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Marshall batch 3

🎀 Can he love me 🎀
🍭Chapter 11🍭🍭
Written by kindness
Continue POV.
. plea-se don’t hurt me plea-se.
I won’t, expect you do as I say.
Good, now go into that room and get dressed.
No but young lady, now. He snarled.
I flin-ched and ran into the room he point….. the moment I got to the room, I couldn’t help but cry my heart out.
After crying to my heart content, I quic-kly got dressed in a red b©dy fit stra-p go-wn, which bring out all my curves, since I wasn’t a fan of makeup 💄….. I walk out of the dressing room, only to see the devil sli-pping in a wine.
Sir am alre-ady. He dropped the wine and walk out, without sparing me a glance, which made me feel sad… Not even a compliment.
Monster. I muttered and walk behind him.
~ Raymond ~
☎Shirley is with Marshall.
** Raymond, how dare you allow that son of a bit-ch to take her.
☎ I tired to st©p him.
** You have to get her back.
☎ How am I going to do that, when she is un-der Marshall watch.
** Raymond that girl is my weapon against Marshall.
☎I know.
**I want Shirley back in your custody before the next 72 hours.
☎ You know that can’t be possible.
** Raymond 72 hours or consider yourself doom.
☎ Why are you so interested in my daughter.
** she is not your daughter as-s-hole.
☎ She is my daughter…. I raised her okay.
**I know Raymond, get her. With my that he disconnected the call.
Damn it bastard, why do I always have to get involve with this rich kids, now it Shirley….. my adoptive daughter.
What does he want from Shirley, does that mean, the last daughter of Montero’s is alive, was that the reason he brou-ght her to me.
If Shirley parents how rich, why we they abandon their child, I have to find out, the secret behind Shirley. He thought.
~ Unknown ~
Son you wouldn’t believe, what I find out.
What that grandma.
It about Shirley.
What about her.
Son, Shirley is the last daughter of the Montero’s.
Grandma you’re joking right.
Do I look like someone, who is pla-ying around.
I can’t believe this.
Son we have to act fast.
What should we do.
I think Marshall know alre-ady,that Shirley is the same girl his parents want him to marry.
Grandma, I have to get Shirley. He yelled.
Son, calm down and let me think.
I hate Marshall.
Son, don’t forget he his your cousin.
That what made me hate him the more.
What if we b!ow the bomb like boom 💥. She said and sm-irked.
What do you mean.
Let tell Shirley the truth.
What truth.
That Raymond is not her real father and Marshall is her brother.
Grandma, Shirley and Marshall are not related.
I know, let frame that up and also back it up with a fake DNA….. What do you think.
Let go with that.
Then go get re-ady for the [email protected]
I don’t want to attend.
Son go get re-ady, Shirley might show up with her brother.
Brother indeed. He said and bust into an evil laughter…… But grandma, I can’t go with my real face, what she recognize me.
That shouldn’t be a problem, I alre-ady have a solution to that. She said and sm-irked
🍭Chapter 12 🍭🍭
Written by kindness
~ Shirley ~
The moment the jet landed, we were ushered into a white customize car and a man was sitting close to the driver.
Looking at his statue, I’ll say, he his perfectly made, I don’t even know I was drowning until my stupid husband snap me out of it.
Me and Marshall got married inside the jet, it sound stupid right, now back to Mr grumpy .
Why are you staring at my friend.
Marshall don’t start, leave the poor girl alone.
Davis stay out of this.
Oh the handsome prince name is Davis, what a cute name for a S-xy cutie.
What did you just say. He asked angrily.
Gosh did I just say that out.
Are you in love with my friend. He asked stupidly.
What if am I. I said trying to annoy him.
For Pete sake you’re a married woman.
And who told you that. I asked, which made his friend to chuckled.
Davis get out of my car.
What. I snarled.
Buddy, calm down.
Davis out of my car.
Marshall, let him be.
Shut up Shirley.
Marshall you know I didn’t come with my car.
I don’t care, now out.
Marshall plea-se let him be, okay I admit… I was only joking around, who in American don’t know how cute and prefect you’re.
Davis out of my car.
What wrong with you Mr grumpy. I yelled.
Did you just yell at me.
Am sorry.
Davis out. With that the young man step out of the car and the driver ignite the car and speed off to an unknown area.
Why do that to your best friend.
Shut up Shirley.
I hate you.
Shut up woman.
You’re a bloody monster. the moment I said that, his eyes turn into a blood sh0t eyes, which s£nd shivers to my b©dy.
What did you just call me. He yelled ti-ght£ñing his hand on my arm in a way I could hear the sound of my bones cracking.
plea-se st©p, you’re hurting me. I said with tears sliding down my cheeks.
If you ever in your miserable life, talk back at me, I promise you six fit down. With that he walk out of the car.
I was still inside the car sobbing, when the driver told to me to get down, that will are home. I step out of the car, only to be welcome by a beautiful magnificent building.
The house was like a castle 🏯 everything in it was made of gold and the white silver painting gave it a beauty of life….. Just staring at the house, I felt all my pains fading away.
Welcome ma. A set of maids greeted me.
Hello. I waved at them.
Come ma, I’ll show you to your room.
Okay… She was about climbing the stairs case, when my husband in a face of an angel st©pped her.
Mira take her to the kitchen.
But sir.
No but, now.
Okay sir, ma let go.
What am I going to do in the kitchen. I asked innocently.
You’re spending the night their. He said and walk out.
What have I done this time.
🍭Chapter 13🍭🍭
Written by kindness
~ Davis ~
I can’t believe Marshall will throw me out of his car, just because Shirley compliment me or should I say admirer me.
Marshall is really getting on my naves….. But come to think of it, that girl is so beautiful.
She has everything a man will ever want in a woman, her prefect shape, her curves, even her b©©b , she is well created.
And it pains me that Marshall has get married her…. I nee-d that girl in life, probably as my wife, but how will I achieve that without fighting against Marshall. I thought.
I went to my home bar, turn in a wine into a glas-s cu-p and sl!pin, which calm me down a bit.
Shirley, Shirley, Shirley I must have you in my be-d even if it means killing Marshall. I said and sm-irked.
~ Unknown ~
Grandma I thought you said, Marshall and Shirley we attended the [email protected] He snarled.
I thought so too son.
Damn it.
Son calm down, that stupid grandson of mine is pla-ying with me.
Why does he have to be prefect, the whole Los Angeles, American alone worsh!pped him as if he his a God.
Calm down and let me think of a prefect plan.
Maybe I should pay him a visit.
You can’t do that.
Why. He asked angrily.
If Marshall get to know we are alive and also planning to hurt him, after what we have done to his parents, he might kill us.
Damn it, I hate him.
Me too son.
He was about saying something, when one of his men, handled him an envelope.
What inside. He asked eagerly .
Sir, MA, Marshall and Shirley are married.
What do you mean married.
Sir, they got married on their way here, if you think am lying, here are some pictures I took on their way to the airport and when they landed. He said and handled them the pictures.
Grandma, what should we do.
Now that Marshall has decided to pla-y, maybe we should [email protected] him. She said and sm-irked.
d!¢kson. He called.
Yes boss.
s£nd a happy marriage life to Marshall.
Okay boss.
Marshall let see, who get to win this game.
~ Marshall ~
Andy, any news about Davis.
Not yet sir.
Okay….. Set a meeting with the president.
I will sir. He was about saying something when he got interrupted by the sound in the kitchen.
What could that be.
Let me go have a look.
No nee-d Andy, I’ll do it myself.
If you say so.
He walk into the kitchen, only to see his wife half n-ked, dancing and cooking at the same.
What the hell are you doing. He yelled.
Marshall. She called stuttering.
What are you doing in my kitchen half n-ked.
Am cooking.
Shirley that doesn’t answer my question.
Put on your clothes now. He yelled causing her to flin-ched.
Am sorry, I No it irritate you.
Damn it, for Pete sake Shirley, how dare you stand n-ked in my kitchen, what if someone has walk in and meant you like that. He snarled.
I said am sorry. She yelled.
Don’t you dare yell at me young lady.
What if I do.
You might regret it.
What do you mean by that mons, I was about calling him a monster, when I quic-kly hold back myself from doing that.
Shirley. He called staring at myl-ips.
What at you staring at as-s-hole.
My wifel-ips.. With that he pu-ll me to himself and clash hisl-ips to mine.
The k!sswas so damn good, that I found myself responding to it, I was about carelessly his hair, when we heard the sound of a shattered glas-s…. Which made us dis£ngaged from the k!ss.
What the hell is going on here.
🍭Chapter 14🍭🍭
Written by kindness.
Continue POV.
What the hell is going on here.
And what are you doing here. Marshall snarled.
Marshall who is she.
That not your business Kylie, leave my house.
Marshall are you s£nding me out of your house, because of this thing.
What , did she just call me a thing, I was about reacting when Marshall signalled me to st©p, that he will take care of it.
Kylie this lady you call a thing is my wife…. With the way he pronounce the wife made me feel bu-tterflies in my stomach.
Now leave my house.
Marshall am your girlfriend.
Ex girlfriend, leave before I throw you out.
Am going no where. She said and walk out of the kitchen not without s£nding me daggers.
So were, where we. He asked pu-lling me to himself.
Get away from me per-vert.
Shirley, don’t you dare use curse words on me, now let get down to business.
Marshall what business are you talking about. I asked stuttering.
You will know. With that he claim myl-ips once again…. Gosh this guyl-ips taste good even with his mask on.
He was about sli-pping his hand into my shi-t, when we heard a scream from the living room.
Mira will take you to my room… With that he walk out of the kitchen, leaving me to wander in my own thought.
~ Kylie ~
I can’t believe am here and Marshall is busy R0m-ncing that poor smelling thing in the kitchen, it hurt…. I felt like crying the moment he called me his ex girlfriend.
I was about switching on the TV, when Davis walk in, I couldn’t hold the joy in me. I screamed and hvg him.
Kylie, what are you doing here. He asked not believing his eyes.
What do you mean, what am I doing here.
Does Marshall knows you’re here.
And what was his reaction.
Kylie I want you out of my house.
Then you should leave.
Davis. She snarled.
Kylie it for your own good, if Marshall get to see you here, he might hurt you.
But Marshall is my b©yfri£ndand can’t hurt me.
Wrong baby girl, I can. He said walking out of the kitchen looking so handsome with his messy hair.
Davis your lost love is back. He said.
Marshall not now.
I want you both out of my house.
Marshall am your best friend, why are you behaving this way toward me.
That because, I don’t want to see you for now.
Don’t you dare call me that, now leave.
Kylie count yourself lucky, I don’t hit women, now leave my house.
I hate you Marshall.
The feeling is natural slut.
What do you just call me.
Bastard. She cursed.
Andy. He yelled.
Yes boss.
Get this lady out of my house.
Okay. With that he drag her out, with her screaming.
Marshall why are you like this.
Davis get out.
Am your best friend moron.
He was about answering him, when Shirley walk out of the kitchen with Mira, looking so h0t in her bu-mp short and crop t©p, which reveal her belly tom.
Davis was busying staring at her like a lost puppy, not even realizing that guns were been pointed on his head, until Marshall snap him out of it by saying .
Are you done admiring my wife as-s-hole.
🍭Chapter 15🍭🍭
Written by kindness odianos£n.
Continue POV.
Are you done admiring my wife as-s-hole. He asked angrily.
Marshall it not what you think.
Andy get me my weapon.
Marshall plea-se don’t do this, am sorry.
He was about saying something, when a thought fly throu-gh his mind.
Shirley. He called.
Come closer. He instructed.
She walk slowing towards him, shivering at the sight of guns in front of her.
What are you thinking about.
Nothing. She stuttered.
Why are you stuttering….. Oh you’re afraid of guns.
You don’t have to sweetie.
Marshall what are you trying to do.
Yes boss.
str!p him off his clothes.
Marshall plea-se forgive me.
You know i don’t forgive me.
You know, i don’t forgive…… After str!pping of his clothes, he made me sit on his [email protected] and watch how his men, beat him up brutally.
You see baby, this is what i do to people who betray me.
Marshall tell them to st©p. I pleaded.
Do you want to join him.
I quic-kly shake my head.
Good girl, as i was saying…. This is just a little of what i do to people who betray my trust.
What is really behind your mask.
Something dangerous love. With that he stand up, without giving me notices, which made to scream in pain.
Sorry are you hurt. He asked with a sm-irked.
What do you care. I asked with tears sliding down my cheeks.
Andy lock him up.
Okay boss. With that they dragged the lifeless b©dy of Davis out of the living room.
Mira take her to my room.
Okay sir.
I hate you. I said limping behind Mira.
Me too sweetie.
Demon. I cursed within me.
🎋Next day 🎋
~ White house ~
Good morning Mr president. The maids greeted.
Were is my son. He asked totally ignoring their greetings.
Sir Liam went to work.
And Sasha.
She is in the swimming pool.
Okay, if she get to ask of me, tell her i went for a meeting.
Okay sir. With that he walk out.
Get to work everyone. The chief maid instructed.
~Sasha ~
I was busying enjoying the warmest of the water, when my phone ranged….. Looking at the ID made me feel happy immediately.
* Sasha love, let meet.
☎ Did you just call me love.
* Yes sweetheart, plea-se let meet.
☎Okay am coming.
* Am waiting, i love you. He said and disconnect.
I can’t believe Daniel want me back……. She quic-kly rush out of the pool and ran inside, with just her bar and [email protected]
Ma, your towel. The maid screamed running after her.
Get my breakfast re-ady. She said and ran into her room.
Okay ma, why are this family bent on ruining my life. She thought.
Get Ma Sasha food re-ady right now.
Okay….. The maid were about setting the table, when they saw her ran out of the house like a mad woman.
To be continued.

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