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k!ss£r girl Episode 7 & 8

k!ss£r Girl
Author: Feathers
Episode 7
Theme: Where are Robert, John and Love?
Love, Peace and Joy ran towards the path that Sarah ran throu-gh but they couldn’t find her.
Jenny walked sullenly from behind them wondering what they would have done for Sarah if they caught up with her
Love and her friends ran across the school, they ran across the four blocks of the school searching for Sarah, but the couldn’t find her. they are now mortals(human), which implies they have limited ability. Hence; they couldn’t see where Sarah went
“Where could Sarah take Robert to just now” Love exclaimed
Her two friends sighed in frustration, they were tired of searching
“I suggest we just tell Jenny to use her powers to find where they are” Peace suggested
“True” Love confirmed and they both walked back to the health center eye searching Jenny.
They saw Jenny walking sluggishly and twisting her head to and fro, she is probably searching for where they went to
Love and her friends ran to where Jenny was
“Did you find her?” Jenny asked
“We didn’t” Love replied
Jenny lowered her head in pain,
“These guys claimed that they are s£nt from the king of light and they couldn’t even catch up with Sarah, can I really trust this guys” Jenny thought
“Yes, you can trust us” Peace answered .
The three elders who are now humans has their different abilities and power. There are only two extra abilities that Peace had , the ability to run like a flash and the ability to perceive People’s thought
Peace heard what Jenny thought and he answered her respectively
Jenny was stunned at the response of Peace
“You heard what I was thinking ?” Jenny asked
“Yes, I do, ” Peace responded
Jenny agreed in her heart that they are truly s£nt by the king of light, for them to know what she is thinking
“What are you guys gonna do now?” Jenny asked
“We guys, it should be what are you gonna do now, we are simply here to help you, you have majority of the powers cus you are a child of prophesy ” Love said
” Oh! What am I gonna do now, plea-se be quic-k, I do not know what is happening to Robert right now” Jenny pleaded
“You gonna sing, cus singing is one of the ways to make use of your power, when we arrive home, we will teach you as many ways as possible on how to uncover and make use of your power” Love said
“Excuse me? You following me home or what? Did you know by your powers that I’m living with my stepmother and that she is very cruel” Jenny said
“We did not, but we will bring to Tessa’s [email protected] that she is your true mother” Love said
“What are you talking about ?” Jenny asked
“Do not worry, let’s handle this first , sing and tell us where Robert is” Love said
Jenny sighed and concentrated on her heart
A song formed in her heart, she opened her mouth and sang.
???????? ????????
Let me.. Aaaa! plea-se let me
Let me find the one I love.
Let me find the one I seek
I wanna see eeee him
???????????? ????????????
I wanna see eeee him
I wanna see eeee him
Jenny’s eye suddenly got opened, she saw Sarah signaled for Robert and John to enter her car , she stepped inside her car as well and drove out of the school.
She saw the car as it moved, it moved very fas-ter , the car turned into an empty silent and scary road , it drove straight a little then left turned inside a very beautiful and magnificent building
She saw Sarah ordering the two of them to come down, she tied them to the chairs inside an empty room and they didn’t resist. She started saying some ru-bbish on them while she knelt and close her eyes
The vision st©pped abruptly, she opened her eye and saw Love and her friends who were staring at her
“I know where they are now, I saw it ” Jenny said and ran towards her car
Love and her friends followed behind . peace refused to enter the car
“Peace, enter let’s move” Love said while others peeped from the car
“No, she might have accomplished her task before we get there, I’m gonna run there right now to distract her, I re-ad the mind of Jenny as she is seeing the vision , I know exactly where they are ” Peace said
“Okay good, since you have the ability to run like a flash, go and distract her , we will join you there ” Love said
Peace nodded and ran like a flash to where Sarah is , Sarah was casting spells on Robert, she wants to sacrifice the soul of Robert to the kingdom of powers
Sarah had almost finish casting the spells before Peace ran inside where she is
She j£rked back in fear of who could have run in abruptly
She saw a strange face
“Do I know you?” Sarah asked
“Maybe, but I’m not gonna let you finish casting your spells on Robert” Peace said
“Oh! You probably wanna have a duel with me , it seems you’ve got some power” Sarah said and ran abruptly at Peace, Peace was smart enough to ran instantly to another corner of the room
He ran and immediately loos£ned Robert and John, he was very fast in doing all that like a flash that he is, one shouldn’t expect anything less.
But those are the only powers given to him by the king of light as a human that he is, first is the flash-like ability and the second is the ability to re-ad minds, he can’t cast spell nor do other related stuffs
“Wao!” Sarah said and [email protected]
“You must have being s£nt by the king of Light, your ability precedes this earth realm” Sarah added
Peace kept thinking of a way to make John and Robert escape but he knows that it’s gonna be a tough one
“Duorias duorias kri
Vulniv asiaka durofis” Sarah casted the spell and a whirl wind blew and swallow up Peace, Robert and John
Sarah laughed when she couldn’t see Robert , John and Peace again, she hoped that the whirl wind will carry them to a far place where they will never be able to return home again.
Jenny drove in with Love and Joy, they hurriedly step down and ran inside, they couldn’t find their friends , they only saw Sarah sm-irking and walking around proudly
Love was stunned.
“Sarah, where did you keep our friends?” Love asked boldly ,
” Do I know you?” Sarah asked
“But you know me right? Where are our friends?” Jenny asked
“They are lost, I casted a spell and a whirlwind was conjured, the whirlwind has taken them to a far place ,
you may not find them again, I’m sorry ” Sarah said
“Why are you so wicked, you have thrown my friends into a far distance ” Jenny wailed and walked towards Sarah
Love dragged her back
“Do not worry Jenny , I’m gonna do something about that ” Love said
“Brun si si bruns
Vunios treis treinat” Love casted spells and she converted into a whirl wind, she faded into the air
Jenny was scared that Love had left their midst , she is now left with Joy.
Joy is the silent type, he is an introvert but the most powerful among them .
“Dealing with the two of you shouldn’t be a big deal” Sarah said and ran out, she got out of the house and casted a spell on the house that Joy and Jenny is, the building [email protected]
Sarah smiled thinking that the building must have [email protected] on Joy and Jenny. She turned and suddenly saw Jenny and Joy standing behind her
Sarah j£rked back in fear.
“How did they do it?” Sarah thought confusingly
Joy moved closer to her and place his left hand on Sarah’s eye, Sarah [email protected]£ blind
She couldn’t see again
“You bit-ch, what have you done to me?” Sarah asked
“I simply made you blind” Joy replied
Jenny is happy that Sarah is blind , she watched Sarah walking and staggering around the street blindly, she was casting different spells but it seems none was working at the moment
Joy watched Sarah and felt pathetic for Sarah, Sarah is very beautiful but the evil she chose has made her a bad girl
Jenny’s smile broadened but her smile [email protected]£ gloomy, she [email protected]£ sad when she couldn’t find Love, John or Robert
“Joy, what are we gonna do now concerning Love, Robert and John?” Jenny asked sadly hoping that Joy would give a positive answer
Episode 8
Theme: Mother, meet your daughter
“Do not worry Jenny, when we were coming to the world, the king of light gave us different powers and abilities, the most important thing is to know how to make use of it , Love has a special ability to convert into a whirl wind and travel into a far distance, she will definitely bring them here” Joy said
Jenny sighed and kept staring at Joy, she wondered how powerful Joy is, for him to have made Sarah blind in a twi-nkle of an eye just by placing his hand on his face
Love appeared with Robert, Peace and John suddenly before them
Jenny j£rked back while Joy was indifferent, he simply gave them a welcoming smile
“Love, you did a good job” Joy said
“Thanks, I saw them wandering around in a desert , they were surprised to see me when I suddenly appeared and here we are now, where is that Sarah?” Love asked
“She’s blind” Joy said gently
“Oh! I’m glad, let’s start going home” Love said and took some steps to the car
“Which home plea-se?” Jenny asked
“Your house of course” Love replied
“It seems to me that with all your powers , you still haven’t found out whom my stepmother is?” Jenny asked
“We have , you know what Jenny, we have to live together, you are the child of prophecy, you will never know how to use your power unless we teach you how to , we nee-d to move around and become close friends with you” Love said
Jenny giggled
“Including Robert and John?” Jenny asked
“Of course not, they are still un-der spells, it’s dangerous if we leave them like this, we nee-d to ensure that they are free from the spell first before we let them go” Love said
“And how do we do that, If I agree to allow you and your friend follow me home, you did not expect me to also [email protected]£ Robert and John , not when I did not even know what my step mother is gonna say” Jenny said
“I can’t say right now, I only know how to cast spells, I do not know how to free people from spells, the jurisdiction of our powers does not extend to that, may be you can help” Love said
“Help? how? You obviously have more powers than me ” Jenny said
“In this world, no one is more powerful than the other , we have different gifts, powers and abilities, I’m sure that one of your untapped power is freeing people from spells” Love said
“Maybe ” Jenny said and sighed
She felt pity for the two guys that liked her so much
She walked towards the car, everyone stepped in and she drove home
Tessa was outside the house un-der a very small beautiful shed built within the compound of the house
She saw down with a cu-p of coffee on her table, she sipped it in while she cross leg re-ading a magazine
She was obviously having fun un-der the shed.
She turned her head when she heard the sound of car as the car droves into the garage
She had being nurturing the anger in her against Jenny since morning, even though Jenny knows how to drive, she doesn’t like giving her a car to drive, she prefers giving her money to take a cab and now she has the gut to go school with one of her father’s car.
But Tessa really didn’t have so much gut as to disobey her stepmother, her father insisted she does in the morning
Tessa stood up at once and walked furiously but gently towards the car
“Jenny!” Tessa yelled
Jenny stepped down and her friends did too
Tessa’s angered face converted to that of confusion when she saw strange faces
She gulped in the saliva that had formed in her mouth and [email protected]
“Who are they?” Tessa asked facing Jenny
“Would you welcome us first?” Love asked
Love is an extrovert, she is the most outspoken of her friend
“I can’t welcome a stranger, just introduce yourself” Tessa said
“Well, we are Jenny’s friend, we are here to to tell you that you are the real mother of Jenny” Love said bluntly
“I forbid that, young girl, did you know what you talking about ? Are you here for some silly talks or I tell the cops to drive you away from here ” Tessa said
“Dumbroo maiinnjuv
Kabof kabod kabou” Love casted the spell while Tessa watched what ru-bbish she was uttering and what the end result will be
The spell worked on Tessa, the memories of what happened in the hospital flashed across her mind, she remembered all that she nee-ds to remember for her to know that Jenny is her true daughter
She watched Jenny and disliked herself for treating her own daughter like a slave all this months
She wasn’t doing that intentionally, Tessa didn’t become cruel by default, but rather, the pain of being barren made her dislike children.
Tears rolled from her eyes as she fixed her gaze on Jenny .
“My daughter for real” Tessa muttered finding it ha-rd to believe
She sunk to her knees in agony and fell to the feet of Jenny
“Jenny, plea-se forgive me, I know I’ve being a cruel stepmother not knowing I’m your biological Mother, I promise to take absolute care of you from now henceforth, plea-se do find a space in your heart to forgive me ” Tessa pleaded
“Mum! I was stunned when I found out by my friends , mum , I forgive you” Jenny said and gentle tears poured from her eyes
She helped Tessa up and they hvgged
“Come inside plea-se” Tessa said and gestured for them to walk inside the house
They all entered
Everyone sat in the sitting room including Robert and John who were still un-der a spell
Those ones were looking like dummy
Even though Sarah didn’t finish casting her spell on Robert, the little she casted had gross effect on Robert
“What do I offer you guys?” Tessa requested
“We are okay for now” Love replied
Everyone maintained a smiling face except the two dummies , Robert and John
Tessa sat comfortably then adjusted into a sitting position that tells everyone that she is listening to all what they wanted to say
“Firstly Tessa, I congratulate you on the re union of your daughter and you” Love said like an elderly men
Love is just seventeen years and she is talking to an elderly Tessa who is forty two years in that manner. It seems she has forgotten that she is not in the white territory, she is on earth and younger humans should respect elder humans
Nevertheless, Tessa ignored the manner at which Love spoke and giggled
“Thanks” Tessa said to Love
Love is the only female , Peace and Joy are male, but Joy is the quiet type but the most powerful
“Secondly, We are gonna like to be living here with Jenny, Jenny is actually a child of prophecy
the kingdom of powers saw how powerful she would be and that she will end up destroying their kingdom, so they s£nt Ella who stole her from you and pretended to be her mother for many years so that at the right time , she can curse her and true enough. She cursed Jenny.
Jenny is now being used as a medium to kill many humans, once they fall in Love with Jenny and she agrees, she must f0rç£ them to k!ssher which always result to to death for such humans
The death of this innocent males that fall in love with Jenny is the sacrifice of the kingdom of powers
We nee-d to help Jenny in all possible means, we will stay here and teach her all she nee-ds to know about her power , we gonna be going to school and coming from school together, are we welcome?” Love asked
“I really didn’t un-derstand most of what you said though, you kept mentioning kingdom of powers , curse and so on, anyways, Jenny, are you cool with these new friends?” Tessa asked Jenny to be sure if she should [email protected]£ them or not
“Yes mum” Jenny replied
“There are many rooms here, just pick the one of your choice, be careful and don’t [email protected], then I must say you sound really proud, learn how to talk to elders” Tessa said
Love wondered who the elder is, Love had lived three million years in the white territory , and just because she was s£nt by the king of Light to the human world and he becomes a seventeen years old boy doesn’t mean she does not know her age
Joy looked at Tessa with contempt
“It’s you that should respect me not I respecting you ” Love thought but refuse to say it out, she doesn’t want to created unnecessary fuss
“Jenny, lead them upstairs and show each one of them their room” Tessa said
“Alright ma” Jenny said and took her friends upstairs . Robert and John kept following like a dummy
Jenny showed everyone their rooms
Robert and John stayed in Joy’s room
“Well guys, it’s good we all have a room, but we nee-d a common room where we can all gather to discuss as well” Love said
“True” Peace said and Joy nodded gently
“Why not let’s use your room as the common room” Jenny suggested
“Good, feel free to always come to my room and if we gat to discuss issues, I’m gonna call you guys over” Love said
“Alright” Peace and Jenny said while the gentle Joy simply nodded
Everyone went to their appointed room
Love entered her room, she stared around, she dropped her backpack and brou-ght out the scrolls given to her by the king of light
Even though she is a spirit, it does not mean she automatically knows all. She still has to learn every spells in the scroll. Which implies, Love has a lot to learn
She has over twenty four long scrolls that she must re-ad, learn and master so as to be able to make use of her power effectively
She opened the scroll one after the other scanning throu-gh it
“Mhen! I have a lot to learn” Love said to herself
She suddenly heard a tiny loud scream, she j£rked and stood up in fear, the scream persist
“This voice looked like that of Jenny” Love muttered and ran towards her door , she twisted the door’s knob but it wasn’t giving way.

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