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k!ss£r girl Episode 11 to 13

k!ss£r Girl
Author: Feathers
Episode 11
Theme: Mercy prevails over judgement
Peace and Sarah sat side by side at the computer room waiting for the JET Club managers to come around and attend to all members
Sarah kept stealing glances at peace, she knows she has to be friend with Peace for her to be able to successfully lure him to a pool or a river
“Hi, my name is Sarah” Sarah said
“What! Why are you introducing yourself, did you think I forgot who you are, you casted a spell on Robert and John, I [email protected]£ to help them, you casted another spell that s£nt us into a far place, thanks to love that [email protected]£ to save us , so what is the formal introduction all for?” Peace asked
“I’m a changed Sarah, I ain’t the evil Sarah, trust me, the only constant thing in life is change, anyone can change, plea-se forgive me and let’s be friend, after all, we are [email protected] in this club, we gonna be working together” Sarah said
“I ain’t having any grudges with you though, I’m Peace, hope you are fine?” Peace asked
“Sure, thanks for forgiven me” Sarah said
“But tell me, how did you get to know all those spells? Who taught you or you kinda learnt it somewhere?” Peace asked
“I stumbled across my father’s secrete [email protected], I took some scrolls and re-ad, that was how I got to know many of those spells ” Sarah lied
“Oh! I wish I can believe what you just said, but you lied actually” Peace said
Sarah remembered that one of the strength of Peace is to re-ad minds , she didn’t bother arguing with Peace
“Yes I lied, I do not like talking about it” Sarah said and quic-kly try to form a teary eyes to make it look like she was f0rç£d into knowing the spells
“Oh sorry, If you did not want to talk about it, it’s alright” Peace said
Sarah loved how Peace petted her, she intentionally cried the more as if it was a regretful experience.
She concentrated her mind on pains so that even if Peace re-ads her mind, all he would see his pain
Peace wra-pped his hand around Sarah’s shoulder
“St©p crying dear, just cheer up” Peace said
“Thanks” Sarah said
“Why are this people wasting our time now, they should have being here since ” Peace muttered audible enough for Sarah to hear
Someone mounted the podium
“Hi ladies and gentlemen, we have some technical problems, let’s meet on a day after tomorrow , same time , same place, sorry for any inconveniences” the person said and stepped down the podium
Many students rumoured and started dispersing
“Aren’t they suppose to put everything in plan before telling us to gather here , and it’s even the first time for crying out loud” Peace said
“Exactly, Peace , won’t you mind following me to the school’s last pool behind the conference hall” Sarah requested
“Why describing the place for me, I have surveyed all [email protected] of this school in an instant , why that very pool cus it’s always scanty , I’m pretty sure that we won’t find anyone there right now and the pool is de-ep too” Peace said
“What’s that? Just tell me you are scared to go and I will start going, I want to swim and I do not want to be the only one and now you are talking of how de-ep the pool is for me ” Sarah said
Peace is truly scared , he is aquaphobia; meaning fear of water ,river or pools, but he wouldn’t admit his weakness before a lady
“Fear! My friends are still gonna be in their various halls right now, cool! i’m gonna follow you to see how good you are in swimming” Peace said
Sarah smiled and they both went to the last pool of the school, the pool is very wi-de and de-ep, it’s actually meant for professional swimmers
They got to the pool and Sarah went to a nearby hut to change her wears into a swimming trunk
She [email protected]£ out with all her feminine figures well expo-sed and shaped.
She dive into the pool while Peace sat at the spectators sit
She gestured for Peace to come closer after she has swum for few minutes. Peace obliged and stood by the pool bank
“Sit down on this step” Sarah said
The steps that leads to the pool if one did not want to dive in
Peace was damn afraid but he wouldn’t show his fear, he sat on the step and sighed de-eply
The river kept calling unto him , he felt like jumping inside the river , but he has to control himself, he thought he is the only one that knows that his secrete is pool or river, he never knew that Sarah knows too
“Should I teach you how to swim?” Sarah asked
“No! I just do not like it” Peace said , the more he stares at the pool , the more the pool kept calling unto him to enter
He knows that if he enters the pool, he will become weak, he will loose all his energiee and it will take him a lot before he can recover
Sarah climbe-d the stairs up and stood in front of peace, he held Peace’s hand and Peace was more scared
She intentional lost her stamina and fell back while Peace held her hand
She closed her eye and was forcing herself to fall back into the river, but the plan isn’t really to fall into the river but to drag Peace’s into the river, after all, she was holding peace
Peace tried to hold her so she won’t fall
“Sarah, what happened , Don’t fall, I can’t swim Inside that river to get you plea-se” Peace pleaded
Sarah casted a gentle spell and she [email protected]£ heavier, not only that, her hand got magnetized to Peace hand ma-king her heavy weight pu-ll Peace from the stairs and they both fell into the river
Peace got into the river and his hand got loos£ned from that of Sarah
Sarah swam inside the river smiling and happy that she successfully took Peace down
Peace didn’t know how to swim, he was struggling for breath, his flash-like ability was fast loos£ning on him, his ability to re-ad mind was poring out of his mouth like vapour
“King of light, I know I failed , forgive me as I leave this human world” Peace said and closed his eye , he loosed consciousness and water start entering all [email protected] of his b©dy
Sarah swam outside and casted a spell on Peace to come out , Peace floated unconscious on the pool and drew closer at Sarah
Sarah pu-ll-ed him out
Sarah sm-irked happily
“Kufir niknu aijat
Tofas beblo belius
Hun his hudi frui
Dioen rain rain sain” Sarah squatted beside Peace, she placed her hand on Peace’s belly and casted the spell
Sarah and Peace both disappeared , they appeared at Sarah’s house
Sarah [email protected] on a flat table inside a magical room, she can’t believe she is taking down an elder easily , she is re-ady to sacrifice his soul of Peace to the kingdom of powers
“Oh ye kingdom of Powers
Your energy precedes human mind
You helped me destroy Peace
I bring his soul to you today as a sacrifice
Accept it ” Sarah said and and a wind appeared in front of in a human humanlike strycture
“Cros nin oif
Oif das das
Das run un
Aiin aiin aiin”
Sarah casted a spell on Peace’s Soul
The women of the kingdom of Power appeared with all their strength re-ady to accept the soul of Peace
The king of Light knows and saw clearly that Peace , one of the elder he s£nt to the human world has failed, his weakness has being leveraged on by the enemies
This does not plea-se the king of light, this is how he gave Samson power as well and he fell at the [email protected] of Delilah, now Peace has fallen at the feet of Sarah now
The king of light saw from the white territory that he sat in all his majesty , he saw the women of the kingdom of powers appeared at where Peace [email protected] to devour his soul
But the King of Light had mercy, after all, Mercy prevails over judgement.
The King of Light appeared inside where Peace [email protected] his majesty, all the women of powers saw his majesty , the king of light appeared in all his glory
The women of powers and Sarah bowed their head to the floor in fear and honour of the king of Light
The king of Light carried Peace and took him to his territory to fortify him again with his powers
I pray for anyone re-ading this story, just when the enemy thinks he has taken over you or your Loved ones, God will appear and have mercy
Episode 12
Theme: Mother Ella in disguise
Love and Dora sat at the common relaxing room, it’s the largest of the relaxing rooms in the school.
Many students fixed in the debate clas-s also sat watching the manager of the debate Club addressing everyone
Dora is the most outspoken amidst her friends
Love is the most outspoken amidst her friends
Two extroverts are fixed together as [email protected] in the debate club now, no wonder they are in debate clas-s cus they they can talk
Dora refused to talk to love, but love herself doesn’t care to know why she refused to greet her.
Love concentrated on the person giving speech at the front
Dora kept stealing glances at Love’s bag , she wanted to steal her bag so she can steal the scrolls she as-sumed was inside
The only way to take Dora down is to either make her dumb so she won’t be able to cast spells or steal her bag so she can steal all the scrolls cus Dora knows that it’s impossible for Love to have re-ad all the scrolls.
Dora thought of what to do to successfully steal Love’s bag , She casted a silent spell, she stylishly t©uçhed Love’s bag and it disappeared
She stood up abruptly and went out, Love didn’t suspect that her bag had being stolen neither did she give much thought to her [email protected] that left abruptly
Dora ran out , she saw Joy who was roaming around the corridor with Jenny, Robert and John.
she wondered why Joy isn’t inside The PRESS meeting hall
Jenny , Robert and John weren’t fixed to a club yet, they simply waited for their friends at the school’s corridor
They were stunned when Joy [email protected]£ out, Joy told them why she left the hall and they all reasoned with him.
Jenny saw Dora ran pas-s them, she ignored and started singing unconsciously, she was singing the songs of power that aro-se from her heart.
She doesn’t nee-d to write the lyrics, it just flows
While she sang, her eyes suddenly got opened and she saw Dora stealing the bag of Love in her vision
She hurriedly opened her eyes and called to Joy
“Joy, the girl that ran just now, I saw it in my visions that she stole Joy’s bag” Jenny said
Joy arched his brow
“Go inside the hall and inform Love immediately, let me go after the girl” Joy said and ran after Dora
Jenny ran inside the hall , she informed Love about her stolen bag, Love checked to confirm , Love and Jenny ran out of the hall, they held Robert and John and ran together after the girl
Joy caught up with Dora, Dora st©pped and turned
“What did you want with me?” Dora asked
“The bag you stole from Love” Joy replied
“You mean to accuse me that I stole someone’s bag, can you see at all, does the bag I’m carrying looks like Love’s bag?” Dora asked
The dumb Scarp had gone out of the hall in search of Joy since , she wants to plead with Joy to make her speak again
Then she saw Joy standing opposite Dora. She ran towards them
“Mmmmmmm” Scarp tried to talk but she is dumb
Joy giggled
He was happy that the talkative and disturbing Scarp is still dumb
But he was more confused when he couldn’t see Love’s bag with Dora
Love and Jenny along with Robert and John caught up with them
“What did you do to my friend?” Dora asked Joy
“I made her dumb cus she was disturbing me” Joy said proudly
“And you are proud to say you make someone dumb, now make him speak” Dora ordered
“Is that a command cus if you do not plead, I’m not gonna make her speak” Joy said
Dora really wanted her friend to speak, she lowered her angered face and pleaded to Joy
Joy de-sires that Dora speaks, he t©uçhed her on herl-ips with his palm and she spoke
“Thanks, Dora, let’s go” Scarp said
“Go where? where is my bag?” Love asked
“Did you see any bag with me?” Dora asked
Love looked at Jenny for help
“I saw you stealing Joy’s bag in my vision, you actually made it disappear” Jenny said
“I didn’t , you didn’t have any proof, so what?” Dora said and walked away with Scarp
“Love, your scrolls are there , what are you gonna do now?” Joy asked
“The scrolls are home, It’s an empty bag actually” Love said
Everyone laughed except the dummies
“Guys, Is Peace still in the hall cus I really want us to start going home, I’m hungry” Love said
“Let me check” Jenny said and sang
Her eyes got opened and she saw all that happened to Peace.
Jenny opened her eyes after few minutes , she saw everyone concentrating their attention on her hoping to know what she saw
She explained everything she saw about Peace , she told them also that Peace is currently being fortified by the king in heaven
“I’m happy the king of Light had mercy on Peace, so that same Sarah lured Peace into the pool this time, the girl is too evil” Love said while Joy nodded
“What do we do about Robert and John plea-se ?” Jenny asked
Love and Joy sighed.
“Let’s hope we meet Peace at home, we can s£nd him to Babylon to speak to the Liberian there and ask for a scroll on how to free someone from spell” Joy said
“I would be glad” Jenny said
They all went to the school garage and drove home
Amazingly, they met Peace sitting at the sitting room
Peace thought they didn’t know what happened to him not knowing that Jenny had seen and communicated everything to Love and Joy
They ran towards Peace and hvg him
“Peace , I’m happy the king of light had mercy on you, you have to be extra careful this time” Love said
With the words of Love, Peace knew they have known about what happened to him in one way or the other
Everyone sat comfortably
“Peace, you gonna go to Darius [email protected] in Babylon with the aid of your flash-like ability, ask the liberian there to give you the scrolls on how to free someone from spell” Love said
“That shouldn’t be a problem” Peace said and stood
He ran from America that he is to Babylon in three minutes .
He met the old liberian with absolutely white hair sitting at the entrance of the [email protected]
“Father, plea-se I nee-d a scroll on how to free someone from a spell” Peace requested
“It depends on the spell my son, but I know that you are coming, take this scroll , tell Love to cast the spells in it on Robert and John, they will be fine” The old man said
Peace happily nodded and went back like a flash in three minutes .
The old man converted into Mother Ella.
Mother Ella’s major power is converting into any human of her choice
Mother Ella was furious and angry that the king of Light [email protected]£ to save peace even though Peace is at fault
The real Liberian is always sitting inside the [email protected] not outside
Mother Ella was happy that she gave a wrong spell to Peace , the spell is an evil spell, if it is casted anywhere , the people there will loose their memories and become unconscious while those the spell is casted upon will leave the earth
Mother Ella hopes that her plan works, she can’t wait to accept the sacrifice of Robert and John’s soul
she went back to her kingdom
Peace returned to the sitting room , he handed the scroll over to Love.
Love opened the scroll and smiled
Episode 13
Theme: Hook up with my granddaughter
Love smiled at the scroll, she saw the writings and she knew at once that it’s not the original scroll.
She has learnt by reason of studying that there are diverse powers and abilities of men, and so for one to succeed, one has to be smarter, she has learnt that there are fake scrolls and there are genuine scrolls.
She had also master how to identify them
“This is fake” Love said and Peace arched his brow
“Really?”Peace questioned
Love smiled
” whom did you meet in the [email protected]?” Love asked
“The old man, the Liberian, I guess. He gave me this scroll” Peace said
“I think the man is fake, go back there and find out what it is about that man cus this scroll is fake ” Love said
Peace stood and ran in three minutes to Babylon.
He appeared beside the [email protected], he walked gently and peeped to see the old Liberian who handed over the scroll to him but he couldn’t find him again at the entrance
He appeared fully before the [email protected] and he couldn’t see anyone,he was surprised and wondered where the old man could have gone to
He walked inside the [email protected] and saw the same old man , to him, the man is seeing now is the same man he has seen some minutes ago.
“Father, I [email protected]£ here some minutes ago to ask for a scroll, we found out that the scroll is fake, what happened father?” Peace asked feeling disappointed at the man
“Son, I did not know what you are talking about, I have never seen you here before and I’ve not given anyone any scrolls today” The old man said gently
“Oh! Well… Well…I’m sorry” Peace said trying to un-derstand what had just happened but he didn’t un-derstand, maybe when he gets back to Love, Love will explain all that is happening between him and the old man
“What did you want son?” the old Liberian asked
“A scroll that can free my friends from spell” Peace said
“It depends on the spell, check the scrolls over there” The Liberian said pointing to a [email protected] shelves of scrolls
Peace walked towards the very shelve and started checking and scanning throu-gh the scrolls, he doesn’t un-derstand how to re-ad scrolls, re-ading of scrolls is for Love. But the words written at the back cover of the book is re-adable
He kept checking the scrolls till he finds the one whose back cover re-ads ‘ Freedom from Spell that makes men loose themselves”
He knew at once that the scroll is the exact scroll that he nee-ds , he took it and walked back to the Liberian.
“I’ve seen the kind of scroll I nee-d sir, I wanna start going” Peace said
“You re-ad scrolls here, we don’t give it out to strangers” The Liberian said
” I will bring it back father, my friend is in nee-d to the spells , I will nee-d to take the scroll to him to be free ” Peace said
“That’s our principle here son, if everyone keeps coming to take scrolls like you are about to, what scrolls will be left in the [email protected], I’m sorry, I can’t allow you, I’ll prefer that you bring your friend here and cast the spell on him here” The Liberian said
“Why is this man stern like this, can’t he just un-derstand that I wanna quic-kly use it and that I will return it ” Peace thought
Peace ran outside and ran in three minutes back to America, he thinks he is doing the right thing, once the scrolls are casted on Robert and John, he promised himself to return it to the [email protected]
Peace got to the sitting room with a new scroll, he handed it over to Love. Love scanned throu-gh the scroll, it’s genuine, it’s the exact same scroll they nee-ded for the deliverance of Robert and John
She walked closer to Robert and John and casted the spells on them
A soft air blew over Robert and John, they were covered in a midst and their un-derstandings got brightened again. Their mind [email protected]£ sound. They started remembering all that had happened to them, they realized they had being un-der spells all this while
“I’m happy you are free” Love said and walked back to her sit
Everyone smiled happily
“Why did you steal my scroll?” A voice sounded
Everyone turned towards the direction of the voice and they saw an old man, only peace recognize the old man to be the Liberian
Peace was stunned to see the Liberian in their room
“So this man got some powers too, oh! Really, a man can not be guiding those powerful scrolls and not be powerful” Peace thought
“He is the Liberian at Darius [email protected] in Babylon” Peace said and answered everyone’s curiosity about who the man is
Still, everyone wondered how the man had come from Babylon in less than six minutes to America
Peace stood and walked towards the man
The man punched a soft b!ow in the air, Peace felt an heavy invisible rock collide mysteriously on him, he flew back towards the plasma TV, he broke the plasma TV and [email protected] of his back tore, he got injured severely and fell
Everyone stood up abruptly
“What the h*ll is going on here?” Love asked courageously as she saw Peace [email protected] on the floor
“I did it, It’s a punishment for stealing my scroll” The Liberian said
“He is gonna return it, is that why you injured him? Are you so wicked ?” Love questioned
The man sm-irked
“I am not wicked my daughter, I’m a gentle Liberian, but if anyone steals my scroll, they will have to eat their cake and have it” the old man said
“You think you are powerful, do you know whom we are?” Love asked
“How am I suppose to know, but I know that boy over there” The Liberian said pointing to Robert
“I?” Robert exclaimed and placed his right hand on his che-st
“Why did you break up with my granddaughter just to be with this girl?” The Liberian asked referring to Jenny as this girl
“Your granddaughter, did I know you? I’ve never come across you, you [email protected]£ all the way from Babylon and you are telling me that I broke up with your granddaughter” Robert said
“You want to tell you did not break up with Linda, my granddaughter keeps getting hurt everyday cus you broke her heart, why are you so cruel boy?
I didn’t know that the scroll collected from my [email protected] is targeted at your deliverance, I wouldn’t have given them, if you like yourself, restore the relationsh!pyou have with my granddaughter” The Liberian said
“I can’t cus I st©pped loving Linda alre-ady” Robert stood
Others stood and watch
The liberian squee-zed his face, he disappeared and appeared beside Jenny
Jenny j£rked back in fear but the man had held her wrist
“This is the lady that s£dûç£d you to break up with my grand daughter right?” The Liberian asked Robert referring to Jenny as the lady
“What’s it about this man, I think I nee-d to deal with you” Love said
“Afraid sat sat mis
Borin kaifat kaidus
Dulnmit defriast sis” Love casted the spell on the man. The spell is suppose to make the man fall, but the man [email protected]£ invisible before she could finish casting the spell
The man appeared behind Love and t©uçhed herl-ips, the man disappeared again
Love couldn’t speak again, she [email protected]£ dumb
Joy de-sires that the man fall, but that can only work if he sees the man
The man appeared beside Jenny again and they both disappeared , everyone arched their brow in shock
“Where is Jenny?” John
“Jenny, Jenny” Joy called but they couldn’t see her
“Tell Robert to hook up back with Linda and I will re-lease Jenny and make Joy speak again” The Liberian said invincibly

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