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k!ss£r girl Episode 4

k!ss£r Girl
Author: Feathers
Episode 4
Theme: I’m not gonna let you go
Robert watched Jenny threatening him, he now knows that an evil person must have place a curse on an innocent Jenny, he thought of what to do to at least free her temporarily from the curse
He thought for a while but no idea was coming
“She is gonna charge at you now, once she does, hold her two hands and look straight into her eyes, she will regain her freedom for the main time” A voice said to Robert
Robert recognizes the voice at once, he knew it’s the voice of mother Selena.
At that same time, Jenny charged at Robert, Robert held her two arms and stare directly into her eyes, she regained her freedom just as mother Selena had said
Jenny [email protected] heavily, then slightly, she remembered that she had being un-der a curse all this while, she knows she didn’t k!ssRobert, yet she [email protected]£ back to herself .
She remembered what her mother was saying and it hurts her that her mother can not help her especially when Robert is in his wolf form re-ady to devour her
Warm tears dropped from Jenny’s eyes , she knows she is cursed but she wishes to be free
“Jenny, st©p crying, I know that the curse on you is not gonna work on me” Robert said
“How did you do it? Oh! I remember, you are a werewolf, can you help me to break the curse permanently cus the curse can suddenly take grip of me again especially now that the two of us are still having soul ties ” Jenny said
“I’m gonna stay by you and ensure that the curse over you is broken, but I think some powerful people in the other world are actually controlling you, but do not worry, all that matters is that I like you and I’m gonna stay by you” Robert promised
“Thanks” Jenny said
“I think you nee-d to go home to have some rest , we gonna see in school tomorrow” Robert said
“Thanks” Jenny said and pathetically carried her bag pack and left Robert. She went home.
Robert was happy that he was able to help Jenny but he knows that the curse over Jenny can never be broken unless those people controlling her st©ps controlling her and the only way is for those people to be conquered and destroyed
“Mother Selena, plea-se help me, now that I’ve helped Jenny , I know they will come for me, plea-se do not leave me” Robert prayed in his heart and went home
Kingdom of Power
Mother Susan sat on her throne while five of the women sat but Ella stood
“Tell me Ella, how did it happen?” Mother Susan asked
“There is this son of mother Selena, he is a werewolf and an alpha at that, he fought Jenny and overpowered her till the curse broke over her” Ella reported
Mother Susan laughed and the other five women giggled
“Did the boy likes himself, he really thinks because he is a common werewolf , he can disrupt our plans, we just nee-d to show him who we are, just a kid that he is” Mother Susan said and sm-irked
Mother Susan whispered some words , it’s their next line of action on Robert
Following day
Jenny woke up , she did all house chores as usual, she dressed and head off to school.
She met students line up at the as-sembly hall
this time around unlike other days that she had always come late after as-sembly
She joined the que and eye searched Robert on the as-sembly ground, she was happy to see Robert smiling and facing the school secretary who was given his speech
Robert who had also being expecting Jenny was eye searching her line occasionally, his eyes suddenly met with Jenny and he smiled
He brou-ght his head back to the secretary who was almost rounding up his boring speech, his belly began to rumble, he knew the feeling and what it meant, his bones were gently cracking , he wondered why he would want to change to a werewolf all of a sudden, no one in school knows he’s a werewolf cus he has never changed to one in the school
He knew that if he runs away from the as-sembly ground all of a sudden , many people would suspect
“Are you alright” a girl asked Robert
Robert who was restless brou-ght his gaze to the lady beside him
“I am, thanks” Robert said
“I do not think so, guess the wolf in you is trying to find expression , I think I can help” the girl said
Robert was stunned at what the girl said , he Wondered how the girl would know that de-ep secrete about him, nevertheless, he nee-ds to find a way of helping himself before he becomes disgraced before everyone by turning into a werewolf.
He knew that his reputation will be ridiculed , He can’t imagine students finding out that the most brilliant, cute and riche-st student in school is a werewolf.
“How are you gonna help?” Robert asked
The girl di-pped her hand into her pocket and brou-ght out a portion inside a very small bottle of glas-s and handed it over to Robert
Robert collected it and checked the small glas-s containing some liquid portions
“What should I do with this?” Robert asked
“Just drink it , you will be fine, the wolf inside of you will calm” The girl said
“Are you sure? If it works, I promise that I’m gonna take you as my friend cus you must have got some supernatural powers” Robert said and opened the portion, he gulped it in all at once and sighed after drinking it
True to say that the wolf in him calms and he felt peace all around him
“Wow!” Robert said and cleaned hisl-ips with the back of his palm
The girl smiled
“Thanks for this, what’s your name?” Robert asked
” Sarah” She replied
“Thanks once more Sarah, this line you are should be Block A clas-s 3 right?” Robert asked
“Yeah, sure” Sarah replied
“I promise to pay you a visit by break” Robert said
” I won’t mind” The lady replied
Robert was glad that the portion works, he has never seen any supernatural person in the whole of British high, he is happy he found one and he must make her his friend
He happily concentrated on the activities going on before them on the as-sembly ground
Jenny [email protected]£ jealous when she saw Robert conversing with another lady, she ignored and hope that they might just be having a random conversation
The as-sembly was over and everyone was dismissed to their various clas-ses
Jenny sat down patiently waiting for the first period teacher , the teacher [email protected]£ earlier than expected which made some lazy students rumour , those lazy students always want teachers to either skip a clas-s or come late to the clas-s
The teacher’s name is Mr. James , he is their chemistry teacher
“Ladies and gentlemen, we gonna be moving to the next t©pic today which is Acid and Base, I believe you were taught this in your previous clas-s, we will be moving to a more advanced side of Acid and Base, can someone remind us what the definition of an Acid is?” The teacher taught and asked
Everywhere was quiet, there are like three most brilliant students in clas-s, Jenny was just an average student , what she is really good at is singing, she loves singing a lot.
One of the brilliant student whose name is John raised his hand
“Oh! John, I was expecting that from you, tell us” Mr. James said
John’s long time crush is Jenny, he simply decided to answer the question so Jenny can feel his intelligent
He turned at Jenny and smiled, it’s not the first time he will be smiling s£dûçt!velyat Jenny. Jenny turned her face away from him slightly
John smiled and answered the question. He sat down afterwards, the teacher taught accordingly and left.
John left his place after he watched the teacher left and went to Jenny’s place
“Hi Jenny” John greeted
“Hi” Jenny replied and faked a smile
“Is there any subject you are not really good at, I can help you” John requested
“Oh! that, thanks” Jenny replied but she quic-kly remembered that she is very poor in physics
“Erm… Actually, just physics ” Jenny said
“Oh! I would be glad to teach you all that you nee-d to know” John said
“Thanks dear” Jenny replied
“The clas-s can be noisy most times, how about we go to the [email protected] together by break , so I can teach you ” John said
“It’s alright by me” Jenny said softly and smiled when she realized how cute John is and how soft his voice is
John smiled and went to his place, he didn’t expect Jenny to give in so easily like that, he can’t wait to sit side by side with his crush at the [email protected], the scent of Jenny is driving him crazy alre-ady
The teacher for the second period thought and left but John wasn’t even listening to anything, he was so happy , he kept imagining how it would be like in the laboratory
The bell for break rang!
John stood up and gestured for Jenny to stand up and go to the [email protected] together, they went to the [email protected], just as Jenny and John was about to enter the [email protected] , Linda and her friends who had almost reach the [email protected] as well met them
Jenny was scared of Linda and she st©pped abruptly , John wondered why.
Linda moved closer to Jenny
“You common slut, you snatched my b©yfri£ndfrom me, now you are with another guy again, you know what? I’m gonna ensure that you regret your stay in this school unless Robert comes back to me.
Linda gestured to her friend to do the usual
Linda had always being known as a bully in the school
Her three friends are always walking along with a bottle of water hung across their n£¢k and pack of flowers in their pocket, they are the kind of friends you call clumsy friends.
The three friends opened their bottle of water , re-ady to pour it on Jenny but John quic-kly defended
” I can’t watch you do that to her , never!” John said defensively
Linda giggled
“How about you being bullied on her behalf” Linda said and win-ked at her friends
Her friend un-derstand exactly what she meant and poured the water and flour instead on John, John couldn’t believe they could do that to him
Linda sm-irked and walked inside the [email protected] with her friends
“I’m so sorry John” Jenny pleaded
John kept eye searching his whole b©dy that had being littered by water and flour
Someone [email protected]£ running to jenny
“Are you Jenny?” The person said and [email protected] heavily
“Yeah, is anything wrong?” Jenny asked
“Robert had just fainted at the cafeteria,he had being carried to the school health center, but he had lost consciousness , but before he did, he kept calling your name”The girl said
” i’ll be there in a jiffy” Jenny said and the girl left
“John sorry, plea-se, I want to go to the cafeteria to check on Robert” Jenny said trying to take permission from John before she hurries to the health center
John nodded still finding it ha-rd to believe that he can be m©l£st£dby some girls
Jenny took a step to start running to the health center where Robert [email protected] but someone st©pped her
“Where did you think you are going? ” a strange girl asked
“How is that your business?” Jenny said trying to escape the lady but the lady will not allow
“Don’t tell me you are going to help Robert cus he is gonna give up totally in the next thirty minutes if you are not there” The girl said
“Then let me go before he dies” Jenny said getting seriously frustrated at the lady
“I’m sorry, I can’t. i want him to give up, you are the only one that can bring him back to consciousness but I will never let you go to meet him as long as I’m here ” The girl said and sm-irked
“plea-se!” Jenny pleaded almost crying
“I’m sorry, he is becoming a threat to us alre-ady, say bye to Robert” The girl said

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