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Just for tonight Episode 29 & 30

Genres: [email protected]ç£💕 College🏚️ Hatred
Episode 28
By: Kebby. NG
I seriously don’t know what to say right now. Nina is my best friend and she is the reason I am still in petraka but can I really tell her about my relationsh!pwith Bryan after I told him to let us keep a secret for now?.
“No, I can’t [email protected]£ him no matter what. I am not going to stay here forever and his level is way higher than mine”I discover an excuse.
“Fine, I don’t want you two together though because he will definitely hurt you”
“Hurt me?”
“He [email protected]£d a lot of girls in the past and how sure he isn’t going to do the same with you when he find another sweet innocent girl”
“I don’t think of Bryan that way”
“Don’t be blinded by love girlfriend”She said and we start to make our way to the park.
I still don’t know why everyone thinks of Bryan in that way when he is totally opposite of all that or am I the only one that sees it that way because I love him?.
“Hey love”Liam and Nina hvg, they don’t even care anymore but that is not my business.
“Hey”Someone tap my shoulder and I turn to see John smiling for no reason.
“What’s up with you today?”I asks.
“Nothing let go”he pu-ll me by my wrist and drag me to his car. He open the door for me and help me with the seatbelt even after I insist on doing it myself he is extra kind to me today and I don’t know why he is doing it.
The text message I received at the hallway today is still a puzzle I am yet to solve so I don’t nee-d to be bothered by anything for now. I look around but I couldn’t find Bryan neither his car and John drive off out of the school straight home.
“What your favorite food?”he asks,
“Why are suddenly Interested in things like that?”
“We are friends right? so I nee-d to know”
“Are you going to prepare it for me?”
“I don’t cook I don’t clean”he sing a version line in this popular cardi b song ma-king me laugh at how terrible his voice.
“I am not going to tell you so don’t bother asking”I replied.
“It totally useless”I replied as I stroll throu-gh my phone trying to ignore him but his questions keep coming.
“Do you want to visit a place with me after school tomorrow?”
“No!”I blurted out instantly.
“Why? that a quic-k reply”he said as he took the last turn to the house and I am glad we are approaching very soon because I’m tired of him alre-ady.
“Test is in few days so I nee-d to prepare”
“But you agreed to a [email protected]
“That because it taking place in the house and that doesn’t mean I will join”I shrug.
“If Bryan was the one that asks you out will you agree?”
This is getting serious he had been comparing himself with Bryan since yesterday and I don’t know why.
“You both are different with different personalities so st©p stressing yourself over things like that because I don’t think there will any situation of choosing between you two because you are two different people.
He st©p the car and I alighted without waiting for him to reply before I dash into the house and I head to my room instantly before he comes back to interrogate me again.
If there is any situation of choosing the both of them i will walk away because I won’t be the reason two brothers would fight by grace.
I unlock my door and was about to go in when I was pu-ll-ed back by an hand.
“Bryan”I called in surprise but he gr-ab me and hvg me so ti-ght.
“What wrong, someone might see us”I try to push him away but he ti-ght£ñed his grip round me.
“I miss you”he whispered to my ear and my b©dy ease down at the moment and I hvg him back.
“It fine things would work out very soon”I whispered back as I pat his back and move my hand to his shoulder.
He finally pu-ll away and I gave me a reas-suring smile.
“Are you okay Bryan?”I asks as he looks so off but he wasn’t like this in the morning.
“Yeah totally”he replied trying to find the right words but my phone beeped again and that instant his phone beeped too.
We stared at each other weirdly as I bring out my phone from my pocket and I realize it another message from the same pri-vate number.
“Quit it or I will upload the video”I re-ad out and raise my head up only to see him staring at me weirdly.
“What yours?”I asks him as I peeped into his phone only to realize we got the same message.
“What’s this?”I muttered.
“I don’t know”he shrug.
“I don’t want to freak out but I got a text this morning saying my end is near. I think someone is after me…”
“Calm down dear, maybe someone is pu-lling a kinda prank on us or something”
“No I don’t think this a prank and what video is the unknown saying?”I request.
“Video”he repeated and I nod.
“$h!t”he hit his forehead.
“Do you know anything? talk to me”I whimpered.
“It fine, stay in I will be right back”he gave me a quic-k light pe-ck and ran out of the hallway.
“Bryan”I called but he isn’t even listening so I ran after him.
“Wait for me!”I yelled as I climb down the stairs only to reveal the rest staring weirdly at me.
“What going on?”Liam asks holding unto Nina on the couch. When did they all arrive?.
“Nothing”I replied ignoring them all and I ran back into my room.
I throw my bags and stuff away as I sit on be-d staring at the message I receive in school and few minutes ago.
Why do I have a feeling Bryan know the source and doesn’t want to tell me. What video exactly because I remember Cynthia talking about the same thing the day she ruin my breakfast that morning.
What if Bryan had gone to her place again, I thought they end up things with each other alre-ady.
I have been friends with Cynthia for years now and I know what she is capable of doing. She wasn’t like this until she started seeing Mare as a competitor and to me they are both different.
Seeing Mare as a competitor is so dumb and I don’t expect her to be s£nding pri-vate messages just to scare her away from me. I drive into her compound still boiling in anger.
“Cynthia”I yelled as I barged into her house and she jumped up from a guy I don’t know who it is. She is alre-ady fv¢king another guy alre-ady what a bit-ch.
“Bryan”She called in surprise as she dress up and the guy pick up his [email protected]
“Excuse us Phili-p”he said to the guy who Instead of walking out head to her room. So he knows she has a room and still fv¢k her on the couch.
“What are you doing here Bryan?”She asks.
“I am here to warn you”
“St©p s£nding messages to Mare again just to scare her or I won’t take it likely with you”I point my car keys at her.
“Are you kiddin’ me? am I kid that will threaten you for that?”She questioned.
“I know it one of your games right but it not going to work but this is my last warning if you ever threaten me or Mare again I will do what you don’t like”
“Are you for real? you’ve known me for quite a while now and you think I will do that to you?. Even if I am s£nding texts to Mare will I s£nd to you two?”
“What do you mean?”
“I know I was crazy over you and all that but I don’t care anymore and in addition I don’t have the video anymore because it got deleted”
“Are you saying someone else is behind this?”I ask.
“Someone might be out there for you two so what my business?”She questioned folding her arm around her che-st.
“So you don’t know about this?”I show her the text on my phone.
“I am not dumb and I know a better way of getting you”
“Then why aren’t you at school today”
“As you can see I have a business to deal with”She scoff.
“Did you give your phone to someone else or_”
“Bryan leave”She ordered.
“You are s£nding me out of your house?”
“I have no business with you anymore so leave my house alre-ady so I can resume back to my business”
“Whatever”I walk out her house slamming the door beside me.
If Cynthia isn’t the one behind those threatening text then who else knows about this?.
Episode 29
Ms. Lauren Callaway, the literature teacher walk into the clas-s with her textbook in her hand but my attention caught the new girl beside her. She was facing the ground probably shy or something.
Is the school recruiting a new student in the middle of the session when exam is just next week?. I still can’t see her face because she refused to raise them up.
“Okay clas-s we have a new transfer student_”she announced and that got everyone attention in the school.
“Jennifer can you introduce yourself to us?”She asks and I [email protected] immediately she raise her head up.
“Wow she is cute”
“Omg!!!”a smile form on herl-ips on hearing those compliment and I look to the side to see John, Liam, Leo eye wi-de-ned.
“What is she doing here?”Liam whispered.
“How do you expect me to know?”Leo replied and I scan the whole clas-s trying to look for Bryan but he isn’t the clas-s. Did Cynthia quit school because she hasn’t been coming ever since Bryan told me they break up and that reminds me.
Bryan refuse to say a word about the message when he [email protected]£ back yesterday and so I won’t look like a psycho I didn’t bother to asks again.
“Do you guys know her?”Nina asks.
“I am Jennifer Lopez”She said in a sweet voice and I scoff at how fake it sounds like.
“Go have your seat”the teacher requested and I raise my brows up when she walk towards us and request to sit beside us.
“No”Liam blurted out but I see no issue in it so I adjusted and she flash me a smile.
“You are welcome”
The lecture begin but something I notice about her when the lecture was going on is she didn’t write anything in the book instead she was staring at the blank book.
I hope she isn’t a crazy type like Cynthia who always smile anytime she sees someone else down fall.
“Have a good day”the teacher finally round up immediately the bell was rang signalling it time for lunch.
“I’m starving”Nina ru-b her tummy in a funny way as she stand.
“I can’t wait to feed you the world”Liam commented and I can’t help but smile as they both walk hand in hand out of the clas-sroom.
I really wish Bryan and I aren’t keeping our relationsh!pa pri-vate one but I can’t handle the rumors around here especially now that Cynthia refuse to show up at school and Bryan won’t show up in clas-s either.
“Let go for lunch”John wra-p his hand round my n£¢k and I smile.
“Aren’t you coming?”I asks the new girl.
“No she isn’t coming”John pu-ll my hand and we walk out of the clas-sroom.
“Can I know why you guys hate the new girl?”I questioned as I sit beside John on the table and I smile a little when my b©dy brush pas-s Bryan who obviously show up for lunch but not lecture.
“What new girl?”Bryan questioned.
“There is this new girl in our clas-s she is_”
“I can actually introduce myself”I turn and see Jennifer walking toward our direction with everyone attention on her but she doesn’t care.
Why was she now acting shy in the clas-s at first this morning.
“Jennifer!?”Bryan called out and she smile.
“Atleast someone miss me”She pu-ll a chair from another table and join us sitting beside Bryan at the other side.
“You know each other?”
“I am Jennifer Lopez, Bryan ex girlfriend”She introduce herself.
“Ex-girlfriend?”I asks in surprise.
“Don’t tell me he didn’t tell you about me I thought you guys are close”
“Seems someone has alot of crazy exes”Nina scoff.
“We aren’t so close like that”I replied a bit jealous of the fact Bryan previous ex-girlfriend is showing up again.
“So how has things been guys?”She asks as she gr-ab Bryan hamburger and munch on it.
“As you can see we are doing perfectly without you or are you disappointed?”Leo said in a sarcastic tone.
“Whatever I will be moving in back today in the evening your Dad should have message you”
“His our house now a charity home”Liam lamented.
“Do I look like someone who nee-ds help from a rich family be okay just to put a smile on”She declared facing me directly and I feel like she is indirectly talking to me but I am not sure because she doesn’t know anything about me.
“Wow that good we can now have an additional girl in the house right Mare?”Nina seems happy about her so I had no choice.
“Yeah”I put a fake smile on even though I am not happy about it.
“So Bryan any new bit-ches on your list?”She question Bryan but he didn’t reply her.
“Have this”John pas-s me his apple and I was about to gr-ab it but he pu-ll it back.
“Open your mouth”
“I am going to feed you”
“I have hands you know”I scoff but he shut me off shoving the apple in my mouth and I took a large bite with an angry face on.
“That my girl”he tousle my hair again but I feel so uncomfortable with the glare coming from Bryan. There is nothing I can do about it too!
I totally doubt myself at this point that I will be able to cope with Bryan. His past are so justified, he [email protected]£d all his previous girlfriend for se-x and how am I sure he isn’t doing that with me too.
“Excuse me I have to use the restroom”I said as I hold my tummy. I dashed into the restrooms because I am feeling really uncomfortable at the table right now.
I reach the restroom and I quic-kly enter an empty space locking it behind me as I took a de-ep breathe. What the hell is happening to me?.
Why is his previous girlfriend showing up in the school and the way the guys talk to her probably they were all close together.
I spend a lot of time in the restroom before I finally [email protected]£ out. I was startled a bit when I saw Jennifer in the front of the mirror redoing her makeup, how did she get here?.
“You almost took forever in there”She said using the wipes to clean her overdol-ipstick.
“You must be Mare right?”she asks and I raise my brows at her.
“Good”She close thel-ipstick and face me.
“I have a request to make”She said with a serious face on.
“What request if I may ask?”
“Stay away from Bryan”she declared.
“I don’t know why I see you as competitor even though you aren’t even up to my clas-s”
“Excuse me?”
“I know this is really ha-rd for you but you nee-d to end whatever you are feeling for him because I am the chos£n one for him and those text you see nowadays are from me”
“Oh it you”I wra-p my hand round my che-st getting so annoyed but I try to calm my nerves down and listen to her blabber.
“Yeah and I mean it when I say those video are going to be re-leased h0t. I didn’t just come back for Bryan, I am here for what I deserve especially having his baby”She said confidently patting her tummy.
“It totally fine but I have a question for you”
“Go ahead at least I am glad you listen and know your place”
“I am glad to know someone like you see me as a competitor and also thanks for letting me realize Bryan is so much in love with me”I noticed her face turn red immediately I said that but I wasn’t done.
“But my question is why are you telling me all this when you can just go straight to him and tell him”
“Mare!!”She yelled angrily.
“Wow”I sm-irked at her reaction.
“For your information I have nothing to do with your Bryan so you can go ahead and have him if you dare or is there something you have to say?”I notice her reaction and I sm-irk.
“Cat got your ton-gue?”I questioned before walking away not after hearing her scream my name.
“Watch your back Mare”She screamed.
“What a wild dog”I muttered as I head back to the cafeteria but thanks to the person calling me I turn my attention to the stranger walking my way.
“Hey”he greet.
“Hi”I reply looking around and wondering why an handsome is acting all weird in my front.
“Sorry to disturb you”he started.
“Does it look like you are?”I questioned
“My name is Tyler and I have been watching you for quite a while now and I am wondering if you would like to hangout with me and my friends this weekend.
I can’t even believe my ears, this is first time some is daring to confront me and even asks me out.
“Alright no problem”I replied without even thinking.
“Really?”he seems surprised by my response.
“Yeah”I replied and turn to leave only to meet Bryan standing few meters from us.
Why is he everywhere especially when I am talking to a guy🙄
Do you think Jennifer will succeed at this point ⁉️ and who is this guy that dare confront Mare ⁉️😐. Remember to drop your comments as an opinion.

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