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Mama I made it episode 2

Episode 2.💞
She kept looking at me not saying anything and I slowly dropped my bag,
“Mr Peter just dropped……… I couldn’t finish my statement when she began giving some strange sounds and I knew she must be angry.
“I’m sorry I’m sorry, but he said my mother is in here! I just want to know if you’re the one, I said in between her screams and she [email protected]£ quiet and bowed her head.
I heaved and took my bag and gently left the hut because I was suffocating alre-ady with the dust and everything.
I cleaned my eyes and quic-kly called up my friend,
“Hi babe was-sup? She picked up.
“I’ve seen her, I replied.
“You did? Wow tell me, is she beautiful, rich? She asked and I sniffed and couldn’t control myself.
“Mary she’s an insane woman, I replied crying.
“Wait I don’t get it, what did she do to you? She asked.
“Mary she’s insane, like she’s a full b!own mad woman and I don’t know what to do, I said covering my mouth with my palm.
“What the hell! Probably that’s the reason why your dad kept you away from her, she said.
“Why didn’t he let me know? Why! I shouted.
“You know what Purity you can’t stay there, go back home girl, she said.
“Do you realize its my mother we are talking about here? I can’t just leave her this way, I said.
“What do you mean by that? Don’t tell me you’re going to stay with a mad woman who can’t ba-rely take care of herself or recognize you, Don’t be crazy Purity go back to your father, that’s where you belong, she said.
“Just st©p plea-se! I said and dropped the call and tearfully looked around the area and closed my eyes.
My dad is doing real good, but my only problem is my step mom who turned my dad heart away from me. I was his angel until she began giving him kids, then I was shut in the back, but still my condition wasn’t this bad and horrible.
I checked the money my dad gave to me and saw its a 50,000 naira.
I weakly looked at it knowing its nothing to me if I want to stay with my mom, and also what about my studies?
My dad was planning to admit me into one of the best pri-vate universities and its in few months time, if I’m to stay here I won’t achieve that and of course my dad won’t come to visit me either.
My heart was broken, I expected too much from my mom but got the greatest disappointment ever.
I’ll be nothing but a laughing stock when i get back home I know, but I didn’t want to subject my life this way staying with a mad woman called my mother.
I took my bag and left without looking back.
When I got home, I met my step mom with her children eating so much food with a wine on the table like they were having a [email protected]
“Is there any birthday [email protected] today? I asked when I step in and they looked at me surprised.
“What are you doing here? My step mom asked.
“Excuse me, are you asking what I’m doing in my Father’s house? I asked back and she giggled.
“Aren’t you suppose to be with your mother? She asked.
“And aren’t you suppose to be with your mother also? Maybe she would have gave you more up bringing if you didn’t run away to marry my dad! I said and she drew her chair backward to meet with me.
“Mom, Mommy just leave her alone, she’s just angry she doesn’t have a sane loving mother like I do, its written all over her face, my step sister said smiling and my step mom carefully looked at me and began to laugh. More [email protected]
“Do you know she was crying? Oh my God! Purity, the daughter of a mad woman, who would have believed that? My step mom said laughing and I took my bag and left to my room..
I looked myself in the mirror and saw my tears rolling down my face and the picture of my mom appeared in my head.
I closed my eyes and fell on my be-d not to remember her,
“You can’t be my mother! I kept saying.
My phone began to ring and it was my dad calling which I picked up,
“I’m sure your wife have told you I’m back, I said.
“Purity did you two get to talk? He asked.
“With who? With your insane wife or my mad mother? I asked back.
“I won’t watch you insult my wife Purity! Now did you get to talk with your mad mother! He shouted on me.
“If it was that easy to talk with her why didn’t you come in with me? And again why did you abandoned her there? Not that you don’t have the money to give her the best treatment! I shouted back.
“You know nothing, and yes it was a bad idea i called anyway, he said and dropped the call and I sat up with a lot going on in my head.
“Why did my mother scream when i mentioned my dad name? And why did my dad asked if we got to talk? I asked myself and got angry i left without having the patience to have a word with my mom.
I saw myself greedy and expected so much from my mom because my friends mothers are all influential and successful in the society.
I wanted mine to be among, but it turned out to be a pathetic one.
“You’re right dad, I know nothing, I said and got into the bathroom to clean up, wore another dress, took my bag and left the house while they wondered where I was going to but they couldn’t ask.
On the way back to my other Mary called,
“Babe are you back? She asked.
“Yea I [email protected]£ back, I replied.
“Oh what a relief! We are seeing later right? She asked.
“I’m afraid not, because I’m going back to my mother. I can’t abandon her that way, she nee-ds me, I replied.
“What! What has come over you Purity! She shouted.
“What has come over me? Is it wrong to be with my mother? oh plea-se my mind is made up! I said and dropped the call and switched off the phone to avoid more annoying calls.
When I returned to the hut, i heard my mom voice and ran in to see a man trying to [email protected] mom down. I went out coming back with a big stick,
“Hey what are you doing! I shouted hitting him at his back continuously.
“Get out! Get out! I shouted pushing the shameless elderly man out as he was stinking with alcohol. I made sure i esc-rted him out shouting on his head never to return. More [email protected]
I [email protected]£ back feeling bad and saw my mom still in the position she was, and i slowly approached and squatted before her.
“I’m sorry mom i left, but I’m back never to go again. I promise you wont go throu-gh this as long as I’m here, I said as she looked at me but I was scared to t©uçh her.
I heaved and stood up taking off my jacket and knew there’s a lot to be done else I may die here without my mom tou-ching me.
I kept my bag in a corner and went out taking a palm fruit [email protected] to clear the area.
It was difficult for me doing such work, but i had to because there’s no maid or nanny here to do that, but i felt a pres£nce behind me and turned to see my mom looking at me with her hands inside her torn and dirty shi-t. That was when I got to see her clearly, despite her complexion tainted with dust, her beauty was still not hidden.
I dropped the [email protected] and went to her,
“Are you hungry? I asked as I remembered i got few things on the way when i was coming back.
But she brou-ght out one of her hands from her shi-t and brou-ght out a hair pin and slowly pinned it on my hair and i smiled.
“Thank you mommy, I said and held her hand and made her to sit.
I went in and brou-ght out the bre-ad i bought and the mayonnaise, i applied the mayonnaise myself and gave it to her.
“Eat this I’ll be back, I said knowing there’s nothing like water and i nee-d to get one.
I went in to return the bre-ad back and took off the hair pin looking at it, it looked old and dirty and probably for a baby.
I pinned it back happy despite she’s mad, she kept the pin to remind her she had a daughter that was taken away from her…………
Do you think she did the right thing by staying with her mad mother 🤔🤔
Another emotional story oh 🤗

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