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Just for tonight Episode 19 & 20

Genres: [email protected]ç£💕 College🏚️ Hatred
Episode 19
School finally [email protected]£ to an end. Nina and I walk straight to the park and luckily for us we met Leo and Liam car in the school park.
“Boom”Someone shouted from our back and we both flin-ched [email protected] really scared.
“What is your problem”Nina yelled at John.
“I didn’t mean to scare you like that, are you okay Mare?”
“Yeah I’m fine”I replied.
“j£rk”Nina stick her ton-gue out before walking over to Liam who pu-ll her hair out.
“Are you sure you are okay?”he asks again,
“I’m fine and I want to go home early too”
“No probs, let go”he pu-ll me by my wrist and my eye went down to his hand on mine.
“Actually I_”
“She doesn’t like been t©uçhed”a voice said from the back ma-king John scoff and let go of my wrist as we both turn back and saw Bryan coming our direction.
What is he doing? He approach us and gr-ab my wrist and pu-ll me away but I felt another hand round my second hand. John pu-ll me back himself which made Bryan to st©p.
“And what do you think you are doing?”John asks with anger clearly on his face.
“And what do you think you are doing too?”Bryan slam him back.
This isn’t going to be good I nee-d to get out of this.
“Let go off her”Bryan scowled.
“And why should I?. Don’t you have a girlfriend and I’ve been in charge of transporting back home so back off”John yelled back. I will actually support John on this one.
He doesn’t know how I get home everyday so why is he suddenly concerned about it and show up today.
“That doesn’t mean I don’t know what you are capable of doing”Bryan replied.
“Back off man it totally non of my business”John replied and at the same time they both ti-ght£ñed their grip on me and that really hurt badly.
“Guys can_”I was interrupted when they both close distance pouring all their anger into each other eye as they lock eye contact.
“Guys!”I called but it doesn’t looks like they are even listening.
“Guys!!!”I yelled at them as I snatch my hand off the both of them and that got their attention because they look my way.
“I will just go with Leo”they both didn’t even wait for me to leave before the [email protected] and walk to their various car shutting the door with a loud ban-g.
Like seriously?! I walk to Leo car and knock on his glas-s which he roll down instantly.
“Oh it you”he said as he sees me.
“Yeah me and do you mind driving me home today”
“Of course not, come in”he unlock the door and I open it before getting in.
“John isn’t driving you home”
“Actually_”I stretch my words.
“Don’t worry they will get together very soon it a normal thing”Leo help me out.
“Normal thing?”
“They fight a lot of time but they are definitely going to come around without anyone interfering”
“Wow that good”I replied and he smile before igniting the car and he drive out of the school compound.
I’m so angry right now and I really don’t want to start a fight with John but it doesn’t looks like he is avoiding my punch because it would definitely land him in an hospital for weeks.
I clench my fist on steering wheel as I drive straight to a new friend I made at the restaurant recently.
I had gone to meet him to discuss about some few things but he was so busy that day and I know he is going to be home today so I drive off to his place.
“Look who we have here”he said as I alight from my car and we did a bro greeting.
“You didn’t tell me you are coming today”he said.
“Oh yeah just some fight at home and I decide to leave”I replied as we walk back into his house.
“What the matter?”he asks.
“Can I talk to you about something?”He asks and he pause for a while.
“Let me get you a drink feel comfortable in my home but don’t mess up because my girlfriend is coming over for weekend”
“Girlfriend? Aren’t you a_”
“Just joking she is just my friend that all”he said and walk to his bar to get me a drink.
“So what is the problem?”he asks as he pas-s my a glas-s of wine and went to sit on the opposite couch.
“I think I like someone”I blurted out and he stare at me for a while before he started laughing.
“What funny?”I asks
“Bro, you? in love?”
“Can you be serious for once”I scoff.
“That girl must be lucky to have break your rock heart”
“But I feel like I’m hurting her in so many ways”
“Wait? You case seems to be serious I nee-d details if you nee-d my help truly”he said and I sigh as I relax by back on the couch.
“Her name is Mare”
“Do you know her?”I asks.
“No, but I know a Mare but ignore that continue”he replied and I breathe in.
“I actually met her at the______”I explain everything to him and I can find his jaws on the floor.
“You mean she sle-pt in your room overnight and you wake up this morning only to start with a silent treatment again?”
“What do you expect me to do? What if I’m only overthinking and she doesn’t like me the way I like her and to be precise she always bring up Cynthia matter every time”
“Really? I might be a [email protected] but I know it when a girl likes you for crying out loud and to be precise no girl will ever want to be cu-mddled up by a guy they don’t like and to be precise she choose you because she trust you”
“Trust me? But John is overreacting over everything”I scoff.
“Do you want to hear the truth?”
“You and your brother are in love with the same girl and only the winner takes all”
“No but this is reality and you nee-d to [email protected] by ear for crying out loud”
“But Mare doesn’t”
“She will knock on your door tonight again trust me”
“Actually I know a Mare and the Mare I know really got some trust issue especially when everything crumbled right in her front”
“That doesn’t mean every Mare got trust issue”
“Bryan if you truly love this girl then you will forget all about rumours, Cynthia, John or even anything about you”
“Sean, don’t you get it she hates me for having a girlfriend”
“Why would she?”
“I’m done”I stood up.
“Where are you going?”he asks.
“Home”I replied.
“So fast?”
“Since you can’t help what the point?”I asks.
“You will definitely come back to me very soon”he replied but I scoff and walk out of his house and drive straight to my house.
He doesn’t even un-derstand 🙄.
I got home and head straight to my room without even responding to any of their greetings Mare and Nina weren’t there probably preparing dinner.
Around 6:30pm in the evening, there was a knock on my door and I quic-kly jumped up to check who it was. I open the door only to reveal Nina showing her set of teeth and the happiness in me die down.
“How may I help you?”I asks.
“Dinner is re-ady and I don’t think you would want to skip it because it specially made by Mare”
“Just giving you a ti-p”She said and walk away while I scoff.
“She will knock on your door tonight again trust me”Sean’s words ring in my head. What was I even thinking, it useless and I know she is coming why am I stressing myself.
I walk back to my be-d and slump down on it I’m not hungry I just want to go to be-d now so I will st©p over thinking about anything.
Around 8:00pm, everyone was alre-ady in their various room but Mare wonder why Bryan didn’t come for his dinner so he put his own in the fridge but when she realize it doesn’t seems like he is going to eat she made sure everyone alre-ady leave before she went back to the kitchen and microwave his food and serve it into the dish plate before heading to his room.
She knock gently on the door so it won’t attra-ct the attention of the others. She knock again and it was the same thing but Bryan was laying in his room rolling from one side to another unable to sleep wondering if he should actually end things with Cynthia or just let her have her thing.
“Bryan”Mare called and immediately he heard her voice he sit up Immediately.
“Mare?”he repeated in surprise as he rush to the door and open the door revea-ling Mare.
She [email protected]£!!! his heart was full of joy until he notice the food tray in her hand.
“Why are you here?”he asks her directly because he knows he only [email protected]£ to give him is food”
“I [email protected]£ to actually give you your dinner since you didn’t come to eat and_”She pause for a while when he notice they way he was staring at her.
“I’m not hungry”he was about to slam the door shut on her face but she st©p him.
“What again”he asks.
“I was wondering if I can actually_”she stuttered as she was nervous a bit.
“I’m really busy right now can you talk fast?”he responded.
“I can’t sleep alone”she blurted out.
“Can I sleep in?”She asks and a smile form on hisl-ips.
She likes me?.
Who is on #Teamsean now⁉️. Will he successfully matchmake them together⁉️.
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Episode 20
The sunlight peeped into the room, waking me up from the de-ep slumber I was in. I tried to rise but then I realize an arm is holding me down to the be-d.
oh no! I almost forgot, let me just give you a little brief about last night I [email protected]£ to his room and he allowed me spend the night on his be-d again and nothing really happened.
He cudd-leme up in his arm, k!ssmy forehead and that was all before we both fell asleep. I re-move his hand slowly and move aside placing his hand gently on the be-d.
He gro-an ed and I pause for a while he twitch hisl-ips together and I smile. ‘Mare you nee-d to leave this place’my subconscious yelled at me and I quic-kly get off the be-d and head to the door opening it slowly as I check if no one is in the hallway before I dash to my room.
It weekend so I don’t really have a place to go except the fact I’m going to Sean place throu-ghout today. I sigh de-eply as I slump down on my be-d, that isn’t bad right?.
We aren’t [email protected]!ngbut I enjoy slee-ping on his be-d been cudd-leup is that even normal? I was still there contemplating before a knock on my door jo-lted me up.
“Who is there?”I asks still sitting on my be-d wondering who it could be early this morning.
“It me open up”
“Nina?”I called in surprise as I head to the door and open it.
“Good morning”She said and obviously she is a bit nervous.
“What wrong with you?”I asks looking at her.
“Can I come in?”She asks.
“Definitely”I open the door properly and she walk in.
“So what wrong?”I asks as I shut the door only to realize she is alre-ady sitting on my be-d.
“I k!sshim! no he k!$$£d me and___”she pause for a while and I just stand there confused.
“What going on?”I questioned.
“I k!ssLiam last night and now I can’t even face him”she replied.
“What?!”I yelled.
“Keep it low will you?”She added and I shut my mouth.
“The thing is last night after the movie we talked for a while in my room as usual”
“Wait_ you didn’t tell me you discuss in your room”I Interrupted.
“Can you just let me finish okay!”She shun me off.
“We almost k!$$£d last night but things got awkward and he left but surprisingly he didn’t talk about it in the morning and we went back to normal that what I wanted to tell you yesterday but you blew it off”
“Mare the important thing here is we k!$$£d and I don’t even want to stay in this house or face him this morning”She panic.
“Calm down, it isn’t a big deal it just a k!ss”I tried to calm her down.
“I don’t think so, he k!$$£d me back with so much love and_”I bit myl-ips and try not to laugh.
“Go ahead and laugh j£rk”She threw me a pillow and I bur-sted into laughter.
“You like him there is nothing to discuss about it” I chuckled as I walk to my closet to get something to wear.
“I don’t know and that why I’m___what are you doing?”She asks as I select few clothes ignoring whatever she is saying.
“I’m going to Sean place today have you forgotten?”I roll my eye as I stare at myself in the mirror to check if the cloth suite me.
“Can I come along?”
“At least I would be able to avoid Liam”
“Then it a capital NO, re-ad myl-ips N_O”
“Are you dissing me?”
“No you both nee-d to talk and sought things out like an adult”I scoff as I finally select a suitable dress.
“If it that easy why haven’t you talk things out with Bryan because I saw you sneak out of his room this morning again”She said and I froze.
“You say what?”I turn my gaze to her.
“If it that easy why haven’t you sought yours with Bryan?”She roll her eye.
“That not funny but anyway Bryan and I case is totally different and point of correction we didn’t k!ss”
“Oh youfu-ck”
“Can you be positive and st©p spilling out ru-bbish because that can never happen between Bryan and I”
“And what make you think so?”
“He has a girlfriend”
“he doesn’t love her”
“He doesn’t like me either, this is Bryan we are talking about here”I raise my voice a bit than usual.
“He definitely do and in addition he is ma-king it obvious you are just so stupid to see it”
I didn’t give her a reply as I drop the dress on the be-d and walk back to get a sneakers that match up with it.
“Fine! I’m sorry”She muttered clearly for me to hear.
“Louder”I shouted.
“I’m sorry”She yelled and we both bur-sted into laughter.
“So can I tag along?”She asks and the happy face wipe off immediately.
“No!”I blurted out.
“But why?”
“I’m a bad friend if I don’t tell you the truth, sought things out between each other or things might get more awkward in this house henceforth”
“Fine! suite yourself but incase you doing know I’m off today so you are ma-king everyone breakfast”
“But I cooked last night”
“That doesn’t count and to be precise they enjoy yours more than mine”
“Bye bye let me go help in cleaning up”she gave me a quic-k smile and walk out shutting the door behind her.
“I can still hear you”She shouted and I chuckled.
“Whatever”I replied shouting.
“Can you people keep your voice down”Someone joined and I recognize it as Leo voice.
I walked out of the bathroom after shutting the shower off and wearing a bathrobe. My hair is still dr!pp£dand fu-ckingly we-t at that moments. I had use almost all my shower gel to bathe myself for no reason though.
I clean my b©dy with towel before applying the lotion on my b©dy, gr-abbing my un-derwear and In no time I was staring at myself completely dressed up in the mirror looking so beautiful I must complimented my ha-rd work but I have so much doubt about packing my hair or leaving it to fall freely down my [email protected]!st.
I use my hand to pack it up but I don’t really like so I left it down but yet it looks like I over do everything. ‘Mare, remember it Sean place and he is your cousin do you really care about all this?’my subconscious mind conversate with me and I quic-kly drop the idea of packing my hair.
Oh no! I almost forgot, I’m preparing breakfast for everyone this morning I hope they don’t bite in the morning or else I know Liam especially won’t spare me. The guy doesn’t joke with food and that why he is a complete match for Nina.
I gr-ab my mini back and open it to put my phone inside before I sighted the card the nurse in the hospital had given me after giving me the best speech of my life. Why haven’t I called her yet to thank her or even just_.
I’m so confused right now, I shove it back into my pocket and steal a glance at myself in the mirror before I stride straight to the living room.
“I’m so sorry guy I was preparing for_”I pause for a while when I notice a woman probably in her late thirty serving everyone breakfast on the table.
I’ve never seen her before, who is she?.
“Wow”She muttered as I walk down the stairs still wondering who she is and why she is feeding them instead on me.
“You must be_?”
“Mare”I replied as I exchange glance with John but he only shrug and it landed on Bryan but he wasn’t even looking.
She t©uçh my face and cu-p my cheek in her palm still staring at me like she is just seeing a girl put on a dress for the first time.
“Does she live here too?”She asks still feeling my face.
“Yes ma”Leo replied.
“And who is she?”I asks still scared at the way she is tou-ching me and no one is saying anything.
“Mom can you just st©p it, obviously she doesn’t like been t©uçhed”Bryan said and my eye wi-de-ned.
“She is your mom?”I asks in surprise.
“It so nice to meet you Mare I’m Bryan mom but you can call me Anna”
“Anna?”I tried to fake a smile.
She finally let go off me and I sigh in relief as she walk away what a weird woman.
“Why didn’t you tell me you have a girlfriend”the woman bury Bryan face into his food and we all [email protected] Thankfully there isn’t any pepper just bre-ad and chocolate spre-ad.
“Mom, I knew you are here to cause trouble since you appear here without an invite”he yelled at his mom. So rude but I chuckled when he raise his face up again which is alre-ady covered with bu-tter.
“Come sit my daughter”She walk towards me again and pu-ll a chair for me to sit ignoring Bryan rant.
“Thank you ma”I bowed as I sit still feeling awkward.
“So how long as she been leaving here and when did you guys started [email protected]!ng”
“I nee-d details”the woman shun him off.
“Actually ma we aren’t [email protected]!ngand I don’t have anything to do with your son”
“Is that true John?”Anna asks.
This is going too far. Everyone just sit there awaiting John response. Lord plea-se come and save me.
TBC.. ❤😍💋
Mom suddenly show up😂, What do you think would be John response⁉️. Remember to drop your comments as an opinion.

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