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Marshall batch 6

🎀Can he love me 🎀
🍭Chapter 26🍭🍭
Written by kindness odianos£n. O.
~ Daniels ~
Ever since Sasha broke up with me… I have been filled with rage, how dare her broke up with me.
I know I lie to her, but that doesn’t give her the right to end the relationsh!pwe have built for years now.
I was still battling in my thought, when my personal guard snapped me out of it.
What now Scot. I snarled.
Sir I don’t mean to disturb you, just that you have a guest.
Who might that be.
Sir it miss Sa…. He was not able to complete his statement, before Sasha barge into the room.
Daniel love.
Sasha what the hell are you doing here.
Daniel plea-se we nee-d to talk.
Sasha leave my house.
Are you being serious right now.
Yes, so get the fv¢k out of my house.
You can’t s£nt me away.
And why is that.
Because this house is also mine.
I can see you’re out of your mind.
Daniel plea-se hear me out… I am sorry for last time, just not expecting you to become rich over night.
Sasha, I alre-ady have money before I approached you.
They why the pretences.
That something I can’t tell you.
And why is that.
Because you’re no longer my girlfriend.
Daniel am your girlfriend.
Really. He asked.
Yes love.
Sasha leave my house.
Daniel can you just st©p and come make love to me.
So the bit-ch want my c0cky.
Scot who was standing and listening to them, couldn’t help himself but bur-st into laughter, which made the lover aware of his pres£nce.
What the fv¢k are you laughing at. Sasha yelled.
Sorry ma.
Scot you can leave.
Okay sir.
Damn it, I can’t he heard that. Sasha lament.
What don’t you want he to hear.
Daniel can st©p being childish and let handle this like adult.
So what brou-ght you here, because I know you didn’t come for my d!¢k.
Daniel I nee-d your help.
With what.
With a girl, who fought with me.
Who dare fight with you. He asked angrily.
Some bit-ch of a girl.
She did this to you. He asked tou-ching her swollen cheeks.
Hmm and it hurt like hell.
Am sorry baby, come sit on my [email protected]
Okay. With that she sat on his [email protected] and place her head on his che-st.
I miss you so much Daniel.
Me too baby.
Can you make love to me.
With all pressure. With that he carried her up in a bridal style and took her to his be-d and clashed hisl-ips to hers.
It so going to be long day. He said and all you could hear next was [email protected] which now filled the room.
~ ha-rd y ~
I can’t believe Janice will do this, how dare her fight on her first day of school. . when she knows the rule of MS dice high school.
Everyone knows how Marshall can be, he don’t [email protected] ruled especially when it been made by him.
I was still thinking of a way to get Janice out of this mess without Marshall not finding out am her brother, when the princess walk in smiling.
What the hell did you do in school today. I yelled.
Which made her flin-ched, this is the first time am yelling at her, who cares am damn angry at her.
ha-rd y, what wrong. She asked stuttered.
Are you seriously asking me that. He snarled.
ha-rd y plea-se tell me what I did wrong.
You want to know.
Hmm. I hummed.
Why the hell will you fight with the president daughter. The moment he said that, I was damn shock.
🍭Chapter 27🍭🍭
Written by kindness odianos£n. O.
Not edited,
Continued POV.
Why the hell will you fight with the president daughter.
How did you find out. She asked stammering.
Answer me young lady.
ha-rd y she called me a slut.
She did what.
She called me a slut and [email protected] me.
Sasha did that to you.
Yes ha-rd y, that why I beat her up.
You shouldn’t have beat her up.
What do you mean.
What I mean is that, You should have kill her.
ha-rd y. she called and chuckled.
You did the right thing kiddo.
Am not a kid ha-rd y, but a young lady.
I think we might win the court case.
Court what.
Case Janice.
What are we doing in court.
Am sorry for not informing you about the rules of MS Dice high school.
ha-rd y, what going on tell me, you’re scaring me.
In MS dice high school, any one who fight is always charged to court.
What the fv¢k.
Don’t you dare use the f word in this house.
Am sorry ha-rd y, but who made such rule.
The king of Los Angeles and the sole owner of the school.
Marshall Salvador.
The mask guy.
Yes Janice.
What are we going to do now.
You don’t have to do anything, just watch and see how I close the case.
Go freshen up and come down for dinner.
Okay boss.
Less I forget, how was school today.
Fine except for that bit-chy slut.
Sorry boss.
Go freshen up.
ha-rd y.
Do you know were Marshall estate is.
Yes and why did you ask.
Can I go there.
To do what. He snarled.
Shirley live there.
Shirley lives in Marshall estate, what is she doing there.
Her papa told me, Shirley got married to Marshall.
Shirley did what. He yelled.
ha-rd y why the yelling.
It nothing, just surprise.
So can I go, visit her.
Why ha-rd y.
Because I don’t want you to…… Now go change your uniform.
ha-rd y.
Janice now.
Damn you ha-rd y. She yelled and ran upstairs.
I can’t believe Marshall finally got married and the worst [email protected] of it…… He got married to my love. I think I should pay him a visit. He thought and sl!pfrom his wine.
He was about walking upstairs, when his phone ranged, he picked the call without looking at the ID.
📲 Longest time brother. the moment he heard that, the phone sl!paway from his hand and smashed on the floor.
🍭Chapter 28🍭🍭
Written by kindness odianos£n. O.
~ Daniel ~
Baby plea-se stay.
Daniel it almost morning, plea-se let me go.
Sasha plea-se spend the day with me.
Daniel, if dad find out, I skip clas-s, he his going to get mad at me.
I know, just this once. He said placing k!sses all over my face.
Don’t tell me you want another round.
Yes baby, I still can’t get enough of you.
Daniel, am damn weak, plea-se let not do it.
Why baby. He asked and pitch the ti-p of her n!ppl!.
Damn you Daniel. She [email protected] ed out.
Can I go for another heavenly round with you.
Yes, but on one condition.
Which is.
I want that girl dead.
What. He snarled.
Daniel you promised me.
Yes I did, but not to kill her.
Daniel that girl insulted me.
If I may ask, what the girl name.
I think her name is Janice, yes Janice.
I can’t believe this.
What wrong.
Daniel. She called.
Sasha go home.
Home Sasha, now. He yelled and walk out of the room.
What wrong with him…… Did I do something wrong, she thought and walk into the bathroom to take her bath.
~ white house ~
Good morning dad.
Morning son.
Dad have you see Sasha.
No I haven’t.
Were could she be.
Maybe you should ask the maids.
I alre-ady did dad.
And what was their response.
Miss Sasha, didn’t sleep home.
Are you sure.
Yes dad.
Ryan. He called.
Good morning sir, you called me.
Were is my daughter.
Sir….. He stammer.
Speak up fool.
I don’t know sir.
What do you mean, you don’t know….My sister didn’t come home yesterday. Liam yelled.
Sir, miss Sasha wasn’t in school, when I went to pick her up.
Damn it, are you trying to say, she ran away.
Ryan, I want my daughter back home, before sunset.
Okay sir…. He was about walking out, when he remembered something.
Sir there is a message for you.
Who s£nt it.
Ms dice high school.
What the message about.
Miss Sasha has been charged to court.
What. Liam snarled.
What her offence,.
Fighting with a newbie.
And who dare charge my daughter to court.
Marshall Salvador.
That stupid boy, Ryan I want that case close.
Okay sir.
Liam get the lawyer.
Okay dad.
Marshall Salvador…. Maybe it time you join your parent. He thought.
🍭Chapter 29🍭🍭
Written by kindness odianos£n. O.
Continue POV.
Marshall Salvador…. Maybe it time you join your parents. He thought, he was about walking out, when Sasha walk in.
And where are you coming from.
Good morning dad.
Answer me young lady, were the hell are you coming from.
Dad, I was kidnapped. She lied.
Yes dad.
Sasha, when did you start lying.
Dad am not lying.
Shut up, young lady… Where the hell are you coming from, and don’t you dare lie to me.
Dad. She stuttered.
Answer me. He yelled.
I was with Daniel.
That poor bastard, I can’t believe you skip clas-ses, just to go see that fool.
Dad, Daniel is not a fool.
Shut up….. And go to your room.
Now Sasha and don’t you dare step out of the house. He said and walk out angrily.
~ Marshall estate ~
Good morning princess. Hr greeted and pe-ck herl-ips.
Good morning.
Get up.
Am still feeling sleepy.
Shirley go take your bath.
I don’t want to.
I hate repeating myself, young lady. He yelled.
Can you st©p yelling, and let me have some sleep.
He was about answering her, when a call appear on his screen.
☎ Good morning sir.
* Danna why are you calling.
☎ Sir you have an appointment with the president today.
* Cancel it.
☎ Sir.
* What Danna.
☎You also have an appointment with MS dice high school by 10 today.
*who the hell set up that meeting.
☎ Mr president.
* Cancel it now, nob©dy has the right to set up an urgent meeting in my school.
☎ okay sir, good day.
Damn that bastard.
Shirley go take your bath.
I don’t want…… She wasn’t able to complete her statement, when she felt a cold water on her b©dy.
Damn you Marshall.
Now, go take your bath and meet me downstairs.
I hate you.
You don’t, 30 minutes Shirley. with that he walk out of the room.
God, why did you gave me, such an unro-mantic husband. She thought… Stepping out of the be-d.
~ Shirley ~
Good morning ma. The maid greeted, the moment I walk downstairs.
Morning guys, were is your boss.
You mean your husband. One of the maid asked.
Yes .
At the garden.
Okay, thank you.
No nee-d to thanks us ma, it our duties to as-sist you.
And what the hell are you guys doing. Mira yelled.
Ma. They stuttered.
Mira, what wrong with you.
And who the hell are you, to ask me such stupid question.
As your boss wife.
Shirley, I think you have lost your s-en-ses.
What did you just say.
I said, you have gone insane.
How dare you Mira.
If you know, what good for you, leave this house.
And what if I don’t.
Am going to kill you bit-ch.
Repeat, what you just called me.
bit-ch, bit-ch, bit-ch…. And what are you going to do about that.
This. With that she landed a very h0t [email protected] on her face…. Which made her go blind for some seconds.
How dare you [email protected] me, you slut.
If you there call me that once more Mira, am going to teach you how a real slut behave.
You’re nothing but a smelling slum village girl. She said and stormed out.
Am so going to kill that girl……. And what does she mean by.
* Am going to kill you, if you don’t leave this house. *
What have I gotten myself into. She thought with tears sliding down her cheeks.
Ma don’t cry. A little tiny voice said.
Who are you. She asked, instead she heard the most shocking news ever
Episode 30
~ Elissa ~
Ma, don’t cry.
Who are you, and how did you get here.
My name is Elissa, am five years old.
What a beautiful name Elissa, so tell me, who brou-ght you here.
My aunt Mira.
Mira is your aunt.
And were is your mom.
I don’t know, I have never see her.
Does that mean Elissa is Mira daughter. …. What about your daddy.
That man. She said pointing to a [email protected] picture on the wall.
What are you saying Elissa…. that my husband.
I know, but that my dad too.
I can’t believe this. She thought.
Daddy, she screamed and ran toward Marshall and hvgged him.
How is my princess doing. He asked placing k!sses all over her face.
Am fine dad.
I can see that angel.
Dad, your wife is beautiful.
Really sweetheart.
Yes dad, but dad why is she crying. The moment she said that….. Shirley ran upstairs without saying anything.
Princess go [email protected] your toys, daddy nee-d to settle something.
Okay dad.
~ Shirley ~
I can’t believe he had a daughter…. Not just a daughter, but a beautiful, cute little angel.
Is this the reason why Mira is working here, why did he get married to me, when he alre-ady have a daughter. She thought with tears sliding down her cheeks.
She was still on her thought, when she felt a hand on her shoulder.
Get out Marshall. She yelled.
Don’t you dare yell at me.
Why did you get married to me.
Is Elissa really your daughter.
Shirley calm down.
Is Mira the mother of Elissa. She snarled.
Shirley calm down and hear me out.
Answer me bastard.
What did you just called me.
Bastard and what are going to do about that.
This. He said and [email protected] her.
You’re a beast, I hate you.
Yes am a beast… And that beast is your husband.
You’re not my husband bastard.
He was about hitting her, when a hand st©pped him.
plea-se don’t hit her.
~ Davis ~
Scot get my car re-ady.
Sir, I don’t think you’re fit enough to drive by yourself.
Scot, am fine just get the car re-ady.
But sir.
No but, get damn car re-ady.
Okay sir.
He was about walking upstairs, when series of cars drove into his compound.
Who could that be. He thought.
Sir, Marshall is here.
Marshall. He asked to be sure.
Let him in.
Okay sir.
Davis. He called walking in.
Marshall, what are you doing here.
I nee-d your help Davis.
To be Continued

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