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Just for tonight Episode 21 & 22

Genres: [email protected]ç£💕 College🏚️ Hatred
Episode 21
By: Kebby. NG
John didn’t even make any attempt to say a word until the woman asks again and I exchange glance with Nina.
“I don’t think so and moreover she has a [email protected]£ today”
[email protected]£?”
“Yes ma”I quic-kly add in.
“And who is this lucky guy you are so dressed up to meet”
“A childhood friend”I replied, It really getting awkward chatting with her but I’m plea-sed.
“Mind me knowing his name?”She asks.
“Aren’t you getting late for your [email protected]£?”Nina cut in and I quic-kly drop the cutlery and drink some water before I stand up.
“I will see you later ma”I bow my head.
“I will here thoughout the weekend and I want a feedback on your [email protected]£”
“Mom!”Bryan called and I chuckle softly.
“Yes ma”I replied and exit the house before she interrogate me again.
I don’t know why she is suddenly Interested in my case for no reason but that is a bygone but right now I nee-d to get a cab that will drive me to Sean place at the moment I can’t wait to see him.
I haven’t even called to inform him I will be there anytime soon I search throu-gh my bag for my phone and finally I found it. I dial his number and it ring at first but he wasn’t picking.
“Comm’n”I roll my eye unconsciously as I redial and place it on my left ear.
📲 Finally, why didn’t you pick at first.
📲Sorry dear was preparing breakfast
📲Oh anyway I’m on my way to your house.
📲I can’t wait to see you I’m home just tell me once you are outside.
📲 Alright take care see you soon *I replied and hang up the call before returning my phone back to my bag.
I wave down for the Cab coming my way and thankfully he st©pped right at my front.
“Where to ma’am?”he asks as he whine down his glas-s.
“Just down the street”I replied and he twitch hisl-ips.
“Did I say anything wrong sir?”
“Get in”he ordered and I look around wondering if I haven’t gotten the wrong cab before I board it.
“Have a good day madam”he address me as he drop him off at the address Sean texted me.
“Thanks”I replied and walk away as I head to the front of the door.
This is definitely the address he gave to me except the cab man isn’t a professional I press the door bell at first but there wasn’t any response so I press it again.
“I’m coming”I heard his voice and I sigh in relief at least am not in the wrong house.
“Mare”he called in surprise as he open the door and I don’t know why I started laughing probably because he was wearing an apron with flour dust on them.
“You look gorgeous”he complimented.
“Thanks”I replied.
“Come in”he open the door properly and I walk in looking around the living room It a mini house but will furnitured and designed.
“Nice house”I compliment as I sit on the couch.
“Thanks”he replied as he close the door and join me.
“Are you baking?”I asks.
“Yeah I wanted to surprise you with something I do regularly with you”he replied and I smile.
“Can I help?”
“Definitely because it looks like my house would be on fire any moment”
“Are you for real”I questioned as I follow him to the kitchen laughing.
Baking with Sean brou-ght back a little memory of my childhood and finally we finish decorating the cake and we both slump on the chair.
“I’m so tired”I breathe out Loudly.
“Tired is an un-der statement”he said and I nod my head in agreement.
That reminds me his parents aren’t around or they don’t live here because this house doesn’t looks like an elderly person live here.
“Where are your parents?”I asks curiously.
“They travelled around and I don’t think they would be back soon so I had to indulge myself into something so what about my friend?”he asks.
He actually refer my mom to his friend since we where kids but unfortunately non of them got the news she died one week ago.
“She is dead”
“She was diagnosed of cancer and I lost her”
“I’m so sorry”he [email protected]£ to sit beside me in the chair I was sitting and hvg me.
“It fine I’m here for you”he said as he pat my back.
“Thank you”
“So how is your b©yfri£nd”he asks as he pu-ll away and I raise my brows tentatively.
“Oops! sorry but that what actually [email protected]£ to my mind right now”he apologise and I laugh.
“It fine but I don’t have a b©yfri£ndyet at least not now”I replied as I smile.
“So anyone on your mind?”he asks.
“Don’t blame me”he shrug and I laugh.
“Actually the thing is someone is actually on my mind but he has a girlfriend”
“Wow interesting”he commented as he cut out a piece of the cake into a plate and pas-s it to me.
“Thanks”I muttered and he cut out a piece for himself too and sit back on the couch.
“Mind sharing with me?”he asks.
“It isn’t something serious just that we once k!$$£d_”
“He k!$$£d you or you k!ssme?”Sean tea-sed and I frown.
“j£rk”I muttered
“Sorry but you know I am the type that like full details”he replied.
“Whatever”I roll my eye.
“So do you like him”
“Of course”I replied and he laugh.
“Really?”I hit him with the pillow.
“Sorry”he surrender.
“So what is his name”
“Bryan”I replied.
“Yes do you know him?”I asks.
“No”he replied fast and I raise my brows at him.
“I’m serious”he replied but his face doesn’t say so.
“Enough of me let talk about you”
“Me?I’m just me and I nee-d a b©yfri£ndincase you have one”
“Eeeeeew”I roll my eye.
“I nee-d gist on how you end up been a real [email protected] even after you have a beautiful cousin like me”I tea-sed.
“Because I can possibly [email protected]£ my cousin and I can’t like any opposite S-x just like you”
“For real?”
“Yeah but I can change once you agree to be my girlfriend”
“Can you st©p saying trash or I will punch that face now”
“I miss it”he flir-ted and I frown.
“Don’t test my patience boy!!”
“Now that the Mare I know”he said and I bur-sted into laughter.
“Actually I [email protected]£ here today to clear off my mind and I am glad I did”I muttered as I sigh de-eply.
“Is anything wrong?”
“Nothing just that alot had been happening after my mom death and returning back to school was something I never thought of but here I am”
“That life for you”he replied.
“Yeah I know but my heart is so full that I can’t even think straight anymore and it like my life is crumbling again”I didn’t know when a tear roll down my eye.
“Are you sure you are fine?”he asked.
“Yeah! totally”I wipe my tears.
“I know you miss her but everything happens for a reason”
“Yeah I know but everything su-cks since she left and now I feel loved and cherish I want her back”I continue.
“There is only one way to get over all this and free your mind”
“I will be so glad if I finally find the solution right now_”
“Tell him you love him”he Interrupted.
“Tell Bryan you love him my instinct tells me things would work out between you two”he said and I laugh.
“I’m serious Mare”
“You sound as if you know the Bryan I am talking about anyway for your information he is a bad [email protected] that literally doesn’t believe in love”
“How sure are you?”
“hundred percent”I replied and he raise his brows uncertained.
“Sean you don’t know my Bryan, he is a pla-yboy and I don’t want anyone toying with my heart”I said and he smile.
“Why are you giving me that weird face”I scoff but his smile de-epen.
“That actually not funny because you look so terrifying right now”I wave my hands at him.
“You just said my Bryan”he replied.
“Huh? when? he is never mine and I won’t utter such for sure”
“Why don’t I come visit you in this your so called friend house”
“No way! I know what you are capable of doing especially if you see him_”
“You live with him?”
“I don’t know how I end up in his house but I live there with Nina a high school friend but it isn’t really a problem but unfortunately his mom is around”I said and he spill out the jui-ce he had in his mouth.
“Gross”I yelled.
“How are you coping?”he asks.
“She is just here for the weekend so I am safe”I replied.
“Wow, anyway you are welcome to my house anytime you get tired of that place”
“As your lordsh!pplea-ses”I replied and he laugh.
“Are you in for a game”he sm-irk.
“What game?”
“Scrabble the loser clean up”
“Are you tricking me into cleaning the mess you made”
“Something like that”he chuckled and I frown.
“I’m so going to wh!pyour as-s”
“I dare you”he said and I dash at him immediately and we found ourselves chasing after each other round the whole house.
He is such a j£rk!
Episode 23
I wasn’t in a good mood knowing fully well she is going to be spending the day with another guy which isn’t me so immediately she left I also pick up my car keys and head to Cynthia place.
She insisted on spending the weekend together at my place actually but there is no way I will allow any girl sleep on my be-d it what I hate most.
I can’tfu-ck a bit-ch on the be-d I sleep or even allow her into my room.
‘Do you remember Mare sleep in overnight’my subconscious remind me. Probably, Mare is a different case and she isn’t a bit-ch and too innocent for all this and that.
‘You like her’I recollect again. What am I doing?
“Are you talking to yourself Bryan?”Liam said as he caught me beside my car fumbling with my keys.
“Are you crazy?”
“Only a frustrated guy will be taking hours to open a car door”
“I am seriously not in the mood can you just go your way?”
“I was actually wondering if I can tag along”he said as he scratch the back of his hair.
“I nee-d to go”he replied and I gave me an uncertain look.
“Why are you so desperate to leave the house it not like mom disturb you anytime she is around”I scoff.
“Nina is_”he paused.
“I know you k!$$£d her so go sought it out like a man”I scoff as I finally open my car door and I board in.
I drive out of the compound but I can’t still see him standing there at the sp©t. I overheard Mare and Nina talking about it this morning when I was about to barge into her room for leaving before I wake up this morning again.
I head straight to Cynthia place. She had been calling me since morning because she invited me to her house for nothing except from s3x obviously. She had been on my n£¢k I don’t know girls are this desperate whenever they get hor-ny.
I drive off to her place since I have no choice. No matter what I will keep Mare reputation because I am definitely sure I owe her a lot and in addition it just for tonight and I won’t repeat it again.
I arrive Cynthia [email protected], She won’t even stay at the dorm because she believes only riffraff stay there people that aren’t in her calibre stays there.
“Finally you [email protected]£”She hvg me immediately she open the door but I push her off me.
“What with the attitude?”She shrug as she welcome me in and I walk in. She close the door, I slump on the chair sighing de-eply.
“Are you okay?”she asks like she really care.
“Can we just get to whatever I am here for”I slam back.
“Whatever”She roll her eye as she approach me and straddle me on the chair.
“What are you doing?”I asks as she started looking the bu-tton of her shi-t one after the other.
“What are you expecting?”She li-ck her turn as she crash into mine and k!ssme r0ûghly palming my cheek in her palm but I’m really not in the mood for all this but since she wants it I will do it.
For Cynthia, having plea-surable S-x is not the magical result of good chemistry, but the logical result of wanting her own plea-sure and eventually communicating her de-sires to her [email protected]
I was so glad he [email protected]£ it because I can finally get what I wanted. He doesn’t know I lost my evidence a long time ago and he doesn’t even want to see it again and that an advantage for me.
The stupid guy I invited over to my house was going throu-gh my phone and deleted those video like I s£nd him to do it. So I had to think of something else to achieve what I want.
After k!ss!nghim for a very long time so he can reciprocate , I was slammed against the wall and hisl-ips landed on mine, devouring and furthering my urge.
He was rou-gh. The sharp splinters of the wall ran into my spine but I felt nothing except for waves of heat going across my b©dy.
I fed on hisl-ips, and [email protected]£ the fear. I could take him as long as he doesn’t hurt me because you I nee-d him to do this.
It wasn’t a big of a problem. I wasn’t a vir-gin. I had S-x with Evan countless times.
After having the best S-x in my life I [email protected] there while Bryan dress up so fast.
“I don’t know why you are in a hurry when we can go another round”I said as I li-ck myl-ips but he didn’t take a glance at me but he just keep dressing up.
“Fine I won’t f0rç£ you to do anything against your will”I said as he gr-ab his car key and walk out but I call his name.
“Bryan wait!”I yelled and he st©pped.
“What do you want from me? If you think I will ever do this with you again then in your dreams”
“You dare not!”I blasted him.
“If you want to know what I am capable of doing go ahead and leak those videos out maybe you will see the dawn”his eye reddened.
I have never seen Bryan this mad before in my life is it because of that bit-ch?.
“You like her even after having S-x with me?”
“I love her and nothing is changing that. I satisfy so I can go for what I want and at this point I don’t want to have anything to do with you again”
“Don’t ever call my name again and for your own good don’t interfere in my relationsh!pmatter because I will definitely go for someone I love and not a bit-ch”
“If you try something stupid and I leak the video out”
“If anything happens to my Mare I will definitely kill you too”
“Your Mare?”
“I am done here!’he walk out.
“This is definitely not the end”I yelled but he didn’t even listen to me as he exit my house and I hit my leg on the be-d countless times.
What am I going to do? if he goes back to the bit-ch then my chances are ruined I nee-d to think fast.
What am I going to do?.
#End of flashbacks#
I almost choked when I felt Bryan hand was going un-der my th!gh but he was giving looking instead he concentrated on his food when I am dying of plea-sure coming from the food and his effect on me.
When I notice he his hand going to the downline of my [email protected] I shove them away and this time he looked at me and gave me a deadly glare but I didn’t look so he place them back there.
“Leo and Liam go get my bags for me I nee-d to take the available flight right now before my company turn upside down”the woman said while going throu-gh her phone and his son’s rush in to get her bag until I feel Bryan hand going down to my [email protected] lines all thanks to fact I am putting on a go-wn.
I face him and gave him a deadly glare but he just sm-irk and move his hand to my pu-ssy the only thing st©pping from f!ngering right now is my [email protected] and now I’m trying so ha-rd not to [email protected] in the front of his mom.
“So Mare do you mind coming to visit me once don’t worry I will arrange things for you. I will have love to discuss something with you but I am in so much hurry right now”
“Holy $h!t”I [email protected] immediately he push the [email protected] aside and stuck one of his f!nger in.
“Are you okay Mare?”His mother asks and all I did was nod with a fake smile.
Liam and Leo arrive with her load and she stood up so I use the opportunity to shove Bryan hands away as I stand up and follow her ignoring his glare at me. What the hell is he doing? or he drank so much yesterday and forget we aren’t on a like terms?.
“Goodbye ma”She hvg me taking me by surprise but I just let her do her thing.
“Mom so you aren’t going to miss me too?”Bryan asks.
“Come here baby”She said but went to hvg Nina and I chuckled but he gave me a deadly glare so I st©p.
“Bye guys”She wave at us all as she enter the car and she was drive off the compound while I just stand there till the car was out of sight.
“Are you planning to stand there forever?”John asks as he wra-p his hand round my n£¢k and I giggled.
“That actually no”I replied as I walk in but Bryan fist was clenched as usual especially when he sees me with John but he still have to explain to me about whatever happened at the table this morning.
What does he think of me?.
Bryan is re-ady to take the right steps but do you think it would work with Cynthia in line⁉️.
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