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Kasima the village illiterate batch 1

In the land of Ajima there was a great king and two beautiful queens beside him, he was so great and deadly that kings from different kingdoms and the whole of Ajima land fear and respect him but full of evil, wickedness, hatred and greed.
People trampled at the hearing of his coming, nob©dy dares to goes against his order. He had two daughters and son: Princess Adaeze was the first daughter whose mother happens to be queen Mercy, Princess Olachi was the last child in the palace and queen Diana was her mother. Prince Ikena who happens to be queen Diana’s son and also the heir to the throne.
Prince Ikena, princess Olachi and queen Diana were wicked as the king. There was only one girl who was not scared of the king nor any of the royal family nor anyb©dy at all; her name is KASIMA the lion and unbeatable daughter of late Mazi Okeke the supposed king that was murdered in cold blood by king Maduka..
Kasima could be see coming out of the bush with a log of firewood on her head and a cutlas-s in her hand, she wore a big black Sk-irt and big brown Polo, her brea-sts were dancing up and down as she walked like a man. She walked pas-s Ngosi and Nkechiyere as her sli-ppers were ma-king sound on the ground and taking duty. Ngosi and Nkechi st©pped walking and faced each other.
“Did she just pas-s us without greeting us?” Nkechi asked.
“Don’t mind her, how will she greet? Is she not an Illiterate? Her mother didn’t teach her how to greet her elders.” Ngosi said while kasima st©pped walking and looked back at them because she heard what they said, her eyes [email protected]£ red, her mouth and face were poping and her breathing [email protected]£ high, she smiled angrily and continue walking because her firewood was heaving her.
(“So Ngosi and Nkechi is referring to me? Okay no problem I is coming back for they.”) She thought as she continue walking.
“Did she just starred at us with those witch eyes of hers?” Ngosi asked.
“plea-se don’t mind her, she is not in the same clas-s with us, let’s go and fetch our water.” Nkechi said as they start walking to the scraem.
Kasima got home and throwed the firewood from her head to the ground and the cutlas-s as her mother [email protected]£ out of the wood kitchen that was builded in their backyard. Her mother saw the expression on her face Which says she was not happy as she turned back and start walking away in a hurry.
“Kasima, where are you going?” Her mother asked following her but she didn’t replied nor looked back, she just kept walking very fast.
“Amaka! Amaka!” Kasima’s mother called.
“Mama!” Amaka answered and [email protected]£ out of the house.
“Amaka, your sister just [email protected]£ back from the bush with firewood, she dropped them and ran out with the expression on her face tells that something is wrong.” Said her mother.
“Hmm, I think someone has offended her again or called her an Illiterate.” Amaka said.
“I think so too but you must hurry up now and meet her so that she won’t do something stupid, you know what your sister is capable of doing.” Her mother said.
“Yes mama but which direction did she followed?” Amaka asked.
“She followed this road.” Her mother said pointing at the road opposite their house by the left.
“Okay mama, you go inside I will be back.” Amaka said walking away.
plea-se don’t allow your sister to do anything tragedy to someone’s child oh bikonu.” Her mother said in a worried tone.
“Okay mama.” Amaka said and walked out of sight in a hurry.
(“God plea-se help me and my children not to fall into trouble in this village biko”) kasima’s mother prayed sliently within herself as she walked to the kitchen.
Meanwhile, kasima was hurrily going to the scraem to meet Nkechi and Ngosi when she saw them pas-sing another road to their houses, she ran to them and pushed their buckets of water from their heads.
“Kasima what is the meaning of……”
The [email protected] that landed on Ngosi face interrupted her for talking, kasima had just [email protected] her, before they knew what was happening kasima has alre-ady start beating them. Amaka ran to them and held kasima.
“Sister plea-se leave them.” Amaka pleaded trying to hold kasima.
“Leaving me alone, let me dealing with them.” Kasima said b!owing Nkechi and Ngosi as they were shouting.
Amaka succeeded in holding kasima while Ngosi and Nkechi ran away crying with their bodies dirty and their eyes swelllowed.
Ngosi went home crying like child, her mother [email protected]£ out of the house and was surprised to see her daughter messed up.
“Ngosi nwam, what happened to you? Where is the water you went to fetch? Who did this to you?” She asked as she rushed to her daughter.
“It’s not kasima the village illiterate.” Ngosi said crying more.
“You mean kasima did this to you? My own daughter? Her mother asked.
“Yes mama, she even throwed my bucket of water away.” Ngosi said.
“Come we are going to the palace right now, the king must hear this and kasima must be published for this.” Her mother said taking her hand.
“Yes mama.” Ngosi said as they walked out of their house.
Meanwhile, Nkechi and her mother were alre-ady in the palace when Ngosi and her mother walked in too.
“Igwe I greet you.” Ngosi and her mother bowed their heads as they greeted in union.
“Who did this to my daughter?” Onowu asked referring to Ngosi.
“It’s kasima and that’s why we are here.” Ngosi mother said.
“Kasima again, who is this kasima?” King Maduka asked.
“She is the daughter of late Mazi Okeke.” Mazi Ejiofor said.
“Umm I see, young ladies what did you two do to kasima?” King Maduka asked.
“Your highness, we didn’t do her anything oh, we were coming back from the scraem when she attra-cted us and pushed out buckets of water away and start beating us.” Ngosi narrated.
“Is that what happened?” King Maduka asked.
“Yes your majesty, she even insulted our parents.” Nkechi added.
“Umm, guards!!” King Maduka called while two guards appeared in his front with their knees and heads down.
“Your highness.” They said in chorus.
“Go to late Mazi Okeke’s house and bring me that useless daughter of his, if she refused to come with you, dragged her like a salve un-derstood??!” Said king Maduka in a commanding tone.
“Yes your highness.” They replied in union.
“Now go!!” King Maduka commanded while they stood up and left.
On the other hand, kasima and Amaka got home, they met their mother sitting outside looking so worried, she rushed to them when she saw them coming in.
“Kasima what happened?” She asked with a worried tone.
“Mama nothing is happening, is Ngosi and Nkechi is insulted me.” Kasima said.
“What did you do to they that makes them to insult you?” Their mother asked.
“Mama I is doing nothing to them oh, I is coming back home, I pas-sing them in the road and they is calling me village Illiterate.” Kasima said.
“So what then did you do to them?” Their mother asked.
“I beating them na.” Kasima said looking away.
“Kasima why na? You should not have beat them, plea-se I don’t want any problem with anyb©dy.” Her mother said.
“Mama is okay at least they should learn how to mind their business and also st©p insulting my sister.” Amaka said.
“I know all that, anyway let’s go inside food is re-ady.” Their mother said and they were about going inside when the palace guards [email protected]£ in.
“Greetings to this household.” The guards said in union.
“Greetings palace guards, to what do we own this unexpected visit?” Kasima’s mother asked.
“The Igwe wants your daughter kasima at the palace.” One of the guard said.
“What for?” Amaka asked.
“Kasima what have you done?” Her mother asked in a worried tone.
“Mama I is doing nothing oh.” Kasima said.
“Hey! We don’t have much time to spend here, you better follow us or we will drag you to the palace.” The other guard said dragging kasima’s hand while her mother and sister were shouting as they followed them….
(At The City) (Mr Godwin’s Mansion
Mrs Godwin could be see sitting on the sofe at the living room re-ading news paper alongside with her daughter Cindy, wisdom’s twin sister when wisdom walked in with a briefcase in his hand, he was obviously returning from work.
“Good evening mum, hey kid sister Wat’s up?” He said as he walked fully into the living room.
“Welcome son.” Mrs Godwin said.
“Thanks mum.” Wisdom replied.
“I am not a baby oh, we are twins you should know that.” Cindy said jokely.
“That doesn’t change the fact that I am still a man and the head.” Wisdom said sitting beside her.
“Look at your head, you are a man? So if they say men should come out, so you will also come out?” Cindy asked jokely while they laughed including their mother.
“Off course he is a man.” Mr Godwin said from the stairs as he slowly walked down while they all turned their eyes to his direction.
“Dad, plea-se tell her for me.” Wisdom said and they laughed again.
“Bring yourself here.” Cindy said and hvgged wisdom.
“How was your day?” She asked feeling concerns.
“It was stressful as always.” Wisdom said like a baby in his sister’s arms.
“I know you must be very hungry, I have prepared your meal.” Cindy said re-leasing him from her arms.
“Oh sweet sister, this is why I love you.” He said happily and k!$$£d her cheeks.
“Now go inside, take your shower and come back for your food.” Cindy said.
“Yes ma.” Wisdom replied and was about going upstairs when his mother’s voice st©pped him.
“Wisdom, Sophia was here today.” Said Mrs Godwin.
“And?” Wisdom asked not facing his mother.
“And she complained bitterly that you have not been calling her and you don’t even picked her calls or reply her messages, why it’s so?” Mrs Godwin asked.
“Because I have no business with her.” Wisdom replied still not facing his mother.
“Wisdom, I want grandchildren, I want you to get married.” Mrs Godwin said.
“Mum plea-se, I will get married when the time comes.” Wisdom said facing his mother.
“Wisdom when?” Mrs Godwin asked.
“When I find the woman that suit my heart I will marry and give you and dad as many grandchildren as you both want but for now no.” Wisdom said.
“What kind of woman do you want when Sophia is there? She has everything you nee-d in a woman.” Mrs Godwin said.
“Mum sorry to ask, what exactly do you have in common with this Sophia of a girl?” Wisdom asked.
“Good question, Sophia is beautiful, intertelligent, responsible and she [email protected]£ from a very important and wealthy family and I know that she will make a very good wife to you.” Mrs Godwin said smiling.
“Umm I see, mum can you define the word RESPONSIBLE? Do you know the meaning of a responsible lady? Well if you don’t know, let me tell you, a responsible lady is a lady that respect herself and others, a lady that is humble, a responsible lady is a lady that doesn’t look down on others. I don’t want to marry a lady that cannot cook, clean or wash her un-derwear, I cannot marry an arrogant woman that does not have respect. I want to marry a RESPONSIBLE woman with a good heart.” Wisdom said.
“Why will she cook and clean when there is maid in the house.” Mrs Godwin said.
“Oh I can see that you are after wealth and status but unfortunately I can’t plea-se anyb©dy and displea-se myself.” Wisdom said and turned to his father.
“Dad, did you heard what your wife said?” He asked.
“Son, like I always told you, you are a grow up man and an adult so you have the right to choose the kind of woman you want to marry but choose wisely cause whoever you bought home as your wife, I shall bless the both of you.” Mr Godwin said.
“Thanks dad.” Wisdom said and turned to Mrs Godwin.
“Mum, what dad just said is true, wisdom is an adult for Christ sake and he has every right to choose the woman of his choice.” Cindy who has be standing there listening to everything finally spoke.
“Will you sh0t up your mouth!? Your mates are in their husband’s house and you are here interferring in your brother’s issue mitcheeew!!
Wisdom must marry whoever I choose for him and Sophia is the one I choose for him.” Mrs Godwin said.
“Then we shall see!!” Wisdom said and eyed her before walking to the stairs, Cindy and Mr Godwin also eyed her before they left the living room.
(“Hmmm, wisdom is just too stubborn like his late mother, he has grow winds to talk back at me, he want to ruined my plains but I won’t let it happen. He must marry Sophia dead or alive, hmmm anyway I know what to do.”) Mrs Godwin thought to herself and took her phone from the glas-s stool beside the sofe she was sitting.
King Maduka and his cabinet members alongside with Ngosi and Nkechi with their mothers and prince Ikena could be see in the throne room waiting patiently for kasima when she was dragged in by the guards.
“Igew she is here.” One of the guard said while king Maduka nod his head in respond. Kasima looked everywhere her eyes met with Ngosi and Nkechi eyes, they eyed her and hissed shaking their legs like the trouble makers they are. Then kasima un-derstand why she was dragged there like a common their when she was not.
“Do you have to be reminded before you greet?” King Maduka asked while kasima starred at him with hatred, she wish she could kill him instantly, she turned to Ngosi and Nkechi and to the prince.
“You is not s£nding for me, you is telling your guards to drag me here so I is not greeting you.” Kasima said boldly.
“What?” Prince Ikena shouted standing up from his seat when kasima’s mother and sister ran in.
“Did you just talk to my father the king in such manner?” Prince Ikena yelled at kasima.
“If your father is wanting me to greet him, then he is s£nding for me and I is coming here and greeting him.” Kasima said looking at the prince in the eyes.
“How dare you!?” Prince Ikena asked and [email protected] KASIMA, she raised her hand to [email protected] the prince back but her mother held her hands that was when she realised that her mother and sister were at the throne room.
The king and everyb©dy were surprised, Ngosi and Nkechi were shocked of kasima’s boldness. King Maduka stood up from his seat as kasima’s mother and sister went down on their knees.
“Igwe plea-se have mercy on my daughter.” Kasima’s mother pleaded.
“Yes Igwe plea-se forgive my sister.” Amaka also pleaded.
“Umm, your daughter beated onowu and Mazi Ejiofor’s daughter and she [email protected]£ to my palace and insulted me before my cabinet members and you said I should have mercy on her. Off course I will forgive her but on one condition.” King Maduka said sitting back on his seat.
“Igwe I will do anything as long as you……”
“Mama!!” Kasima interrupted her mother then turned to the king.
“You is not asking me what happen and why I is beating this two fat fools, Igwe I is not fearing you because me is knowing you as a wicked man!.” Kasima said and looked away.
“Kasima!!” Her mother shouted her name.
“Sister!!” Amaka also shouted, kasima didn’t even mind or looked at them.
“Your majesty plea-se…..”
“Shout up your mouth!! I can see that you didn’t bought your daughter up in a well mannered way but I am going to teach her a lesson that she will not forget in her life time.” King Maduka said angrily. Ngosi and Nkechi were happy and were eyeing kasima.
“Your highness, I suggest you allow kasima to explain why she beaten Ngosi and Nkechi this way.” Mazi Okoro said…

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