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Marshall batch 2

🎀 Can he love me me 🎀
🍭Chapter 6🍭
Written by kindness
~Shirley ~
Janice I’m in love.
With who. She asked and scoffed.
With my prince charming.
Guess bestir.
You asked me to guess young lady.
Then you consider it was Daniel.
So who is your prince charming.
Marshall Salvador. She said dreamily.
Shirley are you okay.
Why you say that.
You know if your dad get to find out…… She was not able to complete her statement, when she interrupted her.
Janice, I think papa is hiding something from me.
What do you mean.
I think he his keeping a dangerous secret.
It true Janice, do you know I caught him stabbing a ph0togra-ph continually.
Janice papa is getting me scared.
Maybe you should ask him.
He will skin me to death, if I dare ask questions.
Janice let forget that, what the new gist.
Marshall is paying a surprise visit to the slum.
Really. She asked dancing happily.
Yes bestir, your crush is finally coming to our town.
Who told you.
It all over the net girlfriend.
I think he his coming to see me. She added dreamily.
In your dreams Shirley.
Janice it true, I received a text from him. She added sounding conceiving.
Shirley you don’t even have a phone. She said and chuckled..
Shut up Janice.
Shirley let go shopped for a new dress.
What for.
To welcome Marshall.
But I don’t have money.
Don’t worry the bill is in me.
Thanks bestir.
It nothing let go.
You know, when I get married to Marshall, am going to take you on a tour.
Shirley. Someone screamed, which made them to jump in fright.
Papa. She called looking scared.
Get inside now.
Inside now and you Janice go home.
Okay sir.she Said and ran off.
Papa what wrong.
Shirley get inside. He yelled.
She flin-ched and ran inside.
Stupid girl, married to Marshall that will be over my dead b©dy. He said within.
White house 🏯
Liam were are you coming from. He yelled at him son who was walking in.
Dad, good evening.
Liam I just asked you a question.
Of course I know you ask me a question Mr president, but I don’t have an answer to it.
Liam are you out of your mind.
Dad I’m tired I nee-d rest.
And if I may ask were is your sister.
Dad, Sasha almost killed herself today.
And it all because of you. He said with tears sliding down his cheeks.
Liam, I’m sorry.
Tell that to your daughter, not me. He said and walk upstairs.
Damn it, I can’t believe Sasha almost take her own life just because I asked her to marry Marshall.
What a stupid daughter I have, maybe it time I get her back. He said and brou-ght out his phone and dial an unknown number.
*it time. He said throu-gh the phone.
📲 let wait a little Mr president. the unknown person said and disconnect.
Damn thus as-s-hole, what ever it will take I must get her back. He thought
🍭chapter 7🍭
Written by kindness
🚁 Marshall 🚁
Boss I think Davis is hiding something from you.
You think so.
Yes boss.
Put a call throu-gh Scot and tell him to keep a watch on Davis.
I’ll do just that.
Davis if I find out, you’re against me, I swear on my parents graves I’ll kill you. He said within.
Sir will are about taking off.
Okay. With that he fixed on his seat belt. … Raymond here I come.
~Shirley ~
Good morning papa. I greeted my dad who was busy having his breakfast in total silent and the same time ignoring me.
Papa. I called.
What is it Shirley. He snarled.
Papa, have I done something wrong, you didn’t even wake me up today.
Are you seriously asking me that, and why should I wake you up.
Hmm. I hummed.
And if you almost know, you haven’t done something wrong, so sit down and have your breakfast.
I was about sitting, when my eye caught a glib on a newspaper which has Marshall Salvador on it.
Papa we’re did you get that.
What. He asked staring at me.
The newspaper.
And why are you asking. He said angrily.
Nothing. I added seeing he was getting angrily.
Get re-ady we are leaving.
Leaving, why.
Shirley can you st©p asking questions and do what you’re told for once.
But papa, I like it here.
Shirley I don’t want to repeat myself get your things re-ady before they get here, we are leaving town. He was about climbing the stairs when I drop the bomb.
I’m going no where papa, why the sudden attitude and who is coming. I asked.
Dear, get re-ady. With that he walk upstairs.
What wrong with papa. I thought.
That is his problem, let see what the newspaper is all about… the moment I saw was on it, my eyes almost poke out of it socket.
**A night with Marshall Salvador, if interested dress S-xy and h0t and come to h0tel island by 9.
This is my opportunity to meet my crush….. I most be among the girls. I was about running upstairs, when I caught a sight of dad angrily staring at me.
Gosh am in trouble.
Shirley are you planning on joning does str!ppers just because of a mask man.
Papa. I called looking scared.
Answer me young lady.
Yes papa.
Gosh I can’t believe this.
Papa it an opportunity for me to meet him, plea-se papa let me go.
Shirley. He yelled which made me flin-ched….. Go get your bags and let leave now.
Going somewhere .the moment my dad heard that he [email protected]£ scared immediately.
Salvador. He called.
Long time Raymond.
🍭Chapter 8🍭
Written by kindness
Continue POV.
Shirley are you planning on joining does str!ppers just because of a mask man.
Papa. I called looking scared.
Answer me young lady.
Yes papa.
Gosh, I can’t believe this.
Papa it an opportunity for me to meet him, plea-se papa let me go.
Shirley. He yelled which made me flin-ched, go get your bags and let leave now.
Going somewhere. The moment my dad heard that he [email protected]£ scared immediately.
Salvador. He called.
Longest time Raymond.
What are you doing here Marshall.
Marshall. I asked to be sure.
Shirley go to your room.
Papa which Marshall are you talking about.
To your room now. I was about climbing the stairs when a hand st©pped me.
She is going no where. I turn to see who said that, only to see those blue ocean eyes, my prince charming Marshall Salvador.
I was so lost in staring at him, not even realizing I have twisted my ankle…. Until I screamed in pain.
Shirley are you okay. Dad asked panicking.
It hurt papa. I replied with tears sliding down my cheeks.
Marshall she has nothing to do with what happened, plea-se spear her.
Papa, you know him.
Shirley I’ll explain later okay.
Raymond, I was thinking, when did you get married.
Marshall let talk outside.
You see I have no time to go into long details, I only [email protected]£ here for your daughter.
What. Dad yelled.
Me. I asked to be sure.
Yes princess, I want you. He said and sm-irked.
Marshall I don’t do this, am the one you want right….. then take me and leave my daughter alone.
I want her in my suit before nightfall.
What are you going to do to her, she is only nineteen.
I know, remember I was only 8 when you took them away from me. .
Marshall you nee-d to hear me out, that day it wasn’t me.
I want her in my suit. He said shutting him up.
plea-se Salvador. Dad pleaded.
Andrews stay behind and monitor the old man.
Okay boss.
See you tonight angel. He said and placed a pe-ck on myl-ips, and walk out.
What just happened here, I still can’t believe the man… I have always dreamt of seeing, actually [email protected]£ to my house.
What going on, why was papa pleading with him, I thought he said he don’t know him. Many thought was running throu-gh my mind not even noticing that he k!$$£d me.
Why do I feel like something is not right, I feel scared…. What is papa hiding from me, I nee-d answers, why will Marshall Salvador…. American young multi mask billionaire, want for me.
Papa. I called.
I’m sorry dear.
What for.
Papa what going on.
Go get dressed.
I don’t keep him waiting. He said and walk out.
Ma go get dressed. The man on suit said.
I’m going no where.
Then will have no choice then to take you by f0rç£.
What are you trying to do.
Taking you by f0rç£.
Ma you better come with us, expect you want your old man dead.
What do you mean.
Shirley go with them, I thought this was all you ever wanted.
Go plea-se take her away. With that they dragged me out.
I’m sorry dear, if you don’t go with them, I don’t know what that mask boy will do. He said with tears sliding down his cheeks.
Sir, we lost her.
What do you mean.
Before we got there, Marshall has alre-ady take her with him.
Damn it…… He said throwing things.
I can’t believe you lost her to Marshall.
Am sorry boss, plea-se give me a second chances.
There is no second chances in heaven. With he sh0t him on his head.
Bastard. He cursed.
Yes boss.
I want her in my house, by tomorrow.
Okay boss
Marshall I can never allow you, have her…. because she is mine and mine alone, I don’t share.
Sir your grandma is here.
Let her in.
my boy he took her. My grandma said with anger in tune.
Don’t worry grandma, I’m going to get her back.
That my boy, Marshall nee-d to be thought a lesson. She said and sm-irked.
🍭Chapter 9🍭
Written by kindness
White house
Good morning sir. The maids greeted.
Coffee, tea or cappuccino.
With sugar or milk.
Get me my usual coffee and st©p this questions .
Okay sir.
And we’re my children.
In their rooms.
Did it you inform them that breakfast is re-ady.
I did sir.
And why are they not here.
Sir ma Sasha said she is not hungry, while sir Liam refuse to eat with you.
What wrong with them.
Sir your coffee.
I want you to go into their various rooms and drag them down.
But sir.
What. He snarled.
I don’t think I can that sir.
Are you disobeying your president.
No sir.
Then go now.
They will be no nee-d for that, here we are. they both said and sit down.
What wrong with both of you.
Good morning dad. Liam greeted.
Morning dad. Sasha also greeted.
Baby I heard you almost committed suicide.
Why do you care.
How dare you try ruin the reputation,that I have work so ha-rd to build.
All you ever care about is your reputation right.
I can’t believe I almost lost my life, and all you care about is your reputation. She snarled.
Don’t you dare use that tune on me, young lady.
Dad why are you behaving this way. Liam asked.
Dad answer me, are you really our biological father.
What kind of questions is that.
Just answer the damn question Mr president.
Off course am your father.
Then let go for a DNA test.
I can’t believe you guys.
Dad are you in.
If that will clear your doubt, let do it…….. I’ll call our family doctor.
We alre-ady have a doctor for it.
Okay, now eat.
Dad. Sasha called.
Yes baby.
I’m sorry.
For what princess.
Sasha dear.
Dad it nothing, let eat. With that they started eating in silence, only the sound of their cutleries could be heard, until Liam broke the silences.
Dad. Liam called.
Yes son.
We alre-ady perform the test.
What do you mean.
Me and Sasha has alre-ady un-dergo the DNA test and also with a sample of your hair.
You did what. He yelled.
Why did you lie.
Answer me Mr president.
Son am your father.
But the test said…….
🍭Chapter 10🍭🍭
Written by kindness
Continue POV.
But the test proved, you’re not Sasha biological father.
Liam. He called.
Dad, me and Sasha are not related, how do you explain that.
Son, Sasha is your sister believe me, that report is fake.
Dad it was 100% positive. Sasha said.
He was about replying her, when one of his b©dyguard brou-ght a parcel to them.
What that.
It a parcel for sir Liam.
What inside. He asked.
It look like a medical report.
Open it… With that he opened it and brou-ght out an envelope 📨.
Liam quic-kly dragged it from him and opened it, what he saw shocked him .
Liam what wrong.
Sasha is my sister, he bur-sted out and quic-kly engulfed her in a hvg.
I told you son.
Yes dad, the doctor apologize.
Yea, enough of all this DNA test, let go finish our breakfast, there is a [email protected] we have to attend today.
Okay dad. They both answered and went back to finished their food.
Thank God, it was all a lie. He thought.
~ Marshall ~
☎Davis am fine.
*what you’re doing is wrong.
☎Get the fv¢k out of my phone.
*can you st©p using the f word.
☎Shut up as-s-hole.
*hope you’re attending the [email protected]
*Marshall you have to attend, expect you want the president to take over the sp©t light.
☎Davis can you shut up.
*make sure you bring your [email protected]£.
☎ goodbye as-s-hole. He said and disconnected the call.
Seeing Raymond after all this years, I felt like killing him, but I wouldn’t do that….. Instead I’ll make he feel the pain of losing someone, who is so dare to him.
I will make him suffer that death will reject him… That why I have decided to use his daughter against him, he wouldn’t see what coming to him. I thought.
I was still in my thought, when someone snap me out of it.
Sir, she is here.
Mr Raymond daughter.
Okay, were is she.
In your room.
Get our things re-ady, we are leaving.
Okay boss.
I walk into my room to see her looking into space.
Hello Shirley.
What do you want for me. She snapped.
Calm down girl.
plea-se let me go to my papa.
And why should I do that.
I don’t know, plea-se let me go.
Princess I can’t let you go.
Because we are getting married.
You see kitten, I heard from someone, that a girl named Shirley a strawberry farmer daughter has a crush on me and will go to any extent just to be with me.
How do you know about that.
You see baby, I have my way.
Am not your baby, I hate you.
You don’t baby, I know you love me.
I used to, but not anymore.
Why don’t you love me.
Because you hurt my papa.
Hurt your papa, gosh am about losing my mind…. Andrews . he yelled..
Yes boss.
Get the priest re-ady, we are getting married in five minutes.
Okay sir.
Am not getting married to you.
You will or your papa is going to die. He said with a sm-irked.
What do you mean by that.
Am going to kill your daddy kitty.
You monster, I was about hitting him, when he point a gun on my head which s£nd shiver to me and whispered.
Do you know, who am I.
No. I answered immediately…. What he said next, made me weak.
What have I gotten myself into. I thought with tears sliding out of my eyes.
To be continued.

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