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Kidnapped by a billionaire Episode 10 to 13

I started breathing heavily while [email protected] for air. I hate it when I’m having a panic attack
Are they working together ? Millions of questions rushed into my mind”Get her water!” Gary yelled and one of his guards ran to take water while Gary was patting my back telling me it will be fine
The guard [email protected]£ back after what felt like forever…I gulped the whole content of water and looked at Gary
“What’s happening?” I asked fearfully as I backed away from him
“Don’t be scared..I know everything he did to you and other people. Basically I know every dirty thing he did and It’s high time he pays for it” Gary said giving Mr Donald a deadly glare
All of my worries shut down as I swallowed nothing in [email protected] “You fv¢king dirty [email protected] I gave you everything and now you are opening your legs for every rich man you see” Mr Donald’s cold voice [email protected]£ out s£nding shivers to my spine
Gary signalled one of his guards something and the next thing I saw was Mr Donald being wh!pped with a cane
I shut my eyes ti-ghtly and opened the slowly “So Selena what must I do to him ?” Gary questioned with a sm-irk
“s£nd him to the police” i said and Mr Donald laughed “Yeah superhero Gary Barlow s£nd me to the police “he tormented
What kind of animal is he ? I mean there’s a lot of guns pointed at him but he is still this calm
“You and I know Donald Rumsfeld that if I take you there you are going to get out within 2 hours…That’s why I’m s£nding you to all of your enemies…so they can deal with your miserable life” Gary said and Mr Donald laughed
“Take him away” Gary said and the guards dragged him away.. they are up to 30
“What’s going on ? Where are they taking him to?” I asked curiously
“Don’t worry what you should know is that at the end justice will be found” he said and carried me In a bridal style.. I don’t know why I trusted him
“Hey! Put me down!” I yelled while he carried me till we got infront of a big pool
“Hey why did you bring me here ?” I asked and he sm-irked as he loos£ned my hands from his n£¢k
“I disturbe-d your swimming so chaò” he said and threw me in the pool “Gary!” I yelled
I wiped the water off my face while he laughed…I quic-kly swam to him and dragged his feet causing him to fall into the pool catching him off guard
“Who’s laughing now ?” I tea-sed as I laughed..”I will sure get you”he said and i started swimming away when I realised he was swimming to my direction
The pool was big enough for us to [email protected] splashing water at each other like teenagers
He finally caught me and I laughed while he ticked my ba-re stomach
“You look cute when laughing ” he said and I blu-shed “St©p fluttering me” I said as I re-moved the we-t hair that covered his eyes from his face
“I’m damn serious and I…” his voice trailed off as he started bringing his face close to mine
This time I’m pretty sure it was not my imagination…I’m pretty sure he was not about to re-move hair from my face
His h0t breath fanned my face giving me goose bu-mps..he li-cked hisl-ips as he stared at myl-ips
I was starting to become nervous as he drew me close by my [email protected]!st…his phone suddenly rang disturbing the moment
“Whoa your phone is water proofed” I finally found my voice…way you go voice. I said sarcastically in my mind
“Yeah” he said l!çk!ng his pinkl-ips ma-king me de-sire them more
After few seconds his face changed into an angry one and before I could say anything he threw his phone away angrily
I was so shocked…I mean his face was turning red with anger. This is my first time seeing him angry
$h!t! This motherfv¢ker is really a smarter than I thought
“Gary what’s going on ?” Selena’s worried voice [email protected]£ out but I didn’t wanna make her worried and at the same time I didn’t want to lie to her
I ran my hands throu-gh my hair frustratedly as I bit my bottoml-ip
“Errm…Donald killed all of my guards except the one that called me right now ” I said and her face went dull immediately
“But don’t worry. I will make sure I hunt him down” I said as I pu-ll-ed her into a hvg
“What if he takes me back. I don’t wanna go back to that horrible place” she sobs while I pat her back
“Hey! He won’t take you okay? I’m sure he is going back to his hiding place” i said as-suringly
How am I going to find him I mean I told my PI to find information about him but he told me that he cleared everything about himself
But he found something really shocking..something that can break Selena [email protected] within seconds
Something that I’m not re-ady to tell Selena. I sighed as I k!$$£d her on her forehead
After crying so much Gary decided we go back to the mansion cause he doesn’t know how to handle emotional people
We are now sitting in his car and he can’t st©p stealing glances. When I look at him He looks away which I find very awkward and cute at the same time
I decided to look outside the window to avoid his gaze
We got home and I got out first heading for the main door
I heard giggles from a girl and I was curious to know if the maids were having a [email protected] or what ?
So I walked into the living room to find Josh sitting with a guy which resembles Gary but it’s just that he looks a 2 years younger or so and a teenage who is probably 14 or 15
I looked at Josh and furrowed my brows. “Oh this are Gary’s siblings Gianna and Luke” he said and I suddenly felt nervous cause they were looking at me without saying anything and I didn’t know what to say too
Gary walked in “Luke ? Gianna ?” He said in a questioning manner as he stood besides me
Gianna stood up and ran to me with a hvge smile “So you are the girl who is getting married to my brother?” She asked and they all chuckled
“Huh?” I mumbled confusingly “Don’t tell me he hasn’t asked you out.” She said looking at Gary
“Gianna st©p talking cause I’ll flog you ” Gary threatened but she only continued to talk
“You know he will never st©p being a chicken. Gary you are living with a h0t chick and she isn’t your girlfriend yet. I’m starting to think you are [email protected]” she said and we all bur-sted into uncontrollable laughter except Gary who gave Gianna a glare
“I thought Josh was lying when he said she is just a friend” she still continued ignoring Gary’s glares
That’s when i realised she is wearing my fl!pflops which looks funny on her cause they are over sized So she’s been to my room
“You know Selena don’t worry from now on you are his girlfriend and you are getting married soon end of discussion” she said causing Josh and Luke to laugh while I shared an awkward look with Gary
“You know you are ma-king slee-ping in my room a habit lately” I say to Gary who is busy climbing my be-d
“Just pretend like I’m not here” he says and I laugh
“But you are here” I furrow my brows and he chuckles
“Acting feisty hey ?” He sm-irks and i hit him pla-yfully on his shoulder
I really enjoy his company and to be honest the reason I’m not asleep is that I’ve been expecting him
“Whatever” I rolled my eyes and la-id perfectly on the be-d closing my eyes
I felt his hand on my [email protected]!st and his b©dy pressing into my own b©dy
I decided to stay still not wanting the £r£¢tion incident to repeat itself
“So today you ain’t acting stubborn is it because my siblings paid you a visit ?” He asked and I could feel the mockery in his tone
Gianna and Luke left few hours ago. They are both funny and I like them so much. They make me wish I had a sibling
“Shut your mouth or I’m gonna shut it off for you” I said and he laughed sarcastically
“Why don’t you shut my mouth for me Lena ?” He asked
I opened my eyes to find his face close to mine
Those weird feelings in my stomach [email protected]£ back again…I think they are called bu-tterflies in your stomach or whatever
He li-cked hisl-ips s£dûçt!velyand I had to bite my bo-ttoml!pto st©p myself from blu-shing and he gro-an ed
“What ?” I asked curiously “Don’t bite your bo-ttoml!plike that ?” He says and I chuckle
“Why ?” I ask and he rolls his eyes bringing his face closer fanning my face with his h0t breath causing me to have goosebu-mps and other weird electricity around my b©dy
“Enough with questions shut my mouth for me alre-ady” he says with a sm-irk and I swallow nothing cause he is really close
I slowly take my hand to hisl-ips and put my palm there
“There I shut it off for you” I said and he laughed wholeheartedly with my palm still on his mouth so I had to re-move it cause it gave me more bu-tterflies
His dimples [email protected]£ out as he laughed ma-king him so cute.I chuckled at this cute sight before me
“Come on Lena I expected a k!ss” he said still laughing
“This is the second time you are calling Lena and It’s Selena Mr Gary and about the k!ssthing. Never gonna happen and now if you don’t mind i gotta sleep” I blush
“Come on Lena is more cute and i know you like it and about the k!sswe will see when time goes in”he wi-nks and I laugh
“Goodnight Gary” I say and shock him by wra-pping my hands around him shocking my self in the process too
“Night Lena” he k!sses my forehead catching me off guard I smile and close my eyes inhaling his cologne
I woke up to find the be-d empty…I yawned and got up
Maybe Gary went to work alre-ady. It’s not easy to be a business man
I suddenly remembered how my father would leave early and come back late from work
How I used to beg him to make time for me..he would k!ssmy forehead and tell me and I quote “daddy is always busy ma-king sure he builds a better for you princess”
A tear sli-pped down my eyes and I wiped it off not wanting my mind to go to the fact that Mr Donald has escaped
I walked into the bathroom and did my everyday morning routine
I wore Nike tracksuit and walked downstairs
I heard voices from the living room and i walked there to find Gary and Josh staring at something in a box
They heard my footsteps and looked at me with horror written on their faces
“Selena don’t come close” Gary said nervously and i shrugged
“Selena !” He said warningly and I ignored him still walking to them
I screamed at the sight before me…a person’s head which was plastered ‘NEXT TIME IT WILL BE SELENA’S HEAD…LOVE DONALD’
I couldn’t hold my self as I fell flat on the ground. Lena was the last thing I heard before I blacked out
I quic-kly laud her on the couch gently
“Get me water!” I yelled at the few maids who looked at me faking worried faces
They all scre-wed off and I sighed holding Lena’s hands
“Josh plea-se burn that sh•t ” I said and he nodded quitley. I guess he is still shocked as me
Soon the maids [email protected]£ in running with water. They were about 7 and what’s funny is that they all carried a glas-s of water
I just shrugged and collected one from the maid in the front.
“Get back to work” I said and they walked away
I sprinkled the water on her face but she didn’t move. I poured a little bit more but she till didn’t move
I took my phone from the glas-s table with shaking hands.. What if something bad happened to her.
I won’t be able to take it. I dialled my personal doctor’s number and told him to come immediately
After a few minutes he arrived to find me sitting with Josh anxiously
“I’m sir sorry I took too long” he said bowing his head
“Thanks for coming…do your stuff” I said and he started examining her
“She had a panic attack.thats why her heart is beating fast” he said and I sighed
“She will wake up in a few hours and plea-se make sure this does not happen again cause it might lead to a heart attack. .Another thing when she wakes up give her this” he said giving me 2 bottles of pills
“Okay. Thanks” I said taking the pills from him and he walked out
This is all my fault. I should have locked Mr Donald in that mansion and called his enemies for him
Damn ! I hit my forehead frustratedly. Why am I so stupid
“Don’t worry bro I’ll make sure the search for him happens fas-ter” Josh said walking out and I didn’t bother answering as I carried her to my room
“Mom plea-se don’t go today maybe tomorrow.” I tried to convince mom
“Why?”She asks while holding her Gucci bag firmly
“Think about it, if you go today Gary will know that you are coming because of Selena and not because you missed him” I said whille sitting down on the comfy couch
“You are just smart but tomorrow I’m surely going whether you like it or not”she says and I sigh heavily
“Yes mom now go to work before I lose it” I say and she laughs and walks away
This woman will just complicate things. What if she scares Gary’s bride away
Selena is so timid and I don’t want mom’s questions to scare her away
Their relationsh!pmust work and I don’t care about the secret Gary is keeping from her
If she finds out about the secret. It must be after the marriage
I might be 15 but I know all of my family’s secrets including their dirty ones
And they don’t even know that
They just see me as this talkative teenager


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