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Kidnapped by a billionaire Final Episode

Everyone looked at Gary’s father with shock written all over their faces
What did he me when he said that they are siblings
“Donald tell me that he is lying” Eric says trying to process everything around him
Donald just laugh wholeheartedly causing him to snort
“So I’m not dad anymore. I’m just ‘Donald”he says jokingly ma-king Eric fume more in anger
Everyone in the room except Donald was scared to see Eric’s face cause it was really red like he was starting to change colour
“Tell me damn it.!” He yelled startling everyone including Donald
“Okay fine you guys are half siblings” Donald sm-irks trying to hide the nervousness in his voice but Eric could still detect it
The tears Selena had been holding finally fell down as she squee-zed Gary’s hand more ti-ghtly
The fact that she did that hurt him but it didn’t hurt as much as seeing the tears in her eyes
Eric staggered a little bit supporting himself with the wall
He couldn’t help but weep silently
How can this man be so cruel ? Why didn’t he tell him that he has another half sibling
And to think about the fact that he wanted them to get married together broke him more
He thought about the way he used to abuse her cause her parents were dead. That means his mother died too
He screamed real ha-rd sliding down slowly with the help of the wall
He felt so pathetic,devastated,angry,sad, betrayed and other more things
Everyone pitied the both of them as they wept bitterly
“Sharon” Donald says the name of Selena and Eric’s mom
“Sharon was a bad b***h” he says and laughs sarcastically ma-king them weep more
“I remember when we first met. I had asked her to go out with me but she proved to be stubborn saying she has a b©yfri£nd” Donald says and sm-irks remembering it like it was just yesterday
To him it was the best moment if his life”She said she has a child and a caring b©yfri£ndbut y’all know me. I get everything i want ” he says
“So I made sure that someday we met in a deserted place where no one would hear us. I remember ra-ping her like damn she was well set just like Selena” he says running his eyes on Selena’s b©dy while l!çk!ng hisl-ips
Eric grew more angry as well as Selena. They both wanted nothing else but to kill Donald
“Well I had my pri-vate investigators spying on her cause I still wanted her to be mine but then sadly she was pregnant with this bastard” he says pointing at Eric
Eric wanted to run to him and hit him over and over again but Gary’s father was quic-k to pin him down to the wall
He struggled to free himself from him till he just gave up and stood still with many tears flowing from his eyes
“She told Selena’s father that i [email protected]£d her and he was so angry and tried getting me arrested but y’all know I’m smart. After failing on every effort they both decided to keep the baby and raise it as theirs” he still continues and laughs like a maniac
“But I couldn’t let them live happily ever after like no way so after the bastard was born I kidnapped him and told them they’ll only get the bastard if Sharon married me” he says boastfully
“But then they both disagreed and that’s how the fire accident happened. So that’s why today we are living happily ever after. Who liked my story ?” He asks proudly
Selena dis£ngaged from Gary’s hold and Eric too managed to free himself from Gary’s father
They both walked to the table carrying guns like they’ve been re-ading each other’s minds
They nod and both breath in and out before going back to Donald’s front pointing the guns on his b©dy
“Guys you don’t wanna so do this” Gary warns but they give him deaf ears
“Yeah listen to him. Eric remember you are my son” Donald says like a scaredy cat
“fuc-k you” Eric says rudely
They look at each and then nod before shooting him. One bullet pierced on the forehead while another pierced on the eye
After that they both blacked out on the floor because of shock. Everyone rushed to them
“Dad don’t you think it’s time to tell her the truth?” I say while dad just kept a straight face looking at his phone
After some few minutes when I thought he wasn’t going to respond he finally responded nochantly
“Well I think so too since half of the truth has been revealed” he says drily putting his phone down
“Okay then I’ll do it when she wakes up” I say nervously
Geez this is hvge.What if she leaves me for keeping such thing from her
The doctor walked into the living room.
“Expect them to be awake in the next few minutes. It insnt actually that bad. It was just some anxiety shock for the both of them” he says and then bid us a goodbye before finally walking out
“Geez !” I ru-b my hands together anxiously and wipe off sweat from my forehead
“You know you can just let the secret be till I’m re-ady to reveal it right” Dad says and I scoff
“No I’m definitely doing this by myself” I said and walked out
I should probably stay in her room till she wakes up
What if she starts to hate me after I revealed It?
What if she leaves me?
No! I shouldn’t have negative. I shouldn’t be selfish about this.
I sat on a chair beside her staring at her peaceful looking face
I felt a hand tapping me and j£rked up. I ru-bbe-d my eyes to see Selena staring at me intently
“Hey” she says with a shrug and I f0rç£d a smile
“Are you okay?” She asks and I shrug “I should be the one asking that” I say and she scoffs
“Where’s Eric ?” She asks “In his room I think” I say and she sighs heavily
“I still can’t believe he is my brother” she says staring Into space
“Look Selena we gotta talk” I say and she snaps her head to my direction
“Don’t tell me you wanna break up with me because i killed that bastard ” she says and i laugh drily
“Why would I do that. You should know that I love you and I can’t imagine my life without you” I say and she let out a sigh of relief with a hvge shy blush
“Okay what do you wanna tell me ?” She asked after a long awkward silence
“Uhhm. Let me just say this quic-kly. Your parents are still alive” I say and shut my eyes
“H-o-w” she stutters and I open my eyes to find her looking at me like she has seen a ghost
“Well…Dad kind of saved them back then and he has been working on bringing them out of coma ever since” I say fidgeting with my f!ngers
Tears falls from her eyes as she stands up running her hands throu-gh her hair
“This can’t be true. I saw the wall fall on them. I saw the wall with fire fall on them”she says
“Dad says he was a good friend of Donald back then. He says he overhead him telling his guards to start fire at your family house and when he went to save you and your family he found out that you are alre-ady gone but your parents had a chance of living ” I say and she scoffs out tears
“Why didn’t you tell me as soon as you found out that they are my parents”she asks and I sigh
“Dad said I shouldn’t. He wanted to perform a plastic surgery on the both of them to complete his dream of being a surgeon” I say
“Oh so you decided to act selfish. When you saw me having nightmares thinking my parents died. You decided to keep it to yourself” she yells
“Selena it was for the best who knew if you would have decided to ley them live with a burnt skin” I say
“Yeah who would have knew. No one would have knew cause no one decided to ask. You can’t just conclude your as-sumptions” she yells
“Another thing is that Gianna is your biological sister” I say this time my own tears falling and she laughs sarcastically
“Gianna is 15 so if I had a sister that I knew nothing about she would have been 12’ she says and I sigh heavily
“That’s because my mom and your mom gave birth at the same time 15 years ago . Mom had miscarriage and desperately took Gianna to plea-se dad. Dad found out only 2 years ago” I say and she shakes her head in disagreement before finally blacking out
It’s been 4 months since Selena left me. I have been broken and I’m still trying to get up on my feet
I now talk less and spend time in my room drinking myself to sleep
The fact that she now hates me hurts. She left with Eric and Gianna including their parents and Belinda
Gianna still comes to visit cause she sees me as a brother and the good thing is that their parents has woken up 1 month ago
Gianna says they welcomed them all in warm hands
Selena hated everyone in my family but later on forgave my family but still she wouldn’t forgive me
She’s now an upcoming actress and model. The only place where I get to see her is on tv
And I must say she looks more beautiful. I wish I could take back time and tell her everything the day I found out her identity
“Oh come on. You gotta st©p this attitude of yours” Josh walks in snatching the bottle of vodka away from me
Yeah Josh and Gianna are officially [email protected]!ngbut Josh refused to leave my side when Gianna travelled out of my neighbourhood
They still meet everyday even though they are not living un-der the same roof
I found some shocking news about Josh last week and it’s still a shocker to me
Josh is actually a royalty. He actually escaped home in order to not take over the thrown
His excuse when the king and queen ( his parents) [email protected]£ to take him was that he doesn’t like royal things he just want a normal life
His parents immediately un-derstood so his little brother is actually the one who’ll be taking over the thrown
“My prince leave me alone” I say and he chuckles
“Boss you gotta st©p calling me that” he says and snatches the bottle away from me
We start fighting on the ground till someone cleared her throat
I looked up as Josh was on t©p of me pausing his fist that was about to punch me
“So my prince is now planning to kill my brother” Gianna says sarcastically and they laugh
I couldn’t laugh. My focus was kept on the person besides Gianna
She didn’t laugh too as she kept her focus on me
“Selena” it [email protected]£ out as a whisper
“We should probably go get ice-cream” Josh says and punched my shoulder before disappearing with Gianna
I gro-an ed while ru-bbing my shoulder
Selena didn’t say anything as she kept on staring at me
“I’m sorry” we both said at the same time and laughed
She looked damn beautiful with her sparkling innocent eyes
I carried in her in my arms and k!$$£d her like my life depended on it
That’s how I took her vir-ginity
“Damn Gary hurry up banana split” Selena yells from the sitting room causing Gary to roll his eyes
The 9 months with Selena had been amazing and frustrating at the same time
She’s f***ng pregnant and they did a scan to find out that she’ll be giving birth to two babies
“Gary!” She yelled impatiently “I’m coming okay!” Gary yells back alre-ady losing it
He looked mess. Selena really did a great job in stressing him out and giving him sleepless nights
If she didn’t want food specially prepared by him she wanted him to get on his fours so she could ride on his back
On the first day he had thought it was a joke and laughed over it but when she tried he knew that she was damn serious
So it’s he does it in the middle of the night or day
He walked back to the sitting room like he was f0rç£d to walk and tried to feed her
“No I can feed my self” she said in a bossy tone and took the bowl from him
She started eating and [email protected] ed while chewing turning him on
“Now. Mas-sage those feet babe” she said in a bossy tone. Oh yeah another thing is that Selena has really been bossy
Everyone avoided her path. It’s either her family members or her co-workers
But unfortunately for Gary it’s his responsibility so he couldn’t just leave her even though he wished to
Gary starts to mas-sage her swollen feet grumpily with a frown on his face
“Do it with a smile on your face” she says in her usual bossy tone
He f0rç£s a smile before giving her a glare.”ru-b it soothingly like geez what are you some thorn” Selena rolled her eyes
And Gary presses her feet ha-rd ly out off frustration and she screams causing her water to break
“Oh my god I’m sorry” Gary says with an evil sm-irk not realising the fact that her water just broke
“Gary my water just broke” Selena says with tears flowing heavily from her eyes and Gary’s face turns into a scared one
“What do i do ?”
“Get the car keys dumbhead” Selena yells breathing heavily with her mouth open
Gary tries to run off and Selena screams out his name
“Don’t leave me it hurts. Gary come back” she cries out
Gary was confused but then decided to go take the car keys
He then drove furiously to the hospital with Selena who kept screaming
Hi peacemaker +2348037873157 to be added you to the platform
As soon as they got there. Selena was taken to a VIP room since she’s a public figure
Gary couldn’t ba-re her screams as he stood outside anxiously
He thought she was dying and he called all of his and her family members
They [email protected]£ in a swift. Gianna kept on telling Gary who was pacing around to keep calm
The door finally opened and Gary was the first one to rush in pushing the surgeon besides
He saw one of the surgeons holding two tiny babies
Tears of joy sli-pped from his eyes as the surgeon gave them to a nurse so she could clean them off
He kept his eyes on the beautiful beings till they were out of his sight
He could see by their pri-vate [email protected] that they were both boys
The fact that he was going to be a father made him really happy and scared
He made his way to Selena who la-id on the be-d weakly and took out a ring going on his knees
All the family members [email protected] as some shed tears of joy
Selena said yes before Gary could say anything ma-king everyone laugh wholeheartedly
And then they lived happily ever after
~THE END!!!~


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