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Just for tonight Episode 39 & 40

Genres: [email protected]ç£💕 College🏚️ Hatred
Episode 39
By: Kebby. NG
He set me down on my feet before walking over into the empty clas-sroom. I don’t know for how long we just stared at each other, saying nothing.
Driven by the sudden heat between us, I simply launched myl-ips against his. In a soft muffled [email protected] began k!ss!ngme, taking no for an answer as he darted his ton-gue inside my mouth.
I let him take control when his hand rushing as he reached un-der the hem of my t-shi-t until his f!ngerscontacted with the ba-re skin of my [email protected]!st. That’s when the fire began to sizzle all over of my b©dy; his t©uçh a spark that ignited it.
We were both breathless from the k!sswhen he st©pped. We weren’t thinking any thoughts but how much we nee-ded to t©uçh and feel when hisl-ips contacted with the base of my shoulder.
My hands were fervent and rushing as they sn-ked down the length of his b©dy, gr-abbing the hem of his t-shi-t and pu-lling up.
He didn’t budge when I tugged. No, Bryan was too busy ravaging the skin of my n£¢k to care that I wanted to take his shi-t off.
Wanting more, he freed me from my t-shi-t and I did the same to his too We were skin against skin when he leaned down again, capturing me in a k!ss.
I muffled a [email protected] when I felt his f!nger tweaking at my n!ppl!s, the action s£nding my heart spiralling out of control and heat running all the way down there.
“Bry!” I [email protected] ed as his hands reached down
to discard my [email protected], his face following his hands.
I wanted him too much at the moment and [email protected]’t going to give that satisfaction. My hands slid on the hair on t©p of his head and yanked. He gro-an ed at that.
He leaned his weight on his elbows as he buried his face at the base of my n£¢k and gave me open-mouthed k!sses until he reached the swirls of my brea-st.
My legs and arms were tangled around him. I tried using the heel of my feet to get rid of his shorts. He wasn’t cooperating with me, too busy nipping and su-cking my títs.
“Bryan!” I gro-an ed a protest which turned to a [email protected] when I felt his teeth grazing against my n!ppl!. “fv¢k!”
“c0nd0m.” He grunted as he reached up somewhere and produced a foil packet.
“You knew this was going to happen, didn’t?”
I watched him roll the latex on his impressive length before leaning down to k!ssme again.
I closed my eyes and [email protected]£d my hands around his n£¢k. Too soon hisl-ips left mine for my n£¢k. Below, he entangled himself between my legs and just like that, he thrû-st ha-rd into my entrance.
I cried out in a squeak, because even though I wasn’t a v!rg!nanymore, I still wasn’t accustomed to the feel of him ha-rd inside me.
Bryan grunted below his throat as he pu-ll-ed my hands upwards and pinned them down just above my head so that he was hovering on t©p of me. His thrû-sts were slow and de-ep, testing the waters. However, it wasn’t long before we both lost control.
It was the thought of how he was inside me, doing all of that to me, that made me beg him to go ha-rder and fas-ter.
He did. Fast and steady, ha-rd and de-ep. I met his thrû-sts and withdraws with my own feral nee-d for re-lease. I felt more of him and not just inside there.
He was everywhere, tou-ching me everywhere, k!ss!ngme everywhere. Inside my heart was pounding with his rhythm, my [email protected] memorising every t©uçh, every k!ssand every move he made.
My hands abused his back, my nails dug onto the skin and my mouth [email protected] every inch of skin it [email protected]£ in contact with.
We were [email protected], we were sweating, we were boiling together and it was the best feeling I had ever felt. Even though he was just fv¢king me, I felt his love throu-gh his care-sses, throu-gh his k!sses and throu-gh his de-ep thrû-sts.
I teared [email protected] in his arms, screaming nothing but his name. It was my [email protected] that beckoned his, his f!ngersr0ûghly pinched against my h!ps as he poured himself inside me.
We were both breathless and sweaty and I wanted nothing more than to be in his arms. he shifted away from me and we both dress up back quietly cleaning the mess we just made.
I wanted to say something, any pas-sing comment, but I knew if I opened my mouth, I was going ruin this moment of pure bliss.
Leo drive into the restaurant Sean works. I bring Leo with me today because I don’t want to come with Nina. The last time was so annoying and if I bring Bryan, Sean is going to interview him definitely because I have been gisting him about everything that had been happening.
“How come I never noticed it even when it so close to the street”Leo sigh de-eply as we walk in.
“Comm’n you will love their meal”We both walk into the cafeteria and I look around searching for Sean but he is no where to be found.
“How may I help you ma’am”a guy I recognize to be the one that ushered us in the last time I [email protected]£ here.
“You again”I said in surprise.
“I work here”he smiled and I chuckled.
“I’m Fred”he added.
“Mare”I replied and we shook hands.
“Your b©yfri£ndis handsome”he commented and I chuckled even Leo did the same thing.
“Actually he isn’t my b©yfri£ndthis is Leo….”
“Her b©yfri£ndyounger brother”Leo added and I hit his arm.
“What?”he scoff.
“Oh I can see”Fred muttered.
“I should be protective of my brother girlfriend okay especially from workers interested in customer”he said and I frown.
“Not funny!!”
“Very funny”He replied rolling his eye like a girl and I chuckled loudly.
“Mare”I heard my name and I turn to see Sean approaching us.
“Sean”I called happily.
“Wow, you made it”he muttered.
“I will see you later Mare”Fred stated before walking away.
“Who is this with you?”Sean asks and I turn to him see him staring intensely at Leo. I smile at first knowing fully well they are both not straight.
“Sean?”I called when I discover the both of them forget I am still here.
“Sean!”I tap him and he look to my side then back at Leo.
“Yes!”he said and I stare at weirdly.
“Meet my friend, Leo he is Bryan brother”I introduce Leo as I walk up to Leo and interwined our hands together.
“Oh it nice to meet you Leo”he stretch his hand for an handshake and Leo took it but the handshake seems longer than expected.
“Leo this is Sean my cousin and everything”I added but it like they aren’t even listening to me.
“I am starving”I break the handshake since non of them aren’t planning on letting each other hands free.
“Come with me”I gr-ab Leo hand and walk him to a table give Sean a deadly glare.
“I am sorry”he mouthed to me but I can re-ad hisl-ips.
“You are so dead”I replied and look away from him.
“I will get you something”Sean walk up to us and I frown at him because he is taking all Leo attention since they made eye contact.
“We will have pasta and sauce because that actually what is on the menu”I blurted out.
“You didn’t tell you had a cute cousin”Leo said to me immediately Sean walk away.
“Thanks so much”I replied.
“Is he straight?”he asks and I look over at Sean who is alre-ady on his way back.
“You can asks him”I grinned and he frown at me.
“Here you go”Sean place our order on the table and seat on a chair too.
“The last time I [email protected]£ here, you were so busy and occu-pied so what happen today”I asks gr-abbing the fork.
“Less customer”he replied.
“Nothing change Sean”I tea-sed and he smile.
“Whatever”I wave it off as I start to eat.
“So how is Bryan and Mare?”he sm-irk.
“So funny but anyway they are perfectly fine and no issue for now”I replied and he smile.
“You know I am always available anytime”
“You like her too?”Leo blurted out like he just see a baby cry and I exchange glance with Sean.
“It not what you think he actually mean if I get uncomfortable in the house I can move in with him”
“That will be nice”Leo said and I choked.
“Are you s£nding me out alre-ady”I point my fork at him angrily.
“It not what I mean, I can come pick you up for school early in the morning just to see you cute face”he said but he wasn’t looking at me instead he is staring directly at Sean.
Ewwwww, now I get the whole thing now. I made some slurping sound with my jui-ce as I stare at Leo then Sean this went on for as long as I don’t give afu-ck.
Can the both of them just st©p!!.
😂Where are the sh!ppers is #TeamSea_Leo going to work⁉. Even after the ditch our girl😂
#Season_1 final
Episode 40
I was going over my phone scrolling throu-gh my gallery fli-pping the pictures of me and Bryan on my gallery when I got to the picture of Mom and I when I was still a kid.
I retrieve this picture from my Dad memory card after is accident and decides to keep it for my own use.
“I know you wouldn’t dress up”Nina barged into my room holding a pile of clothes in her arm.
Today is Friday and the guys alre-ady fix everything but I insist on staying in my room. “You can just go to the [email protected] I nee-d a good sleep”I quic-kly shove my phone un-der the duvet.
“What are you hiding?”She asks looking at me weirdly.
“Nothing”I replied and she drop the cloth on my be-d.
“You have to help me”She jump on my be-d.
“With what?”
“I nee-d to look h0t for Liam at least maybe he will make advance towards me tonight”She said and I laugh.
“It not funny”She hit me.
“It funny because the last time I checked you are the fashionista not me”I said in between my laughter.
“Whatever”she frown and I st©p laughing.
“Seriously? you guys haven’t done……”I demonstrated with me hand and she nod like a kid.
“Yes all we do is make out but he will just st©p anytime things are getting steamy”she said lowly,
“It simple he is not re-ady so don’t push him”I replied adjusting a bit on my be-d.
“No you really nee-d to help me I nee-d to take our relationsh!pto another level”She insist.
“Fine!”I stand up and check out all the clothes.
“The silver one will look good on you”I suggested and she stare at it for a while.
“Are you sure? I don’t want to look stupid”She warned and I chuckled.
“I am serious duh”I roll my eye.
“So what about you?”She asks.
“About what?, I just said I am not going to attend the [email protected]”I roll my eye.
“You have to and that final or do you want Jennifer to be giving Bryan a [email protected] dance while you sit here and morn”She blurted out and my b©dy tensed down at that point.
That not going to be possible, Bryan won’t do such he literally hate Jennifer guts so much and I trust him.
“I will leave you now and plea-se don’t look like a masquerade”She said sarcastically.
“I should actually be the one advising you on that because I love my natural face”I scoff.
“Wait and see”She frown and walk out closing the door behind her.
“You have to and that final or do you want Jennifer to be giving Bryan a [email protected] dance while you sit here and [email protected] “the word ring in my head, in flash all my clothes are littering the floor with me finding the perfect dress.
I have never been like this for once but at least I still don’t trust Jenny she might be up to something because she won’t let whatever Bryan did to her slide and she rejected my apology.
After taking my bathe, I dress myself in a silver go-wn similar to the one I had selected for Nina earlier on.
When I look in the mirror, I like what I see. Which isn’t often. I had alre-ady done my makeup and straightened my hair, and the sparkly silver eyeshadow goes perfect with the dress. The dress is also low-cut, showing my cl£@[email protected]£, which makes me nervous. I usually wear t-shi-ts that go right up to my n£¢k.
I re-adjust myl-ipstick and gr-ab my phone before existing the room but I met Jennifer right at the door dressed up alre-ady probably heading to the [email protected] taking place alre-ady.
“You look so beautiful”I complimented and she smile which turn to a sm-irk in no time.
“I have a gift for you tonight”She replied instead.
“A gift?”
“Just wait and see and if I were to be you I won’t compliment an enemy”She chuckled and walk away.
What the hell is that? I was just trying to be nice with her probably she might change her mind and see things throu-gh but instead she spilled out trash just to annoy me again.
“O…M…G”Nina approach me ma-king sound with her heels holding a glas-s of red wine I guess.
“I will take that as a compliment”I smiled walking towards her.
“The living room is fv¢king h0t and guess who [email protected]£”She giggled.
“Justin Bieber”I joked.
“Seriously? Cynthia is here with her new b©yfri£nd”She said and I roll my eye.
“How is that my business?”I asks.
“Someone is jealous”She squeak ma-king me frown.
“Why should I be?”I scoff.
“So did the cloth……”I arched an eyebrows and she giggled.
“Yeah but he just compliment it and wont st©p eating me with his eye I hope things work out”
We took the staircase holding hands and my eye wi-de-ned at the number of people in the house right now.
It just like the last time I [email protected]£ here for the freshman [email protected], I hope no one messes with my room because I am going to fv¢k them up at that point, I thought.
“Let get drun!kbaby”She screamed and chvg down the drink in her hand.
“No!Bryan won’t take it likely with me this time around”
“Poor Mare”
“St©p been dramatic”I scoff as she lead the way, we pas-s multi-ple of people and guys won’t st©p staring at our direction as we walk throu-gh.
“Oh there they are!”Nina said and we arrive at the bar table.
“Hey, babe”, Liam put his hand around Nina and k!sses her cheek. I look over at Bryan and his jaws are down.
“Why are you staring at me like that”I asks walking over to him and wra-p my hand round his torso with him still sitting on the chair.
“Because I feel like eating you right now”he stated and I giggle in his arm.
“Then what st©pping you”I replied flir-tatiously.
“You know I won’t mind doing it”he lean in closing the distance between us and my hand wra-p ti-ghtly round him.
“Does it look like I care”I replied confidently and we both stare at each other for a while before he crash hisl-ips on mine and k!ssme ha-rd .
“plea-se get a room”Leo Interrupted and I withdraw with a sm-irk displa-ying on myl-ips.
“Thanks for the advice”Bryan blurt out and I hit his arm.
“as-s-hole”Leo warned, I chuckled at his reaction.
“So when are we meeting Sean again?”Leo ask pouring a drink into the cu-p and pas-s it to me but Bryan gr-ab it giving me a deadly and chvg it in.
“You can just go visit him in his work place instead of asking me”I tea-sed.
“So Leo get to meet your cousin and I don’t?”Bryan asks me.
“Are you jealous”I tea-sed
“No!”he look to the other side and I laugh.
“Can I get everyone attention now”a voice said using the microphone and it loud enough to catch everyone attention.
I turn only to see Jennifer is in control I hope she isn’t going to do something stupid. I look away and focus back on Bryan who won’t st©p pla-ying with my hair.
“Can I just have a drink”I pleaded.
“No!”he replied Immediately and I frown.
“I am here to let you know something you might be interested in”Jennifer Continue.
“What is she doing?”Nina asks as they all walk close except from John. He has been avoiding us for quite a while now.
“I don’t know”I shrug.
“A little interesting secret about Mare Atwood our popular beauty queen of Petraka “Immediately I heard my name I move away from Bryan and focus on her.
“Oh no!”Nina muttered like she knows what she is about to say.
“Why don’t we all check the clas-s chat and watch this amazing video that is going to b!ow your mind”she continues and the all [email protected] was in chaos.
I quic-kly gr-ab my phone and log into the clas-s chat, truly there is a video there. I cli-ck on it and my eye wi-de-ned at what I saw.
“It so sad her b©yfri£nd, Bryan had been trying to keep her identity from getting ruined and sle-pt with his ex girlfriend only to cover up for her but unfortunately we deserve to know the truth”
“This is not happening”I shake my head as my hand trembled.
“It so funny that the bit-ch still act innocent when she had been busy slee-ping with the two brothers for money”
“Mare has no parent but how come she is able to pay her fees and even get to live in this house which is popular known as the no go area”She continued.
I raise my head up and realize everyone is staring at me right now, tears roll down my eye. This is what they had all been keeping from me?, I wasn’t even doing what they filmed me.
I am done with all this, I ran throu-gh the crowd and went straight to my room.
“Mare”I heard my name but I don’t care about whosoever is calling me right now.
“Everyone out”I hear someone screamed.
“I said out”he scowled, I walk to my room and starts to pack my stuff into my box weeping profusely.
They are all cowards and Bryan sle-pt with Cynthia for that is he dumb?.
“Mare plea-se”he pleaded, staring down at me with glittering, tear we-t eyes.
“You are such a d!¢khead why did I even trust you in the first place, I am done with all of you and Nina you know about this and decide to keep it from me?”I snatch my bag away from his hand and just before I left my eye met Jennifer who has that evil smile on.
“Mare”he yelled but I didn’t listen I took a cab and head straight to Sean house that the only place I can think of right now.
Tears roll down my eye profusely, this is the reason I don’t ever want to popular or [email protected]£ anyone. I look back and saw him running after car.
“Drive fas-ter”I declare to the driver and he speed up.
I shouldn’t have listened to my mom😭😭😭
Mare is leaving the house 😲 and Jennifer achieved her aim what do you think will be the fate of them all now⁉️.

Just for tonight season two

Who is re-ady for #Season_2⁉️.

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