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Mama I made it episode 3

Episode 3.

Strolling throu-gh the village so confused, tired and lost with a bag of sachet water, a guy approached me, I didn’t even know my countenance changed which made him st©pped me.
“What’s wrong? You look sad, he said and I nodded.
“Uhmm actually I just moved in here, I replied.
“I can see that, so what’s the problem? He asked and I ru-bbe-d my head.
“Honestly a lot and I don’t know where to start from, I replied.
“Its okay, anywhere will be fine, he said and I nodded.
“Uhmmm i….. Okay I nee-d water. I know I’m holding one but this is for drinking. I…I… Though I’ve seen where to get one but I have no ru-bber to fetch. And again ermm…. The compound is so deserted and not fit for humans to stay, and I’m so scared to spend the night there. Everywhere is so dirty and there’s no way I can sleep in there and I don’t know what to do, that’s it, I blurred out of frustration when I finally saw someone to talk to but he was quiet looking at me and I rolled my eyes thinking I just wasted my time.
“I’m sorry I bothered you with all that, I have to go now, I said.
“I was listening to know if that’s all, he said and I nodded.
“For now, I said.
“Okay, where do you live? He asked and I just li-cked myl-ips and scratched my head knowing I have to disclose the place.
“Ermm I stay with my mom, I replied.
“All mothers should have something at least to fetch water with, he said.
“I know but you don’t un-derstand, my mom isn’t fit… Like she… She is ermm…….. “Its okay, I’ll esc-rt you home, he said taking the bag of water from me.
“Thank you, I gently said as we walked home.
When we arrived I just st©pped and pointed to the compound and I saw that surprise Look on his face when he saw my mom sitting outside where I left her.
“She’s your mom? He asked.
‘Yea, I replied cleaning my face.
“This is so shocking and I now get what you were trying to say. You cant sleep here, I mean not today, he said and I heaved.
“But I have to, I can’t leave her, I said.
“But where are you going to sleep in a place looking like this? Only a mad person like her with no consciousness is fit to be here definitely not someone like you, he said and my eyes lit up with anger.
I quic-kly got my water from him,
“Thanks and I appreciate your time but I won’t watch you insult my mother, I said and he giggled.
“Excuse me, did you just say Insult? But its the fact, she’s a mad woman and everyone knows that so what are you talking about? He asked and I shook my head and went in trying to control my anger while I heard him laughed behind.
“I wish you good luck here, he said as he was about to leave, but I just closed my eyes and got to my mother.
“Mommy I’m back, I said but she just shined her brown stained teeth at me and I saw she was scared I wont be coming back.
I found myself smiling as i brou-ght out a sachet and gave it to her to drink and she ended up drinking 4 sachets at a stretch.
“Wow you were really thirsty, I said cleaning herl-ips, but I noticed she couldn’t talk.
She only made strange noise whenever i talk with her and it got me really disturbe-d.
There was no time to think of such thing now as evening was approaching and I wasn’t sure of where I will sleep.
I switched on my phone to make use of the torch light to clear off some debris before dusk finally falls on us.
But in the process of the clean up my phone began to ring, I ignored the call at first but picked up when it rang for the 3rd time.
“Where the hell are you Purity! My dad voice [email protected]£ on phone.
‘Where do you think I should be? I’m with my mother, the woman you abandoned, I replied.
“What the hell is wrong with you? I thought you [email protected]£ home didn’t you? He asked.
“Home? Where is home? Last i checked it belongs to your wife and children, and guess what, they were alre-ady [email protected] I left home so plea-se let them have it. I rather be here with her, I said.
“Arrrghhh Purity st©p this and think baby girl think! Look you nee-d to come back okay, let’s talk about this, he said.
“No dad I can’t, I’ve come to love here and leaving her now when she has accepted a company is just too cruel, I said.
“Company? What business does a mad woman have with company? What does she know? He asked.
“That mad woman gave birth to me! You la-id her down, or was she not mad then? Don’t tell me dad you sle-pt with a mad woman and took me away from her, I said.
“don’t be silly Purity, I can never think of slee-ping with a mad person that’s why I’m asking you to come home plea-se we nee-d to talk. I un-derstand you know nothing because we haven’t talked about this, but I won’t let you waste your life this way don’t do this, he said and I sighed.
“You think I’m wasting my life? No dad you’ll be the one to waste us if you close your eyes and abandon us here. Dad I want to be with my mother don’t you un-derstand? I’m hurt alre-ady she wasn’t someone i thought she will be but plea-se give me a chance to know her more. Dad she gave me something today, something she kept for 17 good years in memory of me and I appreciate that.
If you really want to help me dad, then give me every support i nee-d here, I said.
“Oh Purity, i got so much dreams for you and i never expected it to be this way. Where did i fail taking care of you? Why are you doing this to me? I heard my dad asked with a broken voice and I wanted replying but my step mom voice [email protected]£ on phone.
“Why are you begging the useless girl to come home? She just proved she never loved nor appreciate all you’ve done for her, she chose a mad person over you and you’re begging her what for? Let her be with her, she has her plans and when her eyes finally get open she will regret her action, stupid girl! She said and i immediately dropped the call cleaning my tears but saw my mom looking at me.
“Its fine I’m not going anywhere,I said to her but she went to a place scattering what I don’t know and i felt like fainting for her knowing she is creating more work for me.
“Mom st©p what are you doing? I asked trying to st©p her but she gave me a picture and i took it, but sadly the picture was bad, i couldn’t see anything but she was still insisting i should look at it whimpering words i couldn’t un-derstand.
I was weak alre-ady with all of it and I held her,
“its okay mom I un-derstand you want to show me a picture of you but its bad I’m sorry, I said and her face suddenly got filled with pains.
“What’s in the picture? I asked her but she kept pointing at a [email protected] place and I nodded and took it out to see if i can get any clue of what what she is trying to show me.
I only saw the down [email protected] and it was a faded go-wn and that was all, I heaved cleaning my face and [email protected]£ in to see her still scattering.
“Oh my God mom plea-se st©p! Whatever you’re trying to show me, tomorrow we will figure it out together I promise you. But for now I nee-d to create a little place for us to sleep and take our bath at least. Mom I couldn’t get water and you’re stressing me the more, do you un-derstand me? I sadly asked and she [email protected]£ to me and t©uçhed my face still saying things I didn’t un-derstand.
Before I knew it she left me and began arranging the place back and i was so surprised and felt bad i raised my voice on her.
“Mom its fine I’ll do it, i said holding her but she shook her head and said something i [email protected]£ to un-derstand she is trying to help me out.
“Thank you, i said smiling and she smiled back and continued with what she was doing.
It was alre-ady late and we were able to create a place for us to sleep amidst the mess.
I was seriously hungry and weak and I took a sachet of water to drink while i kept thinking of how i will take my bath.
My mom held my hand still whimpering and i knew she wanted taking me out,
“Mom where to? Its late, I said as i [email protected]£ out with her but she was just jumping happily and dragged me out while I smiled and followed her…………..
Mother’s always have a special place for they kids know matter the condition they are 💞
Drop a heart for your mom ❤❤

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