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Just for tonight Episode 25 & 26

Genres: [email protected]ç£💕 College🏚️ Hatred
Episode 25
The sound my phone ringing woke me up. I rolled over to answer it and this familiar voice [email protected]£ in.
(Call conversation)
“Hello?”I asks groggily
“Where the hell did you put your phone”a woman screamed.
“Who is this?”
“Mare?”She called and I recognize it as Bryan mom voice.
How did she get my number I re-move the phone from ear and [email protected] when realized I just answer Bryan phone.
“Holy cra-p!!”I feel like having a time loop right now.
“Are you there? why do you have Bryan phone?”She questioned. What am I going to tell her that I justfu-cked her son and sle-pt off waking up to pick his phone.
“Hello?”She repeated but I didn’t reply and she finally hang up and I sigh in relief.
This isn’t what I planned for, she is definitely going to root out for us now because I just pick up his phone which no one dares too.
I put my face into the pillow and told myself I wouldn’t get up until I was starting to suffocate. That feeling [email protected]£ moments later and I rolled out of be-d. Bryan is not in here with me I look around and he’s nowhere to be seen.
I push the duvet off my b©dy and walk to the bathroom I feel so uncomfortable wearing my used clothe so I ran into his own shower instead of going to mine because I am so weak right now.
I haven’t cared how I looked until recently. Bryan’s doing that to me. He’s ma-king me all girly. He’s ma-king me care about what I wear and how I dress. Not that I looked bad before but I notice myself paying more attention to the things that I do.
I change into his own shi-t because I feel I look more pretty in his own and having his cologne on me is driving me crazy. I peeped throu-gh the hallway and sneak back into my room I gr-ab a short and put it on.
Why isn’t Bryan with me when I woke up? I feel so weak and swollen right now probably because I am hungry and didn’t even get to eat well this morning. It alre-ady 5:00pm in the evening, I [email protected] as I check the time.
Why didn’t he wake me up knowing fully well that time has gone and others might wonder where have been.
Getting dressed I head downstairs and into the kitchen. I see Nina and Liam but not Bryan. Why did he leave so soon after deflowering me? or is it what I am thinking?
We sought things out alre-ady and I think we are supposed to be in a relationsh!pright now but I woke up and can’t find him in the house again.
“Finally”Nina said as she sight me coming into the kitchen. She is ma-king something thankfully while Liam just sit there probably they are discussing something.
“You sure are a good sleeper”Liam added.
“What are you guys talking about?”I walk to fridge and got myself a cu-p of water.
“You’ve been slee-ping since morning and Bryan won’t even allow anyone enter your room so frustrating”Nina scoff.
“My room?”I asks in surprise.
“Bryan didn’t allow anyone enter your room saying you don’t want to be disturbe-d”She said and I finally un-derstand what she is saying.
He made them think I was in my room all day when I was actually in his room slee-ping peacefully”
“That cute”I muttered.
“Huh?”Liam asks.
“Isn’t that Bryan favorite shi-t?”Liam asks and Nina turn to check me out while I check out the shi-t.
“I don’t know it is favourite but I like it better on me”I replied foolishly before I realized I just spill out nons-en-se.
“Bryan doesn’t joke with his clothes so I am wondering how it is on you?”Liam questioned.
“I’m starving”I ignore their question as I sit on the kitchen chair.
“I know you will”Nina said as she walk to the microwave and drop a plate of french toast and bacon.
“Mmmm this look_____good”I said gr-abbing the fork taking justice to the food.
“Where is the rest?”I asks
“In their rooms waiting for dinner as usual thankfully Liam offered to help”Nina replied and I gave Liam a suspicious glare.
“Looks like you sought out things between yourself alre-ady”
“What else do you expect from us?”Nina shrug and I smile.
“Anyway good luck with whatever you plan on doing”I wipe my mouth and wash my dish before existing the kitchen. What a couple!.
This is the worst day ever I didn’t get to see Bryan throu-ghout the day but I don’t want to asks anymore because they are more curious about why I have Bryan shi-t on but I just tell them I stole it because I like it.
“You can come for mine if you ever want a shi-t”John won’t st©p repeating and I frown at him.
“I am not a shi-t add!çt I just like this [email protected] shi-t for crying out loud”I said to him as I crash beside him on the couch and he tousle my hair ma-king me giggle.
“Are you feeling better?”he whispered to me trying not the disturb the rest that are watching the boring movie I am not interested in.
“I am not sick”I roll my eye.
“You should st©p rolling those eye or you lose them one day”
“Come pluck it out then”I said in a baritone and he laugh.
“What funny?”
“You’ve been slee-ping for almost Eight hours now and that unusual I was worried”he said in a serious tone.
How should I explain to him I just lost my vir-ginity today with Bryan and we are now [email protected]!ngbut I haven’t even set my eye on him after he ban-g me ha-rd on his be-d this morning till we were both at cli-max.
“Just an hectic day yesterday that all”I replied trying not to make things awkward because I know John doesn’t give up easily.
I notice John hand traveling round my [email protected]!st but I ignore that. We are both friends and I don’t think he would try anything stupid with me because I really trust him too. He is a savior at some point though.
The door of the house finally squeak open and Bryan walk in ma-king all my b©dy clenched at once and I felt really uncomfortable immediately his eye landed on the position I was with John.
The happy face on him died and his fist clenched as he approach us but I was glad when he slump down on a chair a bit far from us.
I don’t want him to see John as a rival because he is just a friend and I know it isn’t ha-rd for guys to admit their girlfriend best friend especially when it turn out to be an opposite S-x.
“You look so tired where have you been?”John asks him but he just look side way and Instead of replying his eye went down to John hands that are round my [email protected]!st then back at me.
“I went to see a friend”he replied politely and look away instantly.
“I will like to meet this new friend you’ve got”Leo added.
“Since mom didn’t allow us throw a [email protected] last weekend we are definitely having it this week”John said as he arrange my hair.
Why do I feel he is doing this on purpose because he is over doing things since Bryan walk into the house.
“I’m definitely in!”Nina shouted and I chuckled.
“So are you in this time?”he asks me as he cu-p my face in his cheek and I pouted.
“I will take that as a yes”he said and I push his hand off my face immediately.
“So we set things up the way it should okay?”he added as he went back into patting my hair.
“I will only be around if am aren’t seeing Sean”I concluded.
“Sean? I thought you guys didn’t work out?”John asks and I scoff.
“He isn’t my b©yfri£ndit just something I made up I alre-ady told you he is my cousin”I said as I use the opportunity to move a bit away from him because the glare I am getting from Bryan is kiling me.
I wasn’t flir-ting with his brother right?.
“So Bryan are you in?”Leo asks and I turn my gaze at him awaiting his response but John pu-ll me close to him and I push him pla-yfully even though I know it because of Bryan.
“Bryan?”Leo called but he angrily stood up and walk upstairs without saying a word.
“What wrong with him!”Leo frown.
“Bryan had been a j£rk were you expecting a response before?”Liam scoffed.
“And I am definitely sure he would be the first to be [email protected]£d girls in corners once the [email protected] starts”Leo commented and the rest laughed but I don’t find it funny. What do they even think of Bryan actually because I don’t think he is someone like that.
He didn’t take advantage of me even when I was totally drun!kand_the loud ban-g of a door shut scared me and I flin-ched.
What the hell is he doing?
Episode 26
I knew something was wrong but John won’t let me leave his side even though my mind isn’t even there. I wonder why Bryan is so mad or did something happened at were he went too.
“Goodnight”I pretend to be so tired as I use the opportunity and move away from John arm.
“You’ve been slee-ping since morning and now you are feeling sleepy again?”he asks.
“That’s me”I gave a short reply.
“Goodnight girlfriend”Nina blew me k!ssand I smile.
“Bye”I drag myself sluggishly throu-gh the stairs to make it more real as I head to my room first.
“Mare!”a voice called and I turn back to see John approaching again.
What wrong with this guy today?.
“Aren’t you watching_”
“I am not interested in it”he Interrupted.
“Wow so what are you up to?”I asks
“Going to be-d but I have a question to asks you”he said.
“Go ahead”I replied.
“I know this is totally crazy but do you like Bryan?”
“I mean if you are to choose between me and Bryan who will you choose?”
“Why do I have to choose between you and Bryan?”I raise my brows up.
“I nee-d a plain answer Mare”
“I am so tired right now and I don’t really think there is going to be any situation I have to choose you two”
“Then the winner takes it all”
“I didn’t know what going between you too but rules are rules”he is sounding a bit serious right now.
“Goodnight”I walk into my room and shut the door instantly.
What is he talking about just now? Why do I feel lost in the front of him when he was speaking in parables because I sincerely don’t un-derstand him.
I still nee-d to know why Bryan is mad so I wait for a while to be sure John alre-ady left because I can’t give him another chance to speak gibberish again at me.
I walk to door and twist the door knob only to reveal Bryan alre-ady at my door.
“Hi”I don’t know why I am smiling foolishly but he took me by surprise and push me in locking the door behind him.
“What the hell was that?”I frown.
“What are you doing with him?”he asks.
“With who?”
“I told you I don’t want to see you with another guy especially John”
“Is that why you are angry? he is my best friend and I can’t stay away from him”
“When did John start to be your best friend?”
“Why are you so mad at me, I didn’t even wake up to see you beside me”
“That because I went to see a friend”
“I want to know that friend”I shun him off.
“Isn’t it to early for us to fight?”he asks.
“Then st©p been dramatic I can be with whosoever I want to be all that matters is I still love you”I said and a smile form on hisl-ips.
“Why are you putting up that face?”
“Just a bit relief”his smile de-epened
Oh no! I cover my mouth Immediately I realise I just spill out ru-bbish to him.
“It not what you think”I said as I bury my face down staring at the floor.
“Why are you suddenly shy?”he asks, that true why am I suddenly acting childish just because I told him I love him which is the truth.
“I am not_”I pause when I realized how close he is to me now.
He was standing right at that sp©t just now so how did he get here so fast.
“I’m sorry I spoke to you that way I was just been_”
“No I just don’t want any other tou-ching my properties”he gr-ab me by my [email protected]!st and pu-ll me close
“Like your shi-t?”I sm-irk at him.
“I was still going to talk about it, Like seriously my favourite one?”he raise his brows at me ma-king him look more cute.
“I am definitely not giving it back because I love it”I Inhale it cologne.
“Fine it yours now”
“For sure”I reply and he steal a k!ssfrom me and I hit his arm.
“That hurt”
“Fake”I scoff and he chuckled.
“So how are you feeling now?”he asks.
“More better just a bit weak”I replied.
“Come with me”he carry me up in a bridal style.
“What are you doing”I laugh.
“I know you can’t sleep without me so to my room”he steal a k!ssfrom me and I giggled in his arm as he open the door and carry me to his room.
“Goodnight sweetheart”he k!ssmy forehead as we cu-mddled up and just kept staring at each other that actually weird but I love seeing his face.
“Why are staring at me like that?”I finally asks more like a whisper since we are so close.
“Because you are beautiful”he replied and my cheek flu-shed instantly.
“St©p flattering me”
“I love you”he added and I didn’t even know I was blu-shing.
He lean forward and k!ssme but it was short as he pu-ll back. I lean forward too and we exchange a French k!ssas he requested for an access and I gave in immediately as we close the gap between each other till there wasn’t any but we still couldn’t get enough of each other.
“Let just go to be-d”I laugh as his hand travel un-der his T-shi-t I was wearing.
“You know I will never get tired if you”he pu-ll me close and k!ssme more.
“Bryan st©p it”I push him off laughing but I cudd-leup with him back.
He [email protected] my hair gently and I sle-pt off even before I knew it like he has a magical hand of getting me to sleep.
I woke up early than usual just to exit his room before he wakes up even though he brou-ght me in last night and in addition we are now couples but I still find it ha-rd to believe we are really [email protected]!ngfor real.
Bryan is now my b©yfri£nd?
I quic-kly have my morning bathe and stride to the kitchen re-ady to make breakfast for the family this morning. Yeah, I call them my family now because I am getting add!çted to all of them now.
Nina drops the h0t burnt toast onto the floor and su-cks on her burnt f!nger.
“fv¢k you, toaster, you lil bit-ch!” She yells.
Yep, she beats me to it I met her in the kitchen trying to make toast which she is really not good at.
“Just quit it”I roll my eye.
“No!”She yelled and I startle.
“Did you wake up on the wrong side of the be-d this morning?”I asks.
“Liam told me last night he likes french toast and I haven’t even been able to make one”She confessed feeling really frustrated.
“I can volunteer to teach you”I offered.
“Really”She said with a happy face on.
“Yeah but definitely not this morning”
“I can wait”She replied.
“So what do you plan on ma-king?”
“I had french toast last night but it was made by someone who burnt half of the bre-ad but I had no choice but to eat it so I have decide to make one myself this morning”
“Whatever”She scoff as she walk out of the kitchen.
“Morning”She said to someone on her way so I turn to see who it is.
“What are you ma-king?”Bryan’s raspy morning voice says as he walks into the kitchen, shi-tless, wearing nothing but [email protected]
He looks like he just woke up, yet he still looks like the S-xiest guy alive.
I try to take my eyes away from his tanned, toned b©dy.
“You’re drooling a little, Sweetheart.”
I look at him, a knowing sm-irk spre-ad across his tired face.
“Don’t call me that”I quic-kly let off all thought running throu-gh my mind.
“Sweetheart, that name, don’t call me”
“I don’t want people guessing or suspicious about us”
“Really Mare?”
Bryan goes into one of the kitchen cu-pboards and takes out a tub of advil, then gets a glas-s of water and drinks it with the pill.
I get an image of me k!ss!nghim last night, the bu-tterflies returning to my stomach.
“You should go dress up for school or we will be late”
“Sure but I am driving so you have to wait for me”
“I am going in John’s car actually”
“No!”he blurted out instantly.
“If we are together all the time people will definitely find out”
“I don’t care about people Mare and there is no way I will allow John drive my girlfriend to school”
“You nee-d to un-derstand this Bryan”
“That psycho”Leo walk in ru-bbing his hands throu-gh his hair, messing it up more than it alre-ady is but paused immediately he sighted the both of us.
I don’t know why I feel so nervous right now but I hopefully pray he didn’t actually hear us discuss.
“Good morning”he greet the both us and walk ahead to the fridge.
“Won’t you make breakfast?. I’m pretty sure cooking for us is involved in the deal right?”Leo and he attitude
“I’m pretty sure it is or I wouldn’t be here.”
Bryan shrugs then leans back the kitchen counter, stretching and yawning. I try my best not to look at his abs.
I really try but did Leo really hear our conversation and he is just pretending or he really didn’t?
What’s up⁉️. Do you really think Leo heard their conversation⁉️. Remember to drop your comments as an opinion.
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