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Kidnapped by a millionaire Episode 4 & 5

I sm-irked as I stared into her eyes…she looks familiar…I just can’t rethink who she is but I’m sure I’ve seen her before
“Your name is what I want from you” I said and she scoffed
“I give you my name and you let me or no deal” she said and I chuckled…did I tell you that her voice gives me goosebu-mps and a little turn on…another thing is that I like smart girls like her
“Yeah deal” I said after giving her a long stare..she really looked more different like it wasn’t her I saw this morning…it’s like she added her beauty
I li-cked myl-ips and she sighed “You think you are smart?…let’s go to the gate” she said and I scoffed as I realised she is more smarter than I thought
My eyes left her face and travelled throu-gh her whole b©dy…”fv¢k” I cursed silently cause damn she had a fv¢king beautiful figure
“St©p looking at me cause it’s weird and let’s go to the gate” she said and my eyes went to her face again
I sm-irked as I stood up from the be-d and walked up to her as she walked backwards till she hit the wall
“Never gonna happen”i said fanning her face with my h0t breath and she swallowed ha-rd causing me to sm-irk
I walked away from her heading to the door “Gary?” She called in a questioning manner
“Yeah ? Thought you don’t know my name?” I sm-irked at her
“I don’t…I just saw the gate written Gary and i thought that it was your name since you look like the boss of here” she said
“Really smart” I murmured to myself “So what do you want?” I asked and she sighed frustratedly like she hated what she was about to say ” I’m hungry” she said and I chuckled
“No food till you tell me your name ” I said In a serious tone and she hit her forehead pla-yfully…every move she makes turns me on and I gotta get the hell out of here before I do something stupid
“Let me eat first and then I promise to tell my name” I knew she was never going to tell but I just decided to [email protected]
Her name is really important cause if I know it then I will know everything about her with the help of my pri-vate investigator but this girl here is stubborn and I’m running out of time
“Ladies first” I said opening the door trying to be a gentleman but 90% of the reason was to see her backside
“No you go first”she said and I rolled my eyes. “Do you have to be stubborn with everything?” I asked faking a pissed tone and she sighed and mumbled fine grumply while I sm-irked
She walked before me and I got stuck holding the door…I suddenly lost my s-en-ses
“You per-vert…that was the reason
you wanted me to go first.. so you can have a clear view of my as-s” she said jo-lting me out of my dirty thoughts
You know what I nee-d a doctor…no lady has ever made me feel like this before
“Argh let’s just go” I gro-an ed and walked infront of her fastly and walked into the kitchen…I drank a glas-s full of cold water and splashed basin water on my face
“He’s acting weird” I heard her say to someone and the person chuckled…no one should tell me who chuckled cause I can recognize that chuckle from anywhere
“I feel his pain” Josh said and I chuckled…after some few minutes the pretty girl had finished her food and we decided to watch a movie including Josh
We didn’t just decide…she told me she would tell me her name after I have watched a movie with her
“I wanna gr-ab some water” she said and walked out “Any information about her ?”Josh asked focusing on the hvge screen infront of him
“Not even 1%” I said and he sighed…we suddenly heard a very disturbing scream that echoed all over the mansion
We both rushed there to find the pretty girl in heavy tears with blood gushing all over her left foot…a maid actually dropped a glas-s on her leg
Many maids including guards [email protected]£ in running…they were about 140 to 150 in number and my kitchen was hvge enough to fill all of them in
“What happened and I thought you were supposed to protect her since you are her personal maid ?” I asked trying to sound calm as possible
“It was a mistake sir” the maid shivered and I sighed…I didn’t wanna lose my temper so I just went to the pretty girl and carried her in a bridal style
The guards looked at her lvstfully while the maids s£nt her deadly glares…. “Everyb©dy back to work !” I shouted and they all left immediately
“Sir should I get the first aid kit” the maid that shattered the glas-s on her said and I scoffed ” I think I said everyb©dy get back to work and Belinda you are going to pay since you are her personal maid” I said calmly
“Well my work is to watch tv sorry cutiey” Josh win-ked at the pretty girl and she smiled painfully as I carried her to my room so that I can treat her wound
I watched keenly as Gary treated my wound with care. I winced as he wra-pped the bandage around my leg. “Sorry “he said lowly
“Done” he said looking straight into my eyes “Don’t do anything to Belinda” I said and his expression changed to an annoyed one
“What do you mean ? She has hurt you and you wanna protect her” he said within gritted teeth
” It was not on purpose and It’s all my fault okay. I’m the one who bu-mped into her” I returned the glares he was giving me
“Even if it’s your fault. She should have held the glas-s ti-ghtly!”he yelled and I laughed
“Don’t pretend like you care”i yelled back and he ran his hands throu-gh his curly hair
“$h!t” he cursed like he’s thinking of what to say and at the same time he is trying to calm down
“Just free me okay…I went to the kitchen to see if there was a way to escape…I just wanna be free” I said honestly cause I’m tired of being locked in people’s houses
“Why do you wanna be free ? From the looks of it you have nowhere to go” he yelled at me
“You don’t have to care since I’m a stranger to you”i said and he sighed heavily
“I just want to help okay?”he said looking into my eyes and I looked away
“Why do you want to help…you want my b©dy in return ?” I asked and he gro-an ed
“No” he said grumply “There’s nothing for free so what do you want Gary?” I asked
“Tell me your name and then I will tell you what I want” he said
“After that you let me go ?” I asked and he gro-an ed
“No you are my property” he said calmly “Get out” I said in more like a whisper “This is my house…No one tells me what to do” he said and I looked at him angrily. I was about to cry and I didn’t want him to see me in a bad state
“Get out Gary !” I yelled and he took the lamp and threw it at the wall causing it to break into pieces “Fine!”he yelled and ban-ged the door
I immediately buried my head on his be-d and cried so much till my eyelids [email protected]£ heavy
I’m trying to trust people but it’s ha-rd …to me every one is a monster.the voices in my head [email protected]£ back and I gro-an ed as I held my head ti-ght
They burned into ashes infront of me…their screams still feels my head every time
Hi peacemaker +2348037873157 to be added you to the platform
And then to the way Mr Donald’s family treated me…if a close person can treat you like that then what about a total stranger
What if he is acting like he cares just to deceive me and use me ?
Everyone is the same in this fv¢king selfish and full of themselves
What if I tell him my name and he finds information about me and then he used it to hold me down since I have no one…I gro-an ed till I fell asleep
I drank all the whisk from the glas-s and gro-an ed while s£nding deadly glares at my personal investigator
“I’ve got a fv¢king tracker on her b©dy…what’s st©pping you to track her down” I shouted at him running out of patience..
“Sir it seems like she is in a place where trackers are deactivated…it might be a place where someone is rich cause a tracker deactivation is expensive” he responded stupidly and I threw the whisk glas-s on the wall as I fumed in anger
She would have made me rich…I actually wanted to sell her to someone who was willing to pay 2 billion.. 2 fv¢king billion isn’t a child’s [email protected] now he is telling me about deactivation
fv¢k that I gotta find her. I can’t lose that kind of money

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