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Just for tonight 2 final episode

Genres: [email protected]ç£💕 College🏚️ Hatred
#Season2 FINAL Episode 24
By: Kebby. NG
🥺 MARE 🥺
We all alighted and rush down into the house all thanks to the fact Nina is with us so they didn’t bother to t©uçh us but are surprise though.
“Nina I am glad you are here”the woman quic-kly ran to Nina but she push her back.
“What’s wrong girl? and shouldn’t you guys be in school?”She asks looking at me too.
“Why did you do it?”I asks.
“What are you talking about?”
“Why did you kill my father, kidnap my mother and still wants me dead?”I asks.
“Oh no! Mare this are just mere…”
“I know about your discussion with the doctor that night, how you plan on renovating my father house just to claim it and you keep feeding Nina with lies”
“How is that my fault!”She yelled,
“It your fault because you stole my father from me”I yelled back.
“Oh my fault?, your father deserve to die and that why we killed him, I killed him and even murdered your cousin parents do you know why I do it?”She asks.
“Go ahead and spill it out”
“Because Mr. McPherson asks me to do it and it my job to do so, we kill innocent people and snatch their properties just like I did to your Dad. He was so stubborn and I will love to kill him again”
“That brutal and cruel”I yelled.
“Do you know what it feels like to be poor?”
“Yes because I was poor all my life just because you fv¢king killed our bre-adwinner the one I call a father and you even went extreme and kidnap my mom”
“Point of correction McPherson did that and he as-signed me a big contract for the success of you are in my shoes will you let that slide when you have a daughter to raise”She yelled, I don’t even know what to say right now so I look at Bryan and he signal me to go on.
I arched my brows at first wondering what he means until i realize the press man is videoing everything alre-ady. That smart.
“So for how long have you been working for this man Mr. MacPherson?”I asks.
“All my life”She yelled angrily, I wasn’t even yelling anymore but I seem to have triggered the anger in her.
“Nina I did everything for you and what I gain is you supporting them to go against me too?”She turn to Nina.
“I don’t want to listen to any of your explanation you are so ungrateful and you two if you know how ha-rd your father struggled to give you a good life”She point at John and Liam.
“But I never wanted an as-set that isn’t mine”Bryan replied.
“I blame you, if you know poverty then you won’t dare say something like this”She stated.
“There are other successful business men and woman who haven’t stained their hands with innocent blood but are still ma-king it, your kind of mentality ruin you Mrs. Williams. It obvious that nowadays everyone thinks without a better life the next things is death or they indulge in unnecessary things for money”
“Do you realize this innocent people you kill have a family that care so much about them, some are even the bre-adwinner of the family but because of their selfish de-sire, your selfish de-sire you s£nd them to their early grave and then s£nd your daughters and children far away from home so they can be save an unharmed while you kill the ones that are nothing in your hands”
“Do you realize how traumatized when I got the news my mom is dead. I even wake up in the middle of the night and weep and talk to her even when I know I wasn’t going to see her face again, you almost made me a psycho that nee-ds to in a mental health hospital”
“I can’t believe you use your daughter too and even break her trust for you, Imagining young girls and woman looking up to you as a role model without knowing you are green snake un-der the green gras-s”
“I am not discouraging anyone not to have a role model but sometimes not everything on social media seems to be true, most are fake and example to them will be you”I conclude my speech and they all seems surprised about what I just said.
“Did I say something wrong?”I asks, looking at their face and even Mrs. Williams seems to be in shock after hearing my speech.
“You did well my daughter and I am sure the world nee-ds someone like you”the press man
“So what do you intend on do? Arrest me? Do even have a proof”She still have the confident to say.
“I think you should say that to your fan who had been enjoying the show from the starts”Bryan stated. “I feel worst having you as my mother”Nina blurt.
“It okay sweetheart”Liam pat her.
“What are you talking about? Sweetheart!”
“Mom I was planning to introduce you to my b©yfri£ndbut I guess we can come later and do that when I s£nd you to jail for your evil do”Nina replied.
“Unfortunately for you I had the video live and I am very sure the police will be here in no time because I called the cops alre-ady while you were busy ma-king your confession. Mrs. Williams the best female business tycoon in the town turns out to be a murderer, that will be the headline new”the man replied.
“No!”She yelled and latch at me crazily but Bryan push her away from me because she could injure me.
The sound of the cops blaring sound caught everyone attention including her.
“Oh no!!!!!!”She yelled.
“Mom st©p it, you lied to me all my lives and you expect me to go in your lines?”
“It a lie I didn’t do it, McPherson f0rç£ me into it he made me sign that contract, he gave me the sp©tlight just to destroy Atwood, it wasn’t my plan”She cried but too late for her the cops [email protected]£ in with their guns, some at the doorway and the few in the house.
“Mrs. Williams you are un-der arrest for the murder of Mr.Atwood and also involving in other criminal act with Mr. McPherson”the officer said
“Take her away”Nina yelled angrily.
“You have to come with us ma’am”
“I did nothing it all a lie”She yelled angrily but officer order his men to handcuff and they take her away
“You will pay for this Mare”She cried as she was been taken away by the Cops.
“Thank for the opportunity Mare I am glad you choose me for this”the man appreciate.
“I sure owe you something so I don’t deserve the appreciation”I replied and he smile.
“I will take my leave now and trust me they will definitely serve their jail terms and justice will prevail for your father. I am so sorry for your lost”he added.
“Thanks”he pack his stuff and leave the house after greeting everyone again.
“Nina”I called, she is weeping so much and I don’t even know what to do. That why I asks her not to come along because this will definitely happen and I don’t even know what to do with Bryan because I am pressing charges against his father too.
“It fine I am glad Justice prevail over the death of your father”She replied sniffing and I smile.
Liam take her out leaving just me and Bryan in the living room. “I think we should just leave too”I blurt before he could say anything.
“Really?”he asks.
“Yeah”I replied.
“But I owe you an apology and I think this is only better place we can do it so there will be peace”he stated.
“Then go ahead because I deserve one”I replied, he sigh de-eply before clearing his throat.
“I am sorry about everything, I know I should have believe in you after what you did in my life. You change me completely and made me know the real definition of love, I knew I had always been selfish but with you it the last time I will do. You know I will always be proud of you anytime you do something great especially the fact you just explain love to me again few seconds ago”he stated walking up to me and he held my hand in his.
“Bryan, perception of it is so wra-pped”I replied, I know he was just doing the best thing a son would do for his Dad. I would have done the same for my parent if it was the other way around so I am re-ady to forgive me and in addition I miss him so much.
“Mare,Love is putting the other person before yourself, even if it means they are happy when you aren’t; it’s craving time with that person, like all the hours in the world wouldn’t be enough; it’s being in a room full of people, and feeling completely lost, but you see them and suddenly, you’re home. They’re home. No matter where in the world you are.”
“I think….” even though I don’t know if I have the nerve to finish my s£ntence. “I think I’m in love with Bryan”I replied and a smile tugged on hisl-ips. Probably this is my first time of saying this to him since we started [email protected]!ng.
I find it so ha-rd to say it to him even when he repeat it a thousands time to me.
“I love you,” I repeat again raising my voice a bit up.
“I love you too”he replied, we crash together as he hvg me ti-ght and I smile burying my face in his shoulder.
Hisl-ips on mine was pure bliss. I think he is actually right when he said no other guy can ever make me feel this way, with just hisl-ips, my whole b©dy was alight and I just had to push myself further into him.
He is going to be here with me.
We are one again and all that matters to me is I did not lose someone precious to me again. After a drink night and they took me in just for a night but my life change at that point.
Genres: [email protected]ç£💕 College🏚️ Hatred
By: Kebby. NG
🥺 MARE 🥺
I am the happiest girl on Earth right now because I just s£nd my father murderer to prison without involving the cops. I now know the useful of a good friend in one’s life. The fact is if you get yourself involve with the bad people and try to place yourself in a position that isn’t going fit you then you are basically wasting your time.
Mrs. Williams and Mr. McPherson were s£ntenced to Jail and everyone of them who knew about it but I still haven’t hear from Fred and Jennifer. All I hope is she fine and the man didn’t hurt her before actions were taken. The judge had order all my rightful as-set to be returned to me but I decline them. I don’t want it anymore, their children can have it.
I trust Nina and Bryan, they will definitely do the rightful but now all I want to do is see my mom smile at me everything till she finally leave the world. I recently find out she still have cancer and her days are more limited due to fact she wasn’t on medication for so long because that bit-ch kidnap her. In addition, the doctor who allow all this happen was also decline of his Job and now no one is re-ady to accept him.
Just because they are famous and rich doesn’t makes them above the law…And then she died, my mom finally leave the world to meet Dad. She didn’t survive it few months later, Sean and I conduct a proper burial ceremony for and everyone was pres£nt again. We are family as we are meant to be.
This time around I decide to make decisions myself and not do what people actually asks me to do. I return back to petraka, my new home where my joy is now. Things got better between Bryan and I, Sean and Leo and of course Liam and Nina. John still find it ha-rd to admit the fact he alre-ady lost the battle but he now un-derstand us and no longer disturb us.
Till [email protected]£ I still have Jennifer in my heart, I just hope she will show up right at that door again like she did before.
It was definitely not a ‘woo’ experience. Being dressed in an all-white dress that looked so beautiful and elegant should’ve made me feel like a queen. I didn’t feel like a queen at all. My belly was swollen with a baby girl and I couldn’t help feeling nervous.
As I stared at myself in the full-length mirror, my hand ru-bbe-d my giant baby bu-mp. There was a frown on my face as I looked at myself. I was marrying the man I loved with all of my heart, I was going to have a baby, and I feel like the happiest person in the world-why was I so scared?
Nina walked into the room. a lot of physical thera-py. The poor girl had to work very ha-rd in order to get back to her original mental form after discovering the truth about her biological mother.
“Are you okay?” She asked. Not even a second went by before Linda walked into the room. Her eyes were on Nina for a while before he look towards me.
“Yeah, I just-”
Suddenly, I began to cry. I tried my best to not mess up my make-up, but it was alre-ady too late. Everything was going to change after this and I knew it.
“oh no!”Nina hvg me and bringing me into her [email protected] She held me ti-ghtly as she ru-bbe-d my back up and down.
“Don’t cry. If you want, I’ll go steal Liam keys and we can make a run for it,” she said, her eyes wi-dening as she spoke. I chuckled slightly before shaking my head and gr-abbing her arm.
“I want to marry him, I really really do. I am so happy we are finally going to be together but I am sad my mom isn’t here” I sobbe-d.
“It fine dear”She said to me, I look over at Linda to see her shrug.
“He likes you,”Nina laughed. A smile made its way onto my face as I turned to look back at my own mum smiling at me.
“Can you help me fix my makeup?” I laughed. She smiled at me before sitting me down on the chair directly in front of a mirror.
“I’ll go make sure everything is re-ady for you to come out. By the way, you look very beautiful,” Linda stated before walking over to me and smiling at me throu-gh the mirror. I returned her smile and then watched as she walked out of the room.
My eyes were quic-k to look at Bryan who seemed just as nervous as me. Nina and I walked in slow strides towards the alter with my smile never leaving my face. As we were walking, my eyes were brimming with tears of joy.
I couldn’t st©p myself from ma-king eye-contact with Sean. I smiled at him as he gave me a big thumbs up. Then, I looked over at the Linda at the alter who pointed at John and mouthed-” he is so h0t” before fanning herself.
Shaking my head. We continued walking until we had finally made it to the altar where Nina had k!$$£d my cheek. I choose Nina to repres£nt my mom because she is the best best friend I ever had all my entire years in college and even after school she stood by me.
“Who gives this woman to this man in marriage?” The priest had asked. Nina glanced at me before taking my right hand and placing it into Bryan’s.
“I do,” he answered. I smiled at him once more feeling so thankful to have met him. He then took my left hand and placed in Bryan’s as well after I had pas-sed my bouquet to my maid in honor-Nina.
Nina then turned and walked over to sit at the front leaving me to gaze into the beautiful eyes of Bryan. He smiled at me and I happily returned it.
“You are so damn gorgeous,” he mouthed.
“Welcome everyone to Bryan McPherson and Mare Atwood have chos£n you, those special and important to them, to witness and [email protected] the beginning of their life together. Today, as they join in marriage, they also create a new bond and new s-en-se of family – one that will undoubtedly include all who are pres£nt here today,” the priest began. My heart was thumping wildly in my che-st and all I could think about was how badly I wanted to have S-x with Bryan at that moment. Bloody pregnancy hor-mones.
“May you always nee-d one another; not to fill an emptiness, but to help each other know your fullness. May you want one another; not out of lack, but to feel the warmth of their t©uçh. May you [email protected] one another; not to encircle one another, but to give comfort. May you succeed in all important ways with each other, and not fail in the little graces. May you have happiness, and may you find it in ma-king one another happy. May you have love, and always find love, in the pursuit of loving one another,” the priest stated. His words meant a lot more to me than I thought they would because it describe-d our entire journey.
“You may begin your vows,” the priest told Bryan. He flashed his billion dollar smile before staring at me.
“I have never respected a woman as much as I have respected you. For a person who had to go throu-gh probably as much battles as I have, and still managed to become a woman our baby girl would admire is ha-rd to comprehend. I knew it from the day I saw you with that look in your eyes that said ‘I’m not working for me, I’m working for everyone else’. I didn’t realize then that the woman I would quic-kly grow to love had to have that mentality of a warrior who put others’ nee-ds before her own. Even as I look into your beautiful blue eyes now, I still see that innocence that you never let the world ruin. I thank you for forcing me to ask you to be my girlfriend and practically pinching me until I got down on my knee to asked you to marry me,” he was cut off by the laughter of everyone. My eyes were blurring in tears as I chuckled at his words. “It’s exactly what I nee-ded. I nee-ded someone who would push me, and it was you. There is no other woman in the world that I could imagine not spending the rest of my life with.”
“Mare,” the priest spoke. I sniffled my tears before nodding my head.
“My life hasn’t been easy and you know that. What made me fall in love was the moment I got to see the real you and realize that there was more to you than you let on. No matter how many times I told myself to leave, or no matter how many times you had pushed me away-I always made my way right back. It was meant to be us from the beginning and even though I hate the events that led up to me meeting you, I’m glad I did. My life is better with you in it. You are my outlet and I am yours. I’m happy to push you to better yourself just like I’m happy that you’re my guiding hand to lead me to greatness. The father of my child, the man of my heart-I love you. I love you so much and that love will last forever.”
“Aw!” Everyone gushed. My cheeks tinted a light pink color. Leo bring forth the rings Then, little Andrea ran up to the altar with the ring. As he walked up to us he giggles causing everyone to start laughing once more. Bryan narrowed his eyes at him before gr-abbing the ring from his baby brother hands. Leo smiled innocently at him before walking back to his seat.
“I, Bryan, give you, Mare, this ring as an eternal symbol of my love and commitment to you,” he spoke before sliding the ring onto my f!nger. I smiled at it happily seeing the beautiful diamond shine in the light.
“And now, by the power vested in me and by the State of New York, I hereby pronounce you husband and wife. You may k!ssyour bride!”
Bryan hurrily gr-ab me by my as-s and pu-ll me in for a k!ss, everyone cheer up as he k!ssme even ha-rder.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, Families and Friends. I pres£nt to you Mr and Mrs Bryan and Mare McPherson!” He exclaimed.
The end is here. It’s been an amazing journey but all good things come to an end, right? I won’t take much time and just want to say thank you to all you anonymous re-aders, amazing raters and awesome commenters. Thanks a lot..!!!
I had very high expectations with this chapter but it turned cra-p for a few [email protected] I hope it is not downright disappointing though.
An epilogue is always a gift as a reward for those that follow up to the end🌝.
If you enjoy the story and learn alot from it them drop an amazing comments because I will love to re-ad them🥰
The end


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