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Jide Episode 6 to 10

Jide (18+)
Episode 6
As my heavenly moment was cut short, I just went to the fridge to get some cold drinks for both of us, because we were sweating like the sun just win-ked at us, she was just smiling, that’s what she uses to catch me anytime.. I always fall for that smile every time. It was always incredible..As I approached her with the drinks, she brou-ght herl-ips closer to mine we began k!ss!ngwith our sweatyl-ips, it was a moment of h0t ro-mantic love, we were smushing really ha-rd , I dropped the drinks, went back to the act, I put my hands on her Bos-oms and was [email protected]£ss!ngthem gently, I brou-ght my mouth closer to her ti-ps and started b!tt!g them softly, she couldn’t help herself, she [email protected] ed softly, I carried her on the be-d, spre-ad her legs wi-de… I put one f!nger in her core first, then the second went in, it was so h0t in there, I could feel her getting moist alre-ady, and she was calling my name, slowly, Jide! Jide!… Shola told me I should put my thing back into her core, I told her that’s not possible, because there’s no protec-tion, she shouted at me and begged that I should plea-se put it back in that she would take an after S-x pill, and that she doesn’t even care any longer if she gets pregnant. “I would be more than joyous to have a mind b!owing S-x with you, which later leads to me being pregnant with your child” she said. At this point, I was so ha-rd , and I couldn’t resist any longer, so I slid in my thing into her core….. This time around, we were going with full f0rç£ not minding any obstacle….. We began with the missionary position, I was on t©p with her legs spre-ad, I began thrû-sting slowly and steady, she was flowing with my pace, our bodies were locking on each other… After about 5 minutes, I carried her up, with my thing still inside her core and took her to the window side, she held the burglary proofs, rested her legs on my shoulder…. I began thrû-sting ha-rd , at an increa-sed pace, with my hands behind her back, she held my n£¢k, never to let go……. After about 15 minutes,
I could feel my b©dy chemistry changing, I didn’t know what was happening, but I was ban-ging very fast and ha-rd , Shola was all we-t and dripping c-m, I didn’t know when I sh0t my loads inside her core to her wo-mb, it was heavy, she felt it….. She k!$$£d me so dearly, and told me never to let go….. “I love you so much, so dearly, I’m prepared to do anything for you to make you happy…. Anything in the world for you baby” She said…… My thing was getting softer as I just kept my head on her b©©b s while she ru-bbe-d her hands on my hair gently………
We took our bath together after, ate and started gisting… We began our pillow fight again, this time it was around the compound….. I didn’t know I had fallen so much in love with Shola, and she had become a [email protected] of me… at that moment… Age was no barrier, in fact there was no barrier for us. We were just two young couples in love!
What looked like was going to last an eternity ended a few months later after we gained admission into the University, those moments were really emotional for both of us… I was going to be schooling in South Africa, Shola cried for weeks, and was cursing life, she cursed education… She just wanted us to be together every moment, every second… and I wanted that too. She said she wasn’t going to break up with me no matter what, that she’s alre-ady married to me physically, emotionally and spiritually…. I was shocked when I heard spiritually, but I un-derstood what she meant later.. To be honest, I was de-eply in love with Shola, but I was going to get more cores in South Africa, both of us knew….. She said she doesn’t mind me ban-ging other girls in South Africa, as far as I don’t fall in love with any of them. She cursed any girl that was going to fall in love with me in the future to run mad instantly…. On this agreement, we left our relationsh!p…..
It was the start of an incredible life..
Episode 7
Gradually, time started moving fas-ter than the speed of light, no matter how ha-rd we tried to pause the time, it was not working, there were moments we tried running away and just get lost… But that aint gonna happen, not at that age! We talked every day, saw each other every blessed day, even at ha-rd times, we made sure we met…. My days were being numbered in Nigeria, I had one more week remaining before I set out to South Africa….. That week, We had S-x throu-ghout, mind b!owing S-x without protec-tion….. We didn’t mind, even myself, I was re-ady to get this girl pregnant, at least, I won’t have to leave for S.A and just go with my second choice of university here in Nigeria…. She was on protec-tion..
I was to leave Nigeria on the Saturday, Shola made up her mind she was not going to talk to me or even see me that day at all, but I wasn’t even sure I could allow that happen, cos, I was young, I didn’t really know much but all I knew then was her.. and I nee-ded her to give me that confidence she would be there for me… even throu-gh everything.. Saturday [email protected]£ like it was s£nt by the devil, my flight was for 3:00pm, I had to be at the airport by 2.00pm maximum.. I woke up 8:30am, stood up, went to the bathroom straight, tidied myself up because I knew I had limited time… I went to get my phone from the shelve, I saw 3 messages from Shola….. They re-ad….
1st message: “Jide, I can’t believe this is happening”
2nd message: “We are still one, throu-gh thick and thin”
3rd message: “I want to see you!!!!!!! Baby I want you!!”
I was baffled, but wasn’t really concentrating because I had to get myself prepared for my trip….. Time as usual, was fas-ter than normal, and it was seeming like I wasn’t going to see this girl again… I wasn’t feeling too good with that thought.. So I called her…..
Me: “baby, I would be on my way in a moment”
Shola: “Chill, I will soon be there”
Me: “Where?”
Shola: “Your gate…….”
At this point, I thought she had run mad…… like she has never met any of my family member, all we’ve been doing has been in secret…. and now she wants to come and meet them face to face, on the day their son is going to the university…
Me: “WHAT!!!”
**She cut the call**
It was this time I remembered all the S-x we’ve had, all the styles, the ha-rd core….. all without a c0nd0m! I knew she was going to come and cause trouble, I thought.. Probably she would just come and announce to my family members, “she’s the one I’ve been having S-x with, and she’s finally pregnant!” I knew it was practically over for me, and this was just the end of everything, including my life…..
5 minutes later, I heard a loud ban-g at the gate, I sped like I was being chased by a blue whale.. I opened the gate and immediately knelt down in front of her, and started begging that she should not put me in trouble, and this wasn’t the time for her to announce such a [email protected] news…… She was just looking confused, and took me up by my shoulder… and asked what was wrong… at this time.. I was alre-ady sweating profusely, I told her she shouldn’t announce the pregnancy.. She just started laughing like a lunatic who’s been accessed at ARO… “I’m not pregnant baby”, She said… “Then why are you here”, I asked.. She said she was going to follow me to the airport. I was at first relieved, but then remembered nob©dy knows her in the house, so how’s she going to do it, I asked her… She said I should introduce her… I said “Introduce you as what?” ….. She smiled again, again and again…[ I get crazy when she smiles, she knows that..] All this while, we’re at the gate, we almost k!$$£d when I got back to my s-en-se and told her to come inside…. I took Shola inside the house, my dad, as usual, was busy with the news on T.V, I called on him and introduced Shola as……………………………………………”My secondary school best-friend”, “Huhehn” was what [email protected]£ out of his ton-gue,
I did the same introduction to my mum, and my junior sister.. It was like magic as it worked… or maybe because I was leaving.. She joined my mum in the kitchen, with the chores, immediately my sister loved her, they got talking…. I went back to my room to tidy things up because time was running out alre-ady.. It was 11 am , and I was still going to travel to the airport, a 1 hour journey. I [email protected]£ out finishing with my room, and I saw Shola and my sister gisting like they’ve know each other for decades… they were in the kitchen, She didn’t see me, so I stared at her, then her behind, those legs, the Bos-oms….. I could only imagine….
We set out around 12pm, and headed straight for the airport…. 50% of me wanted to miss that flight, every kilometer we covered was just ma-king it a reality that I won’t see Shola the next day, the day after…. probably the year after….. or maybe after a decade… my eyes [email protected]£ red as we approached the airport, I could see from the rear mirror, she was weeping alre-ady, at first she tried controlling herself, but got to a point, the tears were uncontrollable…. She was going to make me cry, so I increa-sed the volume of the radio and started a talk… My sister did a good job in handling the situation at the back…. We got to the airport at about 1:45pm. We all got down…. I wanted Shola to enjoy this moment and remember every second of it, I took her by the hand as we walked into the [email protected] terminal…. she held me ti-ght, my parents where not concentrating, I looked about four times, before I landed myl-ips on hers, right there as we got into the terminal…. I looked again, and saw my sister smiling, She un-derstood every bit of it, I could tell.
I knew if I check-in that was the end, she won’t be able to come with me because the flight was approaching…….
So I took her by the hand, we navigated ourselves after so much trials, into the airport toilet………………………..
We went inside, and she started staring at me again………..
I knew what she wanted, I also knew, she’s a lady, and she can do any funny thing at any time.
I brou-ght myl-ips closer as she responded almost immediately with hers……. we k!$$£d for at least 10 minutes. I had set an alarm on my wristwatch for 2:30pm…. The time was 2:00pm…. quic-kly, I pu-ll-ed her go-wn up as she held the head of the toilet and turned her behind to my thing…. I didn’t want this moment to end… [You know when a woman just gives you all her b©dy, and she’s like do anything you want, it’s all yours] That was how the moment was…… I was ban-ging her slowly and steadily, she [email protected] ed quietly to the pace…. We practiced our burglary style again, she held the edge of the door, with her legs on my shoulders…. She trusted me, even with her life… I was ban-ging her ha-rd this time, I could tell she wasn’t looking for her own plea-sure, but mine… She wanted me to feel like she belongs to me alone, and no other woman could be fit enough to take her place, ever! I cli-maxed as my wrist watch [email protected] with great intensity.. She knew…….. We dressed up quic-kly, hurried back to the terminal and began the check-in process… She was by my side throu-ghout.. until after my luggage’s where checked…. As I was about entering “the point of no return” We hvgged, it was very ti-ght…. I whispered to her saying “I’ll be back, sooner than you think, my love!” She replied with a blockbuster saying “Baby, I didn’t use any contraceptives, I love you”…. The time was calling, I had to go……. I just couldn’t help but look at her, I was feeling angry at the same time, very emotional…. Angry because, she did a silly thing by not using contraceptives, and wanting a pregnancy… Emotional because I wasn’t going to see my baby, for a long period of time…..
Episode 8
As I approached the jet-way, I wasn’t just myself any longer, [email protected] of me wanted to just go back and blast this girl… I was angry because, even if she got pregnant, I wasn’t going to be there.. It just didn’t make any s-en-se for me….. I boarded the plane, luckily, I got a sit by my favorite window side and was just looking throu-gh the window… I saw enough planes, airport officials, I was just trying to get my mind off what I had just heard.. It wasn’t working… Was I going to be a father at 18? I had not even entered the university… Why did I have S-x? Why My head was just boiling….. The plane was getting filled gradually, as I looked away from the window to check on everyone… My eyes beheld a gracious sight… big Bos-oms, her face was shining, glowing… She was coming towards my seat. I took my eyes, f0rç£fully off her, because she caught me staring…. 45 seconds later, she sat by my side..
That was it, the plane was filled and we were re-ady to taxi and take-off… I kept my eyes on the window… and ignored this lady, after all, “I’m a potential father, so whatever her age or status, I deserve some respect”.. S.A was about 6 hours and 30 minutes, so it was a long one….. As we took off, I looked down, down to see if I can see my love again, at least for the last time…She wasn’t there, all I saw was buildings as the plane was fas-ter than my eyes…. I wept! “She gone”, I said…. As the tear dropped from my eyes…. I wasn’t going to look at any other place [email protected] from the window…. Now I nee-ded to man up and forget about all this emotions…. The clouds covered my view of the landscapes…. I knew it was completely over… The next building I would see would be in Johannesburg…. I took my eyes away from the window as I was tapped by the stranger beside me…she handed me tissue… I was a little bit embarras-sed because she saw me weep…. but then she couldn’t un-derstand…. I wiped my eyes, still didn’t say a word as she just gazed at me….
Everything was pretty normal and casual for the next 6 hours, I had sle-pt so de-ep….. This stranger woke me up for a talk as we approached Johannesburg …..
Her name is Lola……………………………………
Episode 9
She was tall, shorter than Shola, she was plum, big Bos-oms… are eyes were small, so was the nose… She was beautiful.
“….plea-se do fasten your seat belts” the dark skinned cabin crew proclaimed as we approached the airport.. I looked throu-gh to the window again, and was looking at the beautiful environment.. You sure will know you’re not in Nigeria anymore..
It was around 9pm Nigerian time, Lola as I got to know her later, was scared of landings, so as we approached the airport, she just held my hand very ha-rd , I wasn’t expecting it so I shivered at first…”…Sorry, I can’t get over landings, she said..” as we t©uçhed down, she lifted her face up like she was approaching an o—-m..
I just smiled…. We landed, and on our way out of the plane, she thanked me, and introduced herself as Lola! It’s nothing, I said, as we walked out of the plane and throu-gh the jet way…… she was at my front as we walked so she got outside before I did… She was walking slowly so I was able to meet her pace, She gently asked why I was so emotional, I told her it was nothing… I was probably just missing Nigeria… she giggled as I said that, and I smiled. She then asked what I [email protected]£ to do in S.A…. ***To be honest, if you see me, sometimes, I look old enough to say I’m a bank manager…. I’m tall, athletic b©dy build, light complexioned, and little strings of beards with my redl-ips*** “I’m resuming school” I told her, she said “Wow” wondering how someone like me would just be resuming school…..
I didn’t want to continue the conversation with Lola, it was quite obvious as I didn’t flow with her as we walked on…. I just wanted to be alone for now…. I picked up my phone and called Shola…. “Switched off” I tried again and again for up to 10 times, it was the same thing.. I [email protected]£ worried so I called my mum straight, after all, I left them together… My mum’s phone rang about 3 times before she finally picked it…
Mum: “Hello… Jide… How was your journey, we were just planning on calling”
Me: “We?…. anyway my journey was fun… I’m still trying to find my way though..”
Mum: “Oh I see.. Your dad is saying HI… they put the phone on speaker, as they echoed….”WE love you” now this got me smiling…. and got Lola wondering………..
Me: “What about my friend?” I asked….
Mum: “She’s okay, though she was very moody as we left the airport…. She’s really a good friend and its obvious she cares about you a lot”
Me: I know right! ***Little did she know that my sperms were probably wondering about her wo-mb by now***
***I ended the call as I didn’t want to expatiate the matter, before my mouth starts running..***
I was out of the airport, so I tried Shola again, and this time she picked it up immediately..
Me: Hey baby!
Shola: Hi my love….. how was it?
Me: It was cool, boring and emotional… I couldn’t say a word to anyone….
Shola: Boy, don’t be too moody, you’ve to be strong… for me……. for our child…..
Me: ***I almost fainted as I heard those words, she has finally ruined me*** For What? Why would you do that Shola, for what reason? How do you want us to cope, who’s going to take care of the child when you’re in school….
Shola: God will take control!
***I was just dumbfounded because I didn’t know what control God will really love to take this our situation… He didn’t say we should ban-g at first, in fact… that’s a sin… He didn’t even say we shouldn’t use protec-tion, if at all we would prove stubborn… So What control Exactly?***
Me: Okay, I nee-d to go now… Talk later
***We hung up***
I had lost contact with Shola at the airport, cos I left her side as my call was been escalated…. I was about calling a cab when someone tapped my back….those hands were soft, tender and sweet… It was her…. Lola…
Where have you been, I asked…. What do you mean where have I been? You left me there, if I could remember…. she hissed slightly..
. Probably, I was irritating her alre-ady… I asked her were she was headed and what did she come to do in S.A sef… “I thought you were never going to ask, you weirdo.” ***At the state I was, I could just walk away…. What was she thinking? She then interrupted my disgust look at her… ” “I’m a lawyer…. Just called into the bar… [email protected]£ for shopping and then I’m back in Nigeria, to the bar……
I told her I had to go, me I’m just entering school, so that gap is large as an elephant.. She probably thought I was in my final year or something…. She gave me a note containing her phone number and her h0tel room…….
**Lola was going to be in S.A for a maximum of two weeks, so I didn’t even see anything happening between us, firstly, it was too early, secondly, that two weeks wouldn’t even be enough for me to settle down in my new school… **
We [email protected] ways as I took a cab headed for my school…
Everything was practically straightforward as I got into school. It was very dark, so all the processes I took that night was “Temporary”…
A week pas-sed, I was allocated into a room of tremendous boys, who almost brou-ght everything to an end…. Even my life.. School was getting fun gradually as I made new friends throu-gh friends and friends… I got to know my course mates gradually… as time went on… I was getting wild, Shola was fading from my memory gradually… We talked on phone at least 4 times every week, and chat for at least 18 hours…. This wasn’t going to last too long cos of the time differences..
I remembered Lola, as I wore the same trou-ser I wore when I arrived, her note had been in my pocket….. lol this girl!
I called her immediately…
Me: Hello sweet….
Lola: Helloee, sorry who’s on the line….
Me: Jide.. the airport..
Lola: Oh really, you called…. I thought it was never going to happen anyway…. where are you?
Me: I’m in school, going for my lectures…
Lola: Okay, you know I would soon be going back sha….
***Ehn, if you’re going back, why elongating the “sha”?
Episode 10
****We ended the call****
I dressed up as quic-kly as I can and headed for my clas-s as a gentle and innocent guy…… On my way, I s£nt a text to Lola…
Me: I’ll be done in a few hours, I’m free from 3pm…
I didn’t get a reply for sometime, until about 1pm, when she replied my text… I was anxious to re-ad what she was she was going to s£nd..
Lola: I’ll be in your school by 2:45pm….. Let me know if that’s okay, and tell me where to come pick you…
Wow, I was in a clas-s when that message [email protected]£ in….. So I was a bit anxious uno, everything was happening pretty fast, I wanted to control the pace.. Time was up for the clas-s at about 2pm… I and my “crew” left the clas-s and headed for the cafeteria after a long day at “work”…. On our way, we were scooping behinds, and accessing everything that was un-der Sk-irt… It was fun, but time was far spent… My phone rang… It was Lola
Lola: Hey [email protected]ûghty….. I’m in your school!
Me: Whoa, were exactly… [She describe-d her location, I told my [email protected] I would be back in no time…]
Lola brou-ght a mazda saloon car, red, she was smoking h0t inside that ride… She wore a black go-wn, it didn’t cross her knee…. With some extra-tinted black shades… This girl was so h0t… as I approached her vehicle, she got down, [email protected]£ towards me, we hvgged! Lola had this curvy b©dy structure, her h!ps were wi-de, she had a moderately big behind, with mas-sive Bos-oms…. I nee-ded the attention… for my confidence… So I entered the car, and got re-ady for some public displa-y……….
I told her to drive as I describe-d where to….. We were headed for the center of the school…. I knew were my [email protected] where, so I just got down….***I was on t©p of the world*** Hurriedly, I went into the cafe, and called my [email protected] out…….
Me: Bros, meet Lola…… the one I’ve been talking about…
***Now, I had just turned the table upside down.. The girl I had been telling my boys was Shola, but here I am telling them that Lola is Shola…***
Lola: Hey…. nice meeting y’ll….
I entered the car again as the boys told me to get them DRINKS and SKUNK……[Yes, I had started smoking, but lightly]… We headed for the school gate, the journey was sweet, but staring at Lola’s luxurious [email protected] was out of this world… She’s light skinned, and I can’t help my self…. “So where we going?” I asked her…. “Shopping” She said…. Ladies have the tendency to be mad, anytime.. What was this girl thinking? That I would buy her stuffs? I ba-rely know this chick o… and here are mouth is mentioning shopping….
In no time, we were at the mall….. We got off the vehicle, I approached her and held her hand, this chick was sleek…. When you see us, we didn’t look too different… we approached the shops, we went into a uniS-x boutique, this girl tried numerous shi-ts on me…. all the ones I liked, she took them to the counter, and PAID… I couldn’t believe my eyes…. She just spent over #50,000 on my shi-ts…. Wow…..
We shopped for like 4 hours straight.. she got me stuffs, shoes, perfumes, trou-sers.. name it…
Lola was rich obviously… We left the mall around 7pm… I was tired, but being a night person.. I still had substantial energy in me..”What was the meaning of what happened in your school” She asked… I first ignored her, but then, somehow, she alre-ady had some power over me, with all she’s spent alre-ady… I told her it was supposed to be a prank and didn’t mean anything… We were going to her h0tel that night, so I just had to call my goons, I wasn’t going to be coming back to school that night.. I s£nt them my address, in case anything happened to me..
We got into the h0tel, her room was mas-sive, where did she get all these money she’s spending….In a foreign land? I was tired, so I la-id on the be-d on entering the room, and I zoned out completely…. Lola woke me up to eat about 3 hours later, she was good to me.. I couldn’t deny that… But in my sleep, “I dreamt Shola had a baby, and everyb©dy were all gathered, then all of a sudden, everyb©dy was crying” It was just a dream….
I ate, and Lola told me she was going to the shower………hmmm “Okay”.. When I was done eating, I was contemplating on whether to storm that bathroom or not… what if she’s not in for such and everything scatters.. I made up my mind, slowly and majestically, I walked up to the bathroom, I peeped a little, and the figure I saw inside the bath…was just out of this world…. Lola was the S-xiest woman I’ve ever seen…. “Yey, see b©dy”, “See Behind”, “See babe”…… I was mental, so I thought of what to do to get her attention…. I went to the toilet… Unclad…. as I began to urinate, she looked back in dismay.. WHAT! JIDE! …. “You couldn’t even knock” At this time, it was no going back for me, after all, she had seen my thing alre-ady…. I joined her in the bath, and hvgged her from the back….as my thing rested on her ba-re behind… The water poured on us… slowly I k!$$£d her n£¢k as she brou-ght her head towards mine… ourl-ips met, I approached hers and k!$$£d her with the water running on us….. I ca-ressed her mas-sive Bos-oms, slowly, and went for the ti-ps… I slid my other hand into her hairy core…she responded by [email protected] ing softly…. We put off the shower, I took her hand as she got out of the shower, we were both Unclad… Her h!ps were killing…. she [email protected]£d the towel as she was going to clean her b©dy… I snatched the towel from her, and used it on me…. This caused some spark as she [email protected]£ for the towel again…. I threw it back to where she [email protected]£ from… She was laughing so ha-rd , as she turned back…. and bent down to pick the towel.. I approached her with my thing, rock ha-rd … she gro-an ed and held on to the table in her front… Steadily, my thing entered into her core from behind…. and I began thrû-sting gently…. as I remembered…….. “I was going raw, again!” I pu-ll-ed out immediately… “What happened”? Shola asked.. “I nee-d protec-tion”….. I told her… I taught she was going to give me the cra-p of pills story again.. I was prepared to blast her… but no.. She said “So what do we do now”… I wore my shorts, told her I would be back shortly… It was late…like 10pm… She insisted on following me to wherever I was going so she got dressed also.. as we walked by the hall way in the h0tel… I tea-sed her, pushed her to the wall and k!$$£d herl-ips… she loved it as she was laughing… We got out of the h0tel and we were looking for any store that was opened…. WE nee-dED c0nd0mS!!!
After walking a few meters, we found a store… ordered for a pack c0nd0ms as we were gisting… One thing for sure was…. I think I was falling in love with Lola… or was it just infatuation? I didn’t un-derstand ..
We got back to the room, got undressed immediately.. she threw herself on the be-d… with her [email protected] spre-ad… she didn’t say a word as she li-cked her mouth…
Lola: “Honey!! Honey!!!!!!!!!!! Honey!!!!….. Get here now….
I jumped on the be-d like my life depended on it… with my protec-tion on, I inser-ted my thing into her core again… with full f0rç£ and speed, I crunched her core as she yelled in excitement….We changed styles…. she [email protected]£ on t©p of me… I loved this position cos her Bos-oms were dangling with her pace….. I held them ti-ght…
I resorted to the missionary again as I put my weight on her, our [email protected] were hitting each other…. with our bodies moving against each other…. Lola cli-maxed… she shouted…. She’s a natural noise maker….. as I went on, I felt m thing cling on to her core as it [email protected]£ ti-ghter…
I sh0t my h0t sperm… load after load into the c0nd0m.. I was out of this world… in the heavens! I was exhausted. Lola stood up, put of the lights as she [email protected]£ to sleep on my ba-re che-st….. She zoned off immediately….
30minutes later, I was still awake…. When Shola called…

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