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Kasima the village illiterate final batch

★ ★ ★ ★ FLASHBACK ★ ★ ★ ★
It was 10:00pm in the night, princess Adaeze went to the palace cell, she called the guard that was guarding the cell out.
“My princess you called me?” The guard said
“Yes, I want you to go and take the prince clothes from that rope at the concer of the palace ti his room.” Adaeze said.
“Okay my princess.” The guard replied and left. Adaeze called Emeka who she has alre-ady planned with, Emeka opened the palace cell and Kasima [email protected]£ out.
“My princess.” She called.
“Sshhh!, There is no time, run away from this village now else my father will kill you tomorrow…Emeka will go with you.” Princess Adaeze said.
“No my princess, I am not going with her so that the king won’t suspect.” Emeka said and turned to kasima, he place his hand on her shoulder.
“Kasima, take this road by your left, when you get to the end of the road, follow your right then to your left again and just keep going straight, it will lead you out of this kingdom… May our ancestors guard you.” Emeka said as he re-moved his hand from her shoulder while kasima nod her head.
” Go now, run as fast as you can before the guard return, may God almighty lead you.” Adaeze said.
“My mother, my sister.” Kasima said.
“Forget about your mother and sister now just go and save your life, go now.” Princess Adaeze said while kasima nod and ran out…
“Heeeyyyy!” Everyb©dy shouted.
“Adaeze, you did what??” Her mother asked.
“Yes I did it, I can’t allowed my father to kill an innocent soul just because she confronted him.” Adaeze said almost breaking into tears.
“How dare you disobey my order?” King Maduka asked angrily standing up from his seat.
“You killed her father because of the throne and now you want to kill her and you I will allow you to do that.” Adaeze said.
“Young woman don’t dare the gods!” The priestess said.
“Oh sh0t your mouth, which gods?? Go back to your shrine and ask your dead gods some questions before coming here to make noise.” Adaeze said.
“Guards!!” King Maduka called while two guards ran to him..
“Take off the beads from her and her mother, lock them up in the in the palace cell alongside with Emeka and kasima’s mother and sister. If after one week kasima is nowhere to be found I shall use their heads as a sacrifice you all to Ikuku.” He said angrily as the guards dragged them away so they were begging [email protected] from Emeka and Princess Adaeze…
Kasima opened her eyes slowly, everywhere was very bright…she knew that was not where she was before and wondered how come she is in the hospital be-d, she turned to her left, he eyes meet with wisdom, Cindy and Mr Godwin.
“Who is you people and what me is doing here?” She asked confusedly.
“Calm down okay?? My name is wisdom and here are my family..she is my sister Cindy by name and my dad and mum Mr and Mrs Godwin.” Wisdom said .
“And what me is doing here na?” She asked trying to sit up in the be-d.
“Take it easy plea-se.” Wisdom said helping her.
Kasima later told them what happened in her village and how she escaped…..Mr Godwin remembered kasima as soon as she mentioned her father’s named… Mr Godwin told her how he was banished, she requested that they should go back to Ajima land but Mr Godwin told her that will be after she has recovered from her wound and they all agreed.
Two days later, kasima was discharged from the hospital and was taken to Mr Godwin’s house, though Mrs Godwin never wanted her to stay in their house but Mr Godwin insist because the house belongs to him.
Exactly four days later, Mrs Godwin sat in the garden and called zacco, she told him to come over to their house with his boys like s theif and take money from them and kill Mr Godwin, wisdom and Kasima because she felt that kasima is a threat to her because she is very smart.
Kasima who was walking around the house over heard when she was ma-king the call so she ran to call Cindy and wisdom.
After listening to Mrs Godwin conversation they went to wisdom’s room, they called their father to come back home which he promised to return in less than an hour.
“Wisdom, what do we do?” Cindy asked pacing up and down.
“I don’t know, I can’t just think straight right now.” Wisdom said hitting his hand on his head.
“I think we is calling the police.” Kasima suggest.
“Yeah that’s true! Wisdom call the dpo.” Cindy said while wisdom took his phone and called the police emergency number, he explained everything to the dpo. He gave them the time zacco and his boys would be coming to their house and the dpo promised to s£nd his boys over..
(SUBTITLE): #The_Staff_Of_Authority
That evening after dinner, they all sat in the living room watching movie when they heard a heavy knock on the door….they all looked at each other confusedly wondering who could that be. Kasima went to opened the door as soon as she opened the door one of zacco guys pointed his gun at her forehead.
“If you talk I will b!ow off your head, just move quietly.” The guy instructed and Kasima obeyed..she raised her hands up and went to the living room, seeing them Mr Godwin trampled in fear.
“Everyb©dy lie down before I b!ow off your heads.” Zacco said in a commanding tune.
“plea-se don’t hurt her, she is my niece.” Mr Godwin said sheviering..
“Oh really? Alright we won’t hurt her, all we want is your money.” Zacco said.
“plea-se I will give you any amount you want but plea-se don’t hurt me and my family.” Mr Godwin pleaded.
“Sh0t up your mouth!! Now go in there and give us the money.” Zacco said and turned to one of his guys.
“Spark, follow him.” He ordered while spark followed Mr Godwin to his room, they took the money and [email protected]£ back to downstairs.
“Hey you stand up!” Zacco said referring to mrs Godwin while she stand up pretending to be scared..
“plea-se don’t harm my wife.” Mr Godwin pleaded.
“Sh0t up!!” Spark yelled at him.
“Spark, give her that gun.” Zacco said while spark gave the gun to Mrs Godwin, she took the gun from him and smiled.
“Now kill your husband.” Zacco said while she gladly cracked the gun and point the gun at Mr Godwin.
“plea-se Linda don’t kill me.” Mr Godwin pleaded.
“Why shouldn’t I? Well since you don’t know, I s£nt them to come over and kill you, wisdom and Kasima, you people would have be dead since last week if not for the accident that happened that day.” She said.
“What! Mum!” Cindy and wisdom called together.
“I am not your mother, since your father refuse to tell you.. your late mother and I were friends, when she got married to your father I was very angry because I have eyes on your father…so I paid a nurse to injected your mother to death the day she gave birth to both of you. I start staying with your father..a year later your father and I got married. I have always de-sire to have all your father’s wealth and that was why I insisted that you should marry Sophia but you were too stubborn like your late mother and today you all will die.” She said and laughed devilishly..
Mr Godwin, Cindy, wisdom and Kasima were shocked.
“You! So this is why you were insisting that I must marry Sophia? You are a wicked woman.” Wisdom said.
“I hate you, I hate you wicked woman.” Cindy said crying.
“Yes I am wicked because Today you all wi die.” She said and was about pu-lling the trigger when they heard voices from the door.
“Drop your guns and surrender.” A police officer said as everyone turned.
Mrs Godwin, zacco and his boys were arrested and taken to the police station that night.
The next day, Mr Godwin told Cindy, wisdom and Kasima to get prepared that they were going to the village which they did.
They first of all went to the police station to see the alre-ady beaten Linda (Mrs Godwin) she begged for their forgiveness and they forgave her but didn’t bailed her. They left the station and went to the village, in less than 6 hours they were in Ajima land. They first of a went to kasima father’s house but could not find anyone so they decided to go to the palace to know if king Maduka has arrested them…
king Maduka, his household, the elders, guards, maids, the priestess and the villagers were all gathered in the palace.
“My people as you all know the reason why we are here. Today I have shall sacrifice kasima’s mother and her sister and Adaeze, her mother and Emeka to ikuku and thus will served as a lesson to everyone here.” King Maduka said.
“Never! Not when I am still alive.” Mr Godwin said as they walked into the palace, everyb©dy turned to them.
“Kasima!!” Amaka and her mother called.
“Mama! Amaka!” Kasima called happily and rant to hvgged them where they were tied.
“Godwin!!” Mazi Okoro called.
“Yes it me and I am back.” Mr Godwin said.
“You!!… you are supposed to be dead.” Onowu said standing up from his seat.
“Well I am not.” He said and turned to king Maduka.
“You lied my late brother onowu Udemba and Mazi Okeke (kasima’s father) and now you want to kill his daughters and wife…. today your cu-p have full and you shall face judgment.” Mr Godwin said
“How dare you accused my father the king of all kings of a murder!” Prince Ikena said.
“Sh0t your mouth little boy, when next elders are talking do not interfere.” Wisdom yelled at him back.
“My people, your king Maduka is evil, he has killed so many people with the help of this priestess here, he has be slee-ping with her all this year’s.” Mr Godwin said and everyb©dy shouted.
“He banished me and my family for no just course, he made a vow to bring anyb©dy down that will stand in his way and that staff of authority that he is using is fake, here is the real one.” He said and bought it out of his bag, he opened his hands and the staff left hi hand and hang up on it own..
“King Maduka, if you know you are truly he king of this land come forward and take this staff.” Mr Godwin said… King Maduka was scared because he knew he will die if he t©uçhed the staff but everyb©dy were shouting that he should go.
” How dare you challenge Ikuku the great python!” The priestess said and pointed her staff at Mr Godwin but the staff of authority retaliated and burnt her with fire which makes her to disappeared, the fire also meet king Maduka and onowu and they died instantly.
“Kasima, come and take what rightfully belongs to you and give it to any man your heart leads you to and you shall become his wife.” Mr Godwin said while kasima walked closer and took the staff, she moved around for sometime.
“Kasima, give me the staff let me be your king and rule this kingdom together.” Prince Ikena said and smiled, kasima smiles wickedly and went to him….she pointed the staff at him,…as he was about taking it fire burnt him and he died instantly.
Kasima turned to everyone and her eyes met with wisdom’s eyes they both smiled at each other. She walked slowly to him and pres£nt the staff to him.
“Take it.” She said calmly, wisdom was very scared because he don’t want to die.
“Take it.” She said again and wisdom gradually took the staff from her and raised it up.
“You is the king.” Kasima said to him.
“And you are my queen, the woman I have be searching for all my life.” Wisdom said and they hvgged…Kasima was given the staff of a queen.
“Igwe!!!!! Lolo!!!!!” Everyb©dy said happily. Princess Adaeze, queen mercy and kasima’s mother and sister and Emeka were re-leased…they were so happy for kasima.
Peace returned to the kingdom… queen Diana and princess Olachi later left the village because of shame. Mazi Ejiofor, Nkechi and Ngozi later apologies to kasima and she forgave them.
Kasima later went to English school and she [email protected]£ perfect in English after one year…she and wisdom rule the kingdom together with peace, love, unity, un-derstanding, patience, harmony and wisdom….
Moral lesson::

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