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Love on fire 2 final episode

♥️❤️Love on Fire🔥🔥
(💘💕Another Challenge💔)
Authoress Sas-syjen (Aigbojie Jennifer)
💔 Season 2 💔
♥️ Episode 16🔥
💮 Semi Grand Finale💮
🌷 Charlotte 😭
” What are you two talking about”
Am feeling sleepy you evil monster, you can excuse me or watch me sleep.
” Yeah you are right,go to sleep while I deal with him”
The world he said,” deal with him”, got me sacred that he his about to do something tragic to him, what will I do now .
He brou-ght out a gun pointing in his head,” what thefu-ck are you discussing with my woman”
Oh no no, I tremble in fear
plea-se don’t kill him, plea-se
The boy replied him saying he will tell him about our discussion, I got more afraid thinking he will tell him am pregnant.
” She felt sick, you told us not to disturb you, so I went out to get the medicines, if you think am lying, tell her to show you”
“Yeah show me”
I brou-ght out the medicines and he saw.
” I still don’t believe you but you lucky today you won’t die, now out of the room” .
I felt at ease a little but the fact his sti holding a gun, drives lots of things to my thinking.
I la-id on the be-d expecting him to leave…
” Charlotte you are being so sturborn and am loosing my interest in you”..
Well that’s good, you have come to your s-en-ses to know I can never be yours
He laughed out ” that’s not what I meant, have kept you too long here, I think it’s high time I kill you, and bring in my other victim”
Does he mean his going to end my life today, oh no plea-se
” The painful thing is I won, Oliver lost, lover boy that couldn’t save you, when you are dead, will drop your b©dy for him to see I won”
He started laughing and crying as he left, I doubt if his health status is even normal.
Oliver I feel I have no much time, plea-se you nee-d to come quic-k,we nee-d to save our baby from him.
😠 Dylan 💢
I feel the baby face his lying to me, are they planning to escape, he knows he won’t succeed, he will end up dead and never see his family again.
I nee-d to monitor him closely now, once I suspect anything strange,I kill him instantly.
No one dare backstab me, but it will be more painful, Charlotte death will be slow and painful .
I informed the others to monitor the babyface closely , once he acts suspicious, they should kill him immediately.
😭Oliver 😭
I la-id on the floor in my room, lost in my thoughts,so frustrated.
Charlotte I don’t even know if you are still alive,am sorry have failed you this time around.
I lost to him alre-ady,seems Dylan will be the winner as always.
I cried in pains, then I heard mom voice saying,” my son is not a looser”
Mother, I rested in her arms as she comforted me, truly my dad did some great things since the day he talked to her.
Mom I have tried everything, the police don’t even have any clue to his whereabouts,now I know why they nickname him ghost.
” Don’t give up yet my son, I know you are finding her soon enough, you are close alre-ady”
But mom everything sounds as if have failed alre-ady
” My son is not a coward, I know Anatasia will volunteer to help, seems she has a good heart than her brother”
I hope so mom, I hope so
” You have been skipping your meals for days, she is truly important to my son”
“Now how do you expect to save her when you don’t eat your meal, you want to [email protected] at the battle, you ba-rely sleep plea-se try and get some rest and I will prepare you dinner specially”
Mom has never cooked but seems dad brou-ght back her s-en-ses to be calm and caring .
Thank you mom, I hvgged her, thanks alot more
“I should be the one thanking you for giving me a chance of being a good mother to you”
I felt like a little baby with mom,then I sle-pt off.
Few hours later,my phone rang, I never knew I could sleep this long.
Oh Dylan sister, is she willing to help?
” Hey lover, I got something for you”
” Meet me at the address I s£nt to you”
Am on my way.
She ended the call, so Dylan I take back my word I said earlier, I have not lost to you yet, I still have chances of winning.
I was about leaving when mom called me to eat, I won’t want to break her heart ,so I sphere sometime to eat, it’s so delicious.
Thank you mom but I nee-d to meet up with someone now
” Alright son,be safe”
I made use of one of the cars and zoomed off to the address she texted me.
😭 Charlotte 😭
The boy with the calm face [email protected]£ in, ” am sorry miss, I can’t be see talking to you as before,he got eyes everywhere monitoring me, his going to kill me soon”
No way
” plea-se you nee-d to be fine and I don’t want you and the baby to be killed by him”
What can we do ?
You said is not possible to escape?
” Yeah I said that but you nee-d to look for means, his alre-ady get prepared to kill you anytime soon, like I said you the only victim that has spend lots of time here than others”
I know we are getting out of here, I would love to adopt you to be my brother, he laughed.
What’s funny
” I appreciate it but I don’t think I will be alive then, he must have killed me before then”
No no
” I feel he knows you are pregnant maybe that’s why he wants to kill you soon or someone heard our conversation and told him”
Damn it
” Good bye miss, I nee-d to be careful now”
He left and I thought of a way to break off the chains off my legs but how?!
💔 Season 2 💔
♥️ Episode 17🔥
💮 Grand Finale💮
💮 Charlotte 🍀
Have never been scared like this all my life, even the last experience at the show Love on fire didn’t give me a situation like this, what if he comes now to kill me or the boy with the calm face .
I just don’t know what to do at the moment, if not for this stupid chain holding my legs I would have find a means to escape but how can I even escape from this place when I don’t know the route to take since I don’t even know where I am.
I rushed to the bathroom to throw up, am getting weak by the day, I think I nee-d a doctor, I hope I get out of here soon enough.
I heard a female screaming out in pains, then bottle splashed sounds, this drives fear in to my system.
I couldn’t feel my legs when the door opened, but I got better seeing the boy with the calm face.
“Hi”, I said, ” I thought you won’t be coming here again, does it mean they have trusted you again”
I didn’t get a response from him, I thought of the reason his so moody, his always calm and happy but today his different,maybe something bad happened to him.
” Why are you moody? Did something happen”
” Am sorry miss, you weren’t careful enough”
I don’t un-derstand what his saying, not careful meaning?
” Where is the used PTS?”
Oh $h!t, I don’t even know where I kept it, oh no, the other guy that served me food must have picked it. how can I be so clumsy.
” He knows”
My soul left me and returned back, ” what is he going to do with me now”, I asked with tears in my eyes.
” Like I told you before,a lady he wants been pregnant for someone else makes him want to do something crazy”.
I guess am not going to make it but my baby that is innocent, why did I not just listen to Oliver from the beginning.
” He asked me to bring you over ”
What ???
Am I dying today,oh no.
” He instructed me to kill you!!”
Sweat drop from my fore head hearing this.
💢 Oliver 💢
She gave me the details of Dylan where about, she called her favorite in his place,I think she addresses him as baby.
” Baby told me with our secret phone that his instructed to kill your lover because he found out she is pregnant, he wants to punish baby for been nice to her since she has been there”
Preg….na…nt, I stammered…
Charlotte is carrying my child and they are about to be killed, no way, Dylan is evil.
” I totally agree with you, my brother mental illness has wors£ned by the day,the truth is I love baby but he refuse to let him go, I told baby to buy us more time by delaying it but if you don’t [email protected] [email protected] of the shining armor,his going to do it cause it’s an order”
Thank you very much, am going to the police now
” Am coming with you”
It will be too dangerous for you.
” I insist, this is the opportunity to save baby too.”
She entered my car and we zoomed off to the police station giving them the details I just got from Dylan sister.
They mobilize their squad and zoomed off armed, I followed them using my car from behind.
My fear refused to drop because I just heard my love is pregnant and Dylan never have mercy on pregnant ladies.
The truth behind his late parents was that the mother got pregnant for another man after Anatasia was born, he found out and wasn’t merciful,he just want her to be his and someone shared it with him.
God plea-se let him not harm my Charlotte.
The place we got to looks so secluded, you won’t imagine that someone might build a house from here, no wonder his called a ghost, the police spre-ad themselves surrounding the building.
Baby shoot the air, that’s the signal she told me,we headed to the direction though it was bloody, some ha-rd guys obstructed and they opened fire at each other.
This is more of becoming a suicide mission alre-ady.
I entered an empty store role in there and saw a lady laying on the floor, oh Charlotte…
Charlotte plea-se wake up, plea-se,have come to save you, am still hearing gunsh0ts outside, I know we will come out of this.
I tried giving her enough air but she is not responding, Charlotte wake up ,wake up plea-se I cried, I know I [email protected]£ late but plea-se am here now that’s all that matters.
She opened her eyes and I hvgged her so ti-ght, she must have pas-sed out due to her condition.
The police opened up and I said ,she is alive.
We [email protected]£ out together, Dylan sister looks so worried. I told her not to worry that it’s all over now.
” No is not, they captured the guys ,where is Dylan”
Oh no, that beast, I wanted to face him myself.
We heard an unexpected gunsh0t from Charlotte direction. It was blank.
Dylan sister scream, baby took the bullet for Charlotte, Dylan said,” too bad, I wanted to kill your baby but that son of a bit-ch ruined it”.
The police chased after him cause he was at a distance when he pu-ll-ed the trigger,the police did their thing.
One of them said,” the ambulance will be here soon”
Charlotte cried,” you saved me, plea-se fight this,I still want to adopt you as my brother plea-se”
Really the guy must have been so good to Charlotte seeing her reaction.
The ambulance [email protected]£ and took him, Dylan got sh0t on his leg and he has been arrested by the police.
They recoverd lots of things in Dylan hide out.
Charlotte how is my baby doing.
” He is fine”, no way, the baby is going to be a she
We laughed and k!$$£d….
The end…….
Can you be patient.
Scroll down a little more
You thought am going to end the story like that
Congratulations you made it to the Epilogue lol🍀😁😁😁
♥️❤️Love on Fire🔥🔥
(💘💕Another Challenge💔)
Authoress Sas-syjen (Aigbojie Jennifer)
©️do not copy without permission❎
✍️ Writers pov ✍️
After the incident, Charlotte was admitted at the hospital and giving some treatment in as a result of her illness not to affect the baby in her wo-mb.
She [email protected]£ to Oliver house with her parents for dinner, Oliver mom and her mom settled their differences, Ethan and Ava were happy for the new development, they actually like themselves, little kids crushing funny right.
Oliver asked Charlotte to marry him and she accepted to be his wife, everyone so excited about it.
She did her ultrasound and Oliver can’t believe the goodnews of him been a father and his lover carrying his child.
Oliver got a car from Anatasia to come to the hospital, Charlotte and I got there and got happy when we learnt Baby is awake, they did an operation on him to re-move the bullet,since then he has not woken up not untill now.
Am happy he made it, Charlotte calls him brother.
As for Dylan, he was s£ntence to life in prison and a doctor always come to check his health status.
Vanessa and Donald got married.
Love on fire is now handled by the newest couples, Oliver and Charlotte.
Charlotte gave birth to a baby boy,that looks exactly like his father.
What is meant to be will always be no matter the Challenges, we should know by now that true love faces Challenges but am happy they ended together in harmony.
Baby had another Chance to be with his one true love Anatasia.
The end……🌷🌷🌷🌷💮💮💮💮❣️❣️❣️🔥🔥
Thanks to those that has been with me since I started this story, you all have been of great encouragement to me, plea-se don’t forget to end this story with Me, with 200 likes and give your comment.
Hope we learnt so much…

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