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Love on fire 2 Episode 7 & 8

♥️❤️Love on Fire🔥🔥
(💘💕Another Challenge💔)
Authoress Sas-syjen (Aigbojie Jennifer)
💔 Season 2 💔
♥️ Episode 7🔥
😶 Oliver 😶
” Oliver I knew everything that happened, happened for the best, now you nee-d to get on with your life and our business,we nee-d to sign for something big, meet Stephanie your wife to be, isn’t she pretty?”
My what !!!!!!!
“Mom you must be joking, calling a total stranger my wife to be, who does that”
I got so angry at mom.
” Oliver you dare not talk to your mother in that manner, do you know how you disappointed me by going against my rules, I warned you not to have anything to do with the housemate but what did you do, you just like your father”
This word got me more angry
” Yes mom”, I [email protected], ” am happy am just like my father and not you, now I see the reasons he cheats on you and I wish he can even cheat on you more”
” Oliver”….
I walked away ignoring her.
I can’t believe mother can be this cold, I always thought she was the best not until everything that took place.
Why in the world could this happen to me!!!
I can’t believe the woman am so in love with is my sister.
I heard a knock at the door, guess it’s Ava,” come in pumpkin”
She sat on the be-d, ” bro I have a feeling Charlotte my crazy is not your sister, what if mom planned it all”
” Come on Ava, we both know dad,he can never say something just to plea-se mom and Charlotte family is rich as we are even not up to dad wealth fully but they can’t be be blackmailed to tell a lie”
” True bro, but I still don’t believe,how is she doing”
” She doesn’t want us to see again”
” It’s okay bro but I don’t like that lady mom brou-ght”
” Come here little one”
😌 Dylan 😌
Have always loved Charlotte from the very day I met her, she light up my world but she is unaware of that.
I got so angry when I learnt she register for the show love on fire ,am I not worthy of her love.
I never knew she is [email protected]!ngsomeone in the house not until the recent incident.
I alre-ady planned to exceute that bastard called Oliver and get her back to my life, if she refused I would have done it the ha-rd way, but I aborted my plans when I heard the news ,they are related, am the happiest man on earth.
I won’t let her sl!pmy f!ngersevery again.
Charlotte is mine for life and am re-ady to go extra miles to hurt anyone that will try and steal her from me.
Let me start with dinner and I know pres£ntly she will nee-d someone right now cause of what she is going throu-gh, Dylan brilliant, she will be yours.
I took my phone and decided to call her for dinner
” Charlotte are you free tonight”
📲” Yeah, I don’t really have anything doing for now”
” Well you know it’s been a while you hang out with me, can you spare me some of your time tonight to treat you dinner”
📲” Sure ”
” Very well dear friend, will text you the address, I miss my friend”
I just nee-d to be gentle as ever tonight and make her fall de-eply in love with me than the way she loves Oliver.
😌 Charlotte 😌
I thanked Vanessa for having me around this short period to clear of my head.
I think am good now and have accepted what life gave to me and Oliver, it saddens me that how the story ends.
Will be going back home today to see my parents and mostly my troublesome brother Ethan.
Am happy Dylan called me for dinner tonight, on a second thought, he truly likes me from the beginning,I don’t think I can [email protected]£ again but hanging out with him will st©p me from thinking so much.
My mom hvgged me ti-ght and prepare something for me to eat,she said I looked so thin, she blamed her self for ma-king me suffer like this emotional but I just told her it wasn’t her fault,it’s how nature chooses to [email protected]’s game.
I so much love my step dad, I really wish he was actually my father.
I entered Ethan rooms and he refuse to talk to me.
” Seems someone is acting as if am not here, well let me just tickle him and see his reaction”
I tickled him and he started laughing.
” I miss you sis and your craziness”
” Did you just say am crazy, I [email protected]ñk his as-s and we laughed”
He actually felt bad for signing me up for the show.
I told mom about the dinner and she got happy am finally picking up the pieces but my step dad didn’t buy the idea,he seems there is something off about Dylan.
I just made him un-derstand am not going to [email protected]£ him ,is just a normal friendly [email protected]£.
I fit in different dresses and finally finds the go-wn that fits so well, Oliver is the reason am dressing gorgeously as a lady, I guess I will nee-d to change my wardrobe soon enough.
I put on a silver go-wn and a transparent heels and style my hair, took my pulse, entered my car and zoomed off to the address texted to me by Dylan.
He was actually looking good but nothing compared to my Oliver.
He complemented me, and I orders for rice and salad same with him.
We talked about lots of things that made me laugh and smile,mostly most things I did at the age of 22, funny how time flies.
A soft tune music pla-yed in the background as everyone was dancing, then he said,” can I have this dance ”
” Sure”
I wasn’t really comfortable while we dance,he looked like someone that wants to k!ssme, but his strange, I don’t know about his background fully and he don’t like me talking or asking about it but I just had to respect his privacy.
He asked a question
” Why don’t you want to give me a chance to love you”
I couldn’t answer ,I just thanked him for dinner and requested to take my leave but he seize my hands and it hurt
” I nee-d to know why”
It was obvious anyone looking at us we see am trying to leggo of his grip.
That was when someone punched him ha-rd on the face.
” Leave her alone, look for someone else you will hurt”
The voice, wait a minute “Oliver”
” You shouldn’t be seen with this monster ”
💔 Season 2 💔
♥️ Episode 8🔥
😶 Oliver 😶
I couldn’t st©p thinking about Oliver, I really wish to have her in my life, I don’t give afu-ck if she is my sister or cousin, we are alre-ady in love and that’s all that matters.
I took my phone and dialed Vanessa number.
” Hi Oliver, hope you good”
“Yes am good, plea-se can you pas-s the phone to Charlotte, she refused to pick my calls”
📲” Oh sorry about that,she left alre-ady,I think she might be with Dylan for dinner tonight”
I got jealous immediately, she just end it with me and alre-ady seeing another guy
” plea-se do you know where they are having the dinner, I have something for her”
📲” Sure,will text you immediately after this call”
” Ok thanks alot Vanessa”.
I can’t believe this, the message pop up and I decided to get re-ady and see who the dude is, I can’t believe am jealous alre-ady.
I was about leaving when Stephanie st©p me, ” hey, I made you dinner”
” I don’t eat food prepared by strangers and secondly you can eat with the person who brou-ght you here”
” But wait, just get to know me better, you won’t regret it, I fall in love with you the first day your mom showed me your pictures”
” Wow amazing, you can go back to the picture and feed it, don’t think of st©pping cause I can do something rash to you”
I walked out on her, what nons-en-se,I love just Charlotte and no one else and I don’t think any other lady can win my heart the way she did.
I drove to the address, I entered checking each tables to get a trace of Charlotte.
” There she is” I said to myself,” isn’t that Dylan, that evil monster that can kill any lady who refuse to be his lover, how did she know such a fellow”, I got angry when I noticed she was struggling with him .
I gave him a real punch on his face,
” Leave her alone, look for someone else you will hurt”
I know Charlotte wore a face of shock to see me in this manner,I turned to her saying,
” You shouldn’t be seen with this monster ”
Dylan stood up and said,” dude I always win and you know that”
I know the meaning of the statement he just used, Charlotte might be his next victim.
” Sorry dude, I think you are going to loose this time around”, I took Charlotte by her hand and left the place, immediately we [email protected]£ out, she hit my hands off.
” Oliver what’s the meaning of the stuff you just pu-ll-ed out in there”
” Charlotte I love you and I want you to end everything you have with him”
” Oliver can you hear yourself, am your sister,start getting use to that ok, and secondly Dylan has been my close friend,so you don’t tell me who I mingle with”
I felt disappointed and said,” his letting you be cause he might be busy ma-king others a victim, plea-se my love , your life is in danger with him”
” Can you st©p this madness, I love you Oliver but can’t you see we are not destined to be, you are my brother,which means we nee-d to move on, I will take my leave now”
I watched her as she enters her car and zoomed off with anger.
I hate this new development of her been my sister.
Dylan [email protected]£ out and said,” nice act Oliver,you used to be my very close friend, common,you can S-x different holes as you want, but I always get what I want, remember Jessica, I wanted on my be-d but you refuse to st©pfu-cking, guess you heard her news, so dramatic of her b©yfri£ndto attack you for it”
” You are a monster, so you killed her”
He laughed out so evilly and said,” I never said that but you know me so well, so why [email protected] her laugh, I won’t hurt your sister okay, destiny has said it, she can be er be yours”
He left…
Why is everything happening so fast and even if she is my sister or not, I can’t let her be with him, I rather take my last breath to see that happening.
🤔 Charlotte 🤔
I thought about everything, maybe they knew in the past but that’s none of my business, Dylan for sure is nice and gentle.
Whatever differences they are both having,they should sort it out.
He just ruined everything, should I call Dylan to apologise to him for such out Oliver committed and also for me leaving just like that.
Oh Charlotte, you are becoming soft overnight, I think it’s best I call and apologise to him.
I pick up my phone and dialed Dylan number and he answered, he didn’t sound angry at all on the phone.
📲” Hope you got home safe”
” Yes I did, I want to apologise for everything that happened today, am truly sorry”
📲” Apology not accepted”
” But why” I wondered
📲” I will accept your apology if you come and watch a movie with me tomorrow”
Oh it’s been long I watched a movie and I had plans back then in love on fire to watch with Oliver Immediately after the show, but the dreams got shattered alre-ady”
” Sure, I would love that”
📲” Thanks alot and am sorry for gripping your hands like that, I got carried away”
” No problem at all”.
📲” Thanks, see you tomorrow my gorgeous friend”
That’s so sweet of him.
Should I call Vanessa and tell her everything that happened or I should just keep it to myself.
Well Dylan is not that bad, maybe I can learn to love him besides am not getting any younger .
I know it’s because of what happened, mom has not disturbe-d me about it ,they are so happy that I don’t fight anymore but am still crazy, just that not everything I can control it.
I got a text from Dylan and I blu-shed.
I miss Oliver, I know his hurting now but I just nee-d to be strong between the both of us,so he can move on .
Do you think Charlotte is ma-king a right choice..

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