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Just for tonight 2 Episode 5 & 6

Genres: [email protected]ç£💕 College🏚️ Hatred
#Season2 Episode5
By: Kebby. NG
I am so mad at him but I still forgot to tell him about John today and I am curious about he might be discussing with Sean so I left my room and head to straight to the living room
“Holy cra-p”I quic-kly ran down the stairs when I heard what they are discussing. Leo forgot to tell Sean about the fact his family doesn’t know about him been attra-cted to his fellow gender.
“Leo and I are [email protected]!ngI thought he alre-ady Inform you about it”Sean still went ahead and spill the beans.
“What?!”Bryan yelled.
“Sean”I warned.
“What going on here?”
“Bryan doesn’t know Leo is a….”
“Holy cra-p”he [email protected]
Too late. I am trying to define the look on Bryan but I don’t even know, I am definitely sure he isn’t angry because whenever he is angry his fist are always clenched ha-rd and re-ady to bounce on his prey.
“Wow”he breathe out, I exchange glance with Sean. Wow? that the only thing he can say right now or he isn’t mad Leo didn’t open up to him.
“You are okay with it?”Sean questioned.
“Totally”he replied and my face lit up happily.
“But why didn’t he tell him and kept it from me?”
“It isn’t easy as it seems to be”I interfered.
“You knew about it?”he asks in surprise.
“Yeah, he was the first person that congratulate and wish our relationsh!pa good luck so we kinda got close and he disclose it to me”I replied.
“So why is he keeping it away from me?”
“Because we know how the world is, especially those against the LBGT”
“Not everyone respect an individual decision”I replied.
“That unfair anyway I am happy for you two but I know how Leo can be so you dare not mess with his heart”Bryan sounds so pathetic right now and I let out a light chuckle.
“Why are you chuckling”he questioned.
“That because you have been breaking my babe heart and I haven’t uprooted your n£¢k”Sean replied with a sarcastic derision in his tone.
“True”I concluded.
“What? I never did that”he tried to defend himself.
“You actually do that a lot time especially when you allow that bit-ch feed you”I gro-an ed.
“Geez…..Mare I thought you didn’t care?”
“I said don’t call me by my name”I raise my voice a little bit.
“Why are you always fighting?”Sean Interrupted.
“Because he won’t st©p trying to justify himself over the wrong things”I replied.
“That not true”he defended
“You did that few minutes ago when I told you I was been stalked and all you could say is it a prank really”I scorn.
“Because it a prank”he defend himself again and that upsetting my nerves again.
“Did you just say you are been stalked?”Sean Interrupted.
“Yes and my b©yfri£ndhere doesn’t believe me, who the hell call stalking a prank”I scowled.
“That not true”
“Can you st©p defending yourself cause clearly I am right about this”I shun him off.
“Can you st©p been dramatic”he stand up and walk toward me.
“No you should st©p been stupid and shouldn’t I be your first piority in all things”I point a f!nger at him closing the distance between us.
“Can you guys just st©p for a s….”
“Stay out of this”we both shun Sean in unison and face each other back.
“Seriously?”he added again not giving up.
“Tell him to st©p jeopardizing with everything, who knows what he is covering up right now or he might end upfu-cking another bit-ch all in the name of keeping my reputation save”
“You know that not true and I think we settled it alre-ady”
“I don’t think so because obviously if I had been killed today you won’t care”
“Can you just st©p it Mare”
“Don’t call me by my name”I yelled angrily.
“All I see here is you are using my past against me”
“Fine! I am done here”I stomp my feet on the ground and walk away.
“Mare wait!”Sean st©p me.
“Did you just say someone is stalking you?”he questioned like he didn’t just hear me say so.
“Yes and the person nearly hit me with his car if I hadn’t move away”I defended.
“You call that prank”
“Not you again, she didn’t tell about been hit and I don’t think that happened”Bryan rake his hair with his hand.
“I notice someone had been trailing after me too”Sean said and that caught my attention.
“What do you mean?”
“It means the person is either after me or you”Sean shrug.
“And what are you trying to say”Bryan asks.
“I think it a family issue or something, so it doesn’t involve Bryan so can you st©p blaming him”Sean suggested.
“What family stuff”I exchange glance with Bryan, Sean seems to take the matter serious unlike my so called b©yfri£nd”It just a prank”I mimick his voice, what an idiot🙄.
“Last week, there was this strange man in our restaurant that bought all the whole restaurant for a day and require my service personally”
“So how does that have to do with this?”
“He won’t st©p studying me and those men he [email protected]£ with are definitely his gun men”
“Mare will you just let me finish”he yelled frustratedly and I scoff right at his face.
“Ever since he was in my shop I notice I was been followed but I didn’t really care so much about it so I didn’t tell anyone”
“So are you saying the man may be after you?”Bryan asks.
“For what reason?”I asks
“I don’t know”he shrugs.
“Gosh this is so dumb”Bryan blurted out.
“What? did you just call that dumb”I yelled at him.
“Hey take it easy with me but I think someone is just pu-lling a prank on you guys”
“What stupid prank would make him want to hit me”I scowled.
“Bryan this isn’t a prank and I think I know where this is coming from”
“Mare have you been using your social media account often?”Sean asks.
“Not really”I declined.
“I think they are here again”Sean slump on one of the couch.
“Who?”I asks.
“Who! who!! who!!, can’t you see he is just trying to scare you”
“Can you just shut up?”
“Are you guys for real right now?” Sean asks he look from me to Bryan.
“Tell him to st©p been childish when it comes to important matters”I defend.
“Tell her to st©p over thinking things because nothing will happen”
“Oh! was Jennifer pu-lling a prank on me when he s£nd those texts?”
“Yes and I am definitely sure it was to see how you will react”
“Wtf! Bryan”I cuss.
“Yeah she was watching from afar and wanted to see how you will react and seeing that fear in you was an advantage to her so can you quit all this”he explained, I am really short of words right now so I look over at Sean.
“Are you guys done now?”he muttered clearly.
“Done with what?”
“Your argument?”
“Yeah”I roll my eye.
“I actually got to see the person stalking me”he said and that caught the both of us attention.
“Mare I think they are back again”he sounds so serious right now and I am scared.
“Who is back?”
“I don’t want to say this but the only reason they are here is probably you have what they nee-d too”he sigh de-eply.
“Can you st©p scarring her?”Bryan defend.
“Mare my parent aren’t in the states”Sean muttered.
“So where are they?”
“They were murdered right at our house that very night after your father burial”he yelled angrily and there so much hurt in his face.
“Oh my……”
“They keep requesting for something my parent are clueless about, I had run away that night and have been struggling for my upbringing since I [email protected]£ to Petraka. I can’t believe they found us again”he hit his forehead.
“I don’t un-derstand what is going on here?”
“Mare your father didn’t have an accident okay, he was murdered too and your mom knew about this. She must have kept it from you so you won’t be scared from the world”he explained further.
“Omg”I slump to the ground.
“Sweetheart”Bryan quic-kly gr-ab me.
“How life isn’t save here anymore and they only reason they must have been able to track us is if you have been using your social media account, or because we live together or…..”he look at my pale face.
“You have what they nee-d with you” I break down in tears remembering how we had suffered and how my mom contracted a new disease just because she was mourning my father.
“I am afraid we have to exit this place as soon as possible”
“Bryan stay out of this, I know what I am saying do you remember I said I caught one of them”
“he is right in the house”he said and I jumped up instantly.
“Where”I questioned looking around.
“he won’t say anything no matter how ha-rd I try so I just tie him up in the store”he lean on the chair.
“I think I have an idea”Bryan Interrupted.
What idea?.
#Season_2 Episode 6
“Omg”I screamed when I saw the all sweaty guy Sean had been keeping in the store. He look so weak and hungry.
“I think he nee-d food”I pitied.
“Seriously Mare?”Bryan scorn.
I don’t want to argue with him again so I won’t piss Sean off, I basically snub him.
“Hey”Sean hit the guy slightly and he open his eye.
“He is still alive”I trembled.
“Hi”Bryan greet the guy.
So his genius idea is to greet the bad guy and asks him what he wants? Isn’t that the most stupid idea ever.
“Give him what he wants or it would be bloody”
“He kinda looks so familiar”Bryan spilled.
“Yeah but I can’t really place it”
“Give him what he wants or run”he is breathing really ha-rd .
“What does he want”Sean asks.
“You can’t run from him, he has been spying on you and basically he discovered what he wanted is still in your possession just give it back and let me go”the guy begged.
“Easy man, I will let you go okay”Bryan as-sured.
“Let a criminal go?”I questioned.
“Do you have any idea what this possession looks like?”he asks ignoring me.
“Just let me go! it not save here”he pleaded.
“Then answer me”Bryan scowled.
“I don’t know anything”he yelled back.
“Are you saying, your job is just to follow me and know where I live?”Sean asks.
“Yes that all”he replied and we all exchange glance.
“You must be the successor to Atwood?”he asks looking at me.
“What do you mean?”
“Very soon you will know the truth but my job was only to track you down”he replied.
“You mention he has a spy around do you have any idea who this spy may be?”
“I don’t know but one thing I know of is she is a girl and very desperate for money”he replied.
“Hold on!”I ran to my room and gr-ab my phone.
There is only one girl I know around me that is desperate for money and can even kill for it.
“Do you mean her?”I asks, showing him a picture of Jennifer.
He look at Sean face then Bryan. “She seems to be doing her job so well”he sm-irk.
“So all that baby stuff was just a distraction”I asks.
“What baby?”he look at Bryan face.
“You look so familiar dude”he sm-irk.
“You mean she is the one?”Bryan requested ignoring his remark.
“I don’t know”he replied.
“Are you real”I yelled at him.
“See I don’t have any information, my mission to find out where you both reside”he grunt.
“It enough”Sean push him in back and close the door.
“Open the door”the guy hit the door.
Sean open the door back, I thought he wanted to free the guy but instead he cover his mouth back with the black cloth and close the door.
“So what are you going to do?”
“Dude it getting late you should go home”Sean replied walking back to the living room and we both follow him.
“Sean we aren’t going to keep that guy there forever what if he dies?”
“I will feed him well”he replied gruffly and I scorn.
“Bryan you nee-d to go home”he suggested.
“No, what if something bad….”
“Nothing bad is going to happen you nee-d to leave”he Interrupted, he exchange glance with me and I shrug.
“Fine, goodnight”he walk toward me and k!ssmy forehead.
“Take care of yourself”he whispered to me and I smile.
“And you too”I replied, at the point I forget totally about the fact we are fighting.
I am so scared right now but I believe whatever Sean says, what if he is also attacked on his way home?.
“Bye dude”Bryan said to Sean before he walk out of the house and with the look on his face, it so obvious he doesn’t want to leave us.
“Mare”Sean called immediately after he left.
“I will just go to be-d”I muttered clearly, I did not wait for his next words before I dash up the staircase to my room.
I close the door behind me and slump on my be-d , tears roll down freely from my eye as I sniff back some but I just can’t control it. My father didn’t have an accident, he was murdered, he was intentionally killed, he was killed brutally, he didn’t wish to leave us.
I gr-ab my phone and stroll throu-gh our family pictures. It so good I have Dad memory card with me. At least I have some memory of us together.
“I am sorry Dad, I wasn’t able to give Mom the best funeral she nee-ded at her time. Dad what are you hiding that cost your life”I keep talking to myself whilst strolling the pictures and looking at them one after the other.
“What is this?”I wipe the tears in my eye so I can see the picture that seems to be all blur. It is Dad and a man holding each other arm, laughing.
I have never seen this picture before, the man in the picture has a replica look with John if I am not mistaken.
But it an old picture and dad is still young here, I doubt it though so I keep scrolling and there I find Nina mom picture in my dad memory card.
“What is her mom picture doing on my dad phone?”
This really baffles me but I was distracted by a knock on my door, I quic-kly hide my phone un-der my duvet. “Come in”I order.
“What took you so long to answer”Sean asks as he walk into the room with a food tray in his hand.
“Nothing I was about to sleep”I lied.
“Without having dinner?”he arched an eye brow.
“Is that for me?”I asks.
“Yeah”he pas-s it to me, I gr-ab it and place it on my [email protected]
It pasta and egg sauce. “Awwwn”.
“You are welcome”he replied, I gr-ab the fork and starts to eat.
“So are….”
“Let not talk about it”I quic-kly shun him off.
I know what he is about to say and I will be glad if he just shut and let me enjoy the food in peace. “But….”
“Sean it fine, he died a long time ago so I am not bothered”I replied.
“I am not going to talk about that Mare”he said.
“Then what?”
“I am here to discuss about what the evil man wants from us”he replied gruffly.
“What do you mean?”
“I know you might not want to confess to me because Bryan was there but between th both of us what are you hiding?”he asks.
“What?”my fork drops out of my hand.
“Mare I don’t mean to upset you but….”
“But what?”
“I just feel you shouldn’t be hiding anything from me in this situation”he replied.
“And who say I am hiding something from you?”
“If you don’t want us to be murdered like our parent you better say something”
“Are you threatening me?”
“Mare I nee-d any information you have with you now”
“Are you crazy, I don’t have any of my parents possession. The phone my dad got for me was damaged during mom incident and Nina Mom got me a new one and that all”
“Are you sure?”
“Out”I declared.
“You are overstaying alre-ady”I replied.
“We nee-d a plan in case you don’t know”
“I have to sleep, I have school today”I replied.
“Fine, goodnight”he surrender and stand up.
“Thanks and I am done eating”I added so he can take his food with him.
He look at me first before he walk towards me and gr-ab the phone.
“Have a good sleep”he tousle my hair gently before leaning to k!ssit.
“And you two”I replied and hvg him.
I watch him leave me room, I ran to the door and lock it with the key before returning back to my be-d and I bring out the phone.
I stare at the picture of Nina mom for a while before my phone ring. Who is this?.
📱 Hey
📲This is Leo
📲Oh! how are you doing?
📲Did you tell Bryan about…..
📲No! Sean spilled the beans that all.
📲 Gosh!
📲Is anything the problem
📲 Nothing just that I am worried
📲 About what?
📲He didn’t say anything.
📲He wasn’t mad about it so everything is fine.
📲Oh thanks.
📲 You are welcome
📲So when are you coming back home?.
📲I don’t know
📲Did you guys settle things between each other?.
📲Yeah but I haven’t decide when I will be back.
📱I wish you are here earlier.
📲 Jennifer is turning things upside down in the house alre-ady.
📲Are you stupid who the hell are you badmouthing me to?, you think it funny? I wonder why everyone hates me in the house.
I can hear Jennifer yelling at Leo from the other side of the phone. What is she doing in Leo room by this time of the day.
📲I will call you later
Leo end the call before I can hang up. This Jennifer of a girl is trouble even in the middle of the night but what if she is the spy in the midst of us.
But the guy Sean caught is unable to confirm if she is the one. Come to think of it, I can actually talk to the guy alone he might he useful.
With this thought going throu-gh my mind, I gr-ab my phone and exit my room heading to the store where Sean had kept the guy.
TBC.. 😍😍
Isn’t Mare about to make another stupid mistake⁉️. What running in your mind about this chapter⁉️.
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