him. That was how it traditionally worked when Mates were from different packs, anyways.
Getting to know him was both a terrifying and alluring concept.
Alpha Brett looked like he wanted to snarl but was very much trying to reign himself in. I was worried that either he or my father would make a stupid move and I couldn’t let that happen. It was my Mate, so my problem to deal with. I gathered every ounce of courage that I had.
“Umm guys, could I talk to Gabriel?” The name felt so perfect coming out of my mouth and out of the corner of my eye I saw my Mate stiffen. “Alone plea-se?” I was almost quaking with nervousness at the thought of being alone with him but the tension in here could be cut with a knife and I had to do something.
My father looked like he very much did not want to leave me alone with Gabriel but my mother saw the look in my eye and gently put a hand on his arm. “Alexander, it’s what she wants,” she said hesitantly, looking between me and Gabriel. Alpha Brett had shoved his hands in his pockets and was staring at Gabriel mistrustfully.
“Okay, Skylar. Let me know if you nee-d anything.” He ground out after several seconds before tossing my parents a look and stri-ding out of the room. My father opened his mouth to protest but I spoke before he could.
“plea-se, Dad. Let me handle this. Just for a minute.” I silently pled with my eyes, even though [email protected] of me was freaking out at being here alone with Gabriel. Hopefully I could control my Wolf before she tried to make me jump him.
With an angry huff my father finally nodded. “But if you decide to go, it better be your choice and only your choice. If not, we’ll have an entirely different discussion,” he snarled. If he had been speaking in that manner to any other wolf, it would have been incredibly [email protected]!ng. In this situation, though, Gabriel merely turned to face him, a threatening growl rumbling in his che-st in response. I shivered at the sound, trying to hold myself together while giving my father half-hearted smile.
Then my parents left and I was alone with my Mate.
Gabriel slowly turned back towards me. I couldn’t help but admire the way the dim lighting in the room created shadows that fell across his face, accentuating his handsome features. I could now un-derstand why everyone said that when you found your Mate, it was as if they were made just for you, created just to be with you. Gabriel was the most physically perfect specimen I could ever imagine. I felt frail and un-derwhelming in comparison.
For a split second Gabriel looked uncertain before he resumed his unfathomable expression. His posture had relaxed slightly although he still looked somewhat uneasy. I couldn’t blame him. It was especially difficult to focus with my Wolf conjuring up inappropriate images in the back of my mind. Although Gabriel stood a good ten feet from me, I could feel the tension crackling in the air; it was nearly unbearable.
“You could have asked me first,” I finally said, breaking the taut silence.
“You were unconscious when I made the decision.” He replied unapologetically.
“It would have been easier to wake me up than to threaten my family.” I stated, unable to keep the accusatory tone out of my voice. I didn’t like the idea of them being bullied by my Mate just because he always got what he wanted.
“Threaten?” He asked, slightly incredulous. “If you thought that was me truly threatening them, you’re more naïve than I thought.”
I blinked, feeling a surge of irritation at his condescending tone. I had a pride streak a mile wi-de and did not like being spoken to like that. “Well you were talking about Commanding them-” I began but he cut me off.
“I will Command them if they try to argue,” He replied dismissively.
“Do I get no choice in the matter?” I demanded, feeling a surge of [email protected] despite Gabriel’s [email protected]!ngpres£nce.
His gaze ha-rd ened. “Not when you do reckless things, like go to a town infested with vampires.”
I clenched my fists, feeling my anger rise. “How was I supposed to know there were vampires there? I didn’t even know vampires existed! Unlike you, apparently, because they knew all about you!”
Gabriel actually looked slightly guilty for a split second, taking a step forward. “I’ve heard about them.” That answer seemed oddly vague to me, but I didn’t have time to argue before he continued, “I didn’t know they would come after you.”
I did not feel any less angry. “Well, they did. I don’t un-derstand how I’m so “reckless” when they only [email protected]£ after me to ask where YOU were!” The last few days had made me short tempered and [email protected] than usual, or perhaps I was getting using to his pres£nce. I was learning how to speak my mind in front of him.
“I didn’t think you’d leave your pack and go looking for trouble or I would have warned you.” He said, and the slightly condescending tone was back. I gritted my teeth as I felt another rush of anger.
“I wasn’t “looking for trouble,” I was trying to st©p thinking about YOU!” I replied heatedly, my cheeks feeling exceptionally warm as I admitted that. He seemed taken aback, staring at me with his inscrutable expression back in place.
“I went to town to clear my mind. I had no idea I’d be captured by beings that I thought were mythical and then physically abused while they tried to get me to tell them your location.” I continued, my tone darkening as I remembered my painful experience. That, combined with Gabriel’s cold and antagonistic attitude right now, was incredibly aggravating and I had no idea why he was acting like this was entirely my fault. Sure, I’d gone to the town, and I’d followed the scent of blood thinking someone was in trouble. Who would have guessed that I would be captured by vampires?
But he had come after me to save me, right? Surely that meant something, despite his inexplicable attitude at the moment.
I blinked and took a shocked step backwards as Gabriel suddenly appeared in front of me, only a foot away. The electricity between us intensified and I felt my Wolf stirring with lvst now that her Mate was within arm’s reach. I looked down at the ground, afraid to look in his eyes. I wasn’t sure why he was acting the way he was but I was beginning to realize that I felt…hurt. Hurt that he seemed to blame me for the whole vampire incident.
“I tore them [email protected],” He said softly, his voice de-ep with suppressed emotion. I slowly looked up to see that his eyes were intense, burning with something unrecognizable. “I gave those vampires what they deserved for tou-ching you.”
I felt goosebu-mps rise along my arms and inside I felt a small thri-ll at his protective words, although I was still confused by his mood swings. I quic-kly averted my gaze, afraid of what I would do if I looked at him for too long. A few tense seconds pas-sed by before he spoke again.
“I want you to come with me so I can keep an eye on you. The vampires won’t give up on you.”
“But my family is here.” I replied softly, still looking away. I knew my argument was weak. It was normal for a wolf to leave their family behind when they found their Mate; I was just reaching for excuses now.
“I’m an Alpha. You can’t honestly think my Wolf will just stand by and let you stay here.” He retorted.
“Bullying my pack is not the way to go about it,” I said, matching his tone. I thought I heard a faint growl in his che-st.
“Like I said, they don’t have a choice.” His tone had become unapologetic again. I detected a trace of irritation.
“But I do and-”
“Dammit, Skylar!” Gabriel snapped, my name sounding wonderful in his husky voice. I felt a flutter of fear as he advanced and suddenly I was backed up against the wall as he leaned over me, his arms above my head on each side as he supported his weight. His scent washed over me and my nostrils flared as I took it in. Despite his daunting stance I couldn’t help the bu-tterflies that erupted in my stomach as he said my name, nor could I help the secret invigoration as I saw the frustration etched on his face, although my attra-ction was mingled with unease.
“Do you have any idea what it is like to feel your Mate’s excruciating pain and not be able to do anything about it because she’s hours away? She’s suffering, and you weren’t there to protect her?” Dimly I realized that my suspicions were confirmed, that he knew I was in danger when he felt the bite. He must have run incredibly fast to make it all the way to town and meet up with the others in half a day.
“I…” I began hesitantly.
“You could have died.” He said, quieter now, his eyes boring into mine. His voice had taken on a rou-gh edge. I thought I could detect true emotion in his expression and it bewildered me, as I’d never seen him look vulnerable, even for a split second. The moment pas-sed but I could still feel the heat of his conviction. I was hyper-aware of just how close we were and I urged to reach a hand up and stro-ke his face, feel the muscles on his arms and che-st. Instead I maintained a straight face and held my arms at my sides, trying not to let my b©dy betray me.
“I am not risking that again. So whether you like it or not you are accompanying me back to my home.”
He backed away then and I felt a rush of disappointment at the lack of contact, feeling as if air was being pu-ll-ed out of my lungs. I wanted to be near him so badly it was like oxygen, and inhaling his scent was so compelling to me and my Wolf; the thought of that scared me. But I was even more frightened of the way my heart was beating erratically in my che-st due to the brief glimmer of sincerity I had seen in his expression. He did care for me on some level and I was afraid of what he was doing to me.
And de-ep inside of me, I knew I would go with him. Not only because my Wolf was refusing to let me stay or because Gabriel might f0rç£ my family into letting me go if I refused, but because [email protected] of me truly did want to go. He may have been a emotionless as-s-hole at times but there was something else there, something de-ep down. Fate had given me Gabriel for a reason. Perhaps I was supposed to help him and balance him out. I knew it would be foolish to give away the only Mate I would ever get without trying to get to know him. I would miss my family but we shared pack territory, and I knew there was a way I’d be able to see them. As for the Black Mountains Pack, as much as they frightened me, I knew they couldn’t hurt me. My Mate was their Alpha.
This is the right decision, my Wolf whispered softly in my mind. She sounded so sure of herself, although I knew she was incredibly biased in this situation.
I slowly raised my gaze, finally meeting Gabriel’s. His emotionless mask was back in place but I wouldn’t forget that brief emotion I had seen in his dark eyes.
“If you promise to leave my family and pack alone I will go with you.” I said quietly. I was fully aware that he could be brutal and f0rç£ me to come with no promises, but I hoped he wouldn’t. Besides, if he gave his word not to harm my pack, it would help as-suage some of my concerns.
Gabriel looked away, jaw clenched. “I have more significant problems at the moment,” was his reply, and I took that as the best affirmative I was going to get.
I exhaled wearily. “At least let me say goodbye? Can we wait until the morning?” I didn’t want to go very long before seeing my parents again but I figured it was not the best time to negotiate with Gabriel, he was wound ti-ghtly enough alre-ady.
“Make it quic-k. I’ve been away from my pack for long enough.” His tone was cli-pped and I sighed internally. It seemed as if that slight glimpse of true emotion was all I would be getting for a while.

An hour or two later, I stood outside with my family and close friends around me in a semicircle. My father had not liked my decision to say the least. It had taken a considerable amount of arguing and pleading and reasoning to get him to fully un-derstand where I was coming from, and I could tell he only conceded my point because he didn’t want Gabriel resulting to more drastic measures to bring me back to his pack. Not that my father could have really st©pped either one of us from the beginning; it was werewolf custom to live with one’s Mate.
Despite his reluctance I knew my father really did un-derstand. After Gabriel had come to help rescue me from the vampires he had earned the tiniest sliver of my father’s trust, at least when it [email protected]£ to me. When I explained to him (and later my mother) that this is what I had decided, that I wanted to give my Mate a chance, they eventually caved. I knew they disliked Gabriel but, as my Mate and an Alpha, it was his right by law to bring me to his pack if I chose to go. It was going against Nature to keep a wolf from her Mate, after all.
Alpha Brett gave me a gruff hvg before walking away, leaving me with my parents, Maria, and Will. My mom had tears in her bright blue eyes. We were currently standing in a clearing a couple of hours from my house. Gabriel was located near enough to hear our conversation but at a respectable distance, for which I was grateful. I didn’t nee-d his unnerving pres£nce when I felt so vulnerable. He stood, poised and alert, gazing into the distance.
My mom wra-pped me into what must have been my tenth hvg, a blonde curl tou-ching my cheek as she nuzzled me. I felt a pang of sadness at the thought of leaving her. My father was next, pu-lling me into a secure [email protected]
“Don’t forget to mind link with us every day,” he said softly, attempting to make a wry joke. I smiled slightly and his face grew serious. “Skylar, let me know if you nee-d anything.” His look was significant and I caught the double meaning behind his words.
Next Maria [email protected]£ forward, wra-pping a dark tress of hair around her f!nger like she always did when she was nervous. “Skylar…” she began softly. Her eyes contained so much worry that I hvgged her ti-ghtly on reflex.
“I never got to thank you guys for everything,” I said, noticing Will had come forward and was standing next to us. He tried to grin reas-suringly but it [email protected]£ out more as a grimace.
“You would have done it for me,” Maria replied, smiling slightly. “I’m just glad you’re okay.” She squee-zed my hand ti-ghtly. “Come visit soon? We nee-d to catch up on Law and Order.” I laughed at that and was pas-sed over to Will. I relaxed into the familiarity of his hvg, inhaling his scent. He had consistently been there for me, and I’d always appreciated his companionsh!p.
He re-leased me, raising one of his hands to gently cu-p my cheek. An unusual, almost haunted look [email protected]£ into his blue eyes as he studied me intensely, eyes examining every inch of my face.
“Will?” I queried, confused by his expression.
He li-cked hisl-ips, almost appearing nervous. His thumb stro-ked my cheek and I shifted slightly, aware of my Mate’s pres£nce nearby. I got the impression that Will was gathering the courage for something, and the only reason he was about to say it was because it might be his last chance for a while.
“Skylar…I…” Will began, voice cracking slightly as he spoke. I frowned, wondering what the hell was up with him. He hesitated, as if deciding if whatever he was about to say was really a good idea.
I got a strange s-en-se of foreboding and quic-kly spoke.
“Don’t worry Will. I’ll be back soon.”
“I know it’s just….” He was interrupted by a low, threatening growl nearby. I quic-kly stepped away from Will to see that Gabriel had come over to us and was standing next to me, glaring daggers at Will. His hands were balled into fists and his expression looked murderous.
“Get away from her, pup,” Gabriel snarled, and I was shocked by the venom in his tone. Will gave me a frustrated look as his face flu-shed a beet red. He quic-kly turned and strode away, my Mate glaring after him. I sh0t Maria a confused look but she just looked very uncomfortable, giving me a small wave before walking off as well.
“Calm down, you shouldn’t talk to-” I began, turning towards my Mate, but Gabriel had picked up my bag of necessities in one hand and was alre-ady stri-ding towards the trees. At least he was nice enough to carry it for me, I thought wryly, although it wasn’t heavy to me.
“We nee-d to get going,” he snapped, anger still evident in his voice. Apparently he was not going to be in a good mood for this trip.
Sighing, I gave both of my parents one last hvg before heading towards the green fringe of the forest. I gave a final wave over my shoulder before entering the forest, where I would be running in Wolf form in front of my Mate for the first time.
And within a day I would be living with him. Despite my reservations, I couldn’t help but feel slightly hopeful as I thought about what the future held.

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