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Kidnapped by a billionaire Episode 14 to 17

I gro-an ed as I ru-bbe-d my eyes.What happened to me ?
I looked around and saw Gary slee-ping.a smile spre-ad across my face but was soon replaced with a frown
Mr Donald is really coming for me. When he says something he really means it
Tears fell from my eyes as I knelt down besides the be-d
Ever since I [email protected]£ here I forgot the most important thing which is prayer
“Father god as I’m kneeling down I would like to ask for forgiveness for my sins… I may know some while some are still unknown to me but father god as I come to you to humble myself as your imperfect child I’ll also like to ask for protec-tion” I gulped as more tears flu-shed down
“protec-tion from my enemies. Even if I hold no grudge against them I pray that every grudge they hold against me would just disapear”i wiped my tears still closing my eyes
“And father god plea-se protect my parents wherever you took them to not forgetting everyone in my life…in Jesus’s name amen” I ended the prayer
“Amen” I heard Gary’s voice and quic-kly opened my eyes
“How long have you been up ?” I asked and he laughed
“Long enough to hear your prayer” he says and I chuckle “Okay hey” I smile at him
“Hey to you too” he said with a sm-irk. “Gary what if he kills me this time” I said and his sm-irk got replaced with a frown
“He won’t okay and I got something for you” he said while standing up
He walked to his drawer and and took out an apple [email protected]©p and cellphone
“Wow” I said before I could st©p myself. ” I promised that I was going to get you something to keep you busy” he said handing them and I put them down before hvgging him
“Thank you” I said
“Its no big deal and I alre-ady put on the Wi-Fi pas-sword just incase you are bored” he said k!ss!ngmy forehead
“Now if you’ll excuse me I gotta bath before I go to work. Take those pills on the drawer. The doctor said it will help” he says and I nod as he walks into the bathroom
Mr Donald still didn’t leave my mind. What if he kills me ?
I’ve now found someone who is willing to take care of me without any doubt
Someone who cares so what does he still want from me cause I don’t nee-d him anymore
I sighed walking out cause I realised that it wasn’t my room
“Dad don’t s£nd the bomb” Eric my first son said as I looked at the bomb on the table
“This is just to teach them a lesson Eric and don’t worry if I can’t have that b**ch then no one will” I say coldly and he sighs
“But dad you know I like Selena. You know you promised I was going to get married to her after mistreating her to gain respect” he says at the verge of tears
“St©p being a cry baby Eric” I say sternly ” You are so evil after everything her dad did for you. You still wanna kill her. Dad I know what you did and I know you are a drug dealer” he says arousing the monster in me
“Eric enough is enough!” I yelled at him and he shivered
“You beheaded your own pri-vate investigator to just scare them off and you still wanna do more?” He still talked and I stood up walking to his front
I don’t get why he is too stubborn. My wife immediately walked in to find us in an awkward position
“What’s going on ?” She asked but we both kept quite
“You are heartless and I’m done being your son” he said and his words stung a little bit
“Eric mind the way you talk to your father” my wife says and
“Shut thefu-ck up you sl*t” he swore on her and I sighed heavily trying too ha-rd not to [email protected] hands on him
I swore on his dead mother’s grave that I won’t hurt him “Guards take him to the dark room” I said and they dragged him away after he spat on my face
“Sorry hubby”my wife said and I just looked into space saying nothing after wiping my face
I’m just going to [email protected] for a few days coming with a new better plan not involving killing Selena
I promised Eric he’s going to marry her and besides that’s how we can get all the billions her father left for her
I sighed heavily after getting out of my sport car. It’s only few minutes left to clock 12
Work was so stressful today and I can’t believe all my pri-vate investigator found about Donald is that he has 3 children
I walked into the house and heard laughter. I hope it’s not Josh and Selena cause I’ll lose my cool
I still don’t know how to tell her about the marriage thing
We could just go and sign the papers since it is dangerous to hold a whole ceremony with that dog Donald
What am I’s not like she’s going to agree
Argh..I st©pped on my tracks as I saw mom,Gianna and Selena sitting together on a couch
What the heck is going on ?
“Oh brother” Gianna squeaked running to me
“What is she doing here?” I whispered and Gianna chuckled
“She’s here to see the bride” she also whispered and I sighed
This is not good. So not good
“Gary we nee-d to talk” mom said standing up
Selena and Gianna un-derstood that she meant pri-vately so they both walked out
“Gary what thefu-ck is Selena Baldwin doing in this damn house. Have you gone nuts. You want your father to lose it all ?” She asks with a glare .Again I say. So not good
“Mom plea-se just st©p. You know dad is coming back in the next two days for the wedding ” I said trying to convince her
“Gary if I can recognize her how do you think your father won’t recognise her” she said looking straight into my eyes
“Mom I don’t care. Actually that man has been messing up my life and he is not even worth it. If he can’t take her as my bride then he has to come clean” I say and she sighs
“He is still your father” she [email protected]
“When I remember my father died a long time ago when he disowned me because I refused to go to a medical school so he doesn’t even deserve my pitiness” I said and tried to walk out but she held me back
“So you are choosing her over your father. You know this is so big for him and the chances of Selena finding out are very high” she says still holding my hand
“I don’t care” I say and she sighs “Gary come back to your s-en-ses before it’s too late, just wait for one year…Gianna!” She concluded with yelling Gianna’s name
“I’m coming !” Gianna yells back
“Let’s go home baby girl” she says after Gianna walked in with Selena
“No mom. I’m staying ” she says with a grin
“Don’t get me angry Gianna. I said let’s go home ” mom says within gritted teeth
It’s obvious she got pissed after our conversation
“It’s okay if she wants to stay” I found myself saying
“That is absurd she doesn’t even have clothes to change” mom says looking at me
“I will take her shopping in the morning ” I say to her and she sighs as she hvgs Gianna
“Bye baby girl” she k!sses he forehead and then Gianna wipes the sp©t she k!$$£d causing us to laugh
“Bye Selena ” she flushes her a fake smile after hvgging her
I’m pretty sure I’m the only who can see that it’s a fake smile “Bye” we all chorused as she walked out
“Movie night?” Gianna asked with a grin and I shook my head in disagreement
“It’s probably 1 a.m so it’s time to sleep” I say and rolls her eyes
“Buzz killer” she says walking upstairs “You know your room ?” I ask
“No I’m sharing with Selena”i sighed suddenly regretting why I agreed she could stay
“Selena is sha…” Selena put her hand on my mouth before I could finish
“Let’s go Gianna” Selena says leaving my mouth to hold Gianna’s hand
“Wanna join ?” Gianna asks and I nearly choked on my saliva “No” I said quic-kly and they both chuckled before going upstairs
I decided to take a quic-k bath before watching the hvge tv screen
I just had a lot on my mind and i couldn’t sleep
I sat down looking for movies but it was boring so I just decided to take it to a music chanel
I enjoyed the music and closed my eyes as I nodded to the beat
I just wish Selena and I would be a couple without secrets. I don’t seem to know what I have for her but I think I’m falling for her and I’m not even sure that she feels the same
I sighed and opened my eyes to see Selena seated besides me
“Whoa you scared me” I say and we both laugh
“Sorry”she says looking at the tv “It’s okay. What are you doing here?” I ask
“Well Gianna is asleep and I couldn’t sleep. I’ve got a lot on my mind “She says and I sigh
“Well seems like we are on the same page” I say while facing the screen
“Yeah but Gary where is Belinda ?” She suddenly asks out of no where.
“Well I s£nt her to one of my penthouse in Canada”i say and she sighs
“Why?” She asks “It’s along story” I say and I feel her gaze on me
I look at her with a sm-irk “What ?”i furrow my brows
“Nothing” she blushes. I bring my face closer while she did the same
Ourl-ips finally met and I felt this bu-tterflies in my stomach. Herl-ips were so soft and sweet like vanilla ice cream
The k!sswas so slow and steady and I felt all this electric shocks In my b©dy. Even though I’ve k!$$£d a lot of girls this one is the best of them all
“So this is what you guys do when nob©dy’s around ?” We heard Gianna’s voice and quic-kly dis£ngaged breathing heavily
Gianna started laughing and we were both f0rç£d to join her
“Let’s go to be-d ” I said to Gianna who only shrugged
“Okay” She stood up and we walked upstairs with Gary behind us
Gary walked into his room after saying goodnight
“Thank you for the pjs”she says and I chuckle looking at how funny she looked in PJ’s
“No problem. You are sure you brushed your teeth and took a bath before sli-pping into them ?” I asked tea-singly and she [email protected] my arm pla-yfully
“I can’t sleep without bathing and brushing so don’t worry” she said boastfully as she sli-pped into the blankets
“Okay then good night” I k!$$£d her forehead while she snuggled close to me
I woke up a multi-ple times because of my nightmares. I guess I’m really used to Gary being by my side when I sleep but Gianna is helping
As long as there’s someone besides me my nightmares reduces
I sighed as I finally drifted to sleep….
I woke up when i felt the sun rays in my face
Argh. Who opened the curtains “Wakey wakey Cinderella” Gianna’s voice echoed around the whole room
“Argh Gianna” I gro-an ed “don’t argh me cause we are going shopping in the next thirty minutes” she said and I sighed
“I’m not going” I said yawning
“because it ain’t safe. Yeah…Yeah I talked to Gary and he agreed only if we all wear face masks for safety “she say and i grin
“Really” I said getting rid of my sleepy face
“Yeah so get your lazy as-s off that be-d sis” she says dragging the be-dsheets and I laugh
“Gianna I’ll flog you” I say and she scoffs “this baby ain’t getting beaten with this muscles”she says and demonstrate with her hands causing me to laugh. Gianna is really adorable
I have to get out of this place. I love Selena and I have to do something to save her
Even if it means going against my own father
I don’t mind if she doesn’t love me back. I just have to do something right. Dad has harmed and scammed so many people and it is time for him to pay for his evil deeds
I waited till it was time for the guard who brings me food to arrive
He opened the door and unlocked the chains around my hands and feet
I waited for him to turn around and hit his head ha-rd causing him to black out
Luckly i didn’t find other guards outside and I used the opportunity to run to my 16 years old brother’s room
And he wasn’t around… dang it he would have helped with some cash
I walked to his closet and wore his hoodie
His room is the only one access to a secret sneaking away pas-sage
We created the pas-sage to sneak to [email protected] If dad didn’t agree to let us go out
I walked out and the car was also there. Now I just have to get to Los Angeles. I nee-d to tell Gary about all the people snitching on him and help him in taking dad down
“I wanna stay in the front with Josh ” I say and Gary frowns
“Why do you wanna stay in the front ?” He asked not hiding the anger in him
“You should know by now that whenever I’m saying something am not asking but commanding”i whisper into his ear and jump in the front
“Hey Josh” I smile at him and he smile back nervously
He has a crush on him and I’m going to use it to torture him. I know he is a [email protected]
“Uhhm. H..ey” he stutters and I laugh inwardly
“Just so you know. She’s 15 and you are 19 so there’s a hvge age gap between you guys.. for your information if anything happens between you guys. . mean any slight thing i…” Gary was still ranting while peeping in but Selena dragged him away
“Let them be” Selena dragged him away “hit the road won’t you” I say boastfully to Josh
“Yeah I should probably do that.” He says and drives out of the mansion
“So Josh what do you do on your free time?” I asked and he coughed
“I just sleep or eat” he says and I laugh
“Not like that I mean do you have a girlfriend which you take on [email protected]£s or something like that” I ask looking at him and he smiles
“No I don’t have a girlfriend” he says plainly
“Yeah he has girlfriends and sl*ts… I mean lots of them” Gary’s voice ch!ps in
“Gary” Selena says in a warning tone
“What? I’m just being honest here. He is actually a [email protected] who breaks girl’s hearts” Gary says
“Gary can you just shut up” I say frustratedly and wind the glas-s to the back seat up
Its actually sound proofed so he can’t hear anything we are saying
He ban-g his fists on glas-s while I laugh. Selena calms him down and I stick out my ton-gue for him
“How could a guy cute like you be single” I smile at him and he takes a glance at me before diverting his attention back to the road
“You think I’m cute?” He sm-irks and i laugh “Maybe” I say sitting comfortably on the car seat
I just hate this little sister of mine. She has been talking to Josh and laughing with him ever since we got to the mall. She is the pain in the a**
I tried to give Josh warning glares but the dude is busy flir-ting with my little sister
I don’t like this one bit. Gianna must go back to our my parent’s house
“We should’ve done online shopping” I say to Selena looking at the both of them chatting happily while l!çk!ng ice cream
“You should just come down. They are just friends” Selena says and I sigh
“Friends ? Selena I know Josh and he is a per-vert. If he t©uçhes my sister our bro code is gone”i say and Selena laughs sweetly
“You sound like an over protective dad right now” I smile at her words
The 5 guards we [email protected]£ with carried our of shopping bags to the car they [email protected]£ in while we enter ours
We all re-move our masks as soon as we sat in the car
Josh hit the road while I just decide to calm down. Its not a big deal that a per-verted guy is talking to little sister
I look at Selena and she’s putting on headsets while looking outside the window
I [email protected] head on her th!ghs looking at her face
She smiles as she stro-kes my hair gently still looking outside the window
We soon get home and we find a car parked outside our mansion with a cute guy leaning on it
“That’s Eric. Mr Donald’s son” Selena says fearfully holding me ti-ghtly

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