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Love on fire 2 Episode 3 & 4

♥️❤️Love on Fire🔥🔥
(💘💕Another Challenge💔)
Authoress Sas-syjen (Aigbojie Jennifer)
💔 Season 2 💔
♥️ Episode 3
😍 Margaret 😶
I attended the interview, the maid that’s looks a bit hold, carried the interview on behalf of the couple, she liked me and told me the do’s and don’t as well.
She showed me around, when am to prepare dinner and breakfast using the time table cause most time they eat out or order food.
She told me about the little child and I should take care of him always ,”the child is selective as well,so he might actually dislike you but just pray he likes you, if he does ,then you have no problem”
I hope he truly likes me.
” You must be careful around the boss mostly when his wife travels out of the country with or without her son, his like a prey on ladies okay or you might end up loosing your job”
I un-derstand ma
” You are hired, go over there and get your maid uniform and start with the cleaning and mind you , you might be ask to sleep over sometimes so always be prepared, when you done puting on your uniform, I will be waiting here for you so I show you to your room ”
Oh mine ,am going to have a room, thank you so much ma, I would have love to be staying here for good but I nee-d to do other daily jobs whenever am off duty to save lots of money.
I put on the uniform and I looked so beautiful on it even though it’s a maid uniform, she showed me the room, wow this is big, are you sure this is a maid room, I want to jump on the be-d, do things but I can’t because of the old lady, she will think am really local ,I just complemented the room and I started my work Instantly so I can get home on time.
I got busy at the kitchen when an handsome young man got in, he stare at me and ask if am new, I replied saying yes sir, ” oh the new maid, guess you are lucky to work in my household”, oh $h!t his the boss, he look so young and cute,if not that his married ,I would have started a relationsh!pbut his married.
He wi-nk at me and left.
😋 Jason 😋
I went out for a business meeting at the office, it has been stressful for me this period, signing of different contract and most companies wishes to see me.
I got home and was damn starving, I refuse ordering food since my wife is home today, am going to eat her food today, guess what, I got home seeing her with her phone chatting.
What ?
Is she chatting with a dude, she welcome me, “honey welcome home, how did each meeting go by the way ,hope it wasn’t stressful”
Not at all, just hungry, hope you prepared something delicious
” Oh I thought you will order food”
What do you mean by I thought, for God sake you have been home all day, are you not supposed to prepare food for your husband, did you not promise go prepare food for me
” Oh am sorry dear ,I totally forgot, I got carried away with my chats, am sorry, but you can just order or inform the new maid to prepare your food”
She continued chatting and laughing,I got so angry and took her phone from her and smatched it on the floor. I am your husband,show some respect, am talking to you and you chatting with a dude
” Are you insane, do you know the worth of the phone you just smatched on the floor”
I know the worth and I can give you a truck of the phone in a second, have you lost your s-en-ses Susan telling me to go get food outside,what happened to you and you sat comfortable chatting with a dude.
” Jason you are mad, accusing me of cheating”
Who says you are cheating.
” You that is a flir-t and wom-anizer,you think I don’t know right, because am keeping quiet”
🙄 Margaret 🙄
The fight between the both couple git serious to the extent it affected their child Oliver and I had to meet him, took him out from the place so he would not hear a thing.
” Dad and mom is fighting”, he cries, oh no,they are not,just a little misun-derstanding okay, once you old enough,you will un-derstand, I tried to make him so happy that he forgot their parents were having a fight.
Jason my boss entered his car with anger and drove off then my other boss Susan called Oliver in and went inside looking very angry.
What could be causing their fight today, they are rich and very okay but yet they end up fighting, I don’t want this kind of marriage .
I got to the house after work, this is my fourth month working as a maid so have been saving my salary in a box at home, I decided to check out the savings today when I noticed it’s broken and my ha-rd damn sweat is gone, this is the work of my aunt.
I confronted her in a polite manner but Instead of her to give me a simple answer, she bounced on me, ” you little [email protected], I took care of you,make sure you have a place to sleep, you dare call me a thief, I took the money what are you going to do, report me to the police, am tired of you in this house”
I started crying, she thrown me and my things out of the house, ” I don’t ever want to see you in my house anymore, you belong to the street”
I begged her so much that I don’t have a place to go to but she pushed me Instead and called me a cursed child, she told me I killed my parents that am not worth to be living that I should be dead. The words hit my heart that I got broken and weak,the rain started,I cried seriously in pains,she made me remember the death of my parents,now am homeless, now I don’t have any savings, the money with me is just the one I got paid today.
Am I really cursed, tears filled my eyes but the rain washed it off..
💔 Season 2 💔
♥️ Episode 4
I finally managed to secure a small room down town, not really expensive,am happy I had this extra cash on me before I got chased out.
I did some cleaning in the room, though I don’t really have enough stuff, just few things my aunt threw out me, I can’t call these clothes, I don’t even have means of cooking, I think it’s best I just eat at work and come home with some remains or visit my friend shop to take the expired can food.
I [email protected]£ out to throw some dirt off then I behold an handsome figure smiling at me, I don’t even know I smiled back at him, he walked to me and said,” hi seems you new here”, I nodded saying yes, ” I leave here as well, meaning we are neighbours right, let me help you with that”
We started talking about the environment and lots more, his name is Booker and I told him mine.
He as-sisted me with some of the work, he decided to prepare food for me when he noticed I don’t really have anything but I turned down the offer saying am fine, my stomach did other wise,he smiled, ” I insist” he said, he left to prepare the food while I got myself busy with other things in the small room.
I actually have a crush on him, his even more cuter than my boss Jason, after some hours he [email protected]£ with my food and I appreciated him alot cause he just saved me from hunger tonight, I almost cried but I just took control of myself,I can’t be telling everyone my sad story.
I got re-ady for work the next day though I didn’t enjoy my first night here ,the mosquitoes couldn’t let me sleep and I was sweating all throu-gh the night.
When I step out I saw him again smiling and waving at me,I did same and took my leave.
I couldn’t st©p thinking about him the whole day, what’s wrong with me, what if he has a woman in his life as well.
I go to my room at work, had a great bath for minutes and rested on the be-d also, ” this feels like heaven”, I got so famish to the extent I consumed lots of food,we are allowed to eat here as we like because most of the time, the perishable food get spoilt and we throw it away, I got so happy when the old maid told me I can actually take some of the food home, mission accomplished for food .
Oliver [email protected]£ to me for as-sistance in his as-signments which I did for him, I guess his just three years old but he looks more smarter than his age.
The boss always flir-t with me but I just ignore him, I have someone more handsome than him at home and I feel like starting a relationsh!psoon with him, what am I even thinking Margaret, don’t forget your goal, save to attend college.
After work the old maid gave me some money and I thanked her for it,I took a walk home when I saw couples with their children so happy, the daughter calling on her mom, I felt depressed cause I don’t have anyone to call mom, the only family I had s£nt me away, she said am cursed, I can’t go home like this, I almost cried and I changed my mind,I entered a club, took my sit and ordered for some sh0ts,I took alot of alcohol and I couldn’t think of me not having parents,all I wanted is just to have fun, I managed to get home.
I woke up so tired and stressed, I wish I can just be drinking everyday to forget about the hurt am feeling.
Oh damn am not on duty today, I think it’s best to do some daily job instead of me been home all day doing nothing.
A new week to start work again,I got to the Jason house when I overheard his wife telling him she is traveling with Oliver .
😍 Jason 🙂
” Sweetheart I will be leaving with Oliver,you know I nee-d to attend the meeting at Canada and my mother misses him and wishes to see him as well, I know you will be fine in the house all by yourself, beside you should be use to it” Susan said.
Well am used to this kind of life so I will be fine.
I followed her to the airport waved at her and I headed straight to the club to have some fun.
It’s been days since my wife travelled, I got so hor-nytoday and I nee-d a bit-ch, I nee-d to feel myself again then I saw the maid entering the kitchen.
She was looking so h0t and S-xy in her maid uniform, i called her to my room at night cause I informed the old maid to tell her she is not going home to tonight and lied that I will be having some companies in the morning so she nee-d to prepare breakfast very early. Margaret [email protected]£ thinking I wanted to s£nd her on an errand then I locked the door and it’s sound proof,no one can hear a thing .
I tried tou-ching her but she st©pped him, ” plea-se st©p this, you are married with a little kid”, i got lost alre-ady that I ignore her plead, she wasn’t on [email protected] and the dress she was putting on reveals her pointed brea-st, I know she is we-t as well, I love it when she struggles with me,makes me want to have her bad that I f0rç£d her, tore her [email protected] and thrû-sted in at once, ” gosh your pu** y it’s so sweet, I want to be having a taste always” i continued thrû-sting and ban-ging her ha-rd , she wasn’t a v!rg!nbut she cried in pains”
She is the best, I want to befu-cking her always, I think she has stole my heart alre-ady, I didn’t know I wasn’t using protec-tion but damn it,she taste great and I kept on thrû-sting and thrû-sting ha-rd and I ¢v-m right inside her then I got a text from my wife she is coming tonight,how come I didn’t see it earlier then the gate opened,my wife is back.
Oh $h!t, WTF I looked at her still crying on my be-d..
Jason you are a monster

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