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Just for tonight 2 Episode 21 & 22

Genres: [email protected]ç£💕 College🏚️ Hatred
#Season2 Episode 21
By: Kebby. NG
Mare couldn’t sleep throu-ghout the night because she feels so bothered about the fact Jennifer is the one that save her mother. She is definitely sure her life is in danger even though she is not sure if the guy with her is Fred because they both disappear overnight.
She feels so bad for treating Jennifer the way she had did in the past. She was just a victim and only act accordingly to what she is told. Nina is alre-ady long time asleep and Mare couldn’t sleep same as Bryan, he seems so uncomfortable on the couch.
He had never sle-pt on a couch before in his life, he feels uncomfortable especially the fact Sean seems to be slee-ping soundly. He gr-ab a beer he had packed in his bag and head straight to the door.
He sit on the staircase and gulp down his beer, breathing in and out as the cold hit him but he still love it outside than been inside. He was lost in his own thoughts before a voice interrupts him and he stood up feeling scared at first but sigh in relief when he realize it Mare mom.
“I am really sorry if I scare you”She apologise.
“It fine ma”he replied briefly,
“Why are you out here, it kinda cold outside”She said brushing her arm.
“I just couldn’t sleep”he replied sitting back on the staircase.
“Same here”She sit beside him, he was surprise at first but didn’t say a word.
They were both sitted for quite for while and no one said a word even Bryan didn’t taste his beer feeling uncomfortable but he just had to act like he isn’t affected.
“So what’s bothering you?”Mare mom decide to start a conversation that might interest them.
“Nothing ma”
“Just call m Veronica”She correct him, he isn’t used to that but he just nod with a slight smile.
“I know my daughter to be tough and stubborn but de-ep down trust me she is very soft and kind and definitely out there for everyone”She stated.
“Yeah I know”Bryan replied, he does not know why she is telling him this because he is very sure she isn’t aware about their relationsh!pexcept she is a good studier.
“This is quite ha-rd for her but no matter what she is something you shouldn’t lose, I know you guys went extreme coming here with her even with the risk but plea-se I want you to take good care of her”She sniff.
“But isn’t she going to be with you forever once all this end?”he asks.
“I know but it will be more ha-rd on her if she stays here. I know my death was a fake but I didn’t say my disease is a fake too”She reply.
“What disease?”
“I have cancer and it not incurable which means I don’t have much time left, I will be glad if you keep this between us”She offered, Bryan was still in a shock state.
He is bothered what will happen if Mare finds out about this again especially when she is thinks she will be with her forever.
“But why do you choose to tell me?”I asks curiously.
“Only a blind man won’t know she choose you, I know things might not be working well with you guy but I will appreciate if you can do me a favor and keep this from her”She replied.
Nob©dy say a word after that and I gulp down the drink and threw the can to the floor.
“I think I will go in now and don’t stay out here for too long it dangerous”She tap my shoulder before heading in.
“Good night Veronica”I said to her.
“Good night my son”She replied before disappearing into the house.
I sit there for quite a while before I decide to go back it and rest a bit because no one knows what the future holds tomorrow.
“So Nina and I have a plan and firstly we nee-d to separate into groups to make this possible”I can hear Mare voice from my sleep, I gro-an ed ha-rd still feeling sleepy.
“Why is he still slee-ping?”She asks, is it really in my dream?.
I realize it isn’t a dream when I felt a hand on my forehead, I open my eye slightly and saw her checking my temperature. Does she still care about that because the last time I check I am the last person she will care about or was the woman right last night. She can only act tough and stubborn but de-ep down she is soft and care so much about me.
“Did you sleep outside last night?”She asks with a look of concern.
“I am fine”I push her hand off and it brush hers slightly, I know she felt that because we exchange eye contact before she break it.
“Since everyone is awake why don’t we talk about our plan”She move away from and back to Nina.
“What is your plan?”Leo asks.
“Sean you are to write a letter about ten copies of it and Nina will be in charge of dropping it in their house mail box everyday and that the only way it can get to her mom”She explained.
“What is the letter all about?”Sean asks.
“It will be a short note but with a lot of things attached ‘Say the truth and expo-se the evil one’ that all you have to write”She replied.
“That great so what other job will be as-signed to the others?”Liam asks.
“She will get the letter everyday but we nee-d to be sure she is getting it so Liam I am afraid you have to sneak into the house and pretend to be one of the guards”
“That’s dangerous”I muttered.
“Yeah I know and I thought about it too but Nina as-sure me that there are lots of guards in the house and her mom doesn’t even recognize any of them all he has to do is pretend to be a new guard to his colleagues to prevent suspicion”She replied.
“Sounds like a plan”Liam replied.
“John and Leo, your job is stay in here and protect my mom and I will provide a good airpod that can enable good communication among ourselves during this time. Nina you stay close by after dropping the mail and Liam give us information about the inside, John and Leo protect my mom”She stated.
“Great but what will you and Bryan be doing?”Leo asks, I turn my gaze back to her and she alre-ady have hers on me.
“We nee-d to visit a place”She replied with her eye not leaving mine.
“What place?”I asks.
“The hospital where it all started”She replied.
“You guys have to be careful we can’t be seen around by anyone”Sean reminded.
“Yeah and after the hospital we are visiting the press, I have some interesting news for them”She added.
“Let do this!”John [email protected] his hand together and she took her eye from me.
“Nina and Sean you write the letter and inform me before taking it there, Bryan can we go in your car now?”She asks.
“Sure”I yawned as I look around for my car keys, I didn’t even get the chance to bathe and we are alre-ady going out.
I trail behind Mare as we walk to the car parked just outside the house. I look around and the street is quite busy with high school students going to school and workers. I get into the car and drive out of the place.
I don’t know where we are going too but since it the hospital I asks Mare to in-sert the address into the GPS so we ride down there with no one saying a word. All she did is look out the window and ignore my existence in the car so I tune the volume of the music pla-yer atleast that will be much fun.
I [email protected]”Love is gone” by Slander, she seems surprised when I increase the volume probably and sing along with it.
🎶I ‘ m sorry, don’t leave me
🎶I want you here with me
🎶I know that your love is gone
🎶I can’t breathe , I ‘m so weak
🎶I know this isn ‘t easy
🎶Don’t tell me that your love is gone
🎶That your love is gone
🎶That your love is gone
🎶I can’t breathe , I ‘m so weak
🎶I know this isn ‘t easy
🎶Don’t tell me that your love is gone
🎶That your love is gone
The song really catch her attention not after I keep singing it aloud. “What are you doing?”She asks,I ignore her and continue to sing my son ignoring her eye on me. I concentrate more on driving and the music than her.
I st©pped singing when she joined and sing along and more loud than me.
Why is always happening the other way around😒.
#Season2 Episode 22
🥺 MARE 🥺
Does he really thinks pla-ying that kind of music just to annoy me will work on me?. I sing aloud and funnily enough more loud than the song itself. Why would be [email protected] break up song that defines us when I am literally sitted here beside him.
“St©p”he said but I didn’t listen to him and continue to see with my eye shut ignoring him. He halted and my head move to and fro.
“Do you want to kill me!!”I yelled and look around to realize he alre-ady park the car into the hospital park.
“Oh!”I manage to say.
“We are here”he said.
“I am not blind”I roll my eye.
“Then if you aren’t blind why are we even fighting because obviously even a foolish person will see I am not enjoying this anymore”he replied, I turn dumb for a sec not knowing what to say.
“What are you saying?”
“I want you back”he blurt, all my anger vanished immediately.
“I thought…”
“Mare st©p as-suming okay!”
“Why the sudden change overnight but if I can remember well you asks me to stay away from you because I am not un-derstandable”I roll my eye.
“It fine if you aren’t going to consider me anymore atleast I know I have said my mind out and won’t be having any problem with you again”he replied.
“Aren’t you going to see a doctor?”
“I am not sick”he scorn.
“Oh yeah! why did you even stay outside in the cold for too long, your face look all swollen you nee-d to see your face in the mirror”I cu-p his face in my hand observing them for a while.
“Why are we here?”
“Bryan, I am serious we are here to see a doctor because I don’t want you to get sick because of me”I replied.
“Really, you care about me?”he asks and I st©p observing his face, I re-move my hand from his face, sit back on the chair and face front.
“I will see one if that what you want”he said and a smile tug onl-ips.
While you do that, there is someone I nee-d to see that will make this difficult puzzle solved”O replied.
“And who is that?”he asks.
“The mischievous nurse”I replied.
“I am starting to get scared”he tea-sed.
“Whatever”I roll my eye, I alighted and he did the same.
We walk into the hospital and no suspected us.
“You go straight to the office after this block, I will be glad if you keep the doctor busy for few minutes, I will let you know when I am done just make sure your pod is on so we won’t lose connection”
“At your service sweetheart”
“Bryan I am serious”I yelled more like a whisper.
“Sure!”he surrender and head straight to the doctor who had announced my mom fake death, he must have been threatened too but no I nee-d to see the nurse. I walk pas-s alot of people as I pas-s the reception and it took me quite a while before I saw her from afar.
She is talking to one of her colleagues about a medical form she is holding in her hand. I walk towards her and tap her.
“Mare!”She called in surprise, obviously she wasn’t going to forget that name.
“Yeah it me”I replied.
“Excuse me for a sec”She said to me.
“Deliver it to Dr. Thomas and I will join you guys shortly”She said to the lady dressed in white hospital uniform.
“Alright”She steal a glance at me before walking away.
“Come with me”She said, I trail behind her as we walk into the head nurse office written boldly on the door.
“Wow, you improved”I compliment.
“Thanks so much”She replied.
“So how has things been?”I asks.
“I should be asking you that, you didn’t even bother to call me since you left and suddenly show up”She replied.
“I’ve been busy and I misplace the number”I lied.
“It isn’t summer break yet, did you come for a visit?”She asks.
“No I [email protected]£ concerning my mother”I replied and she pause and face me.
“Anything the matter?”
“I want to know what happened to her corpse now that I am back”I replied.
“All of a sudden?”She asks.
“Yeah”I replied.
“I am afraid your mother corpse had been taken to the cemetery alre-ady”She said.
“What cemetery?”I asks.
“Mare I am not the one in charge”She replied.
“Really, so how come my mother is still at home ma-king breakfast, lunch and dinner for me?”I asks, I feel like tearing her [email protected] for lying to me in the first place.
“Cat got your ton-gue? So all the speech was because he gave you this right?”I asks looking round her new office.
“It not what you think”
“Then it what?”I yelled.
“Mare you nee-d to calm down”She replied.
“Sure I will calm down once I am sure you are all in jail paying for your crime act and by that I don’t think you will wish to be alive”I threatened.
“Mare you nee-d to listen to me!!!”She yelled back.
“Listen to what?”
“I have a confession to make”She replied.
“Go ahead I am listening”I scoff.
“Since you know the truth now, why don’t we settle it amicably”She added.
“I only nee-d to listen to your confession”I roll my eye.
“Mare are you there?”Nina is calling my attention.
“Yes”I replied without the nurse noticing. “It done successfully and the mail has been taken inside it over to Liam”She confirmed.
“Good”I replied.
“Pardon”the nurse interrupts.
“Just say whatever you want to say”I yell at her.
I was suppose to be on a morning shift that day but the doctor insist I stay for the night. I have no idea what was coming my way until this woman was rushed in and Dr. Thomas who turns out to be my boss carry up all test on the woman even without paying a dime.
It an emergency and truly the woman had four stage cancer which can still be treated but not cured. She has a limited time but the doctor choose to save her.
I was still on duty when this woman walk into the hospital and walk straight into the ward. I tried to st©p her but she won’t even listen.
“Ma’ am you can’t be in here”I repeat but she just ignore my existence.
The sick woman seems to be running high temperature immediately she saw this woman wearing all clas-sy dress and shades.
“Miss me?”She smiled, I know this isn’t going to be good so I went to get Dr. Thomas and inform her about the strange woman.
He rush down to the ward because he knows the woman can lose her life at any slight mistake meanwhile her daughter isn’t around.
I trail behind Dr. Thomas as we return to the ward and instead of him to s£nd the woman out he welcomed her and all she did is smile.
“Are you in charge of her?”She asks.
“Yes ma’am”he replied.
“That good”She smiles.
“Can I see you outside for a moment’s”She asks.
“Sure ma’am”he replied.
“No”the woman laying on her be-d repeat as they both walk out to talk.
I was so curious that night so I peeped and all I see is the doctor agreeing to whatever the woman is saying to him. After they were done talking I quic-kly went back to position they left me.
The woman left afterwards. “Arrange for her leave”he said to me.
“You see that woman earlier nee-ds her and we are definitely going to give to her okay and I am your boss you listen to whatever I have to tell you”
End of flashbacks
Mare pov contd…
“I have no choice that day I would have your mother and the same woman [email protected]£ to pick you up even after everything so I thought everything is fine and I don’t nee-d get worked out over nothing else”
“So the speech wasn’t a lie and do you just say the woman that pick me afterwards kidnap my mother?”
“Yeah and I wasn’t paid anything I was only threatened to keep my mouth shut, I was offered all this but I have no right to reject it or I will be killed. plea-se no one must know you are here so I will advise you to leave now”She pleads.
“If I can remember well Nina mom [email protected]£ to pick me up that day, she is the one that [email protected]£ to pick my mom?”
“I don’t who is Nina or whatever but that woman is dangerous and I know she isn’t working for herself, leave now and act like you were never here for me”She beg.
“Bryan let leave”I said.
“Sure”he replied.
“Who are you talking too?”She asks.
“Have a good day”I excuse myself, Bryan and I met at the reception and we both leave at the same time.
“I am able to sneak in and wow the plan works….hold up, the mail is getting to her gotta go.
“John and Liam how is momma doing?”I asks.
“Perfectly okay!!”John replied.
“Good”I and Bryan did and high five before we enter the car and we head to the press to deliver the great news that will shake them all including Mr. McPherson.
TBC.. 😍
Mare seems to be smart but will this their plan work out⁉️.

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