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Most wanted maid Episode 6 to 10

Most wanted maid
Episode 6 to 10
Life had not been fair to Sonia.All her life,she had toiled and worked to raise money.Since she finished secondary school;fees of which she saw to,she worked ardously like a man to support her mom,who had a failing health.
Her mother,instead of appreciating the poor girl’s efforts,made matters worst by always telling her she’s a weakling.Sonia just couldn’t figure out why her mother of all people should call her a weakling inasmuch as she involves herself in different types of menial jobs inorder to make both ends meets.
It actually happened that she got home one day with bruises all over her b©dy as a result of the countless number of times she fell down,climbing a ladder,carrying a headpan filled with mixed sand,concrete,cement and water.
The contractors at first refused allowing her to work due to the fact that she’s a women.Women were not allowed to do such work but she begged and pleadd with them to give her a chance;to test her and see how strong she was.
After carrying four headpans of the heavy mixture to the second decking throu-gh a ladder slanting against a the rou-gh wall,she felt weak,missed a step and fell from the ladder,while the headpan and its contents fell on her.
It was then she confirmed that”not everything a man can do that a woman can do better”
The contractor had compas-sion on her and paid her some money so she can go home and buy some drugs.
She expected her mother to feel sorry for her,seeing those bruises on her b©dy but instead,the provoking old woman added salt to her injuries by telling her she was too lazy.
“mom,plea-se,st©p telling me’s breaking my heart.its killing my know too well that i am trying my best”She sniffed,knowing she was just a step away from crying.She fought the tears that threatened and blinked them back.She was tired of shedding endless tears from the hurting words from her mother.
“how many people got bruises on their b©dy there?”the bitter woman asked.
Sonia just stared at her without a word.Right from the day she started imagining and thinking with her [email protected],her mothers attitude towards her had always made her wonder if she was actually her biological mother
“How many people fell from the building?”Her mother asked again
Sonia was not surprised at her mother.It was no new kind of question to her.Her mother had always remained a mystery to her.
“mum,i was the only woman there.You know its not for women but i had to do it.I had to do it mum;to raise some money inorder to get you more drugs.i just dont know why you are always hostile to me mom”There were tears in her voice this time as she went for a seat,holding her aching leg,sobbing and [email protected] ing in pain.
“you are too lazy”
That was all she heard the woman she called her mother say;with a disdainful hiss.
“mom, you know what? Overtime i have always wondered if i actually [email protected]£ out from your wo-mb”Sonia said and stormed out of the house with the pains she felt all over her b©dy,to get some pain killers.
__Being a pretty young girl,she was so much admired by young men and even the married ones alike but she never paid them any attention.Paul,one of the young men in her neighbourhood vowed to have his way with her by all means.He had tried everything un-der his power to earn her friendsh!pbut she abruptly turned him down.
“baby i don’t mean any harm.i just want to be a friend.i wish you can just come over to my house one of these days to see where i live”Paul had one day told her.
When Sonia finally visited him,after agreeing to be just a friend,Paul offered her a drink and she took it.
The next thing she discovered was that she opened her eyes and found herself on the be-d,stack n-ked.Not even a [email protected] was on her.Blood was all over the be-dspre-ad.
“noooo.Jesus nooo”she covered her face with her palms and cried out in pains.
She opened her eyes again and found Paul at one corner of the room,staring at her.She quic-kly [email protected]£d the be-d spre-ad and covered her unclothedness.
With eyes full of tears she focused her gaze on him
“Paul.paul why.whyyy paul.You betrayed my trust paul.I told you i am a vir-gin.Do you have to do this?”She couldn’t control the tears anymore as they flowed freely from her eyes.
Paul [email protected]£ closer to comfort her.Sonia angrily threw the pillow at him.
“Don’t come near me,She barked,i hate you!”
“Sonia,i am sorry.i didnt know you were telling the truth”Paul pleaded.He felt bad though but he was happy he got what he actually wanted.Now he can let her be,while he goes out in search of new chicks.
Sonia soon discovered that Paul no longer had interest in her,probably because he got what he had been looking for.
Her heart was totally shattered when Paul told her to go her way.
“You cant use and dump me”Sonia warned
“I just did”Paul told her.
__Sonia made up her mind to take revenge on Paul.He must pay for taking her pride away and dumping her.
“I still love you paul.After that first time you made love to me,i feel like doing it with you again and again.i nee-d you paul.i nee-d you to make me feel like a woman again”She said as she stormed into his room.
Paul’s face lit up.He couldnt wait to have a taste of the sweet thing once again.She wore a dress revea-ling a clear view of her fair,elegant and inviting b0ss0m.
He stood up,went close and gave her a warm [email protected] wra-pped herl-ips over his and they drank in the plea-sure of blissful k!sses.Paul took his time R0m-ncing and [email protected]£ss!ngevery [email protected] of her as she [email protected] ed softly and excited him the more.She knew she had to do this inorder for her plans to be successful because if Paul should by any means find out why she [email protected]£,he might end up being the one killing her.
After a ha-rd k!ss!ngand R0m-ncing for what seemed like an eternity,paul took her off the ground like a baby and off to the be-d he ran without knowing he was just a few minutes away from death.
As he [email protected] on the be-d,she drew his head closer and k!$$£d him one more time before throwing him down on the be-d and sat at©p him,[email protected]£ss!nghim magically.
“oh you are an angel baby.Continue”Paul sang as he closed his eyes in plea-sure.Sonia saw this as the perfect opportunity to attack.
With one hand,she slid into her left shoe and brou-ght out a very sharp little knife wra-pped in a soundless paper.
“I am going to give it to you like you never had before.just close your eyes”Sonia said and wra-pped her mouth over his,in a gentle k!ssinorder to prevent him from saying anything or even opening his eyes.
Slowly,she drew the hand with the knife closer while her heartbeat increa-sed tremendously.
Without wasting anytime,she stabbe-d him severally on the che-st.She watched him with great panic as he [email protected] there,motionless,as blood oozed from the severally stabbe-d sp©ts.
She glanced around.Immediately,she fled
“Did anyb©dy see me?”that was the question that kept hovering over her.
Sonia had rejoiced when Ebere called her and talked to her about taking up the maid job.
She didn’t know Ebere too well but all she knew was that Ebere lives somewhere down the neighbourhood.She made Sonia see reasons why she should accept the little job and if not for anything,because of the hvge amount of money Angela and her husband would be paying her on a monthly basis.
Ebere made her un-derstand that she was giving her this opportunity out of her church mind but Sonia suspected there might be something more to it as Ebere told her they will have to discuss after she must have spent a month with her new home and job.
She never knew the joy of having a brother or sister.Her mother was a hell to live with.She had never for once told her anything about her father.Whenever she asked,her mother,if in a good mood will only tell her that her father died when she was still a kid,and that was all she ever knew about her father;that he died when she was still a kid.
The only sister she had was Bisi.Her good friend,who lived with parents not too far away.
___All these memories left Sonia with different kind of feelings.Sometimes,she cry.Sometimes,she smile;an indescribable kind of smile.
“Sonia?”Angela called the second time.She was alre-ady dressed and set to leave for her shop.She had given the idea of going to the shop with Sonia a second thought but ended up discarding the idea.She didn’t nee-d a sales girl.If she nee-ded help at the shop,she could have employed one.
“Yes Aunty”Sonia answered,emerging from the kitchen,wiping her soapy hand on her dress.She must have been busy with the dishes.The poor girl was just a blessing to Angela with the way she does things.Angela has grown fond of her,taking her like a younger sibling.
“I’m off to the shop.Don’t forget to bring the clothes from the dry cleaner”she said.
“Yes Aunty”
“And before i forget,don’t let me see you in this hair when i return.Make sure you go to the saloon.I’m sure the money i gave you must be enough”Angela ba-rely finished what she was saying before her phone rang.She answered the phone Asap,bade Sonia goodbye and made to leave.It was one of her customers who just called.
“Aunty plea-se,there is something i want to tell you”
Angela was alre-ady at the door.She turned in a hurry.
“what is it?”she asked.She didn’t want to waste any more time.
“I would like to visit my mother today”She lied.Her eyes almost betraying her.It was Ebere who told her they must have a serious discussion today.Ebere equally told her to say what she just said.
“You should have told me earlier so i can give you something for her”Angela said in a low voice as she searched her purse for some money.
“Give this to her”she said giving Sonia some money.”greet her for me.maybe on sunday we go visit her together”Angela shut the door after her.
Sonia couldnt st©p wondering what Ebere wants to discuss with her.Whatever it may be,in an hour or 2(hrs) later,she must find out.
Sonia peered at her wrist watch for the fifteenth time.She shifted uncomfortably,wondering what might be keeping Ebere. She was beginning to feel irritated with the way some boys peered at her,sitting there all alone.She wondered why Ebere suggested they meet in that little open restaurant and not in her house.Of course she lived alone somewhere. “sorry for keeping you waiting” Sonia turned her face and it was Ebere.She took a sigh of relief and greeted her. Ebere took the seat in front of her and flashed a smile. “When you beat a child and give him a mark,you may forget it in time to come but the beaten child can never forget it”Ebere said,adjusting her Sk-irt. Sonia nodded.Ebere’s words made s-en-se to her but she just couldn’t figure out the angle where she seemed to be coming from.
A confused expression was seen written all over her face. “I want to go straight to the point.Angela and i have been good friends right from the university days.Angela is quite a good person but she betrayed me.She shattered my hopes and dreams.She bit me in the back” Sonia listened with ra-pt attention as Ebere went on and on. “I met the man of my dream and we started a good relationsh!p.He proposed marriage to me and i accepted to marry him.That was all i ever wanted,and we started ma-king arrangements for the wedding. Four days to that day i so much dreamed of;the wedding day,i [email protected]£ back from one of my numerous shoppings in re-adiness for the d- day,only to meet my fiancee sitting on the sofa in the living room looking so sad and depressed.I knew something was wrong.
I bent down to give him a k!ssbut he pushed my face away angrily.I was shocked.I asked him what was wrong.Immediately,he flared up in a way i’d never seen him before,ma-king me [email protected] in fear.He called me all sorts of name and how i have been slee-ping around with men.I thought it was a dream as i pinched my self severally,ru-bbing my eyes. He pushed me out of his house,saying it was over between us.I couldn’t believe it was happening to me.We alre-ady shared out invitation cards.I just…i..”Ebere bur-sted into tears.She suddenly st©pped as if something immediately told her to st©p.She dried her tears with the handkerchief she was holding.Sonia felt sorry for her. “But i later found out it was Angela who told him that i do sleep around with men.I know that i am not a LovePeddler.But as a lady desperate to get married,i allowed most of the men that [email protected]£ my way to sleep with me when they demanded for it;all for the fear of not loosing them. I didn’t doubt it when someone told me that it was Angela who told him all these because she was the only friend i had who knew much about me.She thought i would never find out.I just don’t know what i did to her. Few months later,she got married to David. This is payback time.I will give it to her slowly. You must destroy her marriage”She told Sonia finally. “What!?”Sonia screamed,not believing her eas,not even minding if people heard her. “You have no choice.I got you hands down.”Ebere as-sured her. “How”Sonia asked. “Hahahahaha….”Ebere laughed wickedly.

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