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l£sb!anhigh school Episode 36 & 37

💧 l£sb!anHIGH SCHOOL 🏩💧
👢🍆{Stay Holy And Get Disvir-gined}👠🍆
Genre: [email protected]ç£, Comedy, ero-tic a Suspense, Highschool
Episode 36
Liana Ohmshford
Oh my gawd, he’s k!ss!ngme and I can’t do anything about it…. The way hisl-ips cohabited in mine felt so freakishly good that I shamelessly wra-pped my hands around his shoulders pu-lling him closer to himself ti-ghtly. He carried me to a secluded area, rolling his ton-gue with mine pas-sionately… I added intensity to the k!ss, [email protected] ing out really loud when his ha-rd ness rested on my h0ñ£yp0t consecutively.
It felt so good……..
He pushed me to the wall, un-bu-ttoning my t©p. I breathed out [email protected] ing as his hands squee-zed my b0ss0m.
Gawd…! I’ve missed his t©uçh so much……
He’s the only one that could make me feel this way. Just him only.
He continued k!ss!ngme, when reality vanned in…
We’ve broke up alre-ady right??? Why are we doing this???
Oh my!
I wanted to pu-ll out from the k!ssbut he used his leg to [email protected] mine, taking dominion over my entire b©dy.
“X… Xav, st©p!” I [email protected] ed out in between the k!sshe attacked me with, but he ignored me, de-epening his ton-gue dominantly on mine. “Xavier!!”
He still didn’t st©p, instead he rested his unmentionables on mine de-eply fore pla-ying with my b0ss0mas I shut my eyes closed, [email protected] ing out painfully. “Xav…. I want you st©p!”
I pu-ll-ed out from his hold landing him a [email protected] on both of his cheeks. I starred at him angrily, [email protected] him again, which immediately caused red marks… He starred at me shockingly but I ran out in tears, heading to my locker.
I packed up my books systematically, still not able to get my mind off the k!sswe shared.
Sherry gaze couldn’t leave mine. She kept starring at me like she badly wanted to tell me something important
“What??” I snapped as she Zi-pped up her new glittery bag pack that Oliver got for her on her birthday.
“You keep doing this, you keep hurting Xavier” She blurted out earning a deadly glare from me……
“Girl, he’s a mess without you…… Oliver told me he has returned back to drinking and smoking again, coz of you. Liana, everyone deserves a second chance. Why can’t you just give him??? He loves you so much, why can’t you see that??” She half yelled angrily with her arms crossed on her che-st.
“Okay, Firstly; if I nee-ded your counsel I would’ve told you. Secondly; I and Xavier are over, like we’re officially over. Thirdly; i didn’t seek your advice” I replied rashly slinging my bag around my shoulders….. Her eyes dilated in shock as she shook her head at me but I rolled my eyes sarcastically.
“I keep telling you Liana. You can’t brush him away just like that.. Why can’t you be just considerate for once??? Okay, have you ever thought of this?? What If he gets back with your twin sister, Lorraine??? I heard they even [email protected]£d for ten years” She replied, which made a wave of jealousy pas-s throu-gh me. The thoughts of seeing them together made me grow really sad and hurt…
I su-cked up my tears, with my eyebrows raised hurtfully and shoulders up. “Well, it’s his life. He can go back to her, I don’t care” I added, betraying my heart……
“Liana.. You’re ma-king a big mistake” She pressed further. “Sherry, let’s drop this t©pic. I’m late for geogra-phy clas-s”
“Whatever!” She muttered inaudibly as we both walked to clas-s.
Oliver Dane
“She doesn’t loves me anymore!!” Xavier ranted hurtfully as he kept drinking his sorrows away… I starred at him in pity… He has been really miserable ever since Liana broke up with him.
I don’t blame her though…. She was stuck in a very difficult situation, so she had no choice than to break up… But he has been trying to move on but apparently he can’t… It’s written all over him. Liana is his life.
I sighed frustratedly as he lighted a cigarette, with tears excavating out of his eyes. He looked really thin and pale. His eyes are red and it seemed like he hasn’t eaten a thing. I and the guys including Xazix have been trying to talk him out of his rollercoaster of emotions and hurt but he won’t just listen.
He keeps talking and bluffing about his love for Liana like a person that just got admitted into a psychiatric hospital.
Honestly; I don’t know what to do anymore.. It’s beyond my capability.
“Why can’t she see that I fv¢king love her so much huh??!!” He slurred drun!kenly, gulping the last drop of the bottle. He was imminent to gr-ab another bottle but I quic-kly st©pped him.
“Dude, don’t punish yourself this way” I soothed, but he pushed me away f0rç£fully, gr-abbing the bottle successfully. I was almost close to tears….. I hate seeing him this way.
The door cracked opened revea-ling Sherry, with a sad face. “Hey” She muttered sadly pe-cking me on the cheeks.
They’re so warm..
“Snap out if it Oliver! Your friend is suffering and you’re here gloating at Sherry’sl-ips” My inner mind mocked
“It’s still the same, She doesn’t wanna get back with him or talk about him, no matter how ha-rd I try” Sherry replied breathing out.
Liana Ohmshford
It’s time alre-ady now… Time to start a new life afresh. Time to leave this hellhole of an highschool.. I placed a call throu-gh my Mom, finally telling her the truth about everything that’s been happening when I got admitted into this school…. She called the government and the E. A was planning to ban this school.. Like close it entirely.
The happiness that radiated throu-gh was really extreme and I knew it. Finally I’ll be able to live a life of peace, honesty and happiness.
The officers of the E. A strictly ordered everyone to pack their belongings. Those psych0tic l£sblans were being taken to a rehabilitation centre, while some were admitted to a psychiatric hospital. All the $ex robots were dismantled and disconnected….. Including the $ex Laboratory and the dirty shameless teachers, both male and females, they were detained. The [email protected] filled of textbooks……and$ex-pictures was burnt… Everything was burnt and destroyed. Reporters and [email protected]£ramen overwhelmed the entire premises, asking us questions.
There we were at the rooft©p saying our goodbyes. Sherry told me she was gonna miss me though she told me to always keep in t©uçh coz we were going to different college.
Nathan and his sister also said their goodbyes too, before leaving the School
I breathed out a long Sigh, starring up at Xavier who had a sad look on his face.
(Listen to “your soul ” in The gifted, while re-ading this moment)
“So… That’s just it right?? You’re leaving me alone just like that” He bit his lowerl-ips starring at me intently.
“Yes ..I….. I’ve told you several times we can’t stay together, not now.. We both nee-d some space from each other. I can’t be with you right now, but I’ll make you a promise.” I soothed as-suredly as he brushed strands of my hair backwards. “What promise??” He whispered hopefully as I sighed.
“In the nearest future, if we meet ourselves. I promise to give you a second chance, but right now I can’t, okay??” I replied slowly turning and was about to walk away when his heartwarming voice st©pped my actions.
“Not even a k!ss??”
Tears filled my eyes as I ran towards him, locking ourl-ips together affectionately. His hands crawled up to my [email protected]!st holding it ti-ghtly as I sank my hands throu-gh his curly hair, k!ss!nghim dominantly. I pu-ll-ed out with our foreheads resting on each other’s.
“That doesn’t change a thing” I muttered breathlessly.
He nodded hurtfully as I starred at him amidst tears…. “Here, have this…” He uttered suddenly bringing out a Silver pendant. It looked so beautiful and marveling.
“I want you to wear it every time as a sign of [email protected] and hope… The hope that we’ll soon meet each other” He added as he wore the pendant on my n£¢k. I shuddered plea-surably as his hands made contact with my skin.
“Goodbye Liana Ohmshford”
“Goodbye Xavier Martins” I replied, finally walking away………..
This is where it all ends now. I thought sadly walking towards the airport
Will I ever see him again??
Episode 37
Liana Ohmshford
I breathed out intensely as I stepped my feet out of the plane. The breeze blew immediately, ma-king me to easily cohabit in the atmosphere I was. It blew my blonde hair ro-mantically and I heaved out a sigh…
It’s been five years alre-ady…. Five years since I broke up with Xavier, five years since I saw him last. Five years since he gave me this special pendant. Five years since we made our promises to each other.
Five years since we never saw each other.
College life was great, but I only had few friends, and then I successfully graduated and I am officially now a dietician. Something I loved doing, since a Kid. I t©uçhed my dyed blonde hair and smiled satisfactorily, I looked really different and clas-sy. I t©uçhed the pendant on my n£¢k, and my cheeks couldn’t st©p heating.
About my twin sister, she’s really grown beautiful and different too, all those time in college, she sometimes visit Mom, while I always visit dad too who couldn’t keep begging for forgiveness, that we gave it wholeheartedly to him.
I was about to walk into my official Car, when my gaze met someone really familiar stri-ding to the airport.
Wait! Isn’t that my old friend in college??
I smiled heartily walking towards the airport. Different people from different countries filled the atmosphere, ma-king it really ha-rd for me to find Allison.
I was about to walk out , when I felt a light tap on my shoulder.
Xavier Martins
“I nee-d you to prepare everything when I get back, is that clear??” I chided at my P. A and I could mentally picture his head nodding in affirmation. Disconnecting the call, I breathed out walking to the airport.
My next flight is to Chicago, for some business meetings.
“Hey!!!” I heard a squeaky voice and I slowly turned, sighting a brunette haired girl, starring at me with dreamy eyes…
“I so much love your looks…. Can I have a picture? Pleeeeeeaaaaaseeee!!!! You see I pla-yed a truth or dare game with my sister and then she dared me to take a picture with the whole Xavier Martins. Pleeeaaaseeeeee!”
this isn’t happening again… Actually she’s not the first person to ask that of me, so many people wants to take a picture with me…
I heaved a defeated sigh, finally giving in to her persisting request.
She reminds me of Liana. It’s been five years since I saw her last and life without her is like hell. I just hope she hasn’t moved on yet, coz I might just die of heartbreak.
I really miss her. Her smiles, her laughs, her teases, her warmth those brown alluring eyeball. Those soft cheeks. Those deliciousl-ips. Gawd! I miss everything about her.
“Sir??” The girl snapped me out of my reverie. .
“Oh, sorry let’s take a picture then” I mumbled as she smiled again picking up her fancy White phone. She stretched it to our front, ma-king funny faces, and her phone made cl!çk!ng and flashing lights.
She was finally done and she couldn’t just st©p smiling and blu-shing.
“Thanks so much!!!” She squeaked excitedly, planting a k!sson my cheeks, before running away.
What the???
I chuckled slightly and continued walking. It’s been a bit long since I heard from Oliver and the rest of the guys but we still keep in t©uçh. So many things have changed about me, except my love for Liana.
I sighted a Blondie cat walking elegantly around the airport, as if she was searching for someone.
Her curves looks so intact and complete… Is this a goddess???
I turned again and I couldn’t find her again. There’s something about her that triggers me completely. She looks like someone I know a lot. I turned again and she was nowhere in sight. I looked to my front and saw her. Her phone actually dropped and she didn’t noticed. I picked it up and tapped her on the shoulders. She slowly turned back and we both [email protected] loudly in ultimate shock.
Are you thinking, what I’m thinking guyssssss!
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